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DIY Quote Canvas
Our bedroom in our cozy little apartment is rather simple. We have two closets spanning the entire one wall, a bed, a dresser, a window, a floor lamp and a sitting chair; that Andrew loves to use as a clothes hanger of some sort. It’s nothing fancy and almost every single item in the room is a flea market find, a quick purchase from IKEA or hand me down. Our dresser is actually a piece my Mom salvaged from a hotel that was renovating and getting rid of all of their furniture. I used it throughout college and we’ve never really had the time or money to invest in new furniture. While I’m cool with hand me downs, one thing that had drove me crazy since moving in is the huge white space over our bed. We don’t have a bed frame and our bedding is white, so everything looks kind of bare, and yuck.
Even our cat matches our room; how convenient right? Since I didn’t want to paint another wall in our bedroom, I had an incredibly small budget and I am fairly picky about the kind of art we display I set out to make my own piece. I bought a large thin-width canvas from Hobby Lobby, four little bottles of acrylic paint in a gray shade called “Hippo Gray”some block alphabet stencils and a tube of white acrylic paint. I already had some brushes in my craft box so I had quite the selection to choose from. And I got right to work.
And after lots of careful painting, waiting for the layers to dry, picking out a phrase to stencil on the canvas that would fit (you’d be surprised how hard this was since it took me close to three days to pick something that fit), stencilling and fixing up some areas where the paint got a little messy (our fur baby thought he’d take a walk on the canvas mid paint and when my outburst of a scream scared him I ended up with a cat paw print on the cavas) I think I really like having a bit of love hanging over our heads each night. Ultimately I decided on the line from Train’s “Marry Me” since it seemed fitting for our newlywed status and I have to admit I am completely in love with it. Reading this every day makes me want to fall in love with Apb each and every day over and over again.
I think this could be a wonderful way to add a piece of your wedding to your home without using photos or other traditional ways of displaying wedding memories. You could stencil a line form your first dance song or even better imagine creating your own canvas with your wedding date on it for Save the Dates? You could lug it along to your engagement session for some fun photo ops. The spacing on our canvas is a little off with the three lines of letters but I sort of like it that way since our room is a really diverse mixture of things. After all, our marriage isn’t perfect either but it was lovingly created just like the canvas. It seems like the most fitting piece of art for the two of us wouldn’t you say?
DIY Project: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?
When a bride-to-be happens to be super cute, super fabulous and super talented, I can’t help but squeal with delight when she sends me the most adorable project ever. There’s no doubt a whole lot of thought goes into proposals these days. But how often do newly engaged chicks really consider how they’ll ask their gal pals to serve as bridesmaids? After you check out this clever tutorial you be sure to rethink how you plan on asking your girls to stand next to you on the biggest day of your life. Don’t forget to head on over to Emilee’s blog and etsy shop where I’m pretty positive you’ll find something to swoon over.
{What You’ll Need}
wooden spool
alphabet stamps
an ink pad
fabric and/or trim
lace and/or glue
any packaging supplies you’d like
{Step 1} Cut your fabric or trim so that the width is just smaller than your wooden spool. You can make it just long enough for your message or longer – I did mine a bit longer to wrap around the spool a little extra.
{Step 2} Stamp out the words “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” or “Will You Be My Maid of Honour?” on the fabric strip using your alphabet stamps and ink. 
{Step 3} You can use either a piece of tape or a dot of glue to attach your stamped fabric to the spool. Start at the right side (where your message ends) and roll so that when you unroll the fabric your message is revealed.
{Step 4} Once your fabric is all wrapped up you can tie it closed with ribbon or string or lace and add any extra touches you want! Here’s how the final product turned out. Would you not squeal with delight if this little creation was handed to you? I absolutely love it! How did you ask your friends to serve as bridesmaids?
Friday Wrap Up
It’s been a crazy two weeks over here at Hey Gorgeous! From the double feature week over at Style Me Pretty (which you can read about here and here) to the recap overload detailing every little bitty part of our wedding day (please tell me you sort of feel like you were a guest at our wedding after this week!) I feel like I’ve been glued to my computer, hitting the refresh button at every opportunity I get. While Apb’s away until Monday playing golf in sunny Arizona I’ll be here relaxing, hopefully somewhere away from my laptop.
Enjoy your weekend everyone and don’t forget to head back on Monday for an adorable diy project, fabulous news from Tasteful Tatters, two amazing real weddings, a somewhat controversial Pep Talk Tuesday post and of course the final two recaps from our wedding day; portraits and the reception. I can’t wait to show off my reception dress! And the dreamy photo above is by Amanda Wilcher of me. That fabulous custom garter around my leg is by LoBoheme, who is due in less than a month with her first baby might I add. We are all thinking of you Lo! And those leaves and sticks caught in my gown? They came free of charge with the venue.
P.S. I’ve also been thinking of making the switch over to WordPress. Any advice from you WordPress bloggers out there? I’ve love to hear any and all of your thoughts and suggestions. 
The Dessert Dresser Finale
“I have a dresser I am bringing in, sort of like an actual dresser you might use to put your clothes in,” was one of the phrases I consistently explained to people in the months leading up to our wedding. It was so difficult for people to conceive that I was going to use a dresser, of all things, to lovingly house all of the treats we had selected for our guests to take home as favours. I still remember finding the dresser on the side of the road as I drove home from work in January of 2010. How I even noticed it is beyond me yet I knew I had to have it, so I illegally parked my little Jetta on the side of the road that late afternoon, in the dark, with my four ways flashing as I stood next to it (in a sort of ‘this-is-mine-way’ like anyone was going to take it) while my Dad and very embarrassed mother came to help me load it up. The look on my Mom’s face as her and my Dad pulled up to the dresser was pure disgust and I with a hard to miss look of pure joy on my face gleefully climbed back into my car and drove home on cloud 9. 
“What are you going to do with it?” she asked once we put it in the garage. I muttered something along the lines of “You just wait,” and then spent hours and hours over the summer months cleaning, priming, painting and decorating this hot mess up and even blogged about it here, here and here. But it wasn’t until our wedding day, after I finished setting everything up and had called the salon to tell them I was so very sorry I was an hour behind (true story. humiliating, I know) that I was able to stand back and think to myself, “Not bad, Rhi. Not bad.” It surely wasn’t Amy Atlas inspired and wasn’t the most eloquent of sweet tables but it was perfect. Even more bittersweet was just a few short weeks after the wedding, when I was at work, my Dad sold the dresser at a garage sale. For a dollar. Left over wedding candy not included.
And a few heads up if you’re considering having a sweets table, candy bar or dessert spread at your wedding regardless of if you or someone else will be designing and purchasing the products for it. I can’t stress this enough but they take time and money. I don’t have a total cost of exactly how much our Dessert Dresser cost but it was well over a couple hundred dollars just for the cost of the candy and treats. Add in the Sweet Love sign from here, the paint and wallpaper for the dresser revamp, the gift bags, the containers and then the time it took to source out everything, order, pick up, and set up the day of and you have yourself a little bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, guests loved our little work of art, said they had seen nothing like it before and watching people fill up the little Thank You bags I had so lovingly made myself was really a highlight of the day. A ginormous thank you to my Dad for lugging it over to our venue the morning of and to my three girlfriends who helped me carry each and every jar in from the car to upstairs.

{The Details}
Jelly Bellies – Unless your guests love Jelly Beans, skip them. They are pricey and no one eats them.
Chocolate Malt Balls – These go a really long way and are very affordable. From the Bulk Barn.
Devils Food Cake Pops – A bit expensive but a crowd favourite and the first treat to disappear, get them here.
Multi-coloured Sweettarts – I bought close to twenty rolls from the corner store and they were perfect for the hardcore candy lovers.
Orange Flavoured Truffles – Guests loved these and my Mother in Law still talks about them, from Lakeshore Pastry.
Mini Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies – These were much smaller than I expected but still cute. The etsy seller is no longer active.
Cookies and Cream Mini Cupcakes – I had to include cupcakes. After all it said so on our Save the Dates. From Sweetness Bakery.
Raspberry and Vanilla Bean Macarons – Another crowd fave; once guests actually came around to trying one, via
Raspberry filled Chocolates – Absolutely melt-in-your mouth genuine Belgium chocolate. A little pricey but well worth the money.
Rock candy swizzle sticks – So hard to find when you look for these two days before. But they added a little fanciness to the table.
Handmade Maple Marshmallows – Unique and added a bit of patriotism to our set up. Delicious and purchased from this seller.
Chocolate-Dipped Oreos with Espresso Crystals – I made them myself at home the day before. Time consuming, sure, but very easy.

And last but not least a photo of the bags I made myself for the guests to fill up. The tutorial to make them can be found here. Can I get three cheers for a sweets set up? P.S. I know some of you would like to cyber punch me right in the face right now but please would you go vote over at the Lovelies for me if you haven’t already? There are a few days left to vote and my fierce competitive streak has seemed to get the best of me! Comments and facebook likes both count as votes and I truly appreciate all of the love lots of you have shown already. I adore you all xo
Our Wedding Details {Part II}
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I am obsessed with details. Completely and utterly infatuated with the lovely little things that make a wedding or event so special. I became so involved and wrapped up in the creation of the details for our day that on more than one occasion, I ended up placing less importance on other elements to our big day like our menu, officiant, rehearsal dinner and so forth (not that these things weren’t important it’s just that the other crafty items were much more my thing and thus more interesting and exciting. Yeah yeah my priorities weren’t exactly straight). 
A few days after our wedding while I tanning, or rather frying, my poor skin in the Bahamian sun I got to thinking about our wedding details. And I felt like perhaps I hadn’t added enough. There were a few different projects and vintage pieces I had completely forgotten about in the whirlwind, I mean in the days leading up to the wedding and as a result were left behind at home. I kept asking myself “Did everything look alright?” “Did I infuse enough Andrew-and-Rhiannon-are-in-love-ness into our day?” “Were my efforts to make our wedding special evident to our guests?” I wasn’t quite sure then. But now, thankfully I’m sure. Our wedding was uniquely ours and I feel so proud of everything I created.
I love that we bought our vases from the Dollar Store and used two different colours of lace to spruce them up a bit. This was a really easy and fun project for Andrew and I to do together and saved us a ton of money since we didn’t have to rent or buy vases direct from the florist. For those of you who have asked or may have ended up asking eventually the flowers used in our centerpieces were pale purple-pink stock, Belles of Ireland, ivory garden and Vandela roses, and pale pink lisianthus. I think our florist also threw in a few pale yellow roses which wasn’t what was planned but out centerpieces looked beautiful so I’m not complaining. Our table numbers were vellum and thanks to the tea light beneath them, during dinner really cast a beautiful glow throughout the small dining room.
Our cake I discussed in this post and really I can’t say enough great things about it. Luckily for us the chargers, linens and chair covers were included with the caterer who choose. My gray nail polish is an Essie colour and a hue I always wear on my nails. It matched the sash on my gown. The Love mugs from Anthropologie were one of my favourite details since they were the one thing we had as the focal point to our sweetheart table. And I can promise you that when I bought the mugs, it wasn’t an overdone wedding trend yet :) It seems like every wedding recently has their share of Anthropologie monogrammed mugs! 

{The Details}
Our Cake - I Do Wedding Cakes
Cake stand - HomeSense Canada
Love mugs – Anthropologie online
Bride and Groom signs - lilmissi on Etsy
Vellum table numbers - iLUMIEnate on Etsy
Team Bride and Groom Buttons - repchi on Etsy
Cake server and knife - (a gift from my bridal shower) Bowring
He Said She Said cards – designed by me, printed by Papertalk Press
Lace and ribbon and centerpiece vases - Fabricland and the Dollar Store

How did you (or do you plan to) infuse personality and uniqueness into your wedding day?