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Nov 20

Pep-Talk Tuesday {What You Do Is Important}

A couple months ago I was sitting on the couch being a really big baby. After much prodding like usual, I explained to my inquiring husband that I felt my job was a frivolous one. Despite working the hardest I’ve ever worked in my life, while having to learn so much about running my own business, and working on weekends when it feels like everyone is resting, at the end of the day I was feeling guilty and sorry for myself because my job felt unimportant. Honestly guys, here I was sulking to myself because there’s people cooped up in labs fighting cancer and people trenching through floods to get food to hurricane victims, and I’m over here cutting thorns off of roses so the peonies in the latest centerpiece mock up won’t feel so lonely. Oy.

My husband being the incredibly wise and handsome piece of man he is told me, “But babe, you ARE important! You are helping people stay sane and as stressfree as possible on one of the biggest days of their lives. That counts for something, that has to count for a lot, right?” And wham it hit me straight in the face like a healthy dose of gold glitter. I am important to my clients. I’m important to my client’s parents. And I do important work for the people who see the value in what I do. You know what I really love about weddings and being a part of them? It’s a tiny window of opportunity for all involved to feel something so greatly beyond comprehension. I get to seize that small time frame and fancy it up beyond people’s expectations.

This was something that held me back internally when I first started my business. Instead of running forward, eyes focused on the goal at hand, I was running at half-pace, trying to focus on what everyone else was doing, namely my classmates who were finding careers in the field we had all spent the past six years studying and learning about. They were going on to be story-tellers, purveyors of the latest, they were going to SAVE THE WORLD with breaking news and be the first to let everyone know about this, that and the other that was unfolding in our realm, and all at once I felt like this wedding planning stuff was too fluffy. But you know what I realized finally? That some people are made to sit at the anchor desk telling the news, some people are meant to fight cancer and that yes, some people are meant to help aid victims of natural disasters and so much more.

But what I do is important, too. Even if it does means pondering over the perfect shade of ribbon for far too long.

Plus I get to share the excitement with my clients when they get back their gorgeous wedding photos, from photographers who also have very important jobs. That lovely bride and groom would have to be the sweet Claire and Doug who were hitched in Chicago this past September. Hands down Claire and Doug are the kindest people you’ll ever meet and their big day absolutely ran the smoothest of any event I’ve ever done. Working with Geoff and Lisa from The Goodness was such an honor. Can’t wait to share more with you all from their stunning Newberry Library celebration. You’re going to adore it all! xoxo

16 thoughts on “Pep-Talk Tuesday {What You Do Is Important}”

  1. Lisa says:

    Rhi, what you create is the reminder to people that life and love is oh so wonderful!! Speaking as an overly sensitive journalism student who has a habit of crying over sad newspaper articles, I can hardly wait to rush over to the wedding blogs when I’m done with the New York Times and remember that there is so much beauty in the world too. And that, my sweet friend, is much thanks to you! :)

  2. Rhi, you are such an inspiration to me! What you do is soooo significant to so many people and dont ever forget that hun! I know there will be times when the sad bug will take a bite out of you but dont forget how amazing you are and everything amazing that you do!

  3. Alexa says:

    Awwww….sometimes we all feel that way I think. And it’s those in our life that can help bring us back a bit. You are a huge inspiration!

  4. It is important to have someone like you working magic on your client’s big day! You let couples LIVE their day and not worry about the details! XO

  5. Lauren says:

    Of course you and your job are important! Imagine the kind of world we’d live in if everyone did what they were passionate about. I picture a lot of beauty and a lot of happy people :) You are definitely an inspiration. xo

  6. ashley says:

    we can’t ALL be brain surgeons, like me, rhi. it’s just a fact. lol. but seriously, i know how you feel and your man is right – it IS important. what’s more important is the love, dedication, passion, and focus you bring to your job. sometimes i think it’s less important what we do than how we do it.

  7. Being a planner is hugely important. You make a huge impact on one of the most important day of people’s lives. You get to share in so much joy and you get to meet so many amazing people. Don’t get yourself down. As Maya Angelou said- “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” And by planning a wedding, you make a couple feel so special, cherished, and loved. : )

  8. Sara says:

    I’ve been following you forever and I stop by your blog often, but I have never commented until now. I just wanted to share that you are certainly important, and I don’t think you know the depth at which your work inspires people! People like me! I’m not a wedding planner or a bride (anymore; I got married more than a year ago), but nevertheless, I LOVE your blog. I’m INSPIRED by you. I’m in AWE of you! And the same way you may be looking at those classmates thinking, “Wow, look at what they’re accomplishing!” I’m here to tell you, there are people–myself being one of them–looking at you, thinking that very same thing. Rock on, Rhi! I’m rooting for you!

  9. Margaret says:

    Rhi, I think you are awesomely important. :) You are not just helping out couples on the biggest day of their lives, but you are encouraging and inspiring others with your god-given talents. You are living your true purpose. You just can’t go wrong with that, you can’t. People like you, like Lara Casey, Emily Ley, Abby Larson, Jess Lively, Gabrielle Berstein.. just a few of my favorite inspirational women who are creating uplifting communities through their passion and talent. It doesn’t really matter if it’s wedding planning, design, photography, entrepreneurship, health advice.. it’s the passion and energy you bring. You all “own your space” in this world. Now don’t you ever second guess yourself again little missy! ;) P.S. If I was a millionaire I would totally fly you to Oklahoma to be my day of planner!

  10. Margaret says:

    Oops – I meant Gabrielle Bernstein, not Berstein. :)

  11. Nora Rose says:

    You are amazing! :) People pay a lot of money to therapists for less stress. ;)

  12. marlene says:

    i read your blog regularly but this post just prompted me to comment! i’m a vascular surgery resident – i work 80+ hours a week, spend most of my time dealing with very very sick patients and frequently see people die and have to talk to their families about it. It’s rewarding work, yes, but you know what? The more I work and the more time I spend doing this, the more I realize how important people like YOU are in the world. You can save people’s lives, but you can’t save their spirits. You add joy, inspiration, revelry in beautiful things, happiness and appreciation to people’s lives and honestly I think that’s just as important as people who have jobs that you’ve listed as “critical.” I think society tends to overlook the CRITICAL nature of those engaged in aesthetics and the arts and improving the quality of relationships and meaningful experiences. I know that for me, reading design blogs, creative writing and playing music are some of the things that keep me going on a daily basis…and the world would be such a boring, ugly, depressing place without talented people like you. You matter!!

  13. Michelle says:

    I’ve had those very same thoughts! I actually felt guilty in college for choosing an art degree as opposed to something in science. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Nicole Rene says:

    I adore your work! And I must say this post was really cute and funny! I am very new to the wedding planning business and I can see what you mean… but at the end of the day you have to remember that sometimes it’s about what makes you happy. And you should feel very lucky that you get PAID to do what excites you and makes you happy! I can honestly say being a recent college grad and having friends who yeah, might get paid more than me at their boring desk jobs are all jealous because I get to live what I love on a daily basis! So you are important!!! AND one of the lucky ones! :)

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