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Jul 25

DIY Vintage Teacup Candles

This may or may not be my most fave DIY project yet. It could be because I found the cutest little teacups to use like the one above that have ‘Best Wishes’ written in gold cursive  or it could be because the ever so fabulous Jenna of Jenna McKenzie Photography took all of the beautiful shots for me just for this post (have I told you how much I heart her?) But really, I love this project cause I know you’re going to love it too. It’s easy, super cute and perfect for favors, home decor, gifts, bridal showers and the list goes on. Read on to find out how you too can make your own DIY Vintage Teacup Candles!

Supplies. You will need the following:

• vintage tea cups, any will do
eco friendly candle wax flakes
• wooden kabob skewer sticks
• scotch tape and sharp scissors
• a stove, a double boiler and bowl
• oven mitts and a hot plate/trivet

{Step 1} You’ll want to make wooden wick supports to lay over top of the teacups. To do this you can tape together two wooden sticks at the end. Slide in a wax wick so it sits in between the two wooden sticks and then clamp shut the opposite ends and tape together. You should have two sticks taped together at both ends with a wax wick clamped into the middle. Position the wick into the center of the cup so the metal base around the wick is flush on the bottom of the cup. Repeat this step until all of your cups have a wooden wick support laying across the tops. Like so:

{Step 2} Fill a shallow pan or double boiler with water and put over medium to high stove heat. I used a glass Pampered Chef measuring bowl with a spout to melt my wax in. Place your bowl into the water and pour in your wax flakes. As the water and bowl begins to heat up your wax flakes will start to melt and become opaque/clear. I use two wooden skewers to stir the flakes especially after I added in my candle scent and colour. Candle dye is just as potent at food colouring; a little will go a long way!

{Step 3} Using oven mitts, use one hand to lift up the bowl out of the water (once the wax has completely melted) and the other hand to wipe off water on the outside of the bowl (don’t burn yourself!) Have a trivet ready beside your teacups and carefully pour the wax into your teacups, making sure to avoid the wooden skewers laying across the tops. You can always use one hand to hold the wood skewers in place. Fill the teacups up until about a quarter of an inch of cup is still showing. Immediately wash your bowl to avoid the wax drying or put back in your hot water bath if you will be melting more flakes.

{Step 4} Now you get to wait. So go grab some ice cream, hang out for a bit and let the wax completely dry. I’d say give it a few hours at least before you try to trim your wicks or light your candles. Once the wax looks cloudy, smooth and is hard to the touch (like an ordinary candle you’d light in your home) you’ll know the wax is dry. Using very sharp scissors, cut your wick directly at the wooden skewer clamp and gently pull the wooden skewers away from the wick. Then you can light your beautiful new Vintage Teacup Candles! This was by far the best part.

And there you have it! DIY Vintage Teacup Candles. All in all this project cost $40 (the Best Wishes cup was $12).

Best Wishes. Eeeek! I feel like this would be a perfect canvas in the new bigger and badder Girl Cave, no?

Oh and go over here and say Hi to Jenna. She’s a doll. And knows how to take a pretty picture :) Thanks Jenna! xoxo

244 thoughts on “DIY Vintage Teacup Candles”

  1. That is so awesome! Jenna really is an amazing photographer too :)

  2. that is the CUTEST!!

  3. Katie says:

    Those are too cute!

  4. Naomi says:

    Love these!!

  5. Keri says:

    What a beautiful project!! You are so crafty :)

  6. Nora says:

    I love your matching nails, haha! It really makes the tutorial look so cute. You have a great eye for detail!

  7. Kristina says:

    These are beautiful. I think they remind me a bit of those lovely initial tea cups you used at your wedding! Love!!!!

  8. That is so beautiful! Great gift idea…

  9. lovely! I have several vintage teacups that I purchased for my wedding that I don’t have a use for, so I may try this. Thanks, girl!

  10. Jen Lynne says:

    I love these!!! I SO hope some of my brides see this and use them for their wedding!

  11. These are *so* sweet!! Great idea :)

  12. Such a great idea! It definitely seems like it’s worth a try :)

  13. Elle Sees says:

    Love this madly. It is so me.

  14. love these! And the pictures of the process make it look easy and totally a fun project to spend a day doing with your girlfriends (or bridesmaids!). And, you look adorable as always, Rhi! Jenna certainly takes some pretty pics, huh? Love the nailpolish color, too:) Ah, details.

  15. Lisa says:

    I love these! What a cute way for brides to use decor from their wedding in their homes after the big day…do you think it would work in small mason jars as well?
    Thanks for such a great idea!! :)

  16. michaela says:

    OH MY GOSH. Hi. You’re a genius (: I love you. You’re just so crafty!!! I love this idea. I collect vintage tea cups and had lots passed down from my great grandma. What an awesome idea (:

  17. Yay! I finally figured out where your comments are now. It is so faint on my computer screen I could barely see it (I may need to clean my screen).

    love this. I have a teacup collection from my “tea party” days. I should make a few and give as gifts.

  18. This is FABULOUS!! Great Job, Rhi!

  19. Ohmygosh I aboslutely love this idea! These are too cute.

  20. Rhi you are uber talented! LOVE this DIY! I’m so doing it! XOXO

  21. So cute, I could just melt!

  22. Mary says:

    Swooning over this post Rhi. Seriously, wonderful job! And super pretty photographing too! I can see these at a tea-inspired bridal shower. So perfect!

  23. Ana F. says:

    This is so cute! Adorable! too bad I’m already married :)

  24. Zabdy Garza says:

    I love teacups and candles! This DIY is so adorable. I’m going to be bookmarking this page :) You’re pretty amazing Rhi!

  25. bailey says:

    This is so cute! Maybe I will get the creative bug and try them sometime!

  26. Lena says:

    These are just so darn sweet-and of course, the photos of you DIYing away are pretty adorable, too!

  27. mary says:

    love this! what a wonderful project- so lovely (and I adore vintage teacups!)
    great photos, too! xo

  28. lovely!! i took a soy candle making class once and it was a lot of fun. these turned out so wonderfully.

  29. kimia kline says:

    holy cow this is awesome.

  30. brandi says:

    sighhh…i love these!!! so precious!


  31. LOVE love LOVE! Beautiful project and post

  32. Julie says:

    This is just amazing! I need to find myself some teacups ASAP!

  33. Christine says:

    I absolutely adore this! What a fantastic project, Rhiannon!

  34. This is adorable! I love it!

  35. Liesl says:

    What lovely documentation of this darlin DIY! A friend of mine made me some candles in teacups for Christmas a couple years ago and I just love them…so fun, Rhiannon!

    Liesl :)

  36. Victoria says:

    Wow, I adore these cute little teacup candles, and what a great tutorial!

  37. Rhi, these are so stinkin’ cute!! Yes that should absolutely be a canvas in your bigger, badder girl cave :) xo

  38. So cute…a must try project…I see so many of these when I go “treasure hunting’ I must get some next time and make some gifts! Thanks for sharing! XO

  39. This is such a fun idea!!! I am definitely going to share this with my brides.

  40. Emily says:

    Oh! Your DIY projects are so utterly inspiring. I have always wanted to do this craft, it looks amazing!
    Much love xx

  41. Cat says:

    Um, can I say how perfect your timing was in posting this? I was desperately trying to find a unique gift for my BMs that were hosting my Bridal Tea on July 31st. Since it was a “Tea” I wanted to get them something related to tea but quickly realized not all are tea fanatics like me. But who doesn’t love candles and vintage cups!! I went out that week and purchased all of the supplies and made them in one night. So perfect and the girls LOVED them. Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

  42. Kristin says:

    I totally want to try these for my lil’ sis’s shower!!

  43. knitwych says:

    Beautiful candles, but I urge you to make sure you are using wax formulated for container candles. It has a lower melting point than wax formulated for tapers or pillars, which contain hardeners that make the wax burn longer. The longer the burn, the more heat is built up, and that could shatter the cups and cause a fire.

  44. this is a wonderful idea. great blog! ;)

  45. Amie says:

    These are absolutely amazingggg! One question – what size wick was used?

  46. B E A utiful! :)


  47. JoyHey says:

    Perfect!! Just what I needed. Blogged this here: http://blog.joyhey.com/2011/12/09/inspiration-tea-cup-candles/
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  48. Priscilla says:

    If I were to make this with a simple candle-making kit from an arts and crafts store, would that suffice? Instead of making my own candle wax, I mean.

  49. Xenia says:

    OMG. I love it. And the cups are so cute!


  50. Ruthann says:


  51. Kenzi says:

    This is SOO cute! I’m thinking about doing this with wine glasses! But where do you buy wicks, wax flakes, and color/scent for the candles?!

  52. JenniAnne says:

    Love this! I just made one last night.
    Questions: did you add the food coloring before or after the wax was melted? I added color after it was melted and the color just clumped together like oil in water. So I just used wax that was already colored.

    Also, did you have any trouble keeping the wax IN the cup after the wax had cooled? The wax was cooled (I let it set over night) and I went to wrap it in a box (it is a gift) and the whole candle slipped out of the cup. Did this happen to you or did I do something wrong?

    Anyways. Thanks so much for the tutorial. SO cute and I’m excited to give it to my sister. :)

  53. Katherine Roesler says:

    Making candles for some friends for christmas has been on my mind, and I thought of teacups. This is exactly what I needed to tackle that task! Thank you for the blog post, and your blog is adorable as well. I will defiantly continue to read in the future :)

  54. Mandy says:

    Has the heat from the flame ever damaged the teacups?

  55. Dianna says:

    Have you had problems with these cracking when you pour the hot wax in or when they have burned over an extended period of time? I am making Tea Cup candles for my wedding in April and my mom is worried that they might crack. Thanks!

  56. Anja says:

    How did you know how much wax to use? Did you weigh it out or eyeball it?

  57. anja jones says:

    I love this idea! Yours turned out beautifully. How did you know how much wax to use? I’m trying to make only one teacup candle. Thanks!

  58. Caitlin says:

    So cute! I wanted to pin it, but pinterest says the image is too large when I click pin it, and I’m not allowed to copy the images! Bummer!

  59. Diana says:

    Where did you get the teacups?

  60. Sarah bergmeier says:

    Iwaseondering where do you get the tea cups in your pictures
    Been looking everywhere for them for my mum
    Do you sell them

  61. Noel says:

    Question! Did you glue the wicks on the teacup? Or did you just pour in the wax without gluing the wick? I’m new to this… thanks!!!!

  62. Leslie Kovacs says:

    Do you glue the cup to the saucer or leave them separate? Thanks

  63. Jill Stephens says:

    I have been eanting to make sum candles for a while now but had no clue how.
    Where to I find the wax flakes & candle color secents at ??? Also the wicks ???
    Do you add the color to the wax before mealting it or after also I saw sum say their’s came out of cups when trying to wrap them up. Can you tell me what to do not to have this happen. And any other helpful hints tips you think will help me be successful in my gift candle making ..
    Thanks so much
    Jill B Stephens

  64. aniela says:

    I have been wanting to do these for so long, thanks for the easy instructions.
    I was wondering if you could use regular food colouring?? And yes the photos are beautiful!!

  65. Alex N says:

    Where did you find these teacups? They are beautiful!! I’m looking to buy some for this EXACT project for my sisters bridal shower!

  66. Melissa says:

    Find sets of eight teacups for this craft at Dirty Old Teacups on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/dirtyoldteacups

  67. this is so lovely and feminine a sweet gift for any occasion too. Hugs!

  68. Lexi says:

    Thank you thank you for this great set of instructions!! I was looking for something homemade (and affordable) to give to my bridesmaids as a little thank you. I made these teacup candles today and they turned out beautifully! I can’t wait to give them to my lovely ladies in a few weeks!

  69. Robin says:

    Hi there!
    These instructions are fab! Just wondering how much of the wax flakes you used for one teacup?

  70. Love this tutorial, Great images as well. Turned out beautifully!

  71. Sheila Green says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am planning on making these for birthday party favors (a significant birthday is coming up) and I had a general idea on how to do this. I already have the teacups and saucers, and now I have directions. Thank you again!

  72. Anne Marks says:

    That is so beautiful <3 I'm definitely gonna try it out! :)

  73. brico says:

    This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me.
    Thanks a lot!

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