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Aug 3

Emily + Matt {HGE Wedding with Kelly Sweet}

Typing up this post to go hand in hand with Emily and Matt’s wedding brought on some seriously melancholy feelings for me today. See, Emily and Matt (and especially Emily’s family) become somewhat of my own over the almost 17 months we planned this celebration together. I was welcomed into their home with open arms, trusted with some monumental details, and given the most respect and level of gratitude I’ve ever received from a client. Parting ways with everyone the day after the event post clean up, was a really hard thing to do. But I digress because this was just the beginning of a really beautiful happily ever after for two special, special people.

With a half mass ceremony in the bride’s childhood church, a reception set in the perfectly manicured backyard of the bride’s parent’s home, and a sophisticated palette of neutrals, soft blues, black and gray, this wedding was elegantly beautiful yet simple enough to feel comfortable, approachable and like home. Coincidently enough, that’s just what this couple exudes and when a wedding can feel like the couple, our team can pat ourselves on the back. It’s our goal to always create weddings that reflect our clients in only the best way possible.

Emily and Matt, we love you. To the Norton and Bastion families, thank you for your love and kindness. To all of the vendors who worked so hard to make this wedding come to life (especially my team and husband who worked tirelessly that week and day of to help me through an awful week of morning sickness) thank you. This is the reason we do what we do. To celebrate love in big ways. Enjoy this incredible love story told through the stunning visuals of Kelly Sweet; these photos are some of my favorite to date.



The couple’s wedding invitation and day of stationery was custom made by the team over at Smitten on Paper. It was the perfect way to set the stage for the big day aesthetic and wedding vibe. The suite is now available as a design over in Smitten on Paper’s site too so you can have a similar look for your event.


After the ceremony and rose petal send-off, it was back to the private residence reception in Ann Arbor where live music and cocktails awaited guests. Inside the reception tent was a curated selection of details that Emily and I so passionately designed together as a team and it was seriously delicious. And this cake stole the show! Sweet Heather Anne ALWAYS knocks it out of the park. The custom linen from I Do Linens which was made to match the floral pattern on the invites completed the vignette perfectly.

EM18EM19EM20EM21EM22EM23EM24 EM25 EM26 EM27 EM28 EM29 EM30 EM31 EM32 EM33 EM34 EM35

Cheers to a lifetime of love and happiness you two! Xoxo

. . . . . . . . . .

Planning, design, florals & execution: Hey Gorgeous Events / Photography: Kelly Sweet Photography / Stationery: Smitten on Paper / Rentals & linens: Special Events Rental / Gray silk runners: Silk and Willow / Custom cake linens: I Do Linens / Floral calligraphy tags: Layers of Loveliness / Cake: Sweet Heather Anne / Church: St. Joseph’s Village Church / Catering: Katherine’s Catering / Wedding dress: Watters with Augusta Jones overskirt / Bridesmaid gowns: mixed designers/stores / Men’s suits: Vera Wang / Make up: Alexandra Holton / Hair styling: Julie Jaynes / Band: Newsmaker / Reception venue: Private residence

Jul 29

My Morning Routine

A few weeks ago I posted on Instagram about my morning routine and how much joy it brings me. I am absolutely 100 times over not a morning person so I do need to make that clear. I also need to let you know my routine took a lot of trial and error to create and that’s one of the reasons I love it so much; it’s evolved as my life and priorities have evolved. But first a little back story on where this morning routine thing all came from.

In early 2012 I was really struggling with boundaries in my life. Both personal and professional. I was pulling all nighters (and all day-ers if that’s even a phrase) and saying yes to everything and everyone. I was tired and spread entirely too thin and didn’t know how to break the cycle of despair and misery. It sounds so dramatic to phrase it like that but at the time I was in a rough cycle of running on the hamster wheel and didn’t quite see how I would ever get to a more stable place of running my business and living my life purposefully.

Enter this post of Lara’s.

Reading that post was like switching on a light switch for me. So many things, so many SIMPLE things could be done to drastically change the situation I was in and it was like Lara’s post was giving me permission to do just that. I immediately bought my ticket to that year’s Making Things Happen conference thanks to a friend’s recommendation (you can still snag an early bird seat to this November’s!) and with that my journey to protect what I treasure and find balance in my life began. Actually it’s still happening as I type this to you at 6:30 pm, stirring a pot of pasta in the kitchen with the laundry machine going since we have another wedding this weekend and I’m trying to stay on top of all my priorities coming up soon. Because balance is like riding a bike, you have to give a little and take a little from one direction to the next to stay upright. But I digress.

About a year after I attended that first MTH I met the incredible Nancy Ray who served alongside me as a speaker in Chapel Hill. And I listened in awe to her talk about her morning routine. This girl has it going on! Early wake up time, a moment of silence for her heart, time with The Lord, I think maybe there was even a work out in there? In short Nancy had a morning routine that sounded pretty darn good and I wanted my own slice of that. I wanted the Nancy Ray Morning with a side of fries so when I got home from North Carolina that first time I was a speaker I gave it a shot. I actually gave it a shot for over a year, trying my best to fit all of Nancy’s essentials into MY day. And well you can see where I am going with that. I failed miserably.

Nancy’s day works wonderfully for her because she’s figured out what she needs to start her day off on the right foot. For me to try and fit Nancy’s ideal morning into my life would be like me trying to fit perfectly into Nancy’s custom tailored wedding gown. Or vice versa. Again it hit me one day when I realized Nancy’s point isn’t that her day is the solution for everyone but that finding a day that works best for YOU, is.

So I changed my thinking a bit. And here we are!


• My number one strategy for having a restful, joyful and productive morning is to leave my phone downstairs. Either on our main living level on silent or even in the basement studio. Sometimes I even turn my phone off completely. For me, my phone and my email can bring me anxiety if I have it near me at all times and it shouldn’t be near me when I’m spending time with my husband or doing things outside of my work. Literally it comes down to physically separating myself from it. When I don’t I fall asleep with my phone in my hand aimlessly scrolling through instagram, I find it hard to fall asleep, I often have pretty vivid dreams and/or insomnia and then even worse, I grab my phone as soon as I wake up and lose track of time in the morning. Starting my day in social media and in my email before I’ve even said good morning to my husband, 10 times out of 10 never ends well. Also just because some people have asked before, my husband does usually keep his phone in our room or in our hallway on vibrate in case there ever in an emergency and someone needs to reach us.

• My second strategy for making the most of my mornings is doing little things to plan ahead the night before. Ashley Brooke and I roomed at a conference together a few years ago and she told me about her childhood memories and nightly ritual of ‘setting herself up for success.’ Her parents would set a timer and for ten minutes she would purposefully prepare for the next day. Pack her backpack, lay out her clothes, whatever. Since then I too have tried to do this as often as I can because the stress of everything hitting me like a ton of bricks in the morning isn’t worth it. Some of my favorites? Downloading my to do list in a notebook on my bedside table pre-sleep, laying out my towel for my bath (I have a hot bath every single morning), picking out my clothes based on the weather and what I have scheduled for the next day, getting a water bottle filled and iced to have on my bedside table so when I wake up it’s there, and making sure Andrew sets his non-phone alarm for 6:30 am. Each day varies a little in terms of when I get up but feeling in control of my morning puts me in a better mind set for the day. Oh! And I make our bed 99% of the time. Andrew and I do this together actually and we still think we’re each better than the other at fluffing the pillows.

• My third strategy is to treat my morning time as leisure time rather than a busy whirlwind of time to prepare for the day ahead. My love language is quality time (and Andrew’s is not!) so I love to take our two hours together in the mornings and treat it as a reward for the day (and he goes along with it bless his heart). Everything from talking in bed before we get out of it, snuggling with Zoe on the bed after she’s woken up from hers, lighting a candle on my bedside table so the scent relaxes me, and even listening to the radio together while we get dressed and then make the bed, is so sweet. Sometimes one of us is off before the other with events or meetings but when we are home together I treasure this time and try to look at it as a gift to be enjoyed together.

• My fourth strategy is a recent one I’ve adopted and I’m not sure if it’s an early mama to be nesting thing or just my organized tenancies but doing a little bit of house work each day rather than devoting an entire Sunday to cleaning house, has been a huge blessing. I used to feel so busy and spread thin that our house would literally look like it was lived in by a family of 6. Dishes everywhere, laundry piled up, the bathroom a mess, work things across the tables, couch, and anywhere but my studio. This made (or rather makes) it very hard to focus on my work and left me feeling very far from at peace in our own home as I was constantly distracted by the mess and chaos. I read a post from Emily recently about her ‘farm chores’ and so loved Emily’s similar approach to doing a little bit each day to treasure more of your time. Laundry on a Wednesday morning? If it’s a quick load why not! A quick push of the vacuum after dinner on Friday? Sure. Running the dishwasher over night so it’s ready to unload in the am? Brilliant. These little yet very intentional steps have saved me tremendous amounts of time and in turn I have come to value our home a little more as a relaxing retreat.

So there you have it! A little glimpse into my morning routine. I would love to hear more of yours too!

Photo by Kelly Sweet Photography.


Jul 27

The Year of Content Week 28

Happy weekend, friends! If you’re just joining us in this series you can go here first and here second.


Guys! Where has this July gone? The girls and I were driving home today from this past weekend’s Northern Michigan wedding (you can see more over here!) and were in disbelief at how quickly the summer and truly this entire year has passed by. With one wedding to go in August, the Trouvaille Workshop mid-month and then come Labor Day and fall, a final Hey Gorgeous wedding and three big trips before slowing down for the holidays and my maternity leave (I cannot believe I just wrote that out!) we are more than half way done with 2015. It’s been a year for the books. I’m sure 2016 is going to be even sweeter too as we become a family of three.

Almost four months ago in April, I wrote my last financial contentment post. That same week we had gone to our first consultation with our fertility specialist after finally getting a recommendation from my doctor. We left that consult feeling an odd mix of emotions; a little defeated because of the extra steps we would have to take to make our dream of parenthood a reality but funny enough, pretty grateful for answers and a game plan we could look ahead to. When I wrote this post here my mind was admittedly set on all of the things we would need to financially pay for along our journey to baby. Andrew and I diligently rearranged our budget in order to do so and with that it was back on the #contentmentchallenge (a la Nancy Ray which you can read more about here). We were truly looking ahead to the future and our scheduled appointments with open arms and hearts.

But God had other plans for us. About a month later we were blessed with the news of naturally and miraculously conceiving Sweet Baby Bosse, just two days before Mother’s Day. Best Mother’s Day gift ever. We were shocked! And well, while we are so grateful to have taken a less invasive and expensive route to conceive our little babe, we still need to be financially savvy to care for and nurture this child when he or she arrives in January. This post from Nancy’s husband Will is full of insight (actually his entire blog is; I really encourage you to check it out and spend some time soaking up his wisdom) and really opened my eyes to some smart ways to be more financially responsible and content given our growing fam. Onto my debrief!

Week Twenty Seven

What has not been working: Since finding out I was pregnant, I’ve really struggled with 1. feeling like I can buy myself, Andrew and the baby things to celebrate this victory and 2. being responsible and content with our money. There is a TON of information out there selling this and that to first time parents isn’t there? It’s really hard to navigate the waters of preparing for baby when you want to do the right thing as a parent to this little person and 99% of the stuff being thrown your way is so closely tied to your emotions! Hormones anyone? I’ve also been so nervous of missing something special throughout this process (like a cute outfit for announcement photos, a chalkboard to document baby’s size each week with my growing belly, realizing how pricey all those cute baby things are I’ve been pinning over the years, etc) that I’ve been guilty of buying unnecessary things here and there. I feel guilty for even admitting this so publicly because my dreams of being a mama have never been fuelled by materialistic things but my heart’s been torn often in fear of not feeling or coming across as excited and joyful as I feel. I welcome any thoughts or perspectives on this below from moms or mamas to be!

What has been working: Throughout this Year of Content challenge, I’ve started to notice some really tiny but significant changes in my perspective and thoughts particularly towards the accumulation of ‘stuff’ in my life. Restoration Hardware Baby? Beautiful but not necessary for us and our budget. And that’s OK. Truly I’m content with that because it’s what works for us! All the cute little $35 Baby Gap newborn outfits our babe will grow out of within a month or two or making their debut? Again adorable but not a necessity here for us. We also invested some time and effort to host a big garage sale about a month ago to get rid of all the things in our home and garage we don’t use or need. It was a huge success financially for us so we sealed all of the money we made into an envelope and labelled it with “Baby Nursery.” That bank envelope is still sealed and sitting on the floor of our empty baby nursery ready to go towards some of the bigger necessities we will need to invest in in the next four months. That feels really great to have a bit of a cushion to add to the babe budget.

Short term goal: To go back on the #contentmentchallenge with Andrew until September 24th.

Long term goal: To manage/adjust my income in late 2015/2016 with my desired maternity leave plan.

Feel free to leave your experiences below and to share them with the hashtag #theyearofcontent

Happy Weekend friends xoxo

Jul 19

The Year of Content Week 27

Happy weekend, friends! If you’re just joining us in this series you can go here first and here second.


It’s a Sunday and I’m working from my virtual office here at Panera (soup and salad combo for the win!). My florals I needed on Friday were delayed by two days so I had to rearrange my schedule and plan to pick everything up this afternoon instead. So tonight will be spent in the studio crafting together some florals for an editorial up in Northern Michigan tomorrow and then this week will be one packed full of planning, executing, and hustling for two brides getting married on Friday and Saturday, respectively. We also have a wedding on August 1st and the Trouvaille Workshop coming up in just three short weeks from today so you can bet things have been a bit hectic around here as we get our ducks in a row and continue to serve our colleagues and clients exceptionally well. Phew! Wedding season is not for the faint of heart my friends! It’s such a wild ride.

One of my goals for this year’s wedding season, was to be more intentional with how I fuel my body and mind. Wedding season usually leaves little room to make healthy eating choices since my team and I are always on the run and unable to find healthy restaurants in our travels let alone even make time to sit down to enjoy a balanced meal. Tied together with long days on our feet and early mornings on the go, a typical night of rest can last around 4 to 5 hours and well, everyone feels exhausted despite planning out our every hour. Being pregnant has admittedly made the whole tired thing and the whole balanced eating thing much tougher on me but now that I’m far enough along in my pregnancy and feeling a bit more like me again (phew), I’m excited to feel more energetic and back on track with being more in control of how I fuel myself! Onto my debrief!

Week Twenty Seven

What has not been working: Well, while certainly delicious, the endless bowls of noodles and butter, bland sauteed potatoes, dense starches and otherwise nutritionally lacking foods have not been working. On one hand they have curbed my hunger and been the only few things I can stomach but as I get further along in this pregnancy and notice all of these miraculous changes with my body, I’m realizing how important it is to eat more variety and use food to not only nourish myself but this little babe. My insomnia has gotten a little better as I’ve started to incorporate meat and veggies back into my diet but more time planning ahead (like packing a cooler of snacks for our next event road trip) is going to be very crucial to setting myself up for success. There hasn’t been much planning lately but instead a mentality of eat-whatever-you-can-cause-you’re-pregnant.

What has been working: Andrew and I have been looking into some prenatal yoga classes for me to go to (I’m hoping I can make some new mama friends!) and have been doing a great job with taking Zoe for walks around the block each night. It’s not much but these short little bursts of activity have been really nice lately as so much of my time has been spent behind my computer. As I’ve learned a lot about what I can and cannot eat because I’m expecting I’ve also started to find really great ways to get around my food aversions while still getting nutritionally beneficial food (no appetite for meat resulted in many, many peanut butter and banana smoothies!). I was so set on having a paleo pregnancy but have learned that within reason dairy, grains, and sugar are ok! Trying to look (I wanted clear skin and a less bloated body so badly) and feel a certain way when there’s a life inside of me is so last week (ha!) and I’m ok with that now because it’s not all about me anymore. Being a mama to be has surely taken over a piece of my heart.

Short term goal: Prepare healthy snacks in advance for the remainder of our 2015 events/trips.

Long term goal: To make the best choices with my body (and mind) until birth and beyond.

Feel free to leave your experiences below and to share them with the hashtag #theyearofcontent

Happy Weekend friends xoxo

Jul 12

The Year of Content Catch Up & Week 26


Happy weekend, friends! If you’re just joining us in this series you can go here first and here second.

I’ve been long over due for a Year of Content post for close to ten weeks now and it feels so good to be back you guys! A lot has happened since my last post at the end of April which includes having some beautiful summer weddings under our belts (more coming soon on those but there are peeks over on instagram!) and of course, the exciting news about our family expanding which you can read more about here. We’ve been in the midst of celebrating our news, working hard to serve our clients well, enjoying the beautiful summer weather and of course preparing to just think and wrap our heads around how different 2016 will look for our little family!

With that being said, today’s post topic is so fitting for the one area of my life I have had on my heart a lot since I became pregnant and that’s my work and this business! As I mentioned in our announcement post I have been intentionally running my business for the past few years in anticipation of becoming a mama. To be able to put some things into effect now that this dream has become a reality is pretty sweet and rewarding but also a little scary. So as always the fight for the joy and contentment is real. Onto my debrief!

Week Twenty Six

What has not been working: I have been over thinking absolutely everything during this pregnancy. I touched on this a little last week over here but I feel like the first 14 weeks of being pregnant were such an uncertain blur because I was so focused on the what ifs and the potential disasters. Instead of celebrating the small victories and present moments I was just (and am) an anxious wreck. This in turn made my work and productivity suffer because when you worry it’s hard to get much done let alone to think clearly. Worrying gets you no where and I’ve learned this ten fold as I continue to grow this little babe while continuing to cultivate my business.

What has been working: I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming on what my schedule will look like next year. It’s been so exciting to put more of myself and my family before saying yes to every opportunity that comes my way. The gals behind the Making Things Happen intensive are always such an encouragement to me when it comes to making the best choices with my time and my business. And since almost all of them are moms themselves, it’s been so wonderful to take their lead and tangibly apply this way of thinking to my own life and endeavors. A smaller client roster for 2016 and 2017, a continued focus on the Trouvaille brand and a few other shifts with my business have all been in the works and it’s been an exciting and fulfilling process.

Short term goal: Accept that life will change and so will my business as I become a mom.

Long term goal: To balance motherhood and entrepreneurship with grace and intentionality.

Feel free to leave your experiences below and to share them with the hashtag #theyearofcontent

Happy Weekend friends xoxo