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Confessions of a Rebrand

I’m a perfectionist. There I said it.

Blame it on 21 years of competitive gymnastics but I delight in control and feeling like everything in my life is based on an outcome I’ve prepared in my ideal state of mind. And wanting everything to be perfect all of the time is a tough thing to do. Try it for a day and you’ll feel loopy by the end of the day with all that you simply cannot control. Do you ever notice how the lines of my blog posts fit perfectly with the boundaries of my blog space? Have I ever shared my color-coded, perfectly-vacuumed-everyday closet? I was the girl who rewrote notes in college after each lecture to make them look ‘nicer.’ The girl who even now, can’t fathom the thought of blogging an instagram photo because it wouldn’t possibly be cohesive with the other photos I blog here. I can be terribly indecisive not because I don’t know what I want but because I think things can always be better.

I’m only in the very beginning stages of my rebrand but already, feel such incredible and positive changes in my life, both personally and professionally, largely in part to following Lara’s The Challenge (honestly go read this now). I’ve learned that progress is simply put, more beautiful than perfection. I’ve found ways to break down my days into routines that make sense and that are streamlined into productive periods of time. I’ve felt a little lighter lately. I’ve felt a little more inspired and smarter. I feel like I’m on the edge of something really big and beautiful and scary. Knowing you can and will be better is scary. But the scary unknown means you’re taking a risk that could ultimately lead to something bigger and better than where you are.

I recently made the tough decision to soon end my part time job at the flower shop. In my heart it felt like sometime soon, either my health, my marriage, my business or my personal life, was going to suffer as a result of being spread too thin. When I really sit back and analyze all that I have as mine, I had to be honest with myself and prioritize my responsibilities. I’ve been performing a juggling act lately, a really impressive juggling act may I add but I want to create a better sense of harmony and happiness for myself. You know the whole work hard, play hard adage? I’m truly working really hard over here, with no play.

I want to pop in every now and then and share my experiences with you all as I progress through this exciting transformation. My reason to rebrand (as many of you have asked me what could possibly be wrong with my current branding) is that I want to be better because I feel like the current look of Hey Gorg has potential to be more. This year is going to be incredible with nine amazing events I can hardly wait to share with you all, and using all of these incredible weddings to wrap up my first few years of business, complete with a professional logo, client experience, website, collateral and improved brand is RAD.

I’m a perfectionist. And I’m learning to be alright with not being perfect all the time.

Happy Wednesday, blogettes. Make it a wonderful day! xoxo

P.S. I have office hours now! Eeeek!!

DIY Body Scrub Favor

Eeeek! I am so excited about today, guys. I have so many fun little pieces of news to share with you but first is this fun DIY that the super sweet Kelly Braman and I collaborated on last week. I’ve been dying to get this easy peasy Body Scrub Favor photographed for months and am so thrilled that Kel was able to be my left-hand girl. As a huge fan of easy to make stuff and an even bigger fan of cute packaging, this scrub (made with things you can find in your kitchen) and the most adorable labels designed by the girls over at the Wedding Chicks (you can download the labels here!) totally go hand in hand.

For your supplies you’ll need some sort of airtight container to store the scrub in. I purchased the metal lid ones you see below at Hobby Lobby for about $3.99 each (that wasn’t the sale price). You’ll also need about 2 1/2 cups of Sugar in the Raw, 3/4 of a cup of white granulated sugar, 4-5 tablespoons of vanilla extract (or coconut, almond, orange, etc) and 1/4 cup of almond oil. You’ll also need those fancy labels you see there and some pretty ribbon, as well as a spoon to mix everything together.

{Step 1} First, make sure your bun is crooked on top of your head (duh). Then mix together your sugars.

Make sure you smile while you’re mixing like I did, too.

{Step 2} Mix in your oil and vanilla extract with the sugar and combine until a scrub like consistency is achieved. While I absolutely love how this scrub made my hands feel extremely soft and smooth thanks to the moisturizers in the oil, I have to admit the scrub itself doesn’t smell like anything wonderful. There was a very natural organic smell to the mixture which I think comes from the almond oil but nevertheless it’s a body scrub and in that regard does just that for your body and hands :)

{Step 3} Scoop the scrub into the container until full. The above measurements made enough scrub to fill one container which was a pretty big batch but you could easily scale it down to make more containers. Seal with lid and fasten with ribbon.

Remember to save a little leftover for yourself. Who knew hand washing was so funny?

{Step 4} Adorn with the cutest Scrub Sweet Scrub label courtesy of the Wedding Chicks. Awe.

Enjoy your day, blogettes and scrub it up :) xoxo

Featured {Modern Rani Blog}

Remember this beautiful wedding? It all took place last August and I am so excited to announce it’s been featured over on Modern Rani, a blog dedicated to wedding inspirations in the Greater Toronto Area, especially those catering to the South Asian Community. Although Shal and Arjun’s wedding included many traditional Indian elements the bride made sure to infuse enough femininity and pretty details into her big day to create a unique and memorable event. So if you haven’t check it out yet, head over here to see Part 1 and over here to see Part 2. You can also check out the whole post that I featured on the blog here, including all the wonderful and sweet words from the bride on her experiences. In the meantime I am off get some work done. Make your day amazingly wonderful, blogettes xoxo

P.S. The winner from the Vatne Designs Shop giveaway is Ashley who said that the last thing on her list of to do’s is to get a pair of earrings! It’s your lucky day, Ashley because these gorgeous earrings are all yours. Please email me to claim your prize :)

HGE Romantic Bouquet Recipe

Happy Monday, blogettes! I’m currently on route back to Michigan after a quick and wonderful trip home to Canada but thankfully had this post prepped for you in advance. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of making this pretty little bouquet in preparation for this bride’s wedding here. And luckily had the talent of Amy Carroll on hand to capture some shots of all the details.  The sweet Amy and Jocey over at the Wedding Chicks added this bouquet to their Bouquet Recipes index last week so if you missed it head over here and leave me some love. I would just love to know what you guys think of this little number!

HGE Romantic Bouquet Recipe

• 10 stems of white scabiosa blooms
• 11 quick sand hued roses, blown open
• 10 pale pink and green parrot tulips
• 3 stems of peach hypericum berries
• 3 – 5 stems of magenta amaranthus
• 3 – 5 stems of seeded eucalyptus

I’ve also been getting a ton of questions about my ombre hair and wanted to address them here. While I didn’t neccessarily get the ends of my locks tinted a lighter shade, I did get caramel blonde highlights added in throughout the bottom layers of my hair. I love how it looks because the lighter shades pop through when my hair is curly or when my hair is tossed over my shoulder which is usually how I wear it everyday. It’s starting to get too long and heavy to wear in a top knot every day, which is a bummer. Oh and for those of you who have asked my dress is from Lulus; and is so totally and incredibly see through :)

Make today ridiculously amazing, friends. Catch you all tomorrow xoxo

HGE 2012 Marketing Project

Happy Tuesday, blogettes! Today I can hardly wait to share some fun stuff with you. Since November (yeah seriously, like five months-ago-November) I’ve been working on a little project. I’ve mentioned this a few times in my monthly posts listing out my goals and I’ve truly been dedicating a good chunk of my time (and money) into making this project all I want to be, but at last everything is complete! This endeavor of mine was such a labor of love and something that at times I was wondering what the heck I was doing (mainly those times were I would find pieces of Kraft crinkle paper down my shirt is public places) but just like my business and everything I do surrounding it, every minute of this project was totally worth it. I am so so happy with how things turned out and judging by the feedback I’ve already gotten from recipients, others seem to think so too :)

Essentially, I’m a new girl to the area here and I wanted to share a bit about me and my business with some local vendors who share my style (and some vendors who are not so local but that I’ve always admired). Each and every piece of my package was carefully considered, measured, matched and pieced together to represent my work, services and personality best. I owe one huge giant big ole hug to Ashley from Lemon and Lavender who all the way in Africa helped me design and conceptualize my requests for unique ways to say “Hello!” via snail mail. I love you, Ash! Miss you everyday like whoa. I also need to send a big squeeze to Nicole at the Caramel Jar for her patience with me and talent for making yummy things. You haven’t had a Caramel Jar caramel yet? Oh, I’m sorry. Go here then. I also own a little pinch on the behind to my gal pal Amy Carroll for snapping some fun photos of everything together. Amy’s a doll and I have so many more fun things to share about her!

I have to say these little packages fill my heart with happiness! The most exciting thing though, is that the best is yet to come. I can hardly wait to see how Lara and Emily build off of these materials later this year when I experience this. Enjoy the rest of your day and make it a good one. PS. I started this yesterday and already feel 100072x more productive than ever. Do it. xo