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Oct 1

Cottage Hill, The Pioneer Issue Sneak Peek

Earlier this summer my girl Kelly Sweet and I teamed up to create an editorial for the upcoming issue of Cottage Hill Magazine. The concept was really unique and when Katie and I initially discussed ideas on the phone I admittedly was a little stumped on what I would do visually. It took many hours of brainstorming and soul searching to come up with a plan that reflected the new season of life I’m in while also reflecting the intentionality behind the CH brand. But we did it and we were beyond thrilled with how it all turned out.

Combined with the text section going with our piece and the stunning film visuals Kelly captured, this project holds a really special place in my heart. The Pioneer issue launches on November 11th and celebrates those in our community who live wholeheartedly and inspire the meaning of authenticity. It was a perfect issue to have the honor of being a part. We are looking forward to sharing more photos once the magazine is released but for now here’s a little teaser. Freckles and make up free faces are a new thing around The Bosse Home :)


Happy Thursday, friends! Xoxo

Sep 30

Organization & Productivity in your Home Office

Hi Friends! Happy Wednesday!


If you’re into the whole Periscope thing (which you should be!) then I hope you’ll join me over @heygorgevents for lots of event prep, behind the scene, office tour and quick crash course videos on subjects I feel pretty passionate about. This morning I did an almost five minute video on my tips for staying organized and productive in your home office. As promised I wanted to recap those tips here for you so you can soak them up a little more. Staying organized and finding ways to be productive for ME is crucial to the operations of my business. I’m not a fly by the seat of your pants kinda girl and think we could all benefit from learning how others work and manage their days. So here’s some insight from yours truly.

Be Intentional & Make 3 Piles First things first, you need to set intentional time aside to get organized. If your space to organize is a big one and requires a lot of work and attention (be honest with yourself here) then give yourself a weekend day to do it. Book off an evening if a weekend doesn’t work to focus on your time organizing. Don’t try to multitask your organizing efforts with your work demands or think you can make a huge dent in five quick minutes over your lunch. Chances are once you start, you’ll want to keep going hence the reason more time is best to make your efforts really pay off! The exception to this rule for me is quick clean ups at the end of your workday but for bigger jobs you need the gift of time, friends.

Make 3 Piles I typically use this system when it comes to organizing paper things in our home, clothes and sundries, misc items left around our house and even floral related goodies when we clean up after wedding prep, but making three piles with work and office stuff helps streamline when everything goes in the studio. Everything here has a home! And if it doesn’t, I make it a new one.

My three piles are as follows:

ACTIONABLE ITEMS These are important things you need to keep but need to do something with. For me this includes important receipts for my bookkeeper, office supplies or packages I receive in the mail but need to bring down to my office, mementos like cards or notes, notes and papers pertaining to client’s events, magazine pages ripped out with things on them that I need to look into and so forth. This pile can get pretty big if you let it. Make the pile as you go and then go back to it once you have all three piles completed. From there ensure you put each and everything in its spot. More on those specific ‘spots’ below too!

TOSS or DONATE ITEMS This pile usually involves lots of trash. Receipts you do not need, envelopes you’ve opened, wrappers, old invoices you no longer need, expired coupons, and other random things that felt like they needed to be kept in the moment. Throw them in the recycling bin! Also in this pile can be things you want to get rid of but not necessarily in the trash (Think of it as a sub pile if you will). These things can be office supplies you do not need anymore, books you’ve read, decor you don’t love anymore, inventory you won’t use ever again, etc. Not everything is garbage but not everything needs to go in the garbage; it just needs a new home or new owner! Donating is a win win; you help the planet and make someone else’s day.

UNSURE ITEMS When my husband organizes with me, his unsure pile is the biggest. Actually, come to think of it, most people’s clutter is made up of many many unsure items. And that’s ok but the difference is knowing WHY you’re unsure of keeping or tossing it. If it’s because you’re too lazy to deal with it or you feel overwhelmed, then put it in the above three piles instead. Take action. If it’s because you don’t have a home for it but know you need to keep it, then make a new home! This past weekend while I was organizing I came across a ton of Trouvaille things and realized these things were piling up in the office because I had nowhere to put them. So I made a new home (a file folder and dedicated shelf space) and voila! Items taken care of.

View More: http://bradleyjamesphotography.pass.us/hgestudio-smp

Decide on Boxes and Systems for Storing Things I use simple boxes from IKEA for my storage needs and I’ve had the same ones for years now. They aren’t fancy but they work perfectly. I use a file system like this for my contracts, venue information and so forth. It serves me incredibly well as a small business and I don’t feel a need for anything more. For my inventory and larger items to display or easily access I use these metal shelves as they are sturdy and look nice when they are out in the open. I love my World Market baskets for some floral supplies I would need quickly in the event of design time. I receive so may notebooks, binders, and folders at workshops and as gifts that I always have a place to store notes, thoughts and more. The point is, once your clutter is organized you gotta PUT it somewhere. Finds homes for things, figure out a system you love, and STICK with it. Some of my favorite online systems and apps? Notes on my iPhone, Basecamp, Aisle Planner and good old gmail folders. I crave simplicity and systems that work for me. I encourage you to do the same!

Invest in Prep Time and Treats!

PREP We talk a lot about this at Making Things Happen and I really hope my habits come in handy in January with the babe comes but prepping for your day the night before is monumental. Lay your clothes out, meal plan for your day, get your water/coffee/bottle whatever ready, have a to do list done and within reach, wake up with time to spare for whatever; do anything you can to make sure you’re good to go the next day! Sleep in your clothes if you need to. It’s so elementary but there’s a reason we are taught to prepare ahead as kids; it works!

TREATS Treats are things like a scented candle you love, a morning trip once a week to get your fave coffee, a new favorite pen, fresh florals for your desk, painting your walls in an inspiring color and the list goes on. I’m a big advocate for using what you have right now to get started (as in you don’t need fancy stuff to get you know what done) but also a big believer in having things you feel inspired by around you as much as possible. Give yourself the grace of being comfortable with having a few new and nice things in your newly organized space (whether that’s a desk, office, studio or store!) that make you feel proud and productive. You’re worth it.

Phew! Alright guys, make it a great day. And feel free to share your tips below on organization and productivity!

Photos via Bradley James Photography of the HGE Studio which you can see more of over here and here.

Sep 28

The Year of Content Week 34, 35, 36, 37

Happy Monday, friends! If you’re just joining us in this series you can go here first and here second.


And happy almost October too. We are home from Italy which means our 2015 wedding season is officially complete now! I have two more trips on the books for Making Things Happen at the end of October and a floral workshop I am teaching at Belle Arte in Paris, France this November but after that, it’s all office work and prep for our son’s arrival this winter. The weeks have been flying by in this pregnancy and I’m so grateful for all of the changes I’ve been experiencing as an expectant mama even if they are a little scary and unexpected!

I posted on twitter earlier today, how inspiring and refreshing the end of wedding season always feels for me. I often feel like coming home from my last event each fall feels like running through the finish line of a marathon. It’s so inspiring to look back on the things my team and I have done over the year while learning from our mistakes and growing from our accomplishments. This year was no different from past years in the sense that we grew a LOT and gave just as much of our hearts to our clients and the vendors we got to work with. I always look forward to down time in the winter to fine tune parts of the business that get lost in the shuffle of wedding season and with a baby on the way and a different sort of year ahead of me soon, I’m really loving the brainstorming and planning process for what this means for Hey Gorgeous. Onto my debrief!

Week Thirty Four, Thirty Five, Thirty Six & Thirty Seven

What has not been working: So. Hindsight is always 20/20 right? Now that I have much more time on my hands to devote to my office work and balancing free a little better post-wedding season, it’s easy to think I am doing everything right. Ha! But that’s not always the case so I’ll say this: I tend to hugely underestimate how much time I have. Not so much on a day to day basis but on a broader scale like from month to month and season to season. Example? I’ll mindlessly jam two destination events back to back in my schedule or arrange for a destination editorial project to happen a day before we start floral prep for a huge event. When I’m in a peaceful frame of mind at the time of scheduling things I tend to forget how important it is to be strategic with my time and how much I can handle as one person. It’s not until I finally catch up to these scheduling conflicts that I realize how little time I really do have to often complete (and complete WELL) the things I’ve scheduled and committed to. This leaves me feeling frazzled, stressed, burnt out and in a do-or-die frame of mind. Yuck! I’ve done this multiple times every year I’ve been in business and I swear I’ve never fully learned my lesson.

What has been working: Saying no. I think being pregnant has instilled this new sort of switch in me that make prioritizing things really easy. It’s very simple and clear all of a sudden. I know my limits and boundaries better than anyone and I’ve started to come to terms with how I work, the pace I work at, and what my threshold is for work, events, travel and more. My biggest lesson over the past six years of business is learning to stick to what works for ME versus trying to maintain a schedule and life that mimics what everyone else is doing. I don’t have to (and realistically cannot) do 10 full service events a year. I cannot and do not want to be in charge of more than 3 intentional editorial shoots a year. I do not need or can handle attending multiple workshops every year. This is a formula created for me BY me and that’s all that matters. I keep coming back to this post I wrote about Defining Your Own Version of Success and it’s been very crucial in my thinking process while I prepare to manage both Hey Gorgeous, The Trouvaille Workshop and more while I become a mama in the new year.

All good things come with change right?

Short term goal: Use this new season of time to serve my 2016 clients exceptionally well and plan Trouvaille 4.0.

Long term goal: Be realistic and honest with my limits pertaining to time, commitments, contracts and travel.

Feel free to leave your experiences below and to share them with the hashtag #theyearofcontent

Happy Weekend friends xoxo

Aug 30

The Year of Content Week 33

Happy weekend, friends! If you’re just joining us in this series you can go here first and here second.


What a cozy Sunday today is! We have been hit with tons of gloomy autumn-esque weather over the last week and I’m really loving it despite everyone’s seemingly disappointed facebook posts and reactions to the end of summer! In actuality, I find it hard to blog in the summer months when the sun is out and it seems like a shame to be sitting inside on my laptop. But gloomy, rainy, cooler weather inspires me to curl up with a latte, a fall scented candle and my blog; my best moments writing here to you often come from mornings and nights spent curled up at coffee shops or on the couch with a big blanket pouring out content. Bring it on September!

As I mentioned last week in a letter to our son, I am officially half way through my pregnancy now. Goodness that feels so surreal! I was talking to my friend Nancy (who is a new mom herself to sweet little Milly!) and one of the things she told me her and her husband did before their baby’s birthday day was to create a Baby Bucket List. I love that idea so much! I feel like I’ve really accepted that hard as I try to fight against it, our lives will be quite different come January and I want to feel like Andrew and I are soaking up our time together, just the two of us before Baby Bosse gets here. I’d love to embrace Motherhood with no regrets over how I spent my time leading into his arrival. So today’s post is all about marriage and continuing to find joy between that sweet hubby and mine over the next four months before we come a family of three. Onto my debrief!

Week Thirty Three

What has not been working: If you haven’t read The 5 Languages of Love then stop what you’re doing right this moment. And go buy it now! It’s worth every penny! One of my love languages is quality time (the other is ‘acts of service’ tied with ‘gifts’); I love spending time (even if it’s just shoulder to shoulder time) with Andrew. His presence gives me peace and happiness even when we aren’t talking or actually doing anything together. However, full disclosure here but when we aren’t together I struggle a little bit. I love being alone when I travel and certainly love my own personal space but if there’s a chance for Andrew and I to be together and we’re not, I get a little uneasy and slightly lonely. It’s so crazy to type that out here because it sounds silly but I just really love being with him and having him close by! But this isn’t possible for many obvious reasons and the pressure I know he must feel to plan activities and his day around where we can always be together isn’t fair of me. I have to realize that this guy has his needs and wants (and a job!) and needs his own space too. I also haven’t been taking much of a quality over quantity approach to our time spent together meaning we would be better off striving for two solid dates nights a week together and a productive morning getting ready for our day together versus settling with five nights in a row of distracted time on the couch while we are both on our phones.

What has been working: We started attending Sunday services again at church (and Saturday services are returning in a couple weeks, hooray!) so we’ve had some more opportunities to have meaningful time together each week. I also have realized my desire for more time with Andrew is coming from a place of fearing our marriage will change when the babe arrives and after ten years of being together I want to fiercely protect what we have. So creating a Baby Bucket List will be a really great way to make sure we are remembering how important we are to each other as we prayerfully prepare to add mom and dad to our responsibilities! Andrew has also been playing a bigger role in the operations of HGE and even more so The Trouvaille Workshop over the past 8 months so that time together working on cultivating my two businesses has been so wonderful as we learn to work together in a different capacity. As always focusing on and praising the good and then working through whatever else may feel like it’s falling short or in need of improvement, is so critical.

Short term goal: Create a realistic and joyful Baby Bucket List in the next few weeks.

Long term goal: Gracefully accept however many things we check off our list by January. Progress not perfection!

Feel free to leave your experiences below and to share them with the hashtag #theyearofcontent

Happy Weekend friends xoxo

Aug 27

A Sweet Baby Bosse Milestone

Sweet Babe,

It’s been 20 weeks with you in my belly so far and I’m still thanking The Lord every single day for bringing you our way. I want so badly to address you and your name in this post but that feels so private still and I want this time of us so intimately together to last forever, behind closed doors and away from the part of this process that feels so public already; I’m showing enough to entice strangers to ask away questions now. I never thought I’d be the woman in the grocery store who gets to show off her rounded belly to the rest of our world but I’m here and the gratefulness is overwhelming. We’ve seen you twice already in doctor appointments via ultrasounds, flipping around in my stomach, sucking your thumb and being as cute as ever. Of course we’re going to always think so though because you are uniquely ours. Some friends say you have my lips and your dad and I both think you have his long legs. It’s amazing you can even wiggle around in there with those things because it seems like space is incredibly limited. But our doctor has reassured us time and time again that your snug as a bug and I’ve been doing everything I can to protect you in your own little space away from the noise of real life.

My belly gets bigger and bigger every day and it’s a miracle to think that’s because you are growing along with me. Sleeping is getting a bit more uncomfortable since so many sleeping positions are out of the question now and I’m trying to convince your Dad we need a king size bed after all these years together. All the more room for you to join us for our late night pillow talk parties and quiet moments together as a family with your fur sister. She naps on the new rug in your room and we think she knows something special is coming to our world soon. Your Grandma Bosse is nearly done painting your room and we took down that girly chandelier and switched it up for something a bit more perfect for a little gentleman. I think you’re going to love the space we’ve been intentionally preparing for you to grow, learn, and rest in in just a few short months. You already have more shoes than I do and my heart craves the day I can fold your sweet little outfits and place then in your dresser drawer for when we bring you home. I think of that day as often as I can. It brings me joy in the hard moments and peace in the darkness, both in which I’ve had my fair share of since we were blessed with you. It’s almost as if He knew to send you to us at the perfect time to cast light on our hearts as we weather so many storms.

Carrying you has felt different than I expected. For so many reasons that will stay private for a long time. But I knew it was you the minute I discovered we had conceived and your Dad knew it too. God has a way of knowing what our hearts need and I know He sent you for that very reason. We were made to be parents to a little boy. But admittedly a part of me wanted you to be a little girl. I wanted to buy pink ruffles and turbans, perfectly placed polka dots and sundresses, and all the things I gravitate towards myself. I wanted to feel confident with motherhood and pretend I know it all so having a little girl made that part feel easy. But the biggest blessings are always anything but. I wanted to name you after your Great Grandma, a name your Dad and I have had so deeply in our hearts when we started praying for you. You would have loved her. She would have gone to the end of the world for you, just like we will too. And you know, I feel admittedly ashamed even writing this out here because you’ve changed my heart in ways I never imagined. Just like I can’t imagine my belly will ever get bigger yet it seems to every day, I can’t imagine this process and season with anyone but you in there.

You were sent our way for a reason; a beautiful, incredibly clear, calming reason. Every time I pray over you, reach a milestone with you, dream about you with your Dad, and walk by your nursery picturing us reading together on your bedroom floor, my hand naturally covers my belly and I feel a sense of peace wash over me. Every day strangers tell me to ‘soak it up, because it goes by so fast!’ and I protectively cover my belly because I know this already. The sweet stuff in life is always so fleeting and I’m no fool to carelessly let it pass me by. I don’t take photos of my belly everyday like I thought I would but I stare in wonder down at you, catch sideways views of you in the mirror, and talk to you as often as I can because I want to soak up every little bit of you before you make your debut. I’ve been fighting for joy and digging down to the roots of life these days to cultivate the good stuff in my corner and my sweet son, you make the fight worth every second. I cannot wait to hold you and kiss you and meet you and tell you to your little face how cherished you really are.

You are our adventure.

With love, your Mom and Dad

View More: http://lovethenelsons.pass.us/trouvaillechicago

P.S. If you’re half the guy your Dad is one day, you’ll bring joy to so many. Photo by Love, The Nelsons