DIY Twine-Wrapped Mason Jars
I feel like I’m a little late in joining the rustic chic party but hey better late than never right? In celebration of my latest project in the works which I shared a bit with you here, I thought I’d give these twine-wrapped mason jars a try. After all I certainly love wrapping and gluing anything I can around vases. This project was so easy peasy that you too can create your own with whatever kind of jar, twine and ribbon you want to use. The supplies are few as all you need is some glue (either crazy glue or you can use a glue gun), ribbon, mason jars, flowers and of course, lots and lots of the good stuff. Also known as twine. Oh sweet sweet twine. I heart you.
The jars I found were from Hobby Lobby as was the twine. I purchased the shorter jars since I was looking to save a bit of cash if you know what I mean, but I think taller jars would have looked really cool as the layers of twine would have crawled up the sides of the jar a little bit higher. Here are a few of the steps I took to wrap the twine around the mason jars. The most important part is obviously fastening the twine to the jar when you start and finish wrapping it around. I also made sure to wrap the twine over and across the exact point where I glued the start of the twine to the glass. This sort of anchored the twine to the glass and allowed me to wrap the twine sooner than it would have taken me if I had waited for the glue to dry. Patience? What’s that?
Then you can make the twine sort of wrap around in a diagonal pattern over the first layer of twine. I did this by wrapping the twine in a figure 8 pattern over and over again until I felt like it looked right. And with that you can tie a pretty ribbon bow over both layers of twine to make the little jar flower-ready. Imagine a navy and red ribbon for a nautical them wedding? I think I may have just inspired myself. Love it when that happens.
Et voila! A few carnations, some baby’s breath, a spray rose and pink stock complete the look.
Happy crafting!

59 comments on DIY Twine-Wrapped Mason Jars

  1. Naomi on

    Love this idea…and it really does "easy peasy"! Love it!

  2. Glamour on

    I love how its twisted diagonally! So sweet!

  3. kellyhicks on

    So pretty! Love this simple but interesting idea. I'll have to try it out!

  4. Michaela on

    I love it! I'm going to try to make my own this week (: So cute. Mason jars are my fave!

  5. Brooke on

    This is beautiful! I need to do this :D

  6. Fancy Pants on

    These are gorg, Rhi! Love it!

  7. Erin*Sparkle&Hay on

    love love love!

  8. Jennifer on

    These are so cute. I think they'd look great on my table!

  9. Kate/MagnoliaRouge on

    Love these… I need to do them for my table!! Gorgeous!

  10. Taylor on

    gorgeous and rustic. what an easy and inexpensive DIY!

  11. LAG on

    Love this idea! I didn't think it was possible to make mason jars more awesome, but you definitely did!

  12. Nikki on

    Cute! I may make some for myself ;)

  13. Liz on

    SO CUTE! You're a genius.

  14. Mini Baker on

    gorgeous! those colors are the exact look/feel of my wedding in october! stay tuned for pics ;)

  15. Shana on

    ooo! These would be perfect for our wedding/shower! Thanks :)

  16. Brancoprata on

    Such a fun idea and it looks so easy to do!!

  17. Alicia@CharityWedding on

    I LOVE those! Such a cute project!

  18. apparentlyjessy on

    Such a simple idea, yet so visually effective. The babys breath in the arrangements is lovely. Pity I can't find mason jars in Australia :(

  19. Michelle on

    What a fun and easy DIY!!! Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!!!

  20. April of A. Liz Adventures on

    Love this idea – so pretty and rustically chic. I've been collecting glass jars since we got engaged for a project like this!

  21. Oh, My Darling on

    What a perfect way to display springtime bouquets!

  22. Koru Kate on

    Very sweet! I'll have to file this fun idea away until I have a good excuse to make some :-)

  23. M. on

    those are perfection!!!
    that's a stowawayforthebigday.

    Thank you!


  24. ASHLEY on

    This is so freaking cute!!

  25. la petite coquine on

    These are stunning, and the second layer is so structural and gorgeous! Love your chic take on rustic!

  26. Megan on

    These are adorable! Probably the cutest mason jars I've ever seen!

  27. peachkins on

    so cute!

  28. Aleah + Nick Valley on

    This is perfect! I could see these spread along one long family-style table in a field for a late summer celebration or filled with fresh French tulips. Lovely!

  29. Free Pretty Things For You on

    SO SO Lovely!
    I heart it!

  30. Natasha on

    Oh I adore these! Very pretty and clever.
    Natasha xo

  31. LB on

    oh i love this! it's pretty and feminine while still rustic!

  32. Tonya Peterson on

    Love it. I am getting more excited every day. Honestly can't wait to meet you!!! xoxo!

  33. Ashley on

    so pretty, i may just have to make these for the wedding shower I am throwing my sister. good idea, rhi!

  34. {The Perfect Palette} on

    such an easy project, but wow!! this is truly stunning, the perfect blend of rustic + pretty. loving it!!

  35. Melina on

    Aww, I love these. Definitely on my project to-do list! Thanks for sharing the step-by-step :)

  36. clearlytangled on

    i really like this project. rustic and clean and simple.

  37. Felecia - Orlando Wedding Photographer on

    I was wondering how you were going to pull off beautiful with that twine, but you certainly did. The diagonal section that also twisted really added dimension to the ensemble and the bow finished it off perfectly. Very beautiful!

  38. Felecia- Tampa Florida on

    I love this! The figure 8 pattern really makes all the difference!!! Thanks for sharing it looks great :)

  39. Desi on

    Hi, here's a tip for next time you have a celebration and want to use mason jars. I noticed you said you got yours at Hobby Lobby….way too expensive for their jars. Next time go to your local hardware store and go into the "canning" section; there you will find 10 or 20 canning jars boxed at a very reasonable price. Your buying several so you get a better price. Hope this was helpful! ;)

  40. Claire Gallam on

    What a great idea!!

  41. Nicole-Lynn on

    So cute! I love twine and burlap! :)

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  44. I love these jars, adding twine to them makes all the difference and give them a very rustic feel – just love it.

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  46. Is the mason jar pic with the flowers yours? It looks like a friend of mines that was posted on Pinterest from her wedding….

  47. lovely! I featured your beautiful vase on my blog! Thank you for sharing xo

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  49. Moya on

    Beautiful… even to decorate your dining table for a summer lunch!

  50. Jen Medders on

    Thank you! These are easy to make, cheap and very chic.

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  52. Lori on

    What kind of glue did you use?

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  54. Elle on

    Hi! I am attempting to do this project for the centerpieces for my wedding. I was wondering if you could show a step by step of how to do the diagonal twist. I have been trying to figure it out all afternoon but it keeps coming out sloppy looking. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!

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  56. Cindy on

    Really pretty! I would also distress the metal jar top thing to add to the vintage look! Nice work!

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  58. Seckley on

    I tired this and it’s not as easy as it looks. The first layer yes but I haven’t been able to get the second layer to look right. Yours are great!!

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