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A Quick Hello

Nothing too exciting scheduled for today friends. I’m taking a break for the next couple days to catch up on my workouts, take care of some new clients and most importantly (seriously) clean this apartment. Together, Andrew and I can create quite the messy little one bedroom apartment; how is that even possible? I’ll be back later this week with a wedding feature, a post on the prettiest stationary products and a FAQ Friday. Next week I have two incredibly exciting announcements that you will not want to miss so stick around for the loveliness. In the meantime check out this wedding by Alison Ulshoffer. Is this single bloom bouquet not the most dreamy creation you’ve ever seen? Enjoy your Monday and stay warm if you’re in the path of the huge storm set to hit us mid-westerners. xo
FAQ Friday; and Setting Goals
I started off the new year with not so much a resolution to look or feel better, but instead the motivation to be better, in everything I do in my life. I want to blog better, be a better wife, love better, get better at going to the gym and flossing my teeth. I want to sleep better, write better, be better at my business, be a better daughter, sister, neighbor and friend. I want to be real, I want my life to feel real, I want to feel every little ounce of my being at a heightened sense of awareness and emotion because life truly is beautiful. I also told myself that 2011 was the year to be fearless. To try new things without the worry of a negative outcome or the possibility of me looking like a ginormous goof (you should see me run at the gym, two words; hot mess).
Yesterday I announced my plans to do a new Friday series here at Hey Gorg and while I wasn’t sure if  a consistent series would be beneficial for me or rather, interesting for you as my readers, I decided to just go for it which brings me to introduce to you FAQ Fridays. For this to work, I’d love to have anyone submit to me, questions that I can then use as the basis for my Friday posts. The questions can be about blogging, design, weddings, relationships, me, my life, choices I’ve made, your life, food or anything else you have in mind like a topic that people can then discuss in the comments section. I am honestly open to anything and really hope these Friday posts will be something that people can benefit from, find interest in and build new relationships off of by discovering new bloggers just like them. You can send questions directly to my e-mail address rhiannonbandascott {at} gmail {dot} com or enter them in the contact form which can be found by clicking on the contact link above.
And here’s a little something to leave you feeling inspired because it sure hit close to home for me. Check out this beautiful bride’s story here where you can also catch more of the gorgeous wedding day images by Boyfriend/Girlfriend Photography. Trust me you don’t want to miss this one!
Happy Friday guys! Thank you for being such a supportive community of incredible blogging friends!
Wedding Don’ts {Things I Did Wrong}
While it was hard to come up with a list of things I believe I could have done better wedding-wise (since each and every item on said list has either taught me a lesson or without it our day wouldn’t have been, well, our day) I figured throwing at least a handful of things together would be helpful to brides currently planning their big day. I’ve done my best to avoid writing this post in a way that would seem like I was complaining or upset with any component of our wedding planning process or the wedding day itself  but I like to think my honesty is one of the reasons people like to stop by and read what I have to say. Like noted above, if one bride can learn one thing from here forward, then I am one happy little married Rhi!
{number one} I tried to wing it all on my own. Now some brides, and there’s a ton of them might I add, plan their weddings themselves. They select vendors, pick colours, decide on themes and create their wedding day timeline all on their own. Then the big day comes, and you can find said brides sitting in their bridal suits, champagne glass in hand, laughter being shared amongst them and their attendants; because these brides have either hired a day-of coordinator or they have trusted friends and family to help with the logistics of the day. Then there are some brides, like Yours Truly, who are late to their hair appointment because eight carloads later everything still isn’t set up at the venue. There are brides like me out there (and I salute you, oh yes I salute you) who actually plan and faithfully coordinate their own wedding. As in they personally set up their cake, flowers, and decor, they continually direct vendors where to go throughout the event, they serve as the main contact person should something go wrong and they head the clean up crew when the wedding is over. And I did this. I did all of this. Do I regret it? Not really because it taught me many valuable lessons that I can now apply to my own clients. Do I wish I would have had someone there to take care of the things I foolishly claimed responsibility for? Absolutely. Hire a Coordinator. It’s worth the money, my friends. (And no I am not shamefully promoting my own business here, promise).
{number two} I rushed into selecting vendors. The minute that sparkly was placed on my finger, it’s like the world stopped spinning only to perfectly align itself with the planet of all things wedding. Much like how I handle things in my everyday life, I had little patience to go and source out my options and as a result, the first vendor, product, service I discovered, I became desperate to lock in. Now with my knowledge of the industry and familiarity of the endless amount of vendors out there, I wish I would have done a little homework to compare products and prices and to get reviews from former clients (Andrew you were right). I probably would have ended up with the exact same vendors we picked anyways since I loved them, it’s just my advice to future brides to really consider the company and.or person you are selecting as a vendor because feeling regret over that choice can be terribly discouraging. I have to add too, that in some cases there are vendors you know are meant to be; as in you know you want them to be your baker, your florist, your photographer, long before you even have a boyfriend let alone a potential husband. With that being said, lock them in, pretty little bride!
{number three} I lost sight of what the wedding really meant, the unity of man and woman, the becoming of husband and wife. Thankfully I got my-you-know-what together in time for the big day and thus was able to appreciate the day for it’s true meaning. But my goodness there were some weeks during our engagement where the word marriage seemed so far from being any part of my vocabulary. Glue guns are rad, mason jars and lace are some of my favourite items to ever grace this life with their pretty little presence and a good diy challenge makes my heart skip a few beats. But the minute you wake up on the day after your wedding none of these things will even surface in your mind because beside you will be your new teammate, partner and best friend for life. Do not lose sight of this and do not take advantage of this person long before you even meet them at the alter. They are, after all, kind of the reason that whole ‘wedding-thing’ even happened to begin with. 
{number four} I tortured myself. And I don’t mean I tortured myself physically (and in hindsight I probably should have to tone up my arms a little bit) but more so mentally and emotionally I dragged myself way down. I wasn’t stupid and clueless to that little thing we had called a budget. Yet instead I seemed to think I was the exception to the rule and that vendors would create for me a different, lower quote for their services. I thought that maybe I could justify spending a few thousand dollars extra on an established and way-out-of-our league videographer. I didn’t think there was a problem spending ten bucks per chair for my beloved Chiavari chairs if it meant our guests would have glamorous seating arrangements. Too many times I would stumble across a new service, vendor or product online that I was convinced we needed and I would beg and plead Andrew to have it when I knew in my heart we couldn’t afford it. Lesson learned here; let go and accept things as is. When you can tell the difference between what is realistic and what isn’t-ever-gunna happen in a trillion years you can finally experience the wedding planning process for what it’s worth. Don’t make the mistake of letting finances and lofty wedding expectations overshadow what should be the life-changing experience of committing yourself to your best friend and love. Because when you do, it’s a giant annoying, frustrating pain the in the butt.

{number five} I let the world of wedding blogs control my life and my perception of what would deem my wedding as a success. Big mistake. There is the finest of fine lines between wedding blogs being a help and a hassle and to this day, as an event and wedding planner I’m still a little torn on the issue. Don’t get me wrong, I adore wedding blogs and think the industry is a more complete and cohesive place with so many inspirational places to visit. It’s just that while blogs can provide you with so many endless options on colours, designs, themes, vendors, projects, advice and so forth, it can often lead a confident bride off into the land of confusion and indecisiveness which is where I camped out for a good eight months (in a too-small tent with my frenemy the budget). Together with your fiance, make a list of what is important to you and him (or her) and use that as your guide to wedding planning. Go with your gut feeling, do what feels right and never ever be afraid to ask for help whether it be from a professional, a neighbor, a friend or family member.
I wanted to add a little colour to the post so here is a shot of my sweet Grandpa and I hugging after our ceremony (something that I would classify as a Wedding DO, just to clear up any confusion on including this moment in this specific post). I had just explained to him that Andrew and I had privately released two giant balloons during our first look in memory of my Nan. He started to cry and I started to cry right before he grabbed me into a hug. This was the only time during the entire day that I shed a tear. I am so thankful for this photo snapped by Amanda, and more so I am thankful for my Grandpa (p.s. betcha didn’t know I was a half ginger? :) For a list of the things I did absolutely right check out this post here. Happy Thursday loves and check in tomorrow for a new Friday series, before the loveliness of the weekend sets in xo

P.S. If it rains on your wedding day and forces the ceremony inside like it did for us do not let this get you down both on the big day and during the months to come after the party is over. I was devastated when I had to make the choice to bring in all the chairs from our venues terrace overlooking the lake and I am still learning to accept that this was out of our control and therefore isn’t something I should still fret about. If your groom (or bride) shows up, professes their love for you and everyone makes it home safely, I think you can consider your day to be pretty close to perfect.

On Chocolate Cookies and Patience
It was 8:00 pm tonight when I decided to tackle a Martha Stewart chocolate crinkle cookie recipe. One that by the looks of it, would take over three hours to assemble and bake thanks to the lengthy chill time. Three hours? I didn’t have that kind of time, let alone the ingredients needed for these cookies. Yet off I went to the grocery store only to find myself thirty minutes later standing in our little kitchen, proudly sporting my new frilly apron, delightfully soaking in the whirling noises of our new stand mixer. Just days before you had made the.most.delicious chocolate chip cookies and even I had admitted that they were in fact the best I had ever tasted. But on this night I wanted to prove you wrong. Because I want to be good at something. No let me correct myself; I wanted to be better at baking cookies than you and I wanted my cookies to taste better than yours.
Yet something went terribly wrong. When I noticed the dough wasn’t really doughie (I know, I totally just made that word up) and I peered into the sink to find it held one too many pieces of broken egg shells I knew I messed up. Maybe I was too anxious to really make these cookies the best. Better than yours. But I knew it and hated that I had indeed used one too many eggs. I stomped into the living room where you were working on your paper. With undoughie chocolate batter smeared on my cheek, and a sticky, batter-covered spatula in hand, I said a bad word. And I couldn’t help it but the tears came streaming down my cheeks, hot and sticky. I turned on my heels and ran quickly to the washroom. Was I really this distraught over one extra egg? You laughed. I couldn’t be serious you asked. Oh but I was. That one extra egg? I was so serious about it it wasn’t even funny. I sat on our toilet seat and cried. You talked sweetly and quietly to me through the crack in the door. Told me it would be OK, after all it was only cookie dough. You threw out the undoughie batter when I didn’t have the heart to. You put your paper – the one due at midnight – on hold to go out and get more bittersweet chocolate for me. Just so I could tackle a Martha Stewart chocolate crinkle cookie recipe – that would take over three hours to assemble and bake thanks to the lengthy chill time – for the second time in one night. 
The dough is still chilling in the fridge. And when I wake up in the morning I will probably forget about it sitting there because those melt in your mouth chocolate crinkle cookies really don’t mean much anymore. Instead your unwavering support, ability to hold me up when I feel like falling down and patience in even the most trivial of times is what makes waking up to you, my husband, the best baker in the world, so beautiful. Thank you Apb for loving me through both the better and the worst and for making sure I crack open two, not three eggs into the batter.
And because your such a babe and a great sport, one of my fave photos of you :)
Handcrafted Accessories by Tasteful Tatters
Remember this dreamy engagement session I featured back in December? Turns out not only is the bride-to-be an absolutely adorable and talented photographer but she runs her own little shoppe full of the most darling accessories. Tasteful Tatters debuted in 2009 and since then has been nothing short of successful and fabulous. When Emilee contacted me about potentially running a Tasteful Tatters ad on Hey Gorg how could I resist? Between the hairbands, necklaces and headpieces, I’ve been having the toughest of times deciding on what piece to grab from her Etsy shoppe. Then Emilee shared with me, a sneak peak of some new designs set to hit her shoppe later this year and it was official; I want them all! I may have just the perfect little summer frock that I could wear with the above necklace.
Make sure to be on the look out for the huge launch party in early March to kick off the new Tasteful Tatters spring/summer line (which will include the items shown in these photos and so much more) and their brand spanking new website. Emilee is also launching a full bridal collection with some pretty ethereal and dreamy pieces so make sure you don’t miss any of the prettiness coming your way (I’ve seen the photos and I can promise you it’ll be worth the wait). Did I mention Emilee is getting married too?  There’s so much more to see! P.S. A huge thank you to talented Margaret Jacobsen for providing the fabulous images! You can view more of her work here!