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Jun 29

Answered Prayer

This still doesn’t feel real even as I type out these words to you but it’s true, we are going to be parents!

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Sweet Baby Bosse
Expected January 2016

I’m a fairly unfiltered person by nature and often read like an open book so it’s easy to know what I’m feeling. If you follow along with me and my business over on social media, you’ll also know this journey to baby has been an emotional and difficult one. Andrew and I wished, longed, prayed, hoped, dreamed and desired for quite some time, the day to come where we would experience the tremendous joy of growing our family. It’s been nearly ten years since we started dating and it was about two years ago when we together really felt it on our hearts to take that next step and enrich our lives with a child. The Lord truly has a beautiful plan in place for all of us, Andy and I included and to share that here today with you all leaves me full of thankfulness and hope.

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It’s funny because I always told Andrew in our endless talks about parenthood how I would love to have a babe in any month except January. January is usually a down month for me because of the severe Midwest winter and the sense of post-holiday blues that hit me hard. Bringing home a new baby and settling into a new reality on top of everything else I typically face in January, felt like a bold move and one I wanted to avoid. But if becoming a parent isn’t the biggest lesson in leaving to let go of control, then this blessing would be it. January 10th is our due date. Maybe I’ll learn to love January and the snowy tundra of the Midwest a little more now right?

Some questions and answers if you’re wanting to follow along in this new chapter!

How have you been feeling? Even though I struggled with a two week morning sickness battle and have a hard time feeling energized and rested (unfortunately my insomnia has returned) I feel extremely grateful and those emotions beat out any of pregnancy symptoms. As we enter my second trimester I look forward to hopefully getting some stamina back so I can continue to service my clients this year. Not to mention so I can host a really remarkable Trouvaille Workshop in six weeks. I’ve had some bizarre foods cravings like green peppers, lemon juice, chocolate chip pancakes, potatoes with hot sauce, and nectarines and peaches like crazy but luckily there isn’t much food-wise that hasn’t sounded too gross for me to steer clear of. I also recently decided to go back to an amended paleo diet in an effort to eat smarter so any tips for a paleo pregnancy are welcome!


Will you find out the gender? Absolutely! I have a lot of respect for mamas who wait until birth day to reveal their babe’s gender! Maybe it’s the planner in me or the inability to stand any sort of suspense (I wikipedia every single movie before I step into the theatre), but we will know in four weeks what we are having! Andrew and I are absolutely convinced it’s a sweet boy as are my parents and a few close friends. But there’s a handful of people who are sure it’s a girl (like my in laws) and well, we are grateful for either as long as Baby Bosse is healthy! We are planning on finding out the old fashioned way in an appointment with our doctor.

View More: http://elizabethinlove.pass.us/rhi-andy-maternityView More: http://elizabethinlove.pass.us/rhi-andy-maternity

Will you be sharing your journey here on your blog or on social media? For a select few things yes but Andrew and I have decided to keep many things private until after the babe comes like our name choices, the nursery, and a few other special, personal details. This journey has been so incredibly sacred and meaningful to us and we want to make sure we are treasuring every little bit with all our hearts, just the two of us. But we do have some intentional names selected (we have for a while now), a few nursery details nailed down, and some other preferences and that makes this so much more real. God has been preparing our hearts for so long now!


And if it IS a boy like we think, I mean how cute will he be? Look at the proud papa! Love you, Apb.

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Are you showing yet? Yes! Guys, I had to google if it was normal for women to show at this stage in a pregnancy and turns out it is in smaller women. While there are some days when the bump is less pronounced there are some days where it feels a little surreal to notice the incredible changes my body is already making. Most nights we fall asleep together with Andrew’s hand on my belly and I can’t wait to see it grow over the next 6 months. My jeans are already a little snug and some other clothing items are going to need some temporary replacements!

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What will happen to Hey Gorgeous?! I love love love this question! For two years now, when this baby first became a prayer on our hearts, I started making very intentional decisions with my business to prepare. The goal was whenever we would be blessed with a baby, I would be as prepared as I could be to be both responsible with my business and clients but committed and present with our child as a new mama. The thought of handling a night feeding while simultaneously fact checking a client’s timeline made me feel nauseated!

I understand having a baby lends to throwing most control and any formulated plan out the window but I will say I feel pretty proud of how I grown my business quite purposefully to accommodate a growing family too.  With that being said, we will be hosting ONE Trouvaille Workshop next year, most likely in the summer or fall (location to be announced soon but we are leaving towards North Carolina!). I have handful of amazing clients for 2016 and 2017 who have been completely supportive and so excited about our news. And I have a husband, family and team behind HGE who have already made this new transition easier and full of joy for me. I feel at peace and I am so grateful and so excited to still run this brand as I always imagined.

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To everyone who has prayed, called, texted, emailed, snail mailed encouragement to me over the last year, you are so loved and appreciated. To have a community of peers and friends who support and selflessly love on me and Andy, means so much. And to everyone who has celebrated our news over the past few weeks, we are grateful for you, your kind hearts, listening ears, and celebratory hugs.

I also owe a big thank to one of my dearest friends, Beth who snapped these photos for us when we went home a week ago to share the news in person with my family. Beth was one of my first industry friends I met years ago and has become like a sister to me. Beth, we love you! We will treasure these memories for a lifetime. And to Miya from Layers of Loveliness for the sweet onesies with Answered Prayer hand lettered on each. My Grandpa wanted to keep one and the other will be put to use come January.

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Answered prayer. We are so grateful for you and you are so fiercely loved already, little one. Xoxo

Jun 10

One Vase, Four Ways {West Elm + Hey Gorgeous}

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Tonight is the grand opening party for the new West Elm store here in Grand Rapids and I’m thrilled and honored to be the host. There will be drinks, bites, music and the best deal of all, 10% off any purchases made during the party. It’s going to be a wonderful evening with great friends, both new and old! In the meantime, or if you’re reading this from a far, here’s a little floral project I put together to show how you can use one of West Elm’s vases in four different ways. Bradley James Photography captured the project and we had a blast working outside in the beautiful summer weather. Enjoy! And see you tonight if you’re coming out to the party!


Start with West Elm’s Linework Honeycomb vase. It’s an awesome piece that worked perfectly for me.


LOOK ONE is a lush kitchen island type floral arrangement for any skill level. You’ll need:

10 to 20 stems of green viburnum

Step 1: Pour room temp water in your vase about 3/4 of the way to the top. Trim your viburnum stems so they aren’t too tall when placed into the vase. You can measure against the vase to get a good idea of length but you’ll want the flower part of the stems to be loose and tall to make the arrangement look full.

Step 2: Start placing your first few stems into the vase by criss-crossing individual stems from left to right or side to side. Stand back every few stems to see if you’re loving the shape of the arrangement.


Step 3: Add in the last couple stems as needed. Voila!


LOOK TWO is an easy color blocked floral arrangement. You’ll need:

5 stems of hot pink gladiolas
6 – 8 stems of peach stock
6 – 8 stems of ivory spray roses

Step 1: Pour water in your vase. Trim your gladiola stems so the first blooming flower on the stem sits at the rim of the vase. Place all five stems in the vase with the tallest ends of the stems jetting of to one side.

WestElmHeyGorgeous6 WestElmHeyGorgeous7

Step 2: Slightly trim your stock stems and begin filling the middle portion of the vase with them. Use the front and back rims of the vase and the stems of the gladiolas to help anchor the stock stems into place. Feel free to reposition the gladiolas as you go, playing around with the overall shape of the arrangement.


Step 3: Add your spray rose stems to the other and last open side of the vase next to the stock stems, creating a color and texture blocked arrangement. Gently pull down some pieces to cover the vase rim while pulling some pieces up a bit higher than the rest to create dimensions and shape. From there, you can admire your work!


LOOK THREE is a textural medium-level arrangement with succulents and greens. You’ll need:

6 – 10 succulents of various sizes
6 – 10 wood kabob skewer sticks
2 – 3 stems of green viburnum
3 – 4 stems of mini pittosporum
1 roll of waterproof floral tape (optional)

Step 1: Fill your vase with water and create an X shaped grid of waterproof floral tape over the opening.


Step 2: Fill the two sides of the X shape in the grid with sprigs of pitt greens and a few stems of the green virburnum. The more greens the better! You’ll want some pieces to drape down over the rim to give a base shape to the arrangement but you’ll also want some pieces to be more vertical to fill in negative space once you add the succulents. Feel free to forage some greens from your yard for extra variety!


Step 3: Once you have a great greens base, you’ll want to start adding in your succulents. Gently insert the pointed end of the skewer sticks into the bottom stem portion of each succulent. Twist and push it in until it’s securely onto the stick. If you push it in too far and it shoots through the front middle of the succulent, just pull it back down a little so the stick point isn’t visible.


Step 4: Start with the largest succulent you have as the focal piece to your arrangement and use the smaller ones to fill in space around it. The skewer stick will serve as the succulent’s ‘stem’ and the stems of the greens in the vase will help anchor the sticks into place. Fun tip: Home Depot and Lowes has a really awesome selection of potted succulents in many shapes, sizes, colors and textures that you could use for this!

Step 5: Continue adding in your succulents until you have a look you love. The arrangement I created for this project is one sided meaning it would be perfect for a buffet, end table or somewhere where it may be styled and placed against a wall. However, to make your arrangement lovely from all angles I would recommend doubling or tripling the amount of succulents used.


LOOK FOUR is a tricky floral arrangement made with various floral varieties and textures. You’ll need:

3 Sarah B pink peonies
3 stems of fuchsia spray roses
2 stems of white ranunculus
2 stems of green virburnum
4 stems of pink astilbe
3 stems of ivory spray roses
3 stems of jasmine vine
4 stems of peach stock
3 – 4 stems of mini pittosporum
a handful of foraged greens

Step 1: Pour water into your vase and create an X shaped grid of waterproof floral tape over the opening of the WE vase. As with look three mentioned above, fill the two sides of the X shape in the grid with sprigs of pitt greens and the stems of virburnum. The more greens the better because those will help cushion and highlight your blooms. Again, you’ll also want some pieces to drape down over the rim to give a base shape to the arrangement but you’ll also want some pieces to be more vertical to help give the arrangement shape and height.


Step 3: Once you have a great greens base, you’ll want to start adding in your big statement blooms like your peonies (or if you can’t get peonies you can try dahlias, garden roses and hydrangeas). Try staggering the placement of your big statement blooms to give visual interest and a more organic look to your design.


Step 4: Working around the two peonies, start adding in the next biggest flowers like the spray roses and stock. Fun tip: to make your spray roses a bit lovelier gently pick out the center petals and manually pry open the outer petals to reveal the bloom’s stamen. Step back after every two stems to see if you like the placement.


Step 5: Continue adding in your filler florals like the ranunculus, jasmine vine and astilbe. Have fun with the shape of the arrangement and don’t be afraid to move a stem to a new location if it’s not working where you first put it. Flowers are pretty resilient and since we are working in water and not floral foam you can do it this way nicely. The arrangement done for this project is also one sided like the succulent one shown in look three. To make it lovely from all angles, I would suggest doubling the amount of each floral and the greens I mentioned.


Happy floral designing, friends. I’ll see you tonight at the party! Xoxo

May 12

Pep Talk Tuesday {Make Room for the Good Stuff}


Hi friend!

How are you feeling today? Are you feeling busy, tired, overwhelmed, bogged down or spent today? Phew. I get it. Take a big breath. Give yourself a minute of silence. I’ll wait here while you do that.

Welcome back. Please know I’m here walking beside you in the busy. I think a big part of our societal obsession with busyness exists out of our innate desire to be approved of and well liked by others. But I also think it’s much, much deeper than that. I believe we live in a competitive world, a world where the bar knows no limits, where often it feels like a rat race trying to keep up not just with everyone else around you but some days, even with yourself. I’ve been guilty of the rush, the busy, the spread-too-thin, the not-today-but-maybe-one-day. I’ve been exhausted and robbed of joy because sometimes my focus in on all the wrong things and in all the places my heart and mind should never dare go. But there’s been a shift in the universe lately. Thank goodness.

This year has marked a personal journey to find joy and contentment. It’s been five months thus far of ups and downs but mostly a lot of ups. My thought process in this journey has been much like what I would assume training for a marathon is like. Just a little bit of work each day towards my end goal, is adding up to a lot of progress. One of the biggest takeaways has been making room for the good stuff. Margin. White space. Free time. Being bored. Can you remember the last time you felt bored? I can. It was awkward and left me panic stricken. I think I’ve become accustomed to going a mile a minute every hour of the day. No thank you.

Making room for the good stuff has allowed me to heartfully hone in on my craft and the thing that brings me the most joy; creating with florals. There’s been more ‘just because’ design days in the studio this year than ever. I’ve been able to work (with much willpower might I add) according to my office hours and save time outside those parameters for family, friends, travel and well, time to just get bored as mentioned above. I’m still getting used to that. I’ve been able to pour love and attention into each of my clients to ensure their special days are as perfect as can be. Life isn’t perfect – and it never will be – but it’s a life full of joy and contentment.

I also wanted to add in here (because I’ve been MIA lately!) I’ll be taking on a limited number of summer and fall weddings next year and have room for two more events in my calendar. I would so love to meet and cater to some new couples who share an approach to celebrating, marriage and the good stuff like my team and I do.

Photo above by Bradley James Photography of a Hey Gorgeous Events floral creation dreamt up on a recent free time, design day. I sure do love a blush and butter color palette, don’t you? Happy Tuesday, my friends.

You’re so worth it today. Xoxo

Apr 27

Kristine + Brett {HGE Wedding with Harrison Studio}


When a couple have been together for more than ten years and come to you to plan their big day, there’s admittedly a bit more pressure than normal to create something really spectacular. I still remember the day Kris and I skyped together for our initial meeting (with her sweet Mom by her side) and I felt an overwhelming amount of respect for not only the love and care that she and Brett had for one another but how that same love and care would be instrumental in guiding their wedding planning decisions. As soon as we started planning it was clear every desire and wish was very intentional, and each decision was treated with extreme but timely care. To say Kristine and I grew together during the planning process would be an understatement. Watching her walk down the aisle with her incredible father that day still gives me goosebumps nearly a year later.

Kristine and Brett, we love you guys so much! I could go on for days about you both. And to my team, I have to give you ladies a huge shout out for your hard work that week. We took the truck up to Petoskey that week to prep all of the florals (over 500 stems of white hydrangea!) and worked day and night to make it all come together. I can’t say enough about the kindness of the hotel staff (who brought us food and drinks during our prep days), the families and friends who travelled near and far to come out and celebrate the couple that weekend (and to pop into our work room periodically to compliment our work), and the talented vendors who made that weekend feel like a blessing instead of work. Because it was truly a beautiful melange of both.

Happy Monday, friends. Enjoy this sweet celebration!


Northern Michigan is fascinating. It’s such a gorgeous place to say I do!

PetoskeyMichiganWedding2 PetoskeyMichiganWedding3 PetoskeyMichiganWedding17PetoskeyMichiganWedding18

And the cutest ring bearer and flower girl award goes to . . .

PetoskeyMichiganWedding4 PetoskeyMichiganWedding5

It was honestly a perfect and picturesque Northern Michigan day for a wedding. The day before, the forecast called for rain all day (fun fact: 100% of my 2014 weddings called for rain) but that day when we woke up, the forecast had miraculously changed to only a 10% chance of showers! We took full advantage of the beautiful weather and went ahead with the planned outdoor ceremony while the landscape and exterior of Stafford’s Perry Hotel was the perfect backdrop for portraits of the couple prior to their cocktail hour.


Kristine’s bouquet was one of my favorites I’ve ever made. Kris told me to make whatever I wanted and well, truthfully I think that put the pressure on me a bit more than normal. Half of her bouquet was made up of roses sent from a farm in California, some really gorgeous blush anemones, white peiris, sweet peas, garden roses, spray roses, blushing bride protea, and some jasmine vine. It smelled absolutely incredible! I also created a custom beaded wrap that matched the custom sleeves on her Reem Acra gown and this wrap went around the handle of her bouquet. You can tell the blush nail color she wore was pretty spot on too!


The tent! I wish you could have seen it in person, guys!


Sleek, elegant, grown up, glam, sophisticated. These were all cue words Kris and I talked about when we worked on the design of her wedding. We took a lot of inspiration from her and Brett’s home, the colors they are most drawn to, and the addition of texture; and lots of it! The coolest part was even though the design was so bold, contrasted with the environment and the intimate guest list of 100 people, it was a really cozy space.

PetoskeyMichiganWedding9 PetoskeyMichiganWedding10

The first dance was to Coldplay’s Magic. Awesome right?

PetoskeyMichiganWedding11 PetoskeyMichiganWedding12

Kristine and Brett, working with you two was a pleasure and an honor. You welcomed the team and I into not only your world on your special day but into your family’s lives. We are so grateful for your hearts, trust and kindness. While last August was one of the best days of your entire lives, the best part for me now is calling you dear friends. Let’s do tacos and margaritas again in Grand Rapids sometime soon pretty please! Xoxo

You can catch more of this incredible event via The Knot here or in the spring 2015 issue of The Knot Michigan which hits newsstands next month. Big thanks to Ben and Laura of Harrison Studio for the gorgeous photos and always fun day of work! And make sure you watch the most beautiful wedding film over here, made lovingly by the team at Zara Creative. It’s incredibly beautiful.

. . . . . . . . . .

Photography: Harrison Studio / Planning, Design and Florals: Hey Gorgeous Events / Videography: Zara Creative / Venue: Stafford’s Perry Hotel / Linens: Nuage Designs / Gown: Reem Acra via Belle Vie Bridal Couture / Bride’s shoes: Badgley Mischka / Invitations: Smitten on Paper / Menus: Aerialist Press / Calligraphy: Laura Hooper Calligraphy / Cake: Bella e Dolce / String Trio: Bayshore Strings / Entertainment: Pluister Entertainment / Hair: Billy Dixon, 6 Salon / Rentals: Special Events Rental

Apr 25

The Year of Content Week 14 + 15


Happy weekend, friends! If you’re just joining us in this series you can go here first and here second.

First of all, I so love the end of April. It’s a month that’s always so full of anticipation and hope. I’ve lived my entire life in places where if we’re lucky, spring starts to show its face right around the end of April, and that for me is one of the most renewed times of the year. This April has been no exception as we spent last weekend (when we had a high of 75 degrees here in Michigan!) finally out in our yard in the sweet sweet sunshine spreading wood chips, cleaning up leaves, and getting ready for our yard to burst into bloom in the next few weeks. Like my friend Lara talks about so frequently, there’s something tremendously fulfilling about watching tiny seeds grow into something big and beautiful thanks to your love and care. Not to mention doing all that hard work with your husband by your side. It’s been a nice start to spring, my friends. Onto my debrief!

Week Fourteen & Fifteen

What has not been working: March is always a hard time of the year for me personally because I struggle with the tail end of winter and often start to feel a bit restless and defeated. Remember those new year resolutions you purposefully set in January? Mine always go out the window this time of year. After returning home from our Seattle wedding at the beginning of March (which might I add, spring had started to bloom in Seattle that week) I really felt a sense of discontent with a lot of areas of my life. When we find ourselves sitting in discontent or ungratefulness, one of the areas that I think can usually take a back seat to our love and care is our marriages and relationships. And I’ve been guilty of that. March just felt icky in a lot of ways and now that I can look back, I feel like since I wasn’t myself, I couldn’t be the best version of me for others.

What has been working: As I mentioned in my last The Year of Content blogpost, Andrew and I decided to tackle the #contentmentchallenge again together at the beginning of April. It’s been admittedly tough to be super intentional with our money lately especially in moments of boredom together or times when we feel too lazy to cook our own food, but there’s been a big silver lining to this. We’ve been taking Zoe on more walks, having more heartfelt conversations, eating more meals at our kitchen table, spending time in the kitchen and the list goes on. While we took on the challenge again to be better managers of our finances, the ironic part is we have truly grown a lot in our marriage because we’ve been using our time much differently and efficiently.

Short term goal: Continue to find contentment in this time of growth in our marriage.

Long term goal: Celebrate our five year wedding anniversary in Tuscany with the Nelsons this fall.

Feel free to leave your experiences below and to share them with the hashtag #theyearofcontent

Happy Weekend friends xoxo