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Sep 20

Claire + Doug {E-Session by The Goodness}

Sometimes simple is best. If there’s one thing I love about my job (I know, I know, ‘But Rhi, it seems you have a LOT of things you love about your job!’) it’s the lessons my clients teach me. And that would be the big one I’ve learned from Claire and Doug time after time. Over the past year and then some I’ve worked with these two (well mostly Claire, really :) to plan a wedding day celebration that is going to be beautiful and meaningful but best of all, simple in the most perfect of ways. Claire and Doug have a sweet story, a remarkable relationship that’s easy to admire the second you encounter them together and a warmness about them both that would make any wedding planner feel as downright lucky as I do to have them as clients.

Their gorgeous and uber rad engagement photos were shot last fall in Santa Monica where they used to live. They actually were able to go back to the spot were Doug proposed to Claire which you can read more about over here, but this past spring they made the move back to Chicago where they can now start their happily ever after together. Lisa and Geoff you captured Claire and Doug so wonderfully. I cannot wait to meet you tomorrow and work together Saturday! And Claire and Doug, I could just squeeze you both. Enjoy the next few days of whirlwinded-happiness (I totally just made up that word) xoxo

I’m fairly confident it isn’t fair to be this gorgeous. Check out Claire’s baby blues :)

Love this little series and that awesome neon green wall too. Just in time for the neon trend to start!

Isn’t this shot fab? I’m diggin’ the vibe of this photo and love that huge tree.

And a few more beautiful photos. I love the romance in these. And if you’re looking for my pick of what photo from Claire and Doug’s engagement session should go on a canvas, this would be it. I’m a big softie for negative space, and if that negative space is pure white I’m all over it. Claire and Doug, canvas this beauty up and hang it in that gorg condo of yours!

At the spot overlooking the water where Doug proposed…

And enjoying a little bit of that gorgeous sun before it disappears past the horizon.

Ok wait this needs to also be blown up canvas style.

And maybe just for kicks this one too.

I love the bright lights in the background. But I especially love the looks on Claire and Doug’s faces. I think I can probably expect to see these same expressions more than a few times this weekend. Thanks a ton for sharing these photos with me, Lisa and Geoff, and happy Thursday, friends. Enjoy the rest of this chilly but sunny fall day. Catch you all tomorrow xoxo

8 thoughts on “Claire + Doug {E-Session by The Goodness}”

  1. Laicie says:

    Gorgeous!! And you are so right, simple can be so meaningful. I can’t wait to see the wedding!

  2. Claire says:

    Thanks, Rhi!!! This is the sweetest blog post ever. We are so lucky to have you. Thank you for all your help over the last year. And thanks for all your last minute help today!! We couldn’t do it without you and are lucky to have you! see you tomorrow :)

  3. Lori says:

    These are gorgeous Rhi ~ can’t wait to see the shots from the wedding now!

  4. such lovely engagement shoot! I regret not doing an e-session =(

  5. Lauren says:

    Love the carnival one! And totally agree on the negative space – that photo is gorgeous!

  6. Liesl says:

    They are so adorable together, and I love her beautiful, red hair! :)

  7. Victoria Derrick says:

    Such a sweet collection of shots.

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