May 2009 Archive

A Little Brownie Pick-Me-Up
Now you would think in my house that naturally everyone loves my baking. It’s like a 24-7 bakery over here on Silvana Crescent right? Think again. Wrong. My family is actually in fact, SICK of it. Sick of the cupcakes, the cookies, the cakes, the frosting (oh don’t get me started on the hatred towards buttercream!) I sometimes get fearful of pulling out my icing sugar and mixer because it sends them all running.

With that being said, when my mom asked me the other night if I could make her some brownies I was floored. I was being ASKED to make something. Boy was I excited. Now this was at 8:30 at night so from-scratch brownies weren’t in the works but a boxed mix from the cupboard seemed to be calling my name. And from there, voila!

Brownie Hearts

A heart-shaped cookie cutter is the secret to making these adorable little treats. I baked the brownies in a 9 inch silver cake pan for about 30 minutes and the results were PERFECT. A soft center with the perfectly hard outside shell. I cut out a whole bunch and eventually mom gave in, dad came and had some and Josh woke from his teenage slumber to see what the commotion was about too. And they say they hate my baking…