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Oct 3

Our Kitchen

Hi friends. Rhi here. A little sleepy and way behind with my laundry but nevertheless able to see the light at the end of the 2012 wedding tunnel. This year has been such a whirlwind but I’m ready to tackle one more week of prop building and detail crafting for one last sure to be fabulous 2012 wedding (make that one last glitter infused, Anthropologie inspired event that I could do cartwheels over in excitement). In the meantime while I’m painting, packing and cleaning, I figured you could enjoy some pretty photos of my handsome hub and I’s kitchen. It’s almost been a year since we moved in and we have lots more to do but for now it works. Thanks to the sweet Kelly Braman for the photos and to the team over at Style Me Pretty for featuring our space a few weekends ago. So much love in such little time. How did I get so lucky? Welcome to our kitchen, blogettes!

The best part of our kitchen? A tie between the natural light and those gray walls. Our home makes us happy!

I love the white with the gray in our kitchen and how clean and crisp it always looks. We had the glass cabinet doors added to the cabinets beside the window above our sink so I could display some special items. Like the mugs from our wedding, some shot glasses that I used over here, and some pretty bowls that house all of the corks from bottles of champagne and wine we’ve enjoyed together. Even if our cupboards are messy on the inside these two cabinets is always clean, you can count on it :)

Also, a lot of things in our home were purchased from budget friendly places like IKEA and Homegoods with a few splurge items from West Elm like our capiz chandelier over the dining room table and our distressed dark bamboo wood floors. I adore those floors but my goodness a puppy and a white siamese cat keep my broom busy. Really busy. Our nine foot ceilings were also a splurge but way worth it since we spend 90% of our time in our main living space and love the open, airy feel to it.

Love me some Anthropologie for cute little countertop details like these bowls I use a lot for sauces, dips and dressings.

A little story about our blue bar cart. I purchased it two years ago from a vintage store here in town. I used it in my old office for some storage boxes and then when we moved, I stashed it in the basement unsure of where to use it. I finally decided to bring it upstairs and stash it in the little nook it currently sits in, outfitting it with lots of bar cart essentials and drinks that Apb and I can enjoy (like those small little Coke cans; those don’t last long around here). The pop of blue in our kitchen is unexpected and even though we don’t drink much alcohol around here, I like to pretend we can throw one serious party.

And here’s a wide shot of the entire space from the side of the living room. Cozy and sweet.

So tell me, friends, what is your fave part of our kitchen? Full source list of items over here! Happy Wednesday xoxo

36 thoughts on “Our Kitchen”

  1. cindy says:

    Definitely the lightness/brightness, that soft gray, and I love-love the white cabinets with dark island.

  2. Gorgeous kitchen, Rhi! I love the artwork on your wall and how you can so easily tell that it’s your home–you have such a beautiful, distinguishable style!:)

  3. Gina says:

    You have a perfect sweet place! Love the colors, the lightness, the brightness. Simply cute, clean, simple and perfect! Great work, Rhi!

  4. Abby Grace says:

    My favorites are your favorites- the gray walls and tons of natural light! We’re moving in January so there’s no point in repainting my office now, but as soon as we’re in our new place I’m going with a grayish color for my office walls. It’s just so clean and crisp!

  5. Victoria Derrick says:

    That’s a tough questions since i adore all the details. How bout’ the two bar stools and y’all’s kitchen table…great conversation places to share with loved ones :-)

  6. Victoria Derrick says:

    That’s a tough questions since i adore all the details. How bout’ the two bar stools and y’all’s kitchen table…great conversation places to share with loved ones :-) Just beautiful, Rhi!

  7. Kris says:

    I’m thinking my favorite part is that green ruffle cake! Hehe, just kidding! In love with that chandelier over the dining room table, definitely worth the splurge!

    I’m also loving the shot of you by the bar cart with kitty trotting down the stairs, it’s the cutest!

  8. I love it! A white kitchen w/ white/gray marble counters are my absolute fave. We just moved into our first home last week and we still have a lot to go before we get to that point!

  9. Meghan B says:

    Love it! The countertops are definitely my favorite! I must ask…how do you like having marble countertops? Do they show lots of wear and tear and/or staining and etching? We are just finishing our kitchen remodel and decided not to get marble countertops at the last moment. I am really hoping not to regret my decision! Although I do love them!! Gorgeous!

  10. simone says:

    What a beautiful space you have created….I could live in it & not a change a thing!!! Fabulous XX

  11. Lena says:

    So crazy pretty–but my favorite part is YOU in it!

  12. Ana F. says:

    I love the grey walls and the granite countertop! Very clean-looking and chic, just like you ;)

  13. Danielle says:

    I live that blue cart! So cute and feminine! And white cabinets are pretty much my dream!

  14. Heather says:

    What a gorgeous kitchen x

  15. Laicie says:

    Rhi, I absolutely ADORE every detail of your beautiful home. This is so inspiring!!

  16. Natasha B says:

    Love your kitchen, especially the rug in the kitchen and those two rattan chairs. The chairs are so in style right now. I am looking to get a white round table and rattan chairs. They create such an airy, relaxed feeling! Where did you get the rug?

  17. Melissa says:

    Love it!! You did a great job! :)

  18. Stephanie says:

    Ok, first of all, I LOVE your entire kitchen! Love it! But, I especially love your island…the contrast of the countertop and dark wood cabinets is beautiful! I am completely jealous of your kitchen! :)

  19. OH. M. G. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I love that painting and the white cabinets. sigh…


  20. Gloria says:

    I’d love to cook up a storm in that gorgeous kitchen! Is your dining table from IKEA? I think we have the same one!

  21. Tina says:

    LOVE LOVE so gorgeous! Is that Carrara countertops you used? AND what is that paint color? Love it

  22. Oh my goodness Rhi ! This is AMAZING i have just been to heaven lol GORGEOUS ! I heart this so much and I am definitely pinning this on to pinterest !

    Love Chrissi xo


  23. Allie says:

    Gorgeous kitchen Rhi! LOVE IT!

  24. milica banda-scott says:

    The Cat!

  25. milynn says:

    What a GORGEOUS kitchen. I love everything about it. Especially that you painted it a light lavender! So modern and feminine :)

  26. Liesl says:

    I am officially in LOVE with your kitchen…your style is so close to mine, and thank you for some little inspiration here and there too! Love, love, love it…and you look beautiful!!! :)

  27. Jayme Cannon says:

    Could you be more fabulous?!

  28. Emily Hansel says:

    I love love the sink, and the island. Also the whole feel of the room. I want to pin it all :) I’m always tempted to buy the little bowls at anthropologie but talk myself out of it, thinking I have no use for them. But sauces and dips? Perfect! The bowls I use now are always too big for that anyway, thanks for the idea!

  29. Love your style Rhi! Your home is beautiful!

  30. Marina McAvoy says:

    Wow, your kitchen is amazing. I love it!!!

  31. Julie says:

    Beautiful, beautiful home! Can I ask where you purchased your dining table and chairs from? Seriously envious.

  32. Erin says:

    I love the grey color of your walls. Could you share what brand/color you used? Thank you!!

  33. Erin says:

    Nevermind, I found it on your other post. Benjamin Moore “stormy monday” ;-)

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