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Wedding Details To Love {Inspiration Board}

Happy Thursday, blogettes! As you all know, for the past few weeks I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect chick to help me out with the blog. After pouring through dozens of eager applicants emails, I am happy to tell you I have found someone with the same style as yours truly and today is her first post on the blog. Please give a warm welcome to the adorable Lisa, who for the next 12 weeks will be sharing trends, inspiration boards and tons of gorgeousness with you all. She’s such a sweetie and knows a thing or two about eye-candy and pretties so without further ado, here’s her take on the latest trends in wedding details!

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Hey y’all! My name is Lisa Olson, and I am so excited to be Rhi’s new blogging assistant here on Hey Gorgeous! I’m a fourth year Journalism major at the University of Texas at Austin, and I write about weddings style on my blog, Something Pretty. I’ve been looking to Hey Gorgeous as a source of inspiration for months, so I’m thrilled to help Rhi bring all the prettiest pictures and sweetest love stories to her gorgeous blog! To introduce myself and help you beautiful readers get to know me a little, I put together this collage featuring some of my current favorite wedding details.

1. This picture on Green Wedding Shoes shows off a whole bunch of my favorite details, conveniently! I can’t get enough of pretty cake stands, and if said cake stands are covered in delicious desserts, then that’s even better! I also love this ribbon backdrop—such an easy DIY, completely customizable to your wedding colors, and perfect as a backdrop for a cake/gift table, a photo booth, or even a ceremony space.

2. Someone once told me that my style was “classic with a twist,” so this Style Me Pretty bride’s classic pearls in a modern multi-strand are perfect for me.

3. This beautiful bouquet on Style Me Pretty uses so many of my favorite flowers. I love super-romantic bouquets, full of pastels and white, so the anemones, dusty miller, and pale pink roses stood out to me right away.

4. Eek, the Barr Mansion! I cannot express how much I love this charming seafoam green house in Austin. It’s one of the many amazing wedding-related things that makes me so glad that I live in this city! Picture from Style Me Pretty.

5. I am all about textured wedding dresses….give me ruffles, tulle, swiss dots, scalloped edges, rosettes, and lace any day of the week! This Jim Hjelm gown on a Style Me Pretty bride is one of my all time favorites.

6. Yay, a shot from right here on Hey Gorg! I was smitten with the Peaches and Cream bridal shower that Rhi posted a few months ago. This shot is one of my favorites, not only because I love peaches (the color and the fruit!), but also because that is one heck of a gorgeous engagement ring.

7. I’m all about girly details, but I also love a touch of rustic. This pillow shot is from one of my favorite Style Me Pretty weddings (a destination wedding in the South of France…le sigh), and I love how fun and sweet the ruffly pillows look on the bench.

8. I’m not a big accessories girl—I prefer to stick to a few timeless, sentimental pieces, like pearl earrings from my dad, or a Tiffany & Co ring from my boyfriend. That’s why I’m pretty jealous of the lucky bridesmaids who got gifts in little blue boxes at this Style Me Pretty wedding! They look especially pretty as a backdrop for Oscar de la Renta peeptoes… no doubt about it, this bride has style!

So there you have it, a little preview of my favorite pretty things :) I’m so excited to be here on Hey Gorgeous, and I can’t wait to get to know you!

Love, Lisa

What’s your fave wedding trend everyone?

Staying True To Yourself

Dear Hey Gorg Readers,

If you follow me over on twitter you’ll see I have a serious knack for being brutally honest when it comes to well, anything and everything (by now hopefully you’re familiar with my serious hatred towards Kim K). You’ll also know that as of late, I’ve been a little under the weather, feeling sick, battling headaches, taking marathon naps; and some of you have been a teensy bit excited at the thought of me possibly having a babe (Sorry friends. So so sorry). Today I’ve been sitting at my desk all day, and I’ve finally decided that if I’m honest with myself, I know the real reason I’ve been feeling like you know what. I haven’t been honest with myself and who best than to share my feelings with but all of you sweet lovely readers!

I started this blog black in 2009 with lofty intentions of starting a bakery. Between that, my upcoming wedding and heading back to school, I was barely navigating my way through my scattered life.  I was a very unhappy soon to be newlywed, so lost and confused. So instead, I took a leap of faith, started a new business, and closed my eyes hoping for the best. And here I am completely humbled that I’ve done so well in such a short amount of time. I feel like pinching myself when I step back and realize I have found and am actually doing something I was truly created for. I love my job, I am happy. I am in a good place.

Unfortunately though, it seems like lately, I’ve been spending every ounce of my being working in all the wrong ways; trying to juggle this blog, my business and my life. I stare at my little laptop far too long in one day. I eat too many meals at my desk, spend too many nights listening to Andrew asking me to please come to bed because it’s after midnight. This is bound to happen every once and a while. But I feel like somewhere along the lines I have lost myself a bit. And I finally admitted to myself today (thanks to a little push from this fabulous chick) that while I love a little hard work and doing anything I need to get to where I want to be, the work I put into Hey Gorg is sort of taking me in a direction I know isn’t best for me.

Just to be clear, I’m not going anywhere. This blog has been by far the most monumental part of my growth both professionally and personally over the past few years and I could never just throw it away. It just means that things will be different. I’m going to stop bending over backwards to be a blog that I’m not. I will not be accepting submissions anymore as I feel they are a conflict of interest for my business (imagine Jose Villa blogging a wedding that Jessica Claire shot? That’s how I feel when I blog a wedding coordinated or styled by someone else). Hey Gorg will still be dominated by all things wedding, but there will be more me in here, more DIY projects, and hopefully more pertaining to my business; because it’s my hope that refocusing my efforts will allow my business to continue to grow and flourish in even more of a positive light.

I don’t want to be just another blog. Or just another vendor. Or another new business and wedding planner-stylist-coordinator in the super saturated sea of such. I want to be me. My own brand. I want to be known for my writing. My honesty. My work. My styling. My projects. My kind of quirky but totally crazy awesome world. For me. I have a few role models who I think do this perfectly in the industry (like Lara Casey and Jasmine Star; I love you chicks) and it’s my goal, that I will start to do this a little bit better than I have been doing recently. And I hope you all will be along for the ride because I could have never gotten to where I am now without you. Thanks as always for your unwavering support and I look forward to sharing with you all a better more personalized experience here at Hey Gorg. Gorg on, bloggettes. And always stay true to yourself.

Love Rhi xoxo

Here I am at my last inspiration shoot, in June. Proof I don’t look that hot after a long day of hard work and 5 hours of cross state driving; in 95 degree weather (I promise you that is not a maternity shirt. And black leggings? Really Rhi?) But lemme tell you, when this photo was taken, on the inside I felt like the most beautiful person alive, just doing what I love. Here’s to more of this. Thanks Tonya for working alongside me, for airbrushing my acne, and for being gifted at what you do xo

Back When Balloons Were Cool…

… Andrew and I used ‘em in our engagement photos. That was about a year ago today and we had so much fun cuddling and hanging out around downtown Chicago with our amazing photographer Amanda Wilcher. I know lots of people think engagement shoots are cheesy and so “not them” but I’d beg to differ. Already, Apb and I are looking forward to our anniversary shoot coming up on our one year anniversary this September (Oh I cannot wait to tell you more about that). What about you guys? Pro-engagement sessions? Pro-balloons? Pro-love? I think so :) Have a glorious evening, bloggies! xoxo

DIY Vintage Teacup Candles

This may or may not be my most fave DIY project yet. It could be because I found the cutest little teacups to use like the one above that have ‘Best Wishes’ written in gold cursive  or it could be because the ever so fabulous Jenna of Jenna McKenzie Photography took all of the beautiful shots for me just for this post (have I told you how much I heart her?) But really, I love this project cause I know you’re going to love it too. It’s easy, super cute and perfect for favors, home decor, gifts, bridal showers and the list goes on. Read on to find out how you too can make your own DIY Vintage Teacup Candles!

Supplies. You will need the following:

• vintage tea cups, any will do
eco friendly candle wax flakes
• wooden kabob skewer sticks
• scotch tape and sharp scissors
• a stove, a double boiler and bowl
• oven mitts and a hot plate/trivet

{Step 1} You’ll want to make wooden wick supports to lay over top of the teacups. To do this you can tape together two wooden sticks at the end. Slide in a wax wick so it sits in between the two wooden sticks and then clamp shut the opposite ends and tape together. You should have two sticks taped together at both ends with a wax wick clamped into the middle. Position the wick into the center of the cup so the metal base around the wick is flush on the bottom of the cup. Repeat this step until all of your cups have a wooden wick support laying across the tops. Like so:

{Step 2} Fill a shallow pan or double boiler with water and put over medium to high stove heat. I used a glass Pampered Chef measuring bowl with a spout to melt my wax in. Place your bowl into the water and pour in your wax flakes. As the water and bowl begins to heat up your wax flakes will start to melt and become opaque/clear. I use two wooden skewers to stir the flakes especially after I added in my candle scent and colour. Candle dye is just as potent at food colouring; a little will go a long way!

{Step 3} Using oven mitts, use one hand to lift up the bowl out of the water (once the wax has completely melted) and the other hand to wipe off water on the outside of the bowl (don’t burn yourself!) Have a trivet ready beside your teacups and carefully pour the wax into your teacups, making sure to avoid the wooden skewers laying across the tops. You can always use one hand to hold the wood skewers in place. Fill the teacups up until about a quarter of an inch of cup is still showing. Immediately wash your bowl to avoid the wax drying or put back in your hot water bath if you will be melting more flakes.

{Step 4} Now you get to wait. So go grab some ice cream, hang out for a bit and let the wax completely dry. I’d say give it a few hours at least before you try to trim your wicks or light your candles. Once the wax looks cloudy, smooth and is hard to the touch (like an ordinary candle you’d light in your home) you’ll know the wax is dry. Using very sharp scissors, cut your wick directly at the wooden skewer clamp and gently pull the wooden skewers away from the wick. Then you can light your beautiful new Vintage Teacup Candles! This was by far the best part.

And there you have it! DIY Vintage Teacup Candles. All in all this project cost $40 (the Best Wishes cup was $12).

Best Wishes. Eeeek! I feel like this would be a perfect canvas in the new bigger and badder Girl Cave, no?

Oh and go over here and say Hi to Jenna. She’s a doll. And knows how to take a pretty picture :) Thanks Jenna! xoxo

Friday Wrap Up

Happy Friday everyone :) Big news! We are so so so close to making this whole new home thing official. We just received the first round of drawings for our review and hopefully once a few minor changes are made we will have our official prints and we can sign on the line to finally break ground. If you follow me on Pinterest you’ll know that in addition to pinning all sorts of wedding goodness, I’ve been pinning home inspiration like a mad woman. Above are a few of my fave images; Andrew and I have been having such a blast looking through pictures together deciding what we want (like a butter yellow front door!) and what we don’t want (the hardwood floors that come with the house; instead we are getting 5 inch faux dark bamboo. Oh I love). Hopefully you guys won’t object to some home progress photos along the way because the whole process only takes about 90 days! Stay tuned for an official announcement.

In other news, I have some fabulous features coming up next week for you all to soak up. Hopefully an introductory post from one of my new blogging assistants (Eeek! You are going to just love her as much as I do!) and a pretty awesome DIY project that the sweet Jenna McKenzie shot for me (you said you all wanted more pretty projects on the blog so that is what you shall get). This weekend though, husband and I will be spending some much needed time to relax, unwind, and reconnect. I’ve been so busy cooped up in the girl cave working my little tail off, and focusing on things that don’t matter so much, that somewhere along the line I have forgotten how important our marriage is to me. So whatever your plans are, make it a point to spend some time with the ones you love! Catch you all on Monday, beauties xo

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