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Nov 26

FAQs: Zoe

I was thinking yesterday. It’s been six months and I haven’t properly introduced sweet Zoe to you!

Basically, Zoe is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen on four legs. I’m a little biased of course but those ears get me every time! Earlier this summer, Andrew and I headed off for a Saturday trip to the Holland Farmer’s Market when I asked him to stop at Pet Smart so we could peruse the new puppy section (let it be known that in my head I was fully planning on selecting a pup that day, poor Andrew). Immediately the second they pulled Zoe out of her cage I was smitten. If you remember from my every time that day, she had the cutest little puppy face and floppy little ears. She was clearly overwhelmed with all of the attention she was getting and immediately fell asleep in my arms after I begged the woman to let me hold her. I was a goner.

I feel so embarrassed to say this now, but the morning after our first night with her, I was sure we had made a mistake. Andrew and I both love our sleep and we spent that entire night checking on Zoe, cleaning up accidents in her crate, on the carpet, on the floor, on what felt like everything in our home, and listening to soft whimpers and cries. Andrew asked me what we should do and I thought maybe we weren’t ready for a dog. This was a lot of work! How would we ever have kids? What should we do? But I’d be damned if we ended up being the couple who couldn’t handle the demands of a puppy and I surely wasn’t going to quit on a sweet little pup that was originally found in a box on the side of the road. So with that we figured out a routine and as Zoe got used to us, we began to get used to her. And very quickly we fell head over heels in love with her.

Many of you have asked about Zoe and what kind of dog she is so I thought she’d be the perfect topic for today’s post! We were told from Pet Smart that she has Aussie Cattle Dog or Blue Healer in her, but I’m convinced there’s German Shepard and Australian Shepherd in there too. She has hit a stand still in her growth (she’s currently about 32 lbs) so she’s rather small for a German Shep but she is incredible fast, agile and smart so we’re convinced the Aussie Cattle Dog theory rings true. She loves to herd other pups together and can out run anything but she’s also the sweetest and mot snuggly pup I know. She also loves whipped cream so on Mondays we go through the drive through together at Starbucks so we can both get treats.

Zoe says it’s nice to finally meet you blog readers!

For puppy parents out there, what’s the hardest thing you’ve had to deal with? What kind of dog do you have? xoxo

29 thoughts on “FAQs: Zoe”

  1. So fun to see that sweet puppy face on the blog! Such a cutie. My hubs & I have a truly adorable, sweet beagle/basset hound. He has his moments (loves to follow his nose & get in trouble) but we can’t imagine life without him!

  2. I haven’t had a puppy in quite some time (been five years), but one of the harder things was just getting Lily to calm down. She still has a lot of puppy tendencies, but she had. so. much. energy. She’s still full of life, but now she’s much more calm.

  3. Zoe is such a cutie! My husband and I don’t have a dog of our own (yet!), but our family pup, Emma, belongs to my sister (who also has 2 human children). She’s an adorable little Maltese who is turning 9 right before Christmas.

  4. Ashley says:

    What a sweet pup! My husband now knows better than to even let me enter a pet store… I think we’d come home with a dog of our own too. (:

    My dream dog is to have a golden retriever, because that’s what I had growing up. I know plenty of people who’ve adopted great dogs though, so we’re open to any kind of pup. Glad you found Zoe!

  5. What a gorgeous puppy! Such a cutie. I just got a new puppy myself this august and it is way more work than I excited but such a new joy in my life!

  6. Brittany H. says:

    My fiancé and I have had our sweet Lola for almost a year now. She just turned a year old a month ago. She is a black beagle/boxer mix and is as sweet as can be. However, like you guys, at first we were overwelmed with the demands of an energetic puppy! Now, we couldn’t imagine our lives without her. Of course she is still full of energy and still loves to get in some mischief…but she is a part of our family and we love her so much!!

  7. Lauren says:

    We actually gave ours back after the first week because I felt so guilty leaving him home alone during the day while we were working. A day later we went back and got him.

    Puppies are so much work! But a year later we are so happy to have him. And even though it feels like it isn’t, the potty training and whimpering in the crate gets so much better!

    Zoe is so gorgeous! We’ve got a yorkie named Pacino. (like Al Pacino)

  8. Kristin Rose says:

    I love your post on your pup! She is soo adorable. My husband and I adopted a dog several years ago. We originally though we wanted a young puppy, but we came across an incredible little dog that was 6 years old named Ryder who had been abandon and neglected for most of his life. So we wanted to give him the best second half of his life as possible and we could not be more happy with our choice. The one thing we have had issues with is his bred (he is part pit bull like most rescues from LA). He is the sweetest dog who would not hurt a thing, but so many people have said hurtful things directly to my face because of his breeding. I wish people would not be so ignorant and realize that is is normally bad owners and not the type of dog that will cause bad temperament.

  9. Laura says:

    She is adorable! I love my collie-sheltie puppy!

  10. Julie says:

    We have a one eyed blind pup named Marley! When we adopted him he had two eyes and could see perfectly, poor guy has been given a raw deal. I felt the same way the first week we had him…I couldn’t stand his humping, biting and chewing everything. I totally wanted to give him back, but I am so grateful Eric told me that wasn’t an option. Marley is the true testament to resiliency, patience and unconditional love.

    I ADORE ZOE!! She is a beauty. ;)

  11. kate says:

    Zoe is so so cute! Those ears! I am happy to hear you say you thought you made a mistake too, I had the same reaction at first! I thought I’d pushed my hubby and I into something that was too soon, we got our pup just 4 months after getting married – and he’s quite a handful even now! The biggest thing for us is that we bought new living room furniture when we moved in and he literally can’t be left alone or we worry he’ll wreck it! Which can be really time consuming! He’s crated when we’re not home, and we have him baby-gated into two rooms only. He’s a bloodhound, and super slobbery too so there’s a lot of clean up. He just got neutered so we are hope hope hoping that helps calm him a little bit. He’s 80lbs and growing! But we love him so much, and he’s like our baby! We might be those crazy dog people now, my instagram feed is flooded with pics of him constantly :) I’m glad to hear others go through an adjustment period too, some of our friends have puppies who were perfect from the start! We are starting intermediate training at PetSmart this week (we did puppy training through our vet)…so we’ll see how that goes! I think Zoe should make more appearances on the blog! :)

  12. awww very cute :d australian cattle dogs and blue heelers are the same breed of dog, just different name ;)she looks like she has a bit of sheperd in her but without a body shot its hard to tell.

    we have a crazy collie, who wasn’t really that bad of a puppy, just threw up on me on the car ride home :p

  13. Kris says:

    Hi Rhi! I’m so happy you finally blogged about Zoe, I love seeing all her adorable pics on Insta! She’s a sweetheart!

    My husband and I got Sophie, a little white Maltese, in March of this year and she’s definitely stolen our hearts. We felt the exact same way you did, and honestly puppies are no joke! They are tons of work and great practice for parents to be. I love my sleep too and boy have I lost sleep because of Soph. I can’t believe she’s already going to be one year old on Jan 9th. She’s a little thing, weighing in about 5 lbs but we love her to death and can’t imagine our lives without her. Maybe in the next year or so we’re thinking of getting a little playmate for her, but we’ll see :)

    Sophie sends her love to Zoe!

  14. Zoe is seriously the cutest thing. And I love your honesty about how hard it was at first and how you were left wondering how in the world you would have kids. Sometimes I ask the same question about our silly kitties. But like with anything, it just takes practice. And resilience! Thanks for sharing your baby with us! xo

  15. michaela says:

    Cutest pup ever :) Love her so much. Can’t wait to meet her someday. Hope says hello to Z!

  16. Alyssa says:

    What a beauty! My boyfriend and I adopted our dog, Sprout, from a shelter. When we were driving home from the airport (he was in TX and we live in Boston), I had the sudden thought of ‘what if this is too much responsibility for us?’ but Sprout made the perfect addition to our little family. He brings so much joy to our lives! Funny how they can make such a difference in your life, isn’t it? :)

  17. Nicole says:

    I just want to give her a huge snuggle. :) Our “baby” is a cocker spaniel. Bella lived with me at my Mom’s house, but now that Ty has a house of his own she has moved in with him! I won’t live there until we get married in March, but we hang out there as a “family” all the time and, I swear, if someone saw the way we interact with her they would think we’ve gone looney tunes. I’m convinced a dog is a child in sweeter form. ;) Haha! Just kidding… Bella will be a sweet big sister to a real babe one day!

  18. nicole says:

    she’s gorgeous.

    those first few nights. you want to just wrap them up in your love, but they’re scared about being in a new place, especially since they weren’t in the greatest of places before your home. earning their trust and love can be a hard few days/weeks/months but the outcome of having that bond and knowing you made a pup’s life that much better. priceless.

    wouldn’t trade my rescue dog for the world :)

  19. amber baxley says:

    What a cutie pie! I have a border collie and I think what I have had to adjust to the most is the amount of energy he has. He is always up bright and early and it’s nearly impossible to wear him out. When he was a puppy he chewed EVERYTHING, and I mean everything….sofa arm, computer cords, wood trim, socks…luckily he grew out of that. He is the sweetest thing and loves to cuddle so it makes it all worth it in the end. :)


  20. Vika Moka says:

    NIce to meet you Zoe ! Oh my, look at those eyes … As a colleague of mine would say whenever she sees the photo of a cute little pet : “Awwww, I’m dying of cuteness” ^ . ^

  21. Liesl says:

    This was the perfect introduction to the new member of your family…love al your pictures of Zoe on Instagram, especially the one next to that lovely grey and cream zebra rug, love it! :)

  22. Laicie says:

    Oh Rhi, I’m in love! That has to be the cutest picture ever taken. I can never seem to get a really great shot of my little guy, he moves so fast! He’s a yorkie, and I have to say the toughest thing about being his mommy is that he’s a little too protective… he’s like a little sergeant marching around the house and barking at passersby — and on walks he does the same! — little do folks know he’d do nothing more than lick them to death… he always sounds like he’s trying to pick a fight haha. :)

  23. Shalyn says:

    ZOE ZOE! I’m so glad we got to meet on Skype! She’s the cutest! I love the both of you! Piper and Furlee send their licks her way! :)

  24. Holly says:

    Zoe is the cutest, I definitely see some German Sheppard in there too, especially with those ears on her! We have a Norfolk Terrier named Gracie. We’ve had her for about a year now & absolutely love her! The hardest part when we initally got her was the potty training. It was a real struggle for a few months – but so worth all the hard work now! Dogs are such amazing animals, I don’t know wha twe’d do without ours & I’m sure you feel the same way about Zoe, too!

  25. Lori says:

    Love those ears and those eyes! It’s about time she got her own post!! lol My little Molly is a Boston Terrier. I have said that I do not just love this dog ~ I am in love with her. I truly have unconditional love for her and would jump in front of a truck to save her…. She is 5 1/2 now but I think the hardest thing we have had to deal with is when she was younger she would get sick every spring because she eats everything. She would end up at the vet every time than on a bland diet. It is hard to deny her treats when all she can have is rice and boiled chicken or beef. Although we don’t have kids I do believe that having a puppy prepares you for parenthood ~ just sayin! xo

  26. Bria says:

    What a cutie! She actually looks really similar to my dog (I’m Australian) and she’s a Kelpie cross with a Border Collie. That results in a sort of German Sheppard look. I don’t see the Blue Heeler in her at all though!

  27. Ben H says:

    I am completely mesmerized by the pups face, this image is absolutely perfect. Great share.

  28. cindy says:

    Zoe is so sweet and looks a little like the blue version of our red heeler, Jezebel…whom we found at a pets smart adoption day too! They are an incredibly loyal, tough, and protective breed. They love their people. We also have a chihuahua-poodle-terrier mix named Luxe. Whenever we are around other dogs Jezebel will herd them away from little Luxe, it’s hilarious.
    Puppies are a TON of work…but, well worth it! Aside from the random accidents (usually my fault for getting distracted when I should take them out), them getting ill or injured is the hardest. Luxe had to spend 2 days at the MSU Small Animal Hospital this year for a random disease we found she had (IMHA) and it was more heartbreaking than we could have ever imagined (she’s on the mend and okay now). Despite their many ridiculous needs, plus weird dog anxiety and neurosis, our pups are truly a part of the fam.

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