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DIY Painted-Dipped Centerpieces

Happy Wednesday, bloggies! It’s been a crazy week over here in the Mitten, and tomorrow we’re off to NYC for the long weekend (holy excited to meet this chick) so I’ve been a bit behind on the blogging train. But to make up for it all, today’s post is a really good one. That Kelly Braman sure knows how to make anything and everything look beautiful. See what I mean?

Pretty cute if I do say so myself. I originally wanted to DIY painted-dipped terra cotta planters with succulents in them but then I found that someone beat me to it. So this DIY was clearly the next best thing, especially since it involves pretty flowers, something I’ve been doing a lot more of recently. So without further ado, let’s do this. Start those crafting engines, blogettes!

{Step 1} Gather all of your supplies. You’ll need enough flowers to fill your vase or vessel and you’ll want a variation in sizes and textures. I always overshoot on the amount of flowers I will need because flowers can be deceiving in terms of how much space they take up :) You’ll also need flower cutters, Oasis foam, galavanized tins in various sizes (make sure they are small enough to ‘dip’ in your paint source), and outdoor paint to coat the bottoms of your tins with. If you want to make the cute little heart-shaped table number you’ll need to grab one from Hobby Lobby in the wood section :) I used acrylic paint to turn it pink.

{Step 2} Making sure your work space is covered (like really covered), you’ll want to dip the bottoms of your tins in your paint then hang it over the can while excess paint drips off. I used leftover paint from our guest bedroom because the paint can was wide enough for the galvanized tins I bought, but I am sure you could pour bottles of outdoor paint into a plastic dish that’s wide enough to accomodate your vessels you’re wanting to dip. Once the dripping paint subsides, you’ll want to flip over your tin and let it hang upside down for a few minutes to get that dripping look going ‘up’ the sides of the tin.

Once you get a dripping pattern you want you’ll flip the tin back so it’s right side up and you can let it dry. Be aware the paint goes onto the tins pretty thick. It was a good thing I dipped my tins the night before I was set to make these centerpieces as a test to see how long they would dry. To let them dry quicker without having the paint pool around the base of the tin, you can rig a little hanging set up with a rod/stick/golf club (I used a golf club ha!) hanging across two stacks of books or equal sized containers. Just string the tins by their handles onto the stick as they hang over your covered surface and let them set overnight.

{Step 3} Clean your flowers. Remove thorns, yucky guard petals and leaves you won’t see in the arrangement. While your cleaning your flowers, you’ll want to soak your Oasis in cold water, making sure you let it sink completely on its own.

{Step 4} Cut your soaked Oasis to fit your tin and from there you can start creating your arrangement. I like to start by filling in the base of my container where the opening is, and from there continue to add flowers, assessing each placement as I go. Using different sizes and textures of flowers and fillers makes the centerpiece visually interesting and allows the finished product to look a bit more cohesive. But hey these are all just my opinions and not the right or wrong way to do things :)

{Step 5} Drool a little over your peonies.

{Step 6} And start making your second tin.

{Step 7} Paint your table number on your wooden heart. I used acryllic paint for the pink and white.

{Step 8} And then pop your wooden table number into the arrangements, anchoring it with the Oasis and voila! Cute as a bug in a rug! I also happen to enjoy these arrangements without the table number in them; the smallest one looked super cute on the guest room nightstand that my parents enjoyed when they were in town for Mother’s Day! Now that the flowers are long gone, we will be using the small tin to plant herbs in on our kitchen windowsill. What do you guys think of these?

Make your day amazing, everyone xoxo

Happy Anniversary, Lindsey and Ryan!

Lindsey and Ryan were married a year ago at Kent Country Club here in Grand Rapids, Michigan (has it truly been a year already?) It was simply put a beautiful, intimate and perfect celebration of two people in absolute love with one another. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and I couldn’t have asked for sweeter clients or more talented vendors to work with. From the minute I met Lindsey I knew we’d become close friends. Fast. And we did. Just last week the two of us met for happy hour, reminiscing over the past year and how quickly time seems to fly by. Today is not only the couple’s first weeding anniversary but Lindsey’s birthday too. Happy Birthday, Linds! Sending you all the love and blessings in the world today and always, guys. Enjoy your little anniversary getaway and soak in all that time with each other. Big hugs, Rhi

Photo via Julie Harmsen. You can check out the rest of the photos from their big day over here and you can check out the sweet post the Wedding Chicks did on their big day over here. Make your Sunday ridiculously amazing :) xoxo

The Little Things

Sometimes mean the most.

Join me for another Virtual Coffee Date over here. And call someone today to say “I Love You.” xoxo

The Perfect Imperfections

Last night I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I saw a comment from a follower of mine.

“Everything is always so perfect.” she wrote one of my photos.

I laughed out loud. Literal LOLs here, people. Me? Perfect? I get I’m a perfectionist. I like things to be a specific way and I relish in control. I’m definitely not opposed to perfection. But my life is truly so far from perfect. It’s actually very imperfect. I thought this to myself as I rolled over and fell asleep without brushing my teeth or taking off my makeup from the day. Oh and I totally fell asleep wearing pink Piglet pajamas that my Mom bought for me from the Goodwill three years ago. Like matching long sleeved shirt and pants pajamas with a Disney Store tag in the inside. Yeah I’m an almost-26-year-old woman here.

See, when I was in college I was an NCAA athlete. At times it was everything and at others it was not. There were really bad times and there were really good times. And at one time, one whole year actually, it was all really bad. I had back fractures, I had an awful bout of weight gain, I had failing grades. I was really really sad and frustrated. All. The. Time. I had a whole list of very very imperfect things in my life. Me being one of the biggest things on that list. And my attitude showed every little part of this. I think I sort of dug this really deep hole for myself. And gladly dove in head first at the first chance I got.

It wasn’t until my senior year that I thought being miserable, and showing it to everyone whether it be in my physical demeanor, my facebook status updates or even my academic or athletic performances, wasn’t really helping my overall state. You get a reputation for being a whiner. For being a downer. For being no good to be around because maybe someone else is having a kickin’ day and my usual wha wha story is bringing them down, fast. I started to put two and two together. I started realizing that even if things weren’t the way I wanted them to be, it didn’t mean I have to turn it into a news headline. When you radiate positively, when you elicit happiness and joy and thankfulness in all you do, it doesn’t erase the imperfections from your life. But it does allow you to find the silver lining in whatever it may be, however deep it is, that’s causing you grief.

Last week Kelly Braman (oh I adore her) and I had a little girls morning creating pretty floral arrangements and a fun little DIY for the blog. I can’t wait to share more photos with you but first I want to point out that in the photo below the sink behind me there was full of dishes from the night before. And my hair hadn’t been washed in days. And without going off on a tangent here lemme tell you about my front closet being somewhat similar to a little kids’ closet. You know where you open it up and everything but the kitchen sinks tumbles down burying you in a puddle of junk? Yeah my life is exactly that kind of perfect.

Sometimes your state of mind is everything.

And sometimes it’s the way we handle things that truly allows us to find the perfectly imperfect things in life. xoxo

FAQs: Starting a Wedding Planning Business

Happy Monday, bloggies and lemme just say how excited I am for today and another FAQ post!

I get a ton of  sweet emails every week asking how I started my business. And a lot of emails from aspiring planners asking what they too can do to break into the wedding industry. Not only do I feel conflicted because I can’t respond back to them all, but I find myself stumped on what to say back because I myself never actually followed a set of rules or a wedding planning business 101 guideline. Instead I did things that felt authentic to my business and my brand! If something didn’t work for me then I moved on; it’s so important to remember what might work for someone else might not always work for you! So keeping in mind there’s no magic formula for success that’ll work for every aspiring wedding planner or stylist out there below are a few tips I’m sharing on what truly worked for me. Here we go!

{Start A Blog} I’ve said it before and ten years from now I’ll say it again, but my blog has always been the most monumental part of getting my wedding planning business up and running. And my transparency here has been an asset to my business. Some of you who have been along for the ride since the beginning (I adore you!) know that my blog actually started as a dessert and recipe blog back in 2009. From there as my interests changed, my blog evolved thus inspiring me to start my business into what it is now. But really my blog gave me a voice and an audience, which was huge for booking those first few weddings. Will creating a blog today, book your next season full of weddings that will make your heart sing? Maybe. If the thought of starting and maintaining a blog makes you want to run for the hills and hide, should you still have a blog? That’s your call because blogging can take an impressive amount of hard work. But again, this was and still is, a huge part of my business model and one that I continually attribute my successes to.

{Name Your Business} And think of something that works for YOU and your brand. One of the big decisions new business owners have to make is whether to name their business after themselves (i.e. Bridget Donoghue Events) or to give their business a name much like my own, Hey Gorgeous Events. Believe me it took me a good ten months to finally feel like Hey Gorgeous could be the perfect fit for my business now and my business in ten years. But thankfully my business name to me, epitomizes the flirty, fun and unique side of my work while allowing me to feel like at the end of the day, my personal name and identity is separate from my business. It fits. And it feels good for me. But again, this is just my personal opinion. Whatever you pick for your business it has to represent YOU. And make you happy.

{Build Your Brand} Branding is everything. I believe that wholeheartedly. You can read more about my recent rebranding journey here to find out more. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to invest in the branding works when you’re just starting out because that’s a huge financial investment (and a risky one too if you decide wedding planning really isn’t for you six months down the road :) The good news is you can brand yourself in tons of other ways. For example if you’re into romantic, Jose Villa inspired weddings (think feminine, soft, beautiful) then your blog, logo and the things you pin, blog, share and aspire to do, should relate back to the above mentioned. Similarly, if you love tattoos, bright colours, out of the box ideas and sparkle, then a pastel-palette Rifle Paper Co. inspired logo may not be the most authentic way to attract clients. Consistency is key and shows potential clients you know what you’re doing. Be consistent from the get-go in all that you do and it’s easy to build a successful business.

All photos via Beth Kaye from this shoot here. For more you can read a bit more about My Story here too.