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Jun 12

Pep Talk Tuesday {Shake Off That Pinterest Panic, Brides!}

I love Pinterest just as much as the next person. Seriously, I’ve even overheard middle aged women in the grocery store dishing about the latest recipes they’ve found on Pinterest. It’s a fantastically addicting resource on so many fronts and really has added a new dimension to the industry for vendors, and brides and grooms alike. Except here comes the tricky part. If you dig wedding-related stuff on Pinterest you’re likely to run into really rad ideas sort of like these ones here. And this here. Oh this is a good one. And I can only imagine how you brides out there must feel about this one here. Talk about PRESSURE.

Here’s what I want to tell you though. Before Pinterest lots of people got married. And before Pinterest lots of people had really beautiful, memorable, personalized, special and dare I even say, trendy weddings. Pinterest is a double edged sword. Never before have so many ideas been at our fingertips. But never before has the bar been raised so high making it increasingly difficult for many brides to feel like their wedding too, will be wonderful in all of its single day glory. So for all of you brides out there and even you grooms who may happen to feel overwhelmed or frustrated by the detail-frenzy on Pinterest, read this.

It’s OK if you don’t send off your guests into the night with customized bottles of Merlot or embroidered Pashminas. It’s OK if your bouquet isn’t made up of blush pink peonies, big garden roses, and ranunculus bigger than your fiance’s fist. It’s OK if the soles of your shoes aren’t red, the tag in you gown doesn’t read Vera and your ring didn’t come in a pretty little blue box. It’s OK not to be able to afford a dessert bar, a photo booth, a videographer and a late night snack taco and fajita food truck. It’s absolutely OK to shy away from any and all DIY projects. Some things are just not worth the effort or the time (and cost). It’s OK to skip the first look, to skip the long wavy hair extensions, and to skip the stripey straws at the bar.

And it’s absolutely OK to forget about all of those details on the big day. Chances are you’ll be this happy, anyway.

Photo by the amazing Jen Lynne Photography. This wedding was planned pre-Pinterest and turned out just as darling as ever. To see more from Kelli and Brandon’s big day head over here and here. And I’d love to hear from any of you brides who are in the midst of planning your wedding day. Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the pressure of having to make your big day Pinterest worthy? Or have you found a healthy way to use Pinterest to your advantage? I’d love to hear your thoughts below :)

Happy Tuesday, bloggies xoxo

16 thoughts on “Pep Talk Tuesday {Shake Off That Pinterest Panic, Brides!}”

  1. Lauren @ ELD says:

    YES. Yes. And more YES. :) As amazing as it is for planning and designing a wedding, I honestly get worried about Pinterest just being another source of stress for brides! Great reminder :)

  2. Nicole says:

    Great post Rhi! As an event planner who is now planning her own wedding, I think Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration, however you are dead on with the pressure part. I think all brides and grooms must step back and remember that your not planning your wedding to be a blog post on some fantastic site (even if we all do dream about that just a little!), you’re planning it because of the love you share with another individual. Keep that in mind and create details that are true to you, not because it’s on some Pinterest board. :)

  3. Tamra says:

    This post was exactly what I needed to hear today, Rhi! Thanks so much! I love so many ideas I find on pinterest for my wedding, and some of those ideas even inspire new ideas, but it also overwhelms me. I try to remind myself everyday that I don’t need to get caught up in the wedding planning and that our wedding day will be absolutely perfect as long as I end up with him. :)

  4. Kristen says:

    This post is exactly how I feel. I am planning my wedding right now and it’s in a month, and I feel like during the whole process, Pinterest has been my best friend and worst enemy at the same time. It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the little details…but my sister said something recently that really stuck with me – “There is such thing as TOO much detail”. When it comes down to it, I know my wedding will be beautiful no matter what, and I am marrying my best friend which is all that matters :)
    Thanks for a great post..glad I’m not the only one who feels this way!

  5. Alyssa says:

    As an event planner and soon-to-be bride, I also agree. Pinterest has been great to collect inspiration for the events I have planned, but when it comes to my wedding, I get a little overwhelmed at all of the detail there is. In the end, I have to remind myself that this wedding is about my fiance and I, not to be featured on a website or blog. We will have a fantastic wedding that portrays us a couple and our love, falls within our budget and will make all of our guests happy.

  6. Laicie says:

    OMG those links!! Wow. You are so right. Pinterest is a fantastic resource but it is so easy to get carried away. Some of the most beautiful plans for our wedding day have come as a result of nothing more than sitting down and thinking about the things we love most. That is how a wedding should be!

  7. Jessica says:

    Fabulous post… and sooo true!

  8. lena says:

    This is why you’re my favorite–and the only girl I’m calling when I start to have a Pinterest-induced meltdown! Of course, you’re absolutely right–there’s plenty to love and get you inspired on Pinterest, but you don’t have to buy into anything. The wedding you dreamed of as a little girl probably didn’t have teeny tiny midnight sliders and milkshakes, and there won’t be anything missing if you don’t serve ’em!

  9. louboo says:

    Yey – finally finally I have got your blog feed on my dashboard!! I am back!! I love this post and agree wholeheartedly. Pinterest is awesome and as a brand planning tool I am finding it just invaluable for my business. I figure it’s going to make an graphic designer’s job easier just to look at a mood board. But for wedding planning the pressure is huge. I for one got married before Pinterest, hell before the web!! I used to get bridal magazines and cut out the images and stick them in a book! Wooahh – old school. Retro. And not in the vintage Pinterest way ;-)

  10. Totally agree! As much as I LOVE Pinterest for ideas – I get overwhelmed with all of the wedding ideas and I’m not even a bride! I’ve also had brides tell me what they wanted me to create for them – all ideas they have found on Pinterest – and they don’t realize how much some of those fun favors or ribbon wands are going to cost them once it’s all said and done.

    It’s so true – a wedding can be fun + filled with personality without every little detail they see on Pinterest.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  11. such a wonderfully written post! everytime i read your posts it makes me what to have you as my wedding planner more + more, which means i would get to meet you! :] pinterest can be very overwhelming & not just for wedding planning. it is even for getting dressed in the morning or figuring out how to be unique on your own blog.

    again, thanks for the reminder rhi!


  12. naom says:

    Great post, Rhi! I think this needed to be written and of course you had to write it! xx

  13. Megan says:

    Absolutely love this post, Rhi!! I am actually SO SO glad that Pinterest did not exist when I was getting married. Sometimes it seems like it’s all about competition and being trendy…and really I just like when weddings are reflective of the two people getting married, rather than current trends.

  14. brandi says:

    Touche girl!!! I love this post!

  15. Melina says:

    It had to be today that I browse my usual wedding blogs to catch up and I read your post here! My 2 year wedding anniversary is coming up and I’m not gonna lie, after about 2 years of Pinterest perfect weddings, I slowly started to resent my own. Reading this just reminds me that mine was perfect the way it was because I married the man I loved and he loves me too! Thank you for the reminder that we don’t need the Pinterest wedding! Besides, there is always the chance to do the fun stuff for 10 years or 20 years celebration right? lol :-)

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