November 2010 Archive

Double Digits
For months here around my house, there’s been talk of November 25th. See, there’s a certain family member who is celebrating a certain milestone today and we’ll, my fam and I kind of think it’s a big deal. After all of those years you’ve welcomed us when we’ve come home, all of those incredibly stubborn walks we’ve taken around the block where you’ve managed to pee on every single stick/tree/pole/shrub/patchofgrass, and all of those fabulous kisses and circus-worthy tricks (this dog would seriously ah-maze you with his skills), the least I could do is share with the rest of the world how handsome and lovely you are. 

Happy 10th Birthday Hummer. Thank you for completing us as family. Love Beanna aka your big sister
Love Illustrated
Ever since I first laid eyes on one of Jaymie’s Love Illustrated drawings I knew I just had to have one. I wasted no time in getting in contact with Jaymie and thankgoodness I did. I am in lurve with how our illustration turned out and get all warm and fuzzy inside every time I look at it :) From Andrew’s love of boats, golf and cooking to my love of baking, blogging and photography (oh and how dare I forget those rocking Loubouts’) and then of course our soon to be dog who we have already dubbed ‘Wolfie’ well this little piece of art is so us and so lovely. Jaymie even put a little sparkle on the cupcake frosting and the balloons, which are also from one of our engagement photos. I am planning on getting the piece matted and custom framed so I can proudly hand it over to my new husband on our first Christmas together.
To check out more of Jaymie’s Love Illustrated series check out Oh, My Darling, one of my favourite daily reads. Jaymie was such a doll to work with and even redid the original illustration when I felt a bit unsure about my hair. I highly recommend Jaymie’s work and am anxiously awaiting a second illustration she is creating of my Mum and Dad so I can gift them with their Love Illustrated at Christmas. How would you Illustrate your Love? Happy Monday my blogettes! xo
The Best Vows
“I will kill the spiders, I will share my fries with you when you’re finished all yours and are still hungry. I won’t ever pop my collar. I will never be rude to your tummy when I hear it growl and gurgle. I promise to bend down and reply respectfully. I will eat the mushrooms when we order the supreme pizza. I will kiss the papercuts and the door-slammed finger and the counter-bumped hip. I’ll try my hardest not to get annoyed when you whisper questions and comments during movies. I will be the big spoon. I will let you win at wrestling, sometimes. Other times I will not. I will pull when you want and tease you when you don’t. I will send you random texts and leave you silly gifts, not on schedule. Just whenever I want to. Whenever I think you need one, or seven. I will check your tire pressure. And remind you to take your car in. I will hold your hand. I will love you. I will love you. I will love you.” – Anonymous, photo via.
Sometime the little things in this life, speaks loads of truth to me about my own journey, destination and personal relationships. It’s like some things were just made or created for me, waiting there so patiently for yours truly to discover them. When I came across the above message, I had to e-mail my cute little hubs to see if he had in fact came up with such sweet words. And then so cleverly posted it on the web so I could stumble upon it. Because it fits the two of us to a tea. And for that I am happy. 
Dreamy Farm Wedding by Jagger Photography
Sometimes it rains on your wedding day. Sometimes the clouds come out to play. And sometimes, mister sunshine shows his pretty little face and drenches you in complete gorgeousness like it did on Candise and Paul’s big day. The uber-talented and super fun Heather and Grayson from Jagger Photography were on hand to capture all the gorgeous details and yummy light. The wedding was held on a farm in Moorpark, California and the ceremony actually took place in a walnut orchard. The light streaming through the trees in the orchard was, well, look at the photos and see for yourself. I don’t think words could possibly do these beauties justice! Thank you Heather and Grayson for gracing this blog with your lovely and inspiring images :)
The simple yet stunning detail that went into the flower arrangements and the decor is one element of this wedding that really melts my heart. I love the organic, rustic and textured feel of the flowers in Candise’s bouquet and some of the flowers in the various arrangements are varieties I’ve never even seen before. Any floral gurus out there know the name of those small pink little poofs in the hanging jars? Love em. It’s so refreshing to see florals in a wedding that aren’t traditionally used.
Did you see the bride’s fab shoes too? Nothing like a little sparkle under your gown. And what about the incredible floral design on the bridesmaid’s sassy one-shoulder dresses? Now that my friends and bridesmaids-to-be, is a gown you can and definitely will, wear time and time again. Kudos to you Candise for having such a rocking sense of style (Not to mention the groomsmen and groom look pretty handsome in their gray suits and contrasting striped ties. Love it all you guys!)
Just married! What a sweet photo, capturing so much emotion. Ah! And those pink little poofs! What are they??
If you look closely on the cake you can see two pictures of cats. These are the adorable couple’s pets. I love that they incorporated such an important part of their lives into a tiny detail of their big day. And how can I not mention the glorious button detailing on the cake. Sigh. So perfect (Cool FIY, there’s a very funny photo here of a bunch of kids stuffing their faces with a piece of this exact cake. Just sayin’)
To see more from Candise and Paul’s big day check out the full post here on the Jagger Photo Blog. There are so many more fantastic portraits of the couple including some rad shots in a pumpkin patch. Hope everyone is having a lovely and happy middle-of-the-week Wednesday! Do something inspiring today and be back tomorrow with more gorgeousness :) *UPDATE – the little pink pouffs are called Snow Berries. Thanks Heather for letting me know!
Valentines Day Inspiration Board
I have just about burst with excitement waiting to share this with you, but big news today blogettes! Although I’ve briefly discussed the Inspiration Shoot that myself and a handful of amazing other vendors are bringing to life next month, I finally completed the Inspiration Board and just couldn’t wait to share. My goal as the designer and stylist of the overall vision was to create a soft, romantic and vintage-themed look that was based off of a palate of ivories, whites, creams and pale pinks, with pops of soft reds. I wanted the cohesive look to feel really lovely, dreamy and gentle yet with enough Valentines Day details to elicit the aura in the air when February 14th rolls around. Valentines Day and wedding celebrations are two events that in my eyes are the epitome of sweetness and love. It made perfect sense to bring the two together to inspire and influence future brides looking for something a little different and a lot beautiful. What better of a time to marry the love of your life than on the one day of year that’s all about Love Sweet Love? (Brides-to-be out there, let me plan this wedding for you! Whee!)

I am really looking forward to showing off the incredible vendors who are helping me bring this vision to life. From the gorgeous paper suites being created, the incredible floral arrangements being made, the drool-worthy cake being crafted, the fabulous venue we’ve been given access to and the dreamy photography that will capture it all for you to see (and these are just a handful of the talented individuals who are on board with me); I am so confident things will turn out just perfect. Hang tight my friends, more on this coming soon! Happy Monday xoxo