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Friday Wrap Up

Oh jesh I tried so very hard not to make any reference to the Royal Wedding in this post but whose kidding who; a little piece of history unfolded today and I am proud to say I was able to watch it all in the wee hours of 3:00 am. Was I the only chick who felt like she too was getting married today thanks to my inability to fall asleep last night? I will never forget the image engraved in my mind of Kate climbing into the car with her father, millions of eyes watching her with bated breath. I’ll never forget how sweet it was to watch her hold back her giggles and smiles during the ceremony as her and William stole glances from one another. And I can confidently say that her custom made Sarah Burton gown which fit perfectly with her modern but timeless look will inspire thousands of brides-to-be over the next few years. Kate you are the epitome of regalness, of glamour, of what it means to be a lady. And millions adore you.
In other news, I’ve been doing a little soul searching on the blogging front. A few changes will be coming to Hey Gorg and I hope you’ll be excited to welcome them along with me. My girl cave is coming along nicely thanks to a few new vintage purchases (I can’t wait to share them with you) and Apb and I are headed out this weekend to go shopping for some new pieces for our apartment. All in all life is pretty good. A little crazy, a little unpredictable but hey that’s how it goes. As usual, here’s what went down this week over here in case you missed any of the fabulousness that ensued. Above photo from Vogue by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.    
{Monday} Brought this dream-like Spanish-inspired destination wedding from Miami.
{My Clients} Are so sweet and so in love. And I can not wait for their wedding day!
{Tuesday} I get to work with this photographer next month. And I feel so lucky for it.
{Pep-Talk} A little tried and tested skin care to look your bridal best on your big day.
{The Biz} I started decorating my new office space. Come check out the progress :)
{Wednesday} Warning: Prettiness overload in this pink South Africa dream wedding.
{Thusday} This playful vintage carnival wedding puts the DIY in DIY. For real-sies.
{Friday} No FAQ. Sorry folks, I was “attending” a wedding. So come be my friend.
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Lovely Links Around the Web
{Stunning} Is all that came to mind when I first laid eyes on this modern baby shower.
{Custom} Bowties. In the most fabulous of prints and colours. Need I say any more?
{Wall Art} This will be gracing my office wall regardless of having no meaning at all.
{Live Here} In this rainbow-inspired home from London. Secret hidden slide? So rad.
{Register} Here brides-to-be. I’m still trying to find an excuse to create a new registry.
{Paper} The holy grail of wall paper. With unfortunately quite the hefty price tag too.
What was your fave part of the Royal Wedding? I’d love to know!
Pink and Gray South Africa Wedding by Lizelle Lotter Photography
Sometimes I find these weddings that I think were made for me. You know, those perfectly pink, succulent-adorned weddings with a polka dot embellished cake and the most adorable bride I’ve ever seen (seriously, Helana, please can we be friends? I just adore you and your incredibly warm and genuine smile). This wedding hails all the way from South Africa, somewhere near the very far from here Cape Town but never fear, there are dozens of steal worthy ideas for you to pour over. And if you happen to be here just for the pretties, well then sit back and enjoy; this wedding will remain so close to your heart for the sheer loveliness and sweetness that is Helana and Rynardt. A giant thank you all the way over to the sweet Lizelle Lotter for sending these dreamy images, and oh, if anyone wants to send me a few blooms of that large fantastic flower that’s in the middle of all the girl’s bouquets (anyone know the name of this flower?) by all means go ahead. They’d look perfect on my coffe table. Garden roses look out! Rhi may just have a new fave bloom. 

{Helana and Rynardt’s Love Story} Mmmm where to begin. Rynardt and I met at University. We first started out as friends, very quickly we just “clicked” and oddly enough we both had most or all of the same interests. The thing that drew us together was how our sense of humour was the same, and we had many laughs. (I think that is the greatest thing in the world that we can laugh together). Laughter is a very big part of our relationship. We chatted hours each day about all sorts of things, and later we became best friends who shared everything. We then started dating and soon after that I realized this is my soul mate and the rest is history;  I think it’s the best gift that I could have ever gotten, to marry my best friend and spend the rest of our lives together making new memories. 

{The Best Part of Your Wedding Was?} There were so many things! The getting ready part was so much fun but the most fantastic feeling was when my father and I walked down the aisle and I saw Rynardt’s face all my nerves went away and I was beyond happy! There were so many wonderful and fantastic things I remember but one thing I think we both enjoyed was taking wedding photos. It was so intimate and we had the time to ourselves to enjoy everything that just happened. It was so special. And it helped to have an awesome photographer like Lizelle, she is so great, makes everything so easy and  is so fun. Also, one of the most special things we had was the bridal car – it was the same car and driver my parents had on their wedding day 28 years earlier! That was very special.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Photographer: Lizelle Lotter / Venue: Kleine Valleij / Dress: Lady Marmelaide / Flowers: Fynbosch Flora (Durbanville) / Wedding Favours: created by the bride / Cake: Nellie’s Cakes / Hair and Makeup: Anna Pepper The Refinery / Wedding town: Wellington
My Office Redo {Part 1}
This my friends, is a little awkward. Showing you photos of our little unfurnished, undecorated and rather dingy apartment that is. I feel sort of naked and the photos? Well they just ain’t pretty. And I just said ain’t. Ew, Rhi. Ew. I gave a little shout out on Twitter asking you guys if you wanted some progress pictures of my attempts to make my first office serve as an inspirational work space and the results sort of blew me away; seems you guys wanna watch this little baby morph into something pretty just as much as I do. Let’s go!

This doozie of a room is my office. It’s supposed to be the ‘master’ bedroom in our 1,000 square foot apartment but the layout is tres crappy. There’s a bathroom door in one wall which you can see above, an entry door on another, a closet door on a third (where I am standing to take the above photo) and a window on the fourth wall which is off to the right. Our large queen size bed would have had to go under the window had we of decided to make it our master. No thanks. Also, the ‘spare’ bedroom has bay windows. Which Apb and I love having in our bedroom. So the master has become my girl cave. Three cheers for girl caves everywhere!
Now let me inform you a little on the joys of renting (as if you didn’t know). I can’t wallpaper anything (sad face), the carpet breaks my heart with it’s ugliness (this girl wants hardwood) the doors are dark nasty faux wood (I despise them) and the list goes on. I do realize things could be way worse but I have a weakness for pretty surroundings. So this little project to spruce up my space has become a task of clever design and thinking a bit outside the box; two important qualities of any successful stylist, no? First up: we have the paint. And the painter I hired on contract. Aka my husband. I picked a Martha Stewart gray called Nimbus Cloud for three walls and a Behr pink called First Waltz for the accent wall behind my desk. P.S. I’m not normally as messy as the photo shows. Promise.
The door to my closest directly above, I am hoping to remove and replace with something a bit more neutral like perhaps a curtain or even nothing at all since my closest is fairly organized and my wardrobe is in my opinion a mixture of fun patterns and colours. The desk and chair are both from World Market and my milk glass vase filled with fresh tullies is vintage. And yes indeed that is a pile of approximately 23 Hershey Kisses wrappers from the deliciousness I ate today. Thanks for noticing my chocolate addiction.
Like mentioned above behind me will be my pink accent wall. I picked the wall colours to match my branding and because well, I love em and they continually leave me happy and inspired. Behind me will be a white shelf on the pink wall, filled with various sized frames and canvases of the shoots and weddings I have done. In the corner where you see my husband painting, will be my client area with a seating section, throw rug, side table and cubed IKEA bookcase (I don’t care what you say they are affordable and great for organizing tons of your stuff). I have a fun collection of cake stands I am hoping to show off too and a few other quirky plans for making this office pretty cozy so stay tuned for more progress posts! Thoughts so far? Xo
Pep Talk Tuesday {Wedding Day Skin Care 101}

If I’m like every other woman out there wanting to look and feel her best, I know I spent weeks if not months, praying and hoping that I wouldn’t wake up on my wedding day with a crazy breakout on my face. I have fairly sensitive skin, have tried dozens of products and am prone to painful breakouts on my chin so I was sending up big prayers to the big house for a clear complexion that day. While prayers seemed to be the only thing I was relying on in the skin care department, hopefully you brides-to-be can benefit a little bit from these helpful tips a sweet reader recently sent me. Christina got hitched just a week before yours truly last September and here’s her tried and true honest to goodness advice for looking your bridal best. Take it away, Christina and have a fabulous Tuesday, blogettes!

{To Get or Not to Get Facials} Try to schedule a few appointments to get facials done in the months leading up to your wedding. Facials are wonderfully relaxing, except for the extractions. The extractions were not as awful as I expected, not fun by any means but worth it! My skin never felt or looked better when my wedding day arrived. I scheduled my facials for after my work day so I didn’t have to worry about not wearing make up for the rest of the evening. My (sensitive) skin was fine by the next morning. Be sure to research a reputable esthetician for your facials, too. Also, here is a link to the different types of facials available for you to pick from.

{Figure out a Regular Skincare Routine} From time to time, my skin decides to freak out and if you are stressed out in the weeks leading up to you big day, then there’s just no telling what your skin will do. Since getting married, I am only going to get facials two to three times a year. In between appointments, I do however use my Clarisonic with Neutrogena’s new Naturals face wash semi-weekly. This especially helps during the winter months when I need some new life breathed into my skin. For my daily routine, I use the Naturals face wash morning and night. I use one of Aveeno’s daily moisturizers with an SPF 15-30 in the morning and Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar and Bioelements eye cream (more for preventative reasons) at night. Here’s an Aveeno product with SPF that’s great.

{The Brows} Make sure your eyebrows aren’t too thin! More often than not when women get their eyebrows waxed, the esthetician will overwax/overpluck leaving you with thin pathetic excuses for eyebrows. As a result you look years beyond your real age. For a national resource, check out your local Nordstrom to schedule an appointment at the Anastasia counter. Oh and if your face tends to get shiny as the day wears on, I highly recommend Make Up Forever’s High Definition Microfinish Powder. This product does wonders!

Above photos of Christina on her wedding day by Amanda Wilcher. Gotta be a little jealous of her creamy complexion, right?

Lindsey + Ryan {E-Session by Julie Harmsen Photography}

There’s a sweetness about Lindsey that’s hard to miss when you first meet her. She has an aura about her that makes you feel at ease. She’s beautiful. She’s clever. And witty. And so warm and friendly all at the same time. When we met for our initial consult a few weeks ago, I got back into my car after our venue tour and coffee date only to feel like I had just said goodbye to a girlfriend. And that’s exactly what I love so much about my job. Is meeting people like Lindsey who I instantly connect with and can’t help but adore.

But perhaps that’s why Ryan fell head over heels in love with Lindsey during their senior year of high school. They started as friends, meeting for the first time during a photo session prior to a homecoming dance. But Lindsey knew it was more than that. She knew she’d be Ryan’s girlfriend before the end of dinner that night. And coming from a girl who knows what she wants, she was right. That friendship turned into a relationship and that relationship turned into love and Lindsey and Ryan went from high school love birds to two individuals destined to live happily ever after. Because years later through two undergraduate degrees, one graduate degree, two semesters abroad and three years of law school, they’re ready to say I Do in front of 100 of their closest friends and family members.

 Lindsey and Ryan will be getting married on May 20th (the bride’s 26th birthday!) at Kent Country Club in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Adorned with vintage fixtures, brass chandeliers, grand stone fireplaces and the most intimate of surroundings, the venue is the perfect fit to Lindsey’s vision. Her colour palette of soft oranges, corals, muted yellows, ivories and grays and the flowers – oh my, the flowers! – which will be ranunuclus, roses and hydrangeas have my heart beating a gazillion beats per minute in admiration and excitement. Ryan, we’ve only chatted via email but I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be a part of your big day. And Linds, you had me at ranunculus. You are going to be such a beautiful bride.

Here are some of the photos from their engagement session shot by the talented Julie Harmsen who will also be photographing their wedding. I am over the moon excited to be working with you, Julie and can’t wait to meet. I have to add too, that Linds is a special education teacher so the chalkboards were the perfect little prop to their session and made for quite the cute Save the Date. Enjoy! xo