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DIY Lace-Covered Vases
When I started planning our wedding oh-so many moons ago, one thing that was really important to me, was including elements that I had a hand in creating. I think DIY projects for weddings are a simple way to showcase your creativity, impress your guests and save money (in most cases, not all – believe me some thing are just pricey to make or are worth paying the extra money to have someone do it for you!) And of course if your groom is feeling up to it, DIY projects are a great way to do something wedding-related together.
Since I didn’t want to spend a fortune on florals yet I would like our tablescapes to feel romantic, warm and somewhat lush, I thought lace-covered vases would be the perfect solution. Our table linens will be ivory with a faint damask pattern embossed in the fabric. Our centerpieces will be a cluster of two varrying height vases of pale pink, ivory and light green hued blooms (hydrangeas, spray roses, vandella roses, lisianthus, and what have you).
For supplies, I used 3M Spray Adhesive, scissors, black and ivory lace, slate gray ribbon and a selection of glass vases found at the Dollar Store; yet another fabulous way to cut back costs. Once you measure how much lace you’ll need to go around the vase, you can measure that times the number of vases you’ll wrap. Put aside the precut pieces to be glued.
Vase step by step
For the first vase, Apb and I sprayed the entire outside of the vase in glue and then attached one full length of one end of lace in place. Then as he rotated the vase, I stretched and pulled the lace around, fastening it where the other end started.
Making Vases
I loved how the finished vases looked when I threw in the fresh ivory roses I salvaged from this past weekend’s wedding. Yet, the black was almost too stark for my liking and didn’t quite fit in with my big-day vision. So, as bored as APB must have been – bless his heart – we got creative and did this…
My Happy Groom
and I have to say, I love them! Not only did I love working on these together with Apb (he is so handsome!) but I truly think these vases will look so darling on our tables surrounded by candlelight, tasty food, some great wine and of course our closest friends and family). The spray was $18.00 (the most expensive brand at the store but I wanted a good spray), the lace that covered 90% of the vases was $14.00 from Fabricland, and the vases from the Dollar Store were $2.00 each for 18 vases. Surely not the cheapest DIY project but one that I think, is worth every single penny!
Whoever Said Vintage and Modern Don’t Mix…
Obviously hasn’t seen this wedding shoot. Styled by Yelena Johnson of The Stylish Soiree and photographed by Heather Kincaid, I stopped dead in my tracks when I came across this post on Green Wedding Shoes. More than often these days, I find the majority of weddings out there are based around either a vintage theme or a modern, simplistic vibe comprised of fresh and bold elements. Yelena obviously felt the same way and as a result, this photoshoot was born, combining modern textures and colours with a vintage vibe. Throw in some spectacular flowers (two bouquets!), two stunning dresses and one beautiful couple and well, you have a vintage-modern-wedding-shoot ready to take on the world.
Vintage Modern Wedding Shoot
Vintage Modern Wedding Shoot
Vintage Modern Wedding Shoot
Vintage Modern Wedding Shoot
Vintage Modern Wedding Shoot
Vintage Modern Wedding Shoot
Vintage Modern Wedding Shoot
Vintage Modern Wedding Shoot
Vintage Modern Wedding Shoot
Oh and if you like anything pink, beautiful and totally fabulous to brighten up your day, check back on Monday morning to see more of this incredible wedding below sent exclusively to me by Sara Kauss Photography. I am thrilled to be showcasing her work here and the photos, well, let’s just say it’s been rather hard for me not to just show them all off right now :) Hang tight lovelies and have a splendid weekend!
SKP Feature
I believe in a hug and kiss at the end of every text message.
I believe in pink.
I believe that high heels make everything OK.
I believe in hugs. Lots and lots of hugs.
I believe in playing a song over and over too many times just to learn the lyrics.
I believe in being strong. In seeing through tears when it seems things can’t get any worse.
I believe that girls who are themselves are the prettiest.
I believe love absolutely exists in its purest forms.
I believe that the best of yet to come.
I believe in laughter. In laughing at yourself.
I believe those who take photos of themselves have more fun. And the pictures to prove it.
I believe in blowing out the candles on your birthday cake, every.single.year.
Happy Birthday to me!
Me Laughing
And just in case I forget what it takes to laugh at myself, here I am in my 24-year-old glory.
What I remember most is your “Hi Dollies,” the way you’d stand at the top of the stairs when I would stop by for a visit. Your face always lit up to see me; my heart would grow four sizes bigger when I would see you. Sometimes you would have a pie in the oven. Or something ready for me to eat. The house was always impeccably clean. As if you knew I was coming over. You always knew. You were smart like that. I remember when I was younger. And sleepovers at your house were the highlight of my week. I loved playing princesses in your gowns with Rachel. I always got the pink gown. She had the purple. We’d run around the house hoping you’d forget our fast approaching bed times. We felt so elegant and regal, yet we were so young and innocent. If you could see us now.
I remember when you first got sick too. You were so stubborn you you refused to go to the doctor. We begged and begged and you said you were fine. But we all knew. When you first lost your hair, the cancer society gave you some wigs to wear. And you placed them so nicely in the closest because there was no way you weren’t going to rock some gorgeous scarf around your new fuzzy short do’. You didn’t need any wig. You were perfect the way you were. I remember you couldn’t make it to my last college meet you were so ill. That day I landed a perfect 10 on vault. And I knew you were watching over me. I pictured your face lighting up when Grandpa called to tell you the news. My heart grew four sizes bigger just picturing your reaction. For 20 years you were my biggest cheerleader, saving every result book, picture and newspaper clipping. You made me feel like a winner in even the worst of times.
You were so brave, Nan. Braver than I could ever be. Even at the McNally house. When you wasted away to skin and bones, with just a few stray hairs on your head, you still had time to smile. You smiled while you napped. You smiled when anyone came to visit, even though you were so sick. You smiled when we opened your room door to let the May birds songs drift in. You smiled the biggest three days before you left for Heaven, when Grandpa took you for a drive to McDonalds for an ice cream. How you had the strength to go amazes me. But then again you amazed me all the time.

When I think of you now, I get a funny pain in my palm. This tingly feeling that signals the onset of tears. And the tears make me realize how now that you’re gone, I’ve lost my best friend. Sometimes I pick up the phone to call you, to hear your voice. But you won’t pick up. Unless I call to the big house upstairs. I know you’ll answer me then. And then we could talk. I could tell you about the wedding progress Andy and I have made, and how I am very much enjoying my internship at the magazine. You could tell me about your walks downtown and your garden. You’d maybe talk about how Rachel is doing, or the damn birds outside your kitchen window. And it would be like old times, just you and I.

You used to always whip out a tube of lipstick when we were together. “Put a little colour on your lips,” you’d say. And if I was lucky you’d dab some on my cheeks as blush. You weren’t a fancy lady. A no fuss kind of gal. But you loved your lip colour. And you were so beautiful. Thanks Nan for watching over me everyday for the past two years. For reminding me that the simple things in life make the journey worth it. For teaching me about grace, forgiveness, selflessness, and charm. And for always loving me for who I am. It’s not good bye, it’s until we meet again. I love you.

Paper Crane Dreams
1 part Ikea +1 part Origami + 1 part creativity = a dream.
Origami Tablescape
Origami Tablescape
Origami Tablescape
Origami Tablescape