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Dec 1

Our First Home {Part 2}

All night yesterday I kept saying (in my best Ty Pennington voice of course), “Welcome home, Bosse family, welcome home.” I can hardly believe Apb and I are officially home owners of that cute little house above! While for the sake of money (and my sanity) we will be taking the next six months to a year to fully decorate, furnish and landscape everything, I did want to share some pictures of the house prior to getting our things moved in. A big hug goes out to the sweet and very talented Jenna for the photos (go tell her how awesome you think she is). Welcome to the Bosse house! I hope you blogettes enjoy the tour.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout this journey (besides the fact that houses equal no money) it’s that spec homes get a lot of negative attention. “They are so typical,” and “That’s going fall apart in no time,” and “Looks just like that model over there” were or rather are, phrases I’ve heard and read over and over throughout this process. But guess what? I love our house. I love 99.9% of everything about it. It’s perfect for us and thanks to our upgrades, we were able to take a ‘typical’ home and turn it into something a little more personalized. That little built in bench in the foyer is one example of an upgrade we were happy to make. It’s great for storage and is nice for guests to sit on when they need to get boots or shoes on and off. The foyer gives an open concept view into almost the entire first floor. And our stone fireplace is amazing. It feels so grand and cozy and traditional all at the same time. The top and bottom left photos above were taken from standing in our flex room. The bottom right photo above is the view as if you were standing right behind our couch in the dining room.

In our dining room, which is actually more of just a dining area, is our West Elm’s capiz shell chandelier. I know this light is fairly popular and slightly overdone but again, guess what? We just love it. During the day it looks so soft and pretty and at night it really gets quite bright and casts fun shadows on the ceiling. All of the elements with both the actual house and then our existing and soon to be decor and furniture work perfectly with this chandelier. And as much as I hate to say, we truly based a lot of our design and decor decisions around this light, which was good news for my non-vintage loving husband. We actually purchased this chandelier the week we broke ground. Eager beavers. Ha!

Moving even deeper to the house (check out our floor plans here) you end up in the kitchen which I must admit is my most fave part of the house. I have been dreaming for years of the day when I could have a brand new, all white kitchen, with the prettiest farmhouse sink. And now I get to lay on my kitchen floors and shriek with happiness whenever I please. Seriously. The moment I told Andrew I wanted white cabinets he was adamant that darker wood would look better. Then when we came home from California to find all of our cabinets installed I remember him giving me the whole “Babe, you were right” schpeal. The white cabinets look so clean and bright and beautiful. Our stainless steel appliances are from Lowes as are the metal island lights and silver hardware. Our counter tops are a little something I like to call farble (faux marble) and will do just perfectly until we can afford corian or granite.

Remember this photo here?  It’s sort of served as our biggest source of inspiration from the get go. I loved the sink, the white cabinets and the way they contrasted with the dark floors, the marbled countertops, the dark island. And that window. That window is what sold me on that photo. I knew I had to have a window like that in our kitchen. Of course it was an upgrade, but isn’t it funny how the small little change from a regular rectangular window can make such a difference? Without fail, every single person who has walked through our house has commented on how much they love that window! I love that such a thought out detail is noticed by others! Our hardwood floors are a distressed dark bamboo, the light over the sink is from Lowes and the sink faucet was a score from Ebay. The green drawer liners are from Target.

Join me upstairs will you? I think I may have already lost a little weight from trekking up these things so many times…

Once you get to the top of the stairs, you hit our fancy new laundry room (and by fancy I mean we actually have an entire room for laundry with machines that don’t run on quarters and don’t smell bad from previous owners). We picked a really gorgeous blue hue for the walls and we have a pretty rad patterned runner to sit along that narrow strip of tile in front of the washer and dryer. We have a small laundry tub, going in to the left of the dryer which excites me just a tad but what’s even more exciting is the matching hampers (from Lowes) with the cute Pottery Barn signs for lights and darks. Andrew doesn’t know it yet but the signs are to entice him to do laundry. Or to at least put his laundry somewhere pretty.

To the left of the laundry room is our guest room. Which is suffering from a case of the paint-on-the-wall-doesn’t-look-anything-like-the-colour-of-the-paint-swatch (a pale green that we are trying to figure out what to do with). And to the right is the smallest of our four bedrooms, which will house a workspace for Andrew and potentially one day, a Bosse babe. All of the walls in our house are painted with Benjamin Moore’s ‘Stormy Monday’ which is a darker gray with tints of lavender, with the exception of our guest and master bath, and front flex room which are painted with Benjamin Moore’s ‘Cement Gray’ the truest gray we were able to find and definately my most favourite! Beside the smallest bedroom is our guest bath. Et voila!

You know, every person who has seen that mirror in the guest bath has openly told me they think it’s ugly (including Andrew). But I really like how quirky it is and think it works well with the sconces that were $18.00 from Lowes (and identical to these rather pricey ones I wanted). The mirror along with the knobs are from Lowes and the sink and faucet came from Ebay. I am not a big towel-rack fan so instead we opted for hooks for guests to hang their towels on. The one downside to this bathroom is there’s no window, but having a bathroom solely dedicated to our guests is going to be so wonderful.

Our cathedral ceiling hallway is another something I schemed up. And something that gives our upstairs such a cool vibe. It makes our house seem much larger than it is and I really love the openess it gives off. The wicker shade lights are from West Elm and following the kitchen, is one of my fave details in the house. They are just so crazy looking; a little Dr. Seuss almost, but they just work within the space. The doorway to the right leads to Girl Cave 2.0 (more on that in a different post), and that extra wide doorway below the light in the background, is the entry way to our master bedroom.

Our gray felt pendant light is from guess where; it rhymes with Vest Telm. We also have a pitched ceiling over our bed which I can assume will be something I am going to enjoy waking up to every morning. On either side of where our bed will sit, we have the sweetest little square windows, which match the same ones on either side of the fire place on the main floor. On one side of our room, sits our fabulously altered his and her walk in closest. That my father in law and I lovingly wallpapered….

And on the other wall across from our where our bed will be is our master bath. Another fave spot of mine.

We didn’t have the mirrors up on the wall when Jenna took photos but they were a steal from Home Goods at $40.00 each. The knobs were on sale at Anthropologie at 75% off, the bowl sinks and faucets are from Ebay and the tile and clawfoot tub are from Lowes. The tub is actually acrylic which is why we got away with having it on our second floor; if it were the real deal it would be too heavy to not have it on a main level. We used the same countertops that we have in the kitchen.

There are a few things I left out like our eggplant purple powder room downstairs, the Girl Cave in all her new glory, the unfinished basement and the exterior and backyard of the house just because these details aren’t really anything exciting quite yet. But the minute they get exciting I will be sure to keep everyone posted. In the meantime, here’s us happy homeowners loving our new house. Oh and I lied. The kitchen isn’t my fave part of our new home; our perfectly yellow front door is.

Should we place bets now or later on how much fun I’m going to have playing house stylist? :) xoxo

117 thoughts on “Our First Home {Part 2}”

  1. Lesley says:

    It is amazing!!!! I absolutely love it!! SO happy for you- such an exciting time!!

  2. Rhi. One word. JEALOUSY! You designed everything so well. I love every aspect it. The lamps (espeically the dining room one), the red knobs, the wallpapered closet, the lined drawers. Gah! When I build my very first home, I’m going to be attacking you with help!

  3. Monica says:

    Congrats on your home..that’s so exciting! I ♥adore♥ your farmhouse sink!!! :o)

  4. Andy Owen says:

    I love how incredibly jealous you’ve just made everyone who sees this. I’m so happy for you both to finally be able to start moving in. It looks AMAZING and I loved the blog tour. Have fun and soak it all in! My recommendation: Make a little home video tour about how excited you are too, and you don’t even have to share it online (though you should), but I still have the video from 1989 when my parents moved us into the house we grew up in (for most of our childhood) and it’s fun hearing my Mom’s excitement in her voice and to understand the reasons they made for the choices they went with (which I’d had no idea about until seeing years later). She just did it to share with my grandparents in Florida, but now we have the tape and it’s fun.

  5. Christine says:

    Wowza!!! It looks absolutely gorgeous, Rhiannon! I love all the little details – the lighting, the knobs, that yellow door!!! I’ve been toying with the idea of painting our door that colour, whats the paint colour you used?

    Seriously amazing job, you guys must be so happy. I can’t wait to see more once you get everything in there. Big congrats and enjoy your new home!!

  6. Sara B says:

    So so gorgeous! So much of your home is exactly how I would love to have mine look like someday. Loved watching the progress on instagram and can’t wait to see how the rest of it unfolds. Good work you two!!

  7. oh. my. gosh. so amazing. Just perfect. Congratulations!

  8. Lori says:

    I don’t just love it Rhi ~ I am in love with it!! I am beyond excited for you and just a tad bit envious. I know that you and Apb will make many happy memories here for years to come. I cannot wait to see it all decked out with your stuff! Hugs to you sweetie. xi

  9. Lindsay says:

    I love it!!! I was drooling over your marble…couldn’t even tell they were faux! And the mirror in the guest bath is stunning! So unique!

    Congratulations on it finally being done!!

  10. It is so beautiful! Congrats to you both and GREAT job on all the designs to make that home yours!!! We hope to build someday down the road and I am most excited for that part!!

  11. nora says:

    It looks amazing! I have some serious house envy. People who are talking smack (spec house, mirror, etc) are just jealous! I would love a new gorgeous house like that and you guys did a great job making it personalized. Also not going to lie, I like the “farble” better than our linolium. It looks just like real marble in all the pictures unless you zoom in on the edges. I can’t wait to see the new girl cave!

  12. jillian says:

    WOW! your home is GORGEOUS!!! a huge congratulations to you and your husband!! xo

  13. louboo says:

    Ohhh my! It’s so lovely Rhi – I am not surprised you are beside yourselves. I love the grey…I love the whole feel of it. Gorgeous. My husband and I have this thing about American houses – we spy them in movies and always say how we like them. Like the ‘Home Alone’ house or the ‘Father of the Bride House’ or the many in sitcoms that have that certain something. Your house is like a movie house! They just don’t build them like that here – such a shame. You’d never get that sort of detailing. That’s why we choose something old so it would have character. But if what you have was on offer, my goodness I so would have gone for it!! Lovely lovely. I still can’t get my blogger reader to pick up your posts (driving me nuts) so I know I am sporadic visitor. I wanted to email you too but can’t find your email address…can you send me one and then I can repy?? Thank you sweetpea!! Mucho love, Lou x

  14. Melissa says:

    Yay!!! How exciting! I love every bit of it! Can’t wait to see all your house update posts! Congratulations! :)

  15. cindy says:

    It’s looking totally gorgeous Rhi! I’m loving those mirrors in the master…what a great find ;)

  16. slamdunk says:

    Fantastic Rhi. I’ll enjoy watching as you continue to put the Rhi signature on your home.

  17. I can’t say it enough how excited I am for you both and how amazing your house is. You don’t even need to decorate it looks THAT good already! I love everything about it :)

  18. So happppppppyyyyyyy for you! Such good style girly.

  19. Shal says:

    SO SO happy for you!! It is a beautiful home and I am in love with that capiz chandelier… I can see why everyone has been buying them haha!! xoxo P.S. The part of you mimicking Ty Pennington literally had me LOL-ing, I can just picture it so well ;)

  20. Victoria Derrick says:

    Simply Beautiful. Every detail and thought. YAY for you two! xoxo

  21. Oh my gracious! Absolutely beautiful. You did a great job picking out all of the details. The yellow door might be my favorite, too…

  22. Kristin says:

    Your home is beyond gorgeous! Congrats lady! Dying over the yellow door too! Grey and yellow are a very special color combo to me right now! : )

  23. Assaf says:

    I can’t believe everything came together so quickly! It looks fantastic even when its empty like this! I can’t wait to see what it looks like soon. Your spider sense must be tingling! Congrats

  24. Laura says:

    Your house looks amazing. I love all the details you added to make it your own. The outside colors are to die for! Congratulations!!! It will be exciting to have your first Christmas there.

  25. Samantha says:

    You have the cutest house I have ever seen. I actually wish to have a house this nice someday. Congrats!

  26. Nikki says:

    Wow, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to see how you continue to decorate it! Congratulations to you both!

  27. Le Sigh! I’m absolutely in LOVE with every single detail of your beautiful new home. What a blessing and a dream! Congratulations to you and your hubby!!

  28. Brancoprata says:

    Rhi I’m so, so, SO happy for you!!!! The house is beautiful and you two seem so happy!!!!!! xo

  29. Megan says:

    Rhi, i am IN LOVE. it looks absolutely gorgeous. I love everything you have do with it. obsessed with the kitchen. white cabinets is the way to go. for sure. well done!!! xxxxx

  30. Neallie says:

    LOVE love love your new house, congratulations!! Everything about it is perfectly you and perfectly beautiful. Have fun getting settled and enjoy!

  31. carolina says:

    Rhi! don’t know where to start. so much i can tell you about the prettiness but i’ll keep it short ;)

    love all the details and your house in general. that yellow door is absolutely stunning! i’m so happy for you two to finally have a place to call home. it’s all about the little things, right?

    my favorite are the arches in the foyer, it adds so much character. and not to mention it goes with the arched kitchen window – which i was going to ask if it was an upgrade because i think one day i’ll do the same {if you don’t mind, of course!} hehe.

    styling the home is going to be so much! and it’s going to be so cool to follow the progress here on the blog.

    xoxo pretty friend!


  32. carolina says:

    *styling the home is going to be so much fun!

    p.s. love how you maximized the space in the kitchen and used every inch of the squared footage. those small cabinets left to the fridge are awesome ;)

  33. Stephanie says:

    I love it! So beautiful! I would move in tomorrow if I could!!! Love the pictures of you guys on the front porch! :)

  34. Your house is gorg I wouldn’t expect anything less! Love, love, love your yellow front door! Such a little unexpected detail. Congratulations to you both and wishing you lots of xo’s as you make this house a home.

  35. Jessica@TWB says:

    Totally fab! Love all the small details you put in to make it really “you.”

  36. Kris says:

    I’m in LOVE! You two must be so super excited. The house is absolutely gorg. And, particularly love the kitchen sink :)

  37. Lauren @ ELD says:

    Yayyyy!!!! Love love love it!! So excited to join you on this journey! Thank you for sharing all of this with us! :)

  38. Awwwww! So happy that your home is finished and that you’ll be moving this weekend! Eeeeek! The mirrors aren’t ugly I love them…they are quirky like you! I especially love that yellow door! I cannot wait to see how you furnish your new home…if I were you I’d be on cloud 999! All the best and I hope you and Andrew make lots of amazing memories to last a lifetime!! XO

  39. Kristen says:

    It’s so gorgeous Rhi! How fun it’s been to watch the transformation :) Can’t wait to see all the beautiful details you fill the space with!

  40. Lisa says:

    I practically have my Kayak window with a flight booked to Michigan open! RHI, it is AMAZING. You’ve outdone yourself already, and there’s not even decorations in there! I am obsessed with your yellow door, and your West Elm dining room light (which happens to be a favorite of John! He never knew he could have a favorite light fixture till he saw that one! ;)) Also love your freakin cute laundry room and wallpapered closet, and am dying to see Girl Cave 2.0. In person. Haha someday, promise!! :) <3 you!!

  41. mikica says:

    Hey Gorg, gorg home , gorg, husband, gorg life… you deserve all the gorg you can get because baby you earned it! I can`t wait to spend the holiday with you in your new nest!

  42. All the time you spent on all the little details really shows! Your house is BEAUTIFUL!!! Your kitchen is MY dream kitchen too!! Have fun moving in and decorating!! :) Congrats to you and your hubby!!

  43. Congratulations to you both!! It looks amazing! I can only imagine how excited it must be seeing it all come to light finally… and as someone who is just starting to embark on the decor of their house I know how much fun you’ll be having :-)

  44. kate says:

    omg, how gorgeous is your house!! congrats, I love every detail. the liner in the drawers, the wallpaper in the closet…perfect. Enjoy every minute, the house looks AMAZING!!

  45. Vanessa says:

    Wow!! It’s gorgeous! I love the red bud handles and the wall paper in the closet! Absolutely jealous of the kitchen!! Congratulations to you both, very exciting!!! :D

  46. Monique says:

    I love the grey exterior with the yellow door, great curb appeal! The farmhouse sink, and the green drawer liners and the flooring in the kitchen is gorgeous!

    I love the Wicker light shades in the hallway and the wallpaper in the master closets.

    I actually like the guest bathroom mirror. I think it works really well in the space!

    I cannot wait to see what Girlcave 2.0 looks like!

    Congrats on the new place. :)

  47. Lindsay says:

    WOW!!! I am speechless!! You are house is absolutely gorgeous!!! Seriously, everything looks amazing!!! You have done a wonderful job. The gray with white trim and yellow door is super super cute!!!!
    I love it! Congrats to you and your hubs!!! :)

  48. Yay!!! SO SO Exciting for you! It is gorgeous. And you know what, the first thing I thought when I saw those bathroom shots, “I LOOOVE that mirror!” Can’t wait to see it all decorated!

  49. Holly says:

    Your house is beyond gorgeous! I love the gray with a hint of lavendar. AND your kitchen is perfection! :) I can’t wait to see how you style the place, I know you’ll make it gorgeous. Congrats to you both again!!

  50. Kelley says:

    I love it ALL so much!!! Wish I could just pop by for a real life tour! Enjoy getting all settled in…how exciting! Congrats!

  51. gorgoeusglam says:

    It’s fabulous darling! Congrats! I love the kitchen! That faucet is right up my alley! Funny how we wives know best when it comes to cabinetry! Men always want dark stuff! lol. Can’t wait to see how you decorate! xo

  52. Courtney says:

    Rhi, the house is gorgeous; you did such a great job selecting the finishes. The white cabinets are ah-mazing, as well as those wicker light fixtures!

  53. Inge says:

    MY OH MY!!!! I’m officially in love! How HUGE is your house??? :-) Ours is tiny compared to yours. It looks absolutely fabulous and I adore the lighting in that kitchen of yours… Would love to live in your house! Wanna trade? ;-)
    Have fun decorating girl! If you want my help… ;-)
    Love, Inge x

  54. Beautiful home sweet home! It’s just the perfect place for you & your hubs to make many, many happy memories. Congratulations!

  55. Lolly says:

    I’m dying over here w/jealousy but in the best way ever. I am SO happy for you guys and your gorgeous new home. It inspires me to work hard so I can one of my own some day :)

  56. congrats on becoming homeowners.

    My hubby and I became homeowners the first week of december – back in 2007 :) The holidays are a wonderful time to become homeowners. Such a festive and fun time.

    Are you going to decorate for the holidays?

    I love the fancy sinks, the yellow door, your kitchen and all your beautiful choices!! Oh, and the bench is totally me!

    Have fun :)

    xo, chrissy

  57. Lena says:

    You already know how much I LOVEEEE it-now to book a flight to visit!!

  58. Mara says:

    oh my gosh Rhi!! It’s AMAZING!! I can’t wait to see how you decorate it! Where did you get the wallpaper?? I loooove it! xoxox

  59. michaela says:

    Amazing. Every material, finish, and light fixture is just pure gorgeousness! Just like you (:

  60. Jazmyn says:

    Oh my, your home is absolutely beautiful! Seriously my dream home, not even joking or just saying this. Everything about it I love, especially the colors. Congrats!!

    Petit Monstree

  61. Liesl says:

    Oh my goodness, Rhi, I am already in love with your home and the style and your little details…how super, duper exciting!!! You and your man look adorable too by the way…lovely boots! I think the kitchen is my favorite part too…can’t wait to see more! How lovely to have all of this going on around the holidays to make it more magical and exciting! So happy for you both!

    Liesl :)

  62. Kristina says:


  63. Rhi, I don’t know what people say about spec house, I didn’t even know what they were, but your home my dear is a DREAM! congratulations!!

  64. Chelsy says:

    I am a long time reader.. but I’m pretty sure this is my first comment .. but today I just could not hold back! Your new home is BEAUTIFUL!!! I’m not going to lie I have total house envy right now…. and for the record I LOVE your guest bathroom mirror .. I think its pretty fabulous. I actually thought.. ooooo great mirror and then read that everyone was saying they hated it.. and I had to re-read it a few times cause it couldn’t possible be about THAT mirror! Anyway.. enjoy setting everything up (my personal favorite part of moving!) Can’t wait to take a peek at girl cave 2.0 : )

  65. Nicole says:

    Beautiful memories will be made here. I am so incredibly happy for you!

  66. Alisha says:

    Oh Rhi!!! It’s beautiful. I’m so happy for you and Andrew. :) I’ve loved reading all your tweets about the design and picking out every detail.

    Congrats to you both!!

  67. Clare says:

    Oh Rhi! Your home is looking amazing! I personally love that mirror in the guest bathroom. It’s gorgeous. The kitchen is superb! House envy! Can’t wait to see more.

    ~ Clare x

  68. Simone says:

    Your home is beautiful, wow!!! Love the grey colour too. I love it all.

    How exciting, your first house, congratulations!! X

  69. I loooooove it! It’s perfect and oh so cute – it is already oozing your style!! CONGRATS Rhi! xo

  70. your house is stunning!! i love the farmhouse sink and the yellow door!! ;)
    have fun decorating and i can’t wait to see girl cave 2.0!!


  71. ashley says:

    congrats, rhi!!! i am SO SO happy for you! it is GORGEOUS and i just love the color palette. i seriously love every room! i think i might need to hire you to do our place ;)


  72. Ashley says:

    Congrats to the bosse family’! It’s so beautiful and every inch screams Rhi! Love you! Xoxo

  73. Rachel says:

    You have some gorgeously thought out pieces to your new home. It’s really great to see the unexpected pops of color and unusual design elements that keep things interesting. I really do love those wicker light treatments. They are VERY Dr. Seuss.

  74. Dayner says:

    Wow it is so so beautiful… you are very lucky. Here in England it would take me til to my retirement before I could afford an amazing house like this! Even a tiny one bed apartment with no garden/driveway costs well over £150,000 ($230,000) here.

    You have a beautiful blog too, so glad to have found it :-)

    Dayner x my blog – mozzypop.com

  75. Holly says:

    Your new home is absolutely gorgeous – enjoy all of it and every little moment which I’m sure you will! And I’m excited to see the process unfold of making the house your home. Congrats!

  76. Laicie says:

    Oh, Rhi.

    Soooo gorgeous! That yellow door… that farm sink… I am speechless.

  77. Congrats on your new home! It’s absolutely stunning! I LOVE your kitchen and dining room!

  78. Natalie says:

    Rhi, your place is GORGEOUS. So exciting! I can’t WAIT to see how you decorate, please show us soon!

  79. OMG, I seriously just DROOL over the pics from your home! I found you originally when your office was featured on MadeByGirl so I knew I loved your style, but WOW! So beautiful. My husband and I are buying our first home and I hope it can be half as beautiful as yours! Seriously can’t wait to see more pics.

  80. birdie to be says:

    OMG!!!! Absolutely GORGEOUS! Beautiful job. I love all the grays & whites you have going on!

  81. Wow it’s looking so great!! Can’t wait to see it when it’s completely decorated. The closet wallpaper is awesome :)

  82. So, so, so excited for you guys. What a thrill to move into your first home! I can’t wait to see everything you do with it–I’m sure it will be amazing! I LOVE your kitchen–that sink is INCREDIBLE–and the laundry room and the knobs in the bathroom. Oh, and your bathtub! An amazing home!

  83. Wendy says:

    Oh Rhi…. Your new home is beautiful! Good luck with the rest of your settling in! Congratulations!! :)

  84. I’m just catching up on some blog reading when I came across your house update. Congratulations! So happy and excited for you two. The house is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see more updates as you continue to settle in.

  85. Friend! Will you come decorate my first home when I eventually buy it?! You’re style! Oh, my! I love, love, love everything. The sinks, the bathtub, the drawer liners, the wall color, the lighting, the knobs, the wallpaper, the KITCHEN, the fireplace.

    Please come down. Okay? See you in the future!!! xoxo

  86. Jenna says:

    If I were to dream up a home this would be it. It’s amazing in ever sense of the word. Congrats!

  87. Your home is absolutely gorgeous, and I love all the finishing touches you did to personalize it! We recently moved to our first home as well, and I’ve had so much fun doing little projects here and there. I will say though, it feels like a never-ending project ~ and I love that!

  88. love all of your thoughtful details. excited to see how you decorate!! xo

  89. Vivian says:

    OMG Rhi! I’m catching up on reading and i LOOOVE your house! How amazing are all the details and how much fun to get to start from scratch whipping up your dream home! I’t almost ben a year for us now in our “new” home but I am still slowly and surely working on it bit by bit.
    One – I have that same West Elm dining room chandelier! When I found it, I didn’t realize it was so popular, but I found out another friend got the same chandelier at the same time! Oh well! It’s a GORGEOUS piece and I always get compliments on it too. It just makes the space so pretty!
    Two – Love the “farble” and your whole entire dream kitchen for that matter! I wished sooo hard for white cabinets, marble, and a farmhouse sink. But it just wasn’t in the cards. So I guess I’ll have to wait until the day we can afford a dream kitchen makeover!
    Three – WHO would say that guest bath mirror is ugly? I think it is beautiful! And the score on those look-alike sconces! Amazing! I may have to check that one out at Lowe’s so thanks for the tip!
    OK – well I could go on and on about decorating… hope you keep the posts coming!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  90. Anna says:

    I haven’t had a chance to read this whole post yet, but I just wanted to tell you that we have the same fridge and oven/microwave combo. Also, I tried to buy those basket pendants from West Elm when they went on sale but I was too late. :( So sad! I’m also trying to find the perfect gray for our house. I might have to hit you up for the name of the color you used! Finding the right gray is so hard!

  91. WoW! Your house is just gorgeous!! Love the color scheme…it all works so well together!! And the light fixtures are all perfect. Especially love the laundry ROOM! How exciting!!

  92. nuha says:

    your home is gorgeous! i love your lighting choices :-) can’t wait to see how you dress it up!

  93. Ilsa says:

    Ok even though my husband and I have only been in our new home for 3 months, Im officially putting in my request to have your builder come to Australia and replicate your home!! It is divine!! Can’t wait to see all the other rooms and all your furniture in! Congratulations on your first home!

  94. Nikki says:

    I totally just squealed with delight for you. Lookin’ good!

  95. leigh says:

    i want that bathtub!! :)
    love, leigh

  96. Stephen says:

    Where did you buy the countertops from?

  97. JessPag says:

    Where did you find that wall paper? I love it!

  98. Amber says:

    Did you share the color of gray you used? I can’t seem to find the name. We just bought a home that has wormy chestnut built-ins on either side of the fireplace. Normally I would just paint them white but I have been forbidden from doing so because the wood is rare. I am now trying to find the perfect color that would look good with white trim, stone fireplace and brown wood shelves. not an easy task.

  99. Elle says:

    LOVE your home. Just stumbled across your website. I apologize if you have it posted somewhere but I can’t find what color the exterior of the house is and the gorgeous yellow front door! Can you share the paint colors? Thank you !!!

  100. Susan says:

    What color gray was used in the living room/foyer? Love it!

  101. Gaynie Baumler says:

    We are rehabbing a house right now to flip. I had chose grey with a darker accent grey for the main colors in the house. I was just looking online for coordinating colors that go well with grey and happen to come across your absolutely adorable home. You guys did an awesome job!! I love everything about it! Super cute!!

  102. Summer says:

    Do you have to the names of the gray exterior colors. I love that color combination!

  103. Laura says:

    Do you have the names of the exterior paint colors? Love these and want to paint my house

  104. toni says:

    What is the colour of the door?

  105. Brittany says:

    Please, for the love of all that is holy – SHARE YOUR EXTERIOR PAINT COLORS! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them….please share..please!

  106. Rhi says:

    Hi Brittany! It’s actually siding from our builder’s company that we picked out of a lot. I’m so sorry it’s not a paint color!

  107. Dani says:

    What is the name of the gray paint used through out the downstairs?

  108. Rebecca says:

    Love your home! Is there any chance you would know the stone name or brand used on the fireplace? We are building right now and this color would be perfect for what we are looking for.

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