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Nov 28

The Trouvaille Workshop 2015 Chicago {Day 2 Recap}

If you’re just joining in to the Trouvaille Workshop 2015 recap then no worries!

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You can catch my first recap over here and the first day breakdown over here. But today is all about the second day of the experience and even though it was one of our shorter days it was packed full of education, hands on learning, beautiful meals, and best of all, community. Our buffet style meal greeted our attendees nice and early that Monday with stunning linens from Nuage Designs Inc, rentals from Tablescapes Chicago, paper from Smitten on Paper and boxes of handmade earrings from Kate and Moose as a good morning gift to all of our attendees. It was a sweet August morning and we may have prolonged breakfast by just a little bit in part to all of the wonderful conversations happening around the dining tables! Sigh, those linens. So pretty right?

DayTwoTrouvailleRecap2 View More: http://lovethenelsons.pass.us/trouvaillechicago DayTwoTrouvailleRecap4

After breakfast we headed inside to get right down to business with our first session. Michelle Loretta lead a pretty involved discussion on pricing, money, structuring your services and more. She is always such a treat (and incredible resource) to have at Trouvaille and I’m looking forward to having her back at Trouvaille in North Carolina next spring. There were so many great questions asked and answers given that encouraged some great discussion. I always walk away from conversations with Michelle with so much insight and perspective.

When Michelle finished up we heard from Kristin Polhemus of Reveriemade on building your team which was also very a helpful presentation for our attendees to listen to. While Kristin spoke for 45 minutes, the HGE team prepped behind the scenes for our picnic lunch which thankfully we were able to enjoy outside just as the weather started to clear up a bit! Our pop up tent provided by Firehouse Chicago was certainly a lifesaver.

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For lunch, we kept things easy with sweet little baskets full of delicious and nutritious goodies for everyone.

The goal was to encourage the attendees and speakers to grab a buddy and a blanket and then find a spot in the courtyard to enjoy their hour lunch break. Brix Catering made some delicious sandwich creations, freshly baked cookies, pasta salads and fruit cups. I love a good sit down meal as we’ve done at past workshops but a nostalgic picnic was a nice change of pace and sure fire way to enjoy the summer tempeatures in Chicago.

View More: http://lovethenelsons.pass.us/trouvaillechicago View More: http://lovethenelsons.pass.us/trouvaillechicago DayTwoTrouvailleRecap9

After lunch we heard from Lauren Grove of Every Last Detail on submitting to blogs, targeting the millennial client and so much more regarding online publications and networking with other vendors. I think everyone’s brains were just about jam packed by this point! So after Lauren’s presentation we headed back out for a brush calligraphy class with Jenny Sanders of Graceline Art. It started to rain during Jenny’s class which was ironic given the watercolor skills she was teaching. A surprise afternoon treat of donuts were passed around to everyone during the class and it was a casual and fun afternoon to wrap up our second day of Trouvaille!

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It was fun to see the attendee’s painting their logos and business names throughout the class!

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On Monday I’ll be sharing day three and four of the workshop just in time to celebrate our ticket launch for next spring’s retreat. There’s been so much excitement about our decision to travel south with the workshop and I look forward to seeing where this journey continues to go. Seeing how this workshop has inspired and changed so many lives is really what keeps me fired up and constantly working to structure a one of a kind and unique workshop approach. Trouvaille is so much more than a retreat and is an endeavor I take on because it’s so much more than an extension of my brand. It’s an extension of my heart and a way to give back to so many other women who may feel helpless, lost, lonely or stuck in their business. Because I’ve been there and I still struggle with these things from time to time. I can’t wait to bring together community next spring. More to come soon!

Happy Saturday, friends! Xoxo

Trouvaille Workshop Chicago 2015: Day 1 Recap
All photos taken by Shalyn Nelson of Love, The Nelsons.

Nov 23

Our Maternity Session in Italy

This past September Andrew and I had the amazing opportunity to fly to Tuscany, Italy to style and provide florals for a really beautiful wedding (our final one of 2015 at that!) The opportunity wouldn’t have been possible without our friends Shay and Drew helping to introduce us to this respective bride and groom and we are incredibly grateful. To have been able to fly at 24 weeks pregnant to Milan, Italy with my husband, drive all over the country for a week (it felt like that at least; so much driving!) and overcome a new set of wedding planning challenges in a country oversees was really humbling and memorable. I’ll share more on the wedding and our trip adventures soon but today is a personal post full of love and anticipation.

When Shay and I were talking about our trip plans over the summer, she mentioned doing a maternity session for us in Italy. I was so flattered she would bring it up and jumped at the opportunity to be in front of Shay’s lens with this growing baby bump. I met Shay a little over three years ago at the first MTH conference I attended when we decided to be roommates together in Chicago. We’ve grown incredibly close since then and also shared this Kate Spade inspired wedding in Texas last year. True friendship knows no boundaries, especially geographical ones, and to witness Shay’s growth personally and professional over the past three years has been nothing short of remarkable. To have her capture this special time in our lives will forever be cherished.

The plan was to pick a day when we were in Italy to take some photos wherever proved to be best at that given time. And given how stunning the Italian landscape is you would think this would be easy! But since we worked almost straight from the day we arrived and didn’t get to Cinque Terre together with the Nelsons until two days before we left, our session was left until the night before our 4:00 am departure. I told Shay just a few photos would suffice since we didn’t get a ton of time to really enjoy Italy and I certainly didn’t want to dampen their trip with more work. So nothing fancy I told her. I had only brought one dress and Andrew only brought one suit so maybe 10 photos would be good. In the interest of catching the light that evening, I quickly dry shampooed my hair, had to get Andrew, Drew AND Shay to zip me into my non maternity gown and with that we were off. A few photos turned into a whole lot and well, I’m just speechless when I look at these images.

I read once about a Mom who wishes she had physically and mentally loved herself more during her pregnancy. And not just during that phase of her life but before and after having kids too, so she could preserve her legacy for her kids and their kids and so forth. And while I’ve never been one to shy away from the camera, being pregnant has come with so many physical changes I’ve wondered if even my husband will see less of me. I have wanted to only take photos during this season when I’ve felt my best but even my best while pregnant has felt less than stellar. Shay you gave us, and more so me, the best gift I could have ever asked for as a woman going through a transformation. One day I will show these images to our son. I’ll tell him to tell his wife she’s beautiful every single day like Andrew does to me even in my worse moments. I’ll tell him to celebrate all of life’s moments even when he might feel awkward in front of a camera or his wife loses her earrings in the ocean or dozens of Italian residents watch him from the pier while he poses for photos with his wife frolicking in the ocean. Gosh, I have so much to share with this little guy one day and this is just one chapter in a really big story.

Here are some of our favorites from the special night in Cinque Terre. And a side note, I didn’t plan on going into the water. I was afraid I would run my gown or be too cold or get knocked down by the waves, but as soon as I stepped foot into just a tiny bit of water, I was all in and felt so much JOY. The water was so frothy and wonderful and warm. I stood towards the sky in that moment, backs to the Nelsons and Andrew and thanked God. The water was loud and scary and memorizing all at once. I’ll never ever forget that feeling.


BabyBosse1BabyBosse2BabyBosse3BabyBosse4BabyBosse5BabyBosse6 BabyBosse7 BabyBosse8 BabyBosse9BabyBosse10 BabyBosse11 BabyBosse12

Many of you have asked about my gown and it was a purchase from Lulu’s earlier this spring. When I found out I was pregnant I wanted to get one beautiful gown I could wear to either a shower, night out with Andrew or in a session like this one. I was torn between this blue number or another gown that was a blush pink. We didn’t know what we were having at the time but my heart told me to go with blue. I had a feeling I was meant to be a boy mom and well, he were are 6 weeks away from meeting our little guy! I had it altered length wise and tightened the top straps a little. I swear one day later into my pregnancy this thing would not have zipped up!

BabyBosse17 BabyBosse18 BabyBosse19View More: http://lovethenelsons.pass.us/baby-albieBabyBosse21BabyBosse23
View More: http://lovethenelsons.pass.us/baby-albie

You can also view more along with ‘What expecting means to me’ on The Fount Collective today. It’s such a sweet joy to be on a beautiful blog I’ve admired throughout this pregnancy. Happy Monday, my friends!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Photography: Love, The Nelsons, Contax 645 / Location: Cinque Terre, Italy / Blue gown: Lulus / Bracelet: Aldo / Hair and make up: done by Rhi / Andrew’s suit: Express / Watch: Guess

Nov 22

The Year of Content Week 43, 44, 45


Happy Sunday, friends! If you’re just joining us in this series you can go here first and here second.

To anyone reading this I hope you had a restful weekend! Andrew and I spent some intentional time crossing off home items on our to do list because goodness me the end of the year is just around the corner. With anywhere from 5 to 7 weeks until #sweetbabybosse arrives we’ve been in full nesting mode getting the nursery finished, picking up diapers, installing our car seat, prepping for the holidays as best we can, and more personally, getting caught up on work related projects so I can head into my maternity leave with peace of mind. Apb and I have had to really work as a team these past few weeks with our outstanding home tasks and making some big decisions with this season of life. And while it’s been a transition from our normal ways of operating (we have a person to mutually care for now!) it’s been a sweet shift in our marriage. I’m so grateful. Onto my debrief!

Week Forty Three, Forty Four & Forty Five

What has not been working: Full disclosure here but we in The Bosse Home never made time to create our Before the Babe comes list which was a short term goal of mine/ours in a recent Year of Content post. Ugh I really dislike even admitting that because it was important to us to make sure we had even just a small list of must do’s before we become a family of three. But we’ve been so focused on getting things done for the baby and prepping our home, we have lost focus on making time to just be the two of us in a romantic capacity. You know the saying, ‘The days are long and the years are short’? Can I get an amen to that? I can’t even wrap my head around the fact that Thanksgiving is this week. I can also only imagine making time for ourselves when the babe arrives is going to be even harder than it has been in these past two months of my third trimester.

What has been working: Emotionally Andrew and I have been in a sweet groove. There’s so much anticipation and love in our home between us two and it feels sacred and sweet. While we haven’t created an official Before the Babe list I’ve realized we have been doing quite a bit as a team; it’s just those things haven’t been on any official list. We’ve been tackling things like endless loads of baby laundry and folding parties while we watch our favorite shows at night, hanging things in the nursery while Zoe watches on, filling out paperwork together for our upcoming doula meetings over morning coffee and even working on our Emily Ley baby book which Andrew has contributed a lot to (more on this when the baby arrives). List or no list, this season has certainly and inevitably allowed us to spend time together even if that means doing so in our home with simple mundane activities (and me in Andrew’s clothes because that’s all I’m really even comfortable in now!) I hope we can remember these sweet times in the tough moments of parenthood we’re sure to endure so soon.

Short term goal: Create a mini Before the Babe list with 3 to 5 actionable items on it by December 1st.

Long term goal: Lean on other married parent friends of ours for tips on keeping our relationship a priority.

Feel free to leave your experiences below and to share them with the hashtag #theyearofcontent

Happy Weekend friends xoxo

Nov 17

Love Preserved


Goodness I’ve been so very excited to finally share these photos from our Southern Weddings V8 editorial! Earlier this spring one of the most incredible teams of vendors and artists came together to make this project come to life and of course the Nancy Ray Photography team captured it all perfectly. The idea behind the shoot is shared a little over here in this post and there’s nothing more intentional than editorial or even better, wedding day details that always circle back to the couple, their relationship and the union their making together as husband and wife. Soak up some of my favorite scans below and be sure to look at the impressive list of people who came together on that perfect spring day in April. My heart is grateful and full to have been a part!

LovePreservedEditorial2 LovePreservedEditorial3 LovePreservedEditorial4 LovePreservedEditorial5 LovePreservedEditorial6

I loved how the florals I selected tied in perfectly with the colors of the pickled items and edible offerings I styled on the tabletop. Radishes, beets, turnips and red onions all worked beautifully with the purple clematis, pink ranunculus, cranberry garden roses and the various varieties of greens used in the compote centerpieces. And those marble serving boards were too good! It took a lot not to sneak home with a few in my suitcase!

LovePreservedEditorial7 LovePreservedEditorial8 LovePreservedEditorial9 LovePreservedEditorial10 LovePreservedEditorial11

How sweet is our couple? Caitlin and Tyler are engaged in real life and will be saying I Do next spring. We kept joking the entire day of the shoot that their involvement in the project was perfect practice for their own big day and what to expect when it comes to photos, posing, and vendors rushing around to make it all work perfectly!

LovePreservedEditorial12 LovePreservedEditorial13 LovePreservedEditorial14 LovePreservedEditorial15 LovePreservedEditorial16

PIG! Goodie we all so loved you.

LovePreservedEditorial17 LovePreservedEditorial18 LovePreservedEditorial19 LovePreservedEditorial20 LovePreservedEditorial21 LovePreservedEditorial22 LovePreservedEditorial23 LovePreservedEditorial24 LovePreservedEditorial25

And this paper suite from Coral Pheasant is one of my favorites I’ve ever had to work with. That hand painted liner, the unique orientation, the font pairing, and of course those vintage stamps; it was amazing and really speaks volumes about how important it is to have stationery to helps tell your unique story.


I’d love to hear your most favorite detail from this project! Those pickled jars that served as favors for our guests? The tablescape that paired together elegant and rustic touches? Our stunning bridal party? Or that pig?! I have to say the pig certainly stole the show but coming together with all of the people listed below was the icing on the cake for me personally. Have the best Tuesday evening my friends!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Photographer: Nancy Ray Photography | Film processing: Indie Film Lab | Videographer: Heart Stone Films | Stylist and florals: Hey Gorgeous Events | Hair stylist and makeup artist: Lula Hair and Makeup | Cakes: Ashley Cakes | Paper goods: Coral Pheasant | Map illustration: Social Alchemy | Linens: Nuage Designs | Runners: Silk & Willow | Table and charger rentals: Party Reflections | Vintage rentals: Paisley & Jade | Glassware, china, flatware:Vintage Charlotte | Marble cutting boards: Pizitz Home & Cottage | Wooden cutting boards: AK Woodburning | Wooden menu: AT Home Decor | Teal shelf: World Market | Bride’s gown: AH6200 by Saja | Bridesmaid dresses: Joanna August | Menswear: The Black Tux

Nov 13

Published {Southern Weddings Magazine V8}


If you’re a fan and supporter of Southern Weddings you’ve probably seen or have even read through from cover to cover your very own copy of Volume 8. It hit newsstands just last week and it’s a beauty! And if you haven’t yet you can do just that over here (and you absolutely should because this magazine is absolutely incredible!) I had the tremendous pleasure and honor of being part of an editorial for this issue which had a sweet little piglet as the shining star. Yes! A baby pig! Working with the Southern Weddings team has been such a highlight over the past two years and I can’t say enough about the kind of love and attention they pour into this publication. Not to mention the vendors who help create content for the magazine are just as amazing. It’s more than a magazine and I highly recommend snagging more than one copy for yourself! You can catch our Love Preserved feature over on the SW blog or sit tight until next week when I plan to blog my favorite scans from the project taken by the wildly talented Nancy Ray Photography. Happy Weekend, my friends! Xoxo

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Photography: Eric Kelley / Film Processing: Richard Photo Lab / Venue: Tuckahoe Plantation / Stylist and Florals:Mallory Joyce / Hair and Makeup: Heidi Marie Garrett