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Featured {The Wedding Chicks}

A year ago I was busy scheming up ideas for my first inspiration shoot ever. And today, although I woke up really tired and a little bit jet lagged from my trip home from California (I miss you girls!) I couldn’t help but feel really incredibly happy and blessed. Thank you Amy and Jocey from the Wedding Chicks for not only all of your support and love over the past year, but for featuring my latest work on your blog today. Also a huge thank you to the vendors who were a part of this endeavor; especially you Tonya Peterson. This girl (and her family!) flew all the way to Michigan from Salt Lake City, Utah to be a part of this shoot. Now that’s love :) Hope everyone had a safe and spooky Hallowe’en. Tell me below! Did anyone dress up?

Autumn Inspiration {HGE Shoot with Tonya Peterson Photography}

Lately, I’ve been having these mini moments of scary realization that I am starting to love hot pink. I know, I know, you’re thinking “But Rhi! You love all things blush pink and soft.” And I do. I really do. But I’ve been doing some soul searching and have come to find that a little pop of hot pink here and there is totally me. And totally fancy. Lucky for me I had the chance to instill some hot pinkness into my most recent inspiration shoot that was shot by the wonderful Tonya Peterson. While my main goal was the keep this shoot as simple as possible in an effort to provide attainable inspiration for brides to be, I really wanted to include details that stood out all on their own. So I present to you my Kate Spade, meets Autumn meets Northern Michigan, shoot. Hopefully you’ll all “Fall in Love” with the sweet details as much as I have. Happy Monday blogettes xo

Homemade caramel lollipops from Nicole at the Caramel Jar served as escort cards sitting in a bed of hot pink, blush and gold confetti, and doubled as favors (these little treats are incredible; they taste like Wethers on a stick :) One of the underlying themes of “Fall In Love” carried over from the hanging letters behind the dessert dresser of cider and pumpkin spice donuts in lieu of a wedding cake, to the invitations wording and the framed welcome sign at the foot of the family style dinner table.

The flowers! Sigh. I was so proud of how the bouquet, bout and centerpieces turned out considering I had the opportunity to make them myself! I picked garden roses (which were supposed to be blush believe it or not! Thank goodness for mistakes right?) spray roses, lisianthus, wax flower and carnations all in variations of different shades of pink, to bring tons of colour to the tablescape. Then I used seeded eucalyptus, green amaranthus, salal, gold hypericum and gold pinecones to fill in the holes and add a bit of texture. The champagne gold mosaic urns are from Hobby Lobby and gave the perfect amount of sparkle.

I also used tons of ghost pumpkins with painted gold stems to tie in a festive fall feel without being too cheesy. Oh and let’s just stop for a minute and admire how incredibly rad the paper products are. Papertalk Press really did an amazing job with the gold shimmer paper (the photos don’t do them justice!) and the sweet envelope labels. Check out more of their gorg work here.

In love with Luichiny’s shoes. They have the sweetest red heart detail on the soles of all of their shoes :)

If you’ve ever been to northern Michigan in the fall, you know we sure love autumn up here! From cold-pressed apple cider, incredible wineries, and freshly baked pumpkin spice donuts, we live for our fall months and the coziness they bring. To me, being cozy is so closely tied to the same emotions you feel when you’re in love so it made perfect sense to combine everything about love and autumn into one pretty little shoot full of inspiration! The little bottles of apple cider were paired with fun red striped straws. And the barn! French Valley Vineyards barn is way pretty and accented with the most darling chandeliers :)

Instead of hiring models for the shoot, we asked Nick and Audrey, newlyweds themselves, to come brave the incredibly windy, cold and rather unpredictable weather for us. And when I say cold, I mean cold. Like nose running, and fingers freezing up like I have really bad arthritus cold. And the wind! Don’t even get me started on the wind. At one point I thought that perhaps the barn may have blown away into the sky a la Wizard of Oz but never fear friends, like true professionals we all made it work. Everyone was in such good spirits that day and put their best foot forward to make this shoot possible.

A huge huge huge hug to all that were involved in this shoot because I couldn’t be more blessed to have such talented vendors who are always willing to be a part of my shoots and efforts. For all of you brides to be out there, If you’re looking for top notch vendors to work with for your big day then look no further than here! Be sure to check out each vendors blog and website for more information. And be sure to head over to the Wedding Chicks today where they will be featuring the shoot :)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Photography: Tonya Peterson Photography / Event design, florals, coordination: Hey Gorgeous Events / Venue & coordinator: Michele LeMieux, French Valley Vineyards / Shoes: Luichiny / Stationery: Papertalk Press / Donuts: Robinnetes Apple Haus / Pink and gold cake stands: Home Goods / Gold urns: Hobby Lobby / Pink striped napkins: The Wedding Chicks / Bracelet: Jazlyn Field, Ruby Sweetheart Jewelry / Caramel Favors: Nicole Ebbitt, The Caramel Jar / Fall in Love sign: A Vintage Poster

Latte Inspiration Board

Hi y’all! Lisa here!

I talk a lot about thinking outside the box for seasonal weddings, particularly fall, which is the season that I think has the most cookie-cutter ideas surrounding it. My last inspiration board for Hey Gorgeous touched on using soft, romantic colors in the fall, but today I thought I’d go in a different direction with something bold and fun. Everyone gets so excited over Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes every September, even me, and I don’t even like them that much (I always have one a year anyways, just because it doesn’t quite feel like fall till I have one!), so I made this board with a bit of a Starbucks theme! I used a few adorable Starbucks-paraphenelia pictures, just because I thought they were so cute, but if I were really planning a wedding like this, I would be more subtle. Deep green, latte, vanilla, and caramel are the perfect cozy color scheme, and the favor/escort card/ring shot ideas are endless!

{Starbucks and Wi-Fy sign (get it? :)): Green Wedding Shoes| Milk glasses: Green Wedding Shoes| Homemade vanilla favor: Ruffled| Coffee and doughnut: Style Me Pretty| Marriage mugs: Polka Dot Bride| Cake pop ring shot: Green Wedding Shoes| Green shoes: Style Me Pretty| Latte colored bridesmaid dress: ASOS}

I love the idea of a Starbucks-inspired wedding if that’s where you and your groom had your first date. Other cute first date to wedding ideas could be something based off of a movie you saw, catering from the restaurant where you had dinner, a first dance to a song whose concert you went to, or even something like a color scheme based on the outfit you wore (because you probably took some time choosing it, right?). My first real date with my boyfriend was to a Hard Rock Cafe though…so I personally don’t plan on pulling any inspiration from that someday! ;)

Did/would you incorporate special things from your dating days into your wedding? Let’s share some more ideas!



DIY Ribbon Wands

Happy Wednesday blogettes! You know, as an event planner, I am always amazed at the number of churches and venues that don’t allow real rose petals; which often means no rose petal toss and usually a bummed out bride. Thankfully, these easy to make ribbon wands can serve as the perfect substitute that are guaranteed to not only be a load of fun for wedding guests but for the bride and groom themselves. Try using ribbon or trim in your wedding colours for a more streamlined look or strips of fabric and lace for a more vintage, romantic look. And don’t worry, cute Siamese kitty is not needed for this project…

I first took advanatage of this clever craft when as a surprise to one of my couples this past August, I created more than 30 brightly hued ribbon wands for guests to wave once they exited the church. The delight on the bride’s face and the little squeal of happiness she let out was more than enough proof that ribbon wands are such a fabulous way to celebrate those first few moments of being a newly united Mr and Mrs. Here’s the rather obvious step by step instructions with the amazing photos captured by the one and only Jenna McKenzie on how to make your own wands. Happy Crafting everyone!

My snazzy blush pink ring is from Forever 21 in case you’re wondering! Nail polish is my fave gray “Master Plan” by Essie :)

{Step 1} Pick one of your rolls of ribbon, and unravel the entire thing. Match up both ends of the entire piece so that the ribbon is essentially folded in half. Then you’re going to fold the ribbon in half again, matching up both ends and the loop part where the ribbon is ‘folded’ in half. You will continue to fold your ribbon in half until the length of the folded pieces is your desired length (my pieces of ribbon are on average 26 inches in length; anything too long can easily get tangled). Once you have set your desired length, snip the loops at each of the folds so you are instead left with an even amount of ribbon pieces, all the exact same length (usually you can get 8 strips out of a roll).

{Step 2} Continue to unravel, measure and cut all of your rolls of ribbon until you have various piles of measured ribbon strips. Using your glue gun, dap a small amount of glue onto the end of a wood dowel. Place the very end of one strand of ribbon onto the glue dab and press down lightly to spread out the glue. Continue glueing various strands of ribbon onto the end of the dowel, overlapping the already glued on strands if needed. When you are ready to ‘seal’ the strands to the dowel, glue and tightly wrap a piece of ribbon around the dowel, starting at the very end of the dowel (where you have already fastened the ribbon strands to) working your way down until you have a neat and clean enclosure. Secure the end with more glue.

Et voila :) The prettiest ribbon wands I’ve ever seen!

This project is also being featured over on the amazing TWIPS blog today so be sure to check it out there! And if any reader is interested, I am looking to sell all of the ribbon wands I have. The blue ones were made just for the purpose of this project (and are worth $50.00) and the pink and orange ones are in amazing condition and around the same value ($50). I have 12 pinks and 7 blue; interested readers can just email me and we can work out a price and I can ship them off! For some photos of these ribbon wands in action check out Kelli and Brandon’s August wedding here! Enjoy your day everyone xo

P.S. I know this idea has been seen dozens of times and has circulated around the blogosphere for months, if not for well over a year, so I apologize for not knowing where the original inspiration/idea came from. Please let me know below if you have the answer as I believe in giving credit where it is due! Thanks.

California Dreams

Hi loves! Hope you all had wonderful weekends and your Monday is off to a wonderful start. I’m off in California for the rest of the week, enjoying (trying to!) a little bit of the wilderness up here in Point Arena and looking forward to (like you wouldn’t believe) our trip to Napa tomorrow and San Francisco on Wednesday until Friday. We plan to hit up Kara’s Cupcakes, Alcatraz (duh!) and a few thrift shops my Mom has her heart set on. If anyone has any suggestions for wineries, restaurants or any other must sees then please let us know below. And if anyone would like to meet up with us I will be sure to let you know about my (or rather our) whereabouts via twitter! It’s too tricky to plan individual meet ups with everyone but one giant bear hug with you all in one spot sounds pretty fancy to me. Chat soon loves and be back Wednesday with another DIY :) xoxo