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Dec 19

The BIG Relaunch Giveaway!

Guys, first of all thank you so much for yesterday. I am actually exhausted today from all of the love and support given through the blog, facebook, twitter and of course all of the cards, gifts, texts, calls, and emails. I had no idea the new look would be so well received and I am just thrilled to end 2012 on this positive note. I’m in the process of putting together my 2012 Wrap Up post (like I did last year here) and I can’t wait to add this week to it. But today I have even more good stuff to share and it’s that the huge giveaway I’ve been planning in celebration of the relaunch is OPEN.

Basically one lucky reader is going to win a Hey Gorgeous Events tote. And that tote bag as shown above is literally filled with incredible goodies from some of the best vendors and artists in the industry. Next week I’ll be blogging photos of the items going into the bag but let’s just say there’s something custom from Oatmeal and Lace, something cozy from Plum Pretty Sugar, something lovely for your iPhone from Emily Ley, something to send notes on from both Anastasia Marie Cards and Lemon and Lavender, something to dazzle in your ears from Vatne Designs and something to hold from Palomas Nest. There may be a few goodies in there from The Caramel Jar and Big Yellow Dog Designs too.

Yes. One person will win ALL OF THAT. I could do cartwheels about it!

So to enter it’s easy peasy. Go be a fan of the Hey Gorgeous Events facebook page. And leave a comment below letting me know what your most excited about for 2013. For extra entries you can tweet the giveaway but you have to include one of the above vendors in your tweet for it to count! You can also update your facebook status and include one of the above vendors in that status as well, for another extra entry. Next week I’ll be sure to share lots of gorgeous photos of all the stunning items sitting in that bag for one lovely lady to get her hands on. Talk about the perfect gift!

Happy giveaway day, blogettes! Let’s do this. Photo by Kelly Braman.

340 thoughts on “The BIG Relaunch Giveaway!”

  1. Hi Rhi! I’ve been following you for some time here and on Facebook and you’re such a huge inspiration to me – I’m launching my own event planning biz in early 2013 (so OBVIOUSLY that’s what I’m most excited about)! Best wishes to you and your awesome biz in the new year! xo

  2. Cassie says:

    Eeeks, I’m so excited! The new site is absolute perfection and the giveway makes me giddy :)

    I think I’m already a fan of the facebook page, because I liked it awhile back-that makes me a fan right?

    I’m most looking forawrd to really simplifying my life in 2013. Committing to the hard work it takes to do that and really making some big changes!

  3. Nora Rose says:

    I’m most excited for more time with my friends, family, and kittens!!

  4. Elise says:

    I am so excited for you and the HGE re-launch, everything is absolutely beautiful! I am most excited to be marrying my best friend in 2013, and am beyond stoked to see what amazing and fabulous pretties you come up with for our flowers and all of the other sweet touches! Congrats Rhi!

  5. Chelsey M says:

    ah! everything looks so wonderful! i am already a facebook fan, and a twitter follower, so i will be sure to tweet/fb etc all the excitement! In 2013, I am most looking forward to marrying my best friend and celebrating our love with family and friends!!!

  6. This looks so amazing! Your hard work and beautiful rebrand process have inspired through your entire journey.

    For 2013, I’m looking forward to living a fulfilled life doing what I love to do! Looks like you’ll be doing the same :)

  7. NIcole Hess says:

    What I am looking forward to the most in 2013 is my husband graduating from college. He worked to support our family and allow me to be a stay at home mom until March of this year when he suffered a severe back injury and could no longer keep his job. He jumped into school, and has worked so hard to get through it for his family that he is due to graduate 4 months ahead of schedule. I am so proud of all he has done! I can’t wait to celebrate with him when he graduates from college for the 2nd time :)

  8. Geri Coates says:

    I am SUPER excited about the birth of my second child, another baby boy. Happiness :-D

  9. Andrea says:

    I look forward to new opportunities, business growth, and my first full year as a mrs. in 2013!

  10. Really, I’m just obsessed with the new site & commenting on this blog.

    My heart can’t even truly handle all the expectation I have for 2013. 2012 was about Hope & going into 2013, my heart couldn’t be more full of it. BUT! The real excitement for 2013? The belief I just can’t seem to get out of my head?

    In 2013, I will be the exception to the rule.


  11. Christine says:

    That photo sure has a lot of pretty in it (that logo, that skirt, you!). I am looking forward to good times with family and friends and watching my baby girl grow!


  12. Congratulations on your re-launch! What an exciting time of year. I look forward to building memories with my family and friends, making progress on my own goals & dreams & celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary!

  13. I am most excited to win that prize bag! :) A new year is always exciting, I look forward to new adventures, fresh starts, successes and even failures, and the idea that we really don’t know what the next year will bring but that we’ll go at it full force and try to rock it like always!

  14. Katherine says:

    Im most looking forward to your new blogs and wedding pictures! I can’t get enough, keep up the good work!:)

  15. nicole says:

    EEK! I’m excited a) for your big relaunch and b) for my baby boy who’s going to be joining our family this spring!!!

  16. Megan says:

    Hi Rhi,

    I am wedding planning who has been following you for a while now and I just love everything about what you do! You have been a great mentor without even knowing it. I am most excited about 2013 being my biggest wedding season yet!

  17. Rachael says:

    I’m most excited for my upcoming wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii next September!!! Can’t wait!

  18. Susan C. says:

    I LOVE the new look of the site, it’s gorgeous!

    I am most looking forward to marrying the man of my dreams in 2013! Having him in my life has made me happier than I ever dreamed of and I can’t wait for him to be my husband!

  19. Leika says:

    I’m already a fan on Facebook! I love the new site and branding!! In 2013, I am most excited about making big goals happen!

  20. Kris Westman says:

    I’m looking forward to getting married in May! (Loving the new brand look – nice work Rhi and team)! :)

  21. Mariya says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog! It’s very beautiful and the work that you do! Don’t give up and keep doing your best :)

  22. Ashley says:

    So excited for your re-launch! I already loved reading all your posts, now they are even more beautiful!

    For 2013, I’m most excited for my transition into working for myself! I told my day job boss that come January 11 I can only work part time and if that is not a good fit for them then I will have to leave my position. I am excited and nervous to hear if they accept, but either way it is in God’s hands now. Can’t wait to spend my days creating beautiful things like you do!

  23. Margaret says:

    Oh goodness this looks lovely! I’m excited to keep following your beautiful blog throughout 2013, I have a feeling it’s going to be a good year!

    I’m already a fan on Facebook! :)

  24. Mariya says:

    I forgot to write what I am most excited for 2013 in my last comment, so here it is. I am excited to start off fresh for a new year. I am excited to achieve new goals, strive to accomplish more tasks, and live life to the fullest. I am going back to college as well, so I am hoping to do well and exceed in my classes :)
    Thanks for this giveaway!!

  25. Cyn says:

    I am so excited to work with some amazing clients in 2013! I feel so lucky to do what I do an I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a great year…especially for you girlfriend! So proud of you!!

  26. Rhian says:

    I am most excited for the first full year of marriage! And finally having time to craft stuff for our house!

  27. Alyssa says:

    I’m so excited and blessed to marry my love in April! After 6 years of being together, it will be a dream come true to become his wife.

    I also have a few more HGE inspired DIY projects I will be working on for the wedding as well. :)

  28. I love the new blog design! It looks beautiful! I can’t wait for a fresh start to 2013 and continuing to grow my nutrition business. I signed up for Marie Forleo’s B school and can’t wait!

  29. mariana says:

    congrats and i wouldn’t mind winning this oh-so fancy tote! 2013 will be a very exciting year for my husband and i where everything we have worked so hard on will come through. but what i am looking forward to the most is having more time to spend as a family. go on dinner and a movie type dates and be able to spend lazy sundays together. xoxo, m!

  30. Jackie Q says:

    I liked your HeyGorg facebook page :)

    and for 2013, I’m most excited to finish grad school and get a real job so I can quit being a damn receptionist and waitress. I’m doing what I gotta do, but I know that I’m made for more than this!

  31. Jackie Q says:

    and I tweeted about the giveaway, including Plum Pretty Sugar in it :) I’m @wildchild_jack on there.

    Oh, and on Facebook, I’m Jackie Quigley.

  32. Lindsey says:

    I’m looking forward to some fun and much needed travel plans :) love the new site, it looks fabulous!

  33. Aubri Duran says:

    I’m excited about my husband graduating with his masters in May and the trip we will take after!

  34. Kim Percival says:

    GORGEOUS new brand & sites. Huge congratulations to you!!

  35. Shawna says:

    2013! I love the number 3 and look forward to a fresh new year of pretty things, happiness and letting go of the small stuff. Love ya Rhi xo

  36. Lindsay says:

    Love, love, love the new site design. Congrats! Pending the outcome of 12/21/12, I can’t wait to plan my wedding and, given currnet events, I look forward to a new outlook on life that emphasizes giving and helping others.

  37. Samantha Fennig says:

    Hey Rhi, your new site looks lovely! I adore the soft water color touches in the backgroun, so you! Besides all things pretty I’m mostly in awe of how inspirational you are. You’re posts make me believe I too can move mountains! I think that’s one of the most special gifts you give your readers.

    During the next year I’m most looking forward to taking more risks and putting myself and my design talents out there more then ever… Trying harder not being afraid people won’t take what I love to do seriously.

    This will also be shared on twitter, you deserve every praise out there my dear!

  38. Jen says:

    “2013” brings lots of happiness for me as did 2012…I am getting married in March and could not be any more excited!!

  39. Kris says:

    Ooooo what an awesome giveaway, I hope I win! In 2013 I’m most excited to celebrate our 1st full year of marriage and finally having time to do things around the house and plan for a future family with my new hubby :)
    P.S. Of course I’m a fan of hey gorg on facebook too!

  40. Laura says:

    I am most excited to start photographing weddings in 2013….also me and the huz are planning a Europe trip to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, SO excited!

  41. Ashley says:

    The thing I look forward to most next year is launching my own new business and finally going on our honeymoon! Congrats Rhi, super happy for you!

  42. Blakely says:

    I’m most excited to launch my business PS I Love You Events in February of 2013! The new branding is aaaaaamaaaaazing! So happy for you.

  43. Sara Lucas says:

    I am most excited for planning my wedding with you in 2013!

  44. Caitlin Mercer says:

    There are many things I’m excited about for 2013, but by far the one I’m the most excited about is…my wedding! I’m getting married on May 24th and after 5 year with one heck of a great man. Three cheers for love! <3

  45. Alyssa says:

    Such an amazing giveaway! I am looking forward to tying the knot with my fiance in 2013! Oh Happy Day!

  46. Lisa says:

    Of course I’m a facebook fan! I am SO excited about 2013 because I’ll be graduating and starting to do what I love full-time. I get giddy just thinking about it!

  47. Jordan Blakley says:

    Hi Rhi!! Liked you on FB!!! Any way I can get more HGE is awesome!!!! I love, love, love your blog! In 2013, I will get to watch my baby niece start growing up!! I absolutely cannot wait to do my best to be a strong role model for her!!!

  48. Holly says:

    I’ve already been a fan on fb! In 2013 I am most looking forward to getting married to the love of my life!

  49. Donna O'Neil says:

    Great job on the site. I am excited about the new addition to our family in 2013!

  50. jean says:

    i would love to win this! what i’m most excited about in 2013 is having a baby, i’m due may 29th!!!

  51. Tiffany says:

    Love goodie bags!!! And that skirt!! Loving forward to new adventures in 2013!

  52. Stacy says:

    I am most looking forward to enjoying the aftermath of being married – no more wedding to plan, just quality time…

  53. Caitlin says:

    I am excited to move into a new home, where ever it may be : )

  54. Angela Alpaugh says:

    I am a fan of the HGE Facebook page. I am most excited in 2013 as a newlywed for my husband and I to hopefully start a family!

  55. Jackie says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of yours for a while now. Your eye for detail is incredible. What I’m most excited about in 2013 is my WEDDING on 5.3.13. I cannot wait to marry my fiance. Your website, facebook page & instagram have been so helpful/such an inspiration in helping me achieve the look/vibe I’m going for. Thanks for sharing your talent with us all. Wishing you the best in 2013.

  56. Rhi!! I’ve been following your journey for years and I totally feel like we’re friends. I am SO incredibly happy for your gorgeous launch. You are doing BIG things and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you next.

    I can’t wait for 2013 – after buying a house, getting married, pregnant, and having a baby in 2011-2012 I’m ready to focus on enjoying it all. :)

  57. Lauren says:

    The new site looks so incredibly gorgeous! So glad the archive section is up! I’ve wanted to take a look at your desserts :)

    What a generous giveaway! Honestly I would be happy with the tote only! But all the gorgeous vendor gifts too?! You ladies are all too amazing!

    2013 – I’m most excited for the changes to come. I know it’s going to be a pretty exciting year ;)

  58. The new site is just absolutely…GORGEOUS!!! LOVE it!

    As for what I am most excited for in 2013…our little cupcake that is due on our anniversary! :)


  59. Emily Overholt says:

    I love the new look for the site; it’s so classy and quirky! I am most excited to marry my best friend this March and get started on our life together.

  60. Vika Moka says:

    I liked the Hey Gorgeous Events Facebook page but I wish there would be a ‘like’ button just for your new perfect website ! I have never seen such a pretty (and functional) one like this !

    I’m just excited to see what 2013 has in store for us: nothing’s planned yet, we just go with the flow as we are expecting my boyfriend to finally get a kidney transplant. We’ll just try to make every moment count. It’s the most important, isn’t it ?

    Wishing you a lovely evening and a lot of excitement for 2013 !

  61. Sara says:

    So much fun!! I’m most excited about the new start every year offers. I hope this one will be full of making love stronger and lots of adventures.

  62. Victoria Derrick says:

    2013 — More wisdom, more adventures, family growing, the good, the bad, the ugly. I say I’m most excited about life experiencing.

    I’m of curse a fan on Facebook and follow along on Twitter. (shared away the giveaway via both)

  63. Vika Moka says:

    Oh, and I have updated my FB status ’cause I’m excited that Anastasia Marie cards are included in the Hey Gorgeous Events tote ! I have been following her blog for quite some time now and she always comes up with the cutest DIYs and weekend posts ! (https://www.facebook.com/amokaday)

  64. Frances says:

    I can’t wait for all to come in 2013! My husband and I just relocated back to the same side of the country as all of my family, can’t wait to spend time with them whenever we want! CONGRATS ON THE RELAUNCH, i love it!

  65. Megan says:

    I like your FB page and the thing I am most looking forward to in 2013 is marrying my amazing fiance! 101 days! :)

  66. Christina says:

    Oh my gosh what a fantastic giveaway! I all ready follow you on Facebook :) & am SO excited for 2013 cos my husband and I own a photography business and will be shooting our first weddings next year!!

  67. Amy Cordova says:

    What I look forward to most in 2013 is welcoming baby #2 to our family! Browsing the new site brings brightness to my day as I lay in bed fighting all day morning sickness :)

  68. Lena says:

    What a fabulous giveaway to celebrate the big launch–you really are the sweetest!

    In 2013, I’m looking forward to Champagne a plenty (I’ve already picked out the bottles we’ll be drinking on December 31st!) and lots more pretty–with a big dose of health, happiness and love. xoxoxo

  69. Nicole says:

    I’m still giddy over all the prettiness going on over here. I LOVE it, friend! I’m excited to marry my love in 2013. :) I know it is going to be an incredible year full of love and laughter and learning. I can’t wait to go home with him on March 8th and begin our lives together. Bring it on, 2013!

  70. Josie says:

    Hey Rhi!
    I really love your work and most of all your vision of life. I sometimes feel like i’m reading my minds when i see your posts on the blog. So for 2013 i’m really excited cause i am looking forward to open a shop on etsy (i’m a big crafter always looking to create pretty things), create my blog, and try my best to launch an event and floral styling boutique…
    you are definitely a sweet girl.

  71. Gina says:

    Wow and bravo Rhi… these are the words when I go through your website… this is such a great way to “say goodbye” to 2012! No doubt! Bravo! You deserve it!
    As for me… well, 2012 was one of the hardest and surprising years of my life. My wish for 2013 is: enjoy my condition as a mother (that will be happening in March 2013) and enjoy, BELIEVE and be happy with myself and celebrate every day of the new year to come… because now I know that I am powerful beyond measure!
    BELIEVE that’s my word for 2013! Thank you, Rhi for sharing your path and all the lovely things you do!

  72. Malia says:

    For the year 2013, I’m just excited for all the new things to come, it’ll be a great year :)

  73. Ciera says:

    The site is so beautiful, congrats! For 2013 I am most excited about making my business priority! My main focus for 2013 is going to be my business; Refining my process, working with the perfect clients, designing products for my Etsy shop, working with an accountant, producing an e-course and lots of other things to get my business where I want it!

  74. im excited to be relocating to the east coast from seattle!

  75. CamilleAZ says:

    I’m a fan on FB. I’m most excited to marry my best friend this year! Yay 2013!

  76. Yuri says:

    First of all congrats on new site it’s amazing!! Hard work always pays off :) and thank you so very much for this spectacular giveaway!
    I am excited about 2013, a new job, first anniversary, and vacation!

  77. brandi says:

    omg how exciting! I would love love love the tote bag full of goodies!
    I am most excited to move to FLORENCE Italy! The Hubs and I are moving in 4 weeks and I just can’t imagine what our new lives will be like! we have lived in CA in a two mile radius for 29 years and I am so excited to venture out. and in ITALY! EEK!

    So excited for you!

  78. Amy says:

    I’m a fan on fb! And I love the new look!

    I’m looking forward to settling into our home and some new career opportunities in 2013. I hope it’s even better than 2012!

  79. Alicia says:

    I’m looking forward to helping plan my little sister’s wedding in 2013 and sharing with her all the sweet inspiration I received being a fan of Hey Gorg on facebook while planning my own!

  80. Chloe says:

    The new brand looks and feels beautiful! I’m so happy you’ve seen this through and reaped the benefits of the MANY hours of introspection it takes! Bravo!

    In 2013 I’m looking forward to continued good health, a new job and concentrating on making more memories with family and friends!

  81. kfloveinme says:

    Wowzer! Nice giveaway!
    I am loving the new design..Congrats!
    In 2013, I’m most excited about marrying the sweetest man in Los Cabo, starting my own business, and continuing my healthy streak! ;)

  82. Emily K. says:

    I liked Hey Gorgeous events on fb! For 2013, I am most excited about finishing my second year of veterinary school and being halfway done! I am also excited for an externship I’m doing in Boston, and going to visit my bf in NY!

  83. Laura says:

    I am super excited for 2013 as I am pretty sure it will be a year of discovering where I want to go career wise! Scary but exciting! (I’ve told you before, but I’m saying it again, RHI the site is amazing!

  84. Lady Di says:

    Excited to grow and see what 2012 has in store.

    Cheers to a New Year!

  85. Lady Di says:

    Excited to grow and see what 2013 has in store.

    Cheers to a New Year!

  86. bree says:

    I am so excited to marry my sillly, sweet, & hunky best friend this July 5th!
    Congratulations on your tremendous rebranding launch!
    Warm regards!

  87. Heather C says:

    2013 is an extremely exciting year! Not only am I going to graduate high school and begin college, but my sister is delievering my new neice/nephew into this world!

  88. Nicki says:

    Rhi, your re-launch is beautiful! Congratulations!! I am a “fan” on Facebook. In 2013, I am looking forward to getting out of my own way and making some big stuff happen! It’s going to be an amazing year! Cheers!

  89. Eliza says:

    I couldn’t be happier for you! This all came together so beautifully :) I’ve been a Hey Gorg fan on FB for quite some time! I’m mostly looking forward to settling in during 2013. 2012 brought unimaginable changes to our lives and it’s time for things to settle down a bit. Thank you for hosting this and know that all across the country we’re cheering you on + wishing you immeasurable success! xoxo! eliza

  90. Megan says:

    You know i have been a fan of fb, and YOU for forever!! SO proud of you my love..everything is gorgeous..just like you ;) This giveaway is amazing..and perfect timing..since you know..im getting married and all… ;) LOVE YOU

  91. I’m most excited for the all of the possibilities in 2013. So much could happen! :)

  92. Whitney says:

    The new website is stunnnnnnnning! Everything is such a huge inspiration, and I want to live in a world of florals designed by Rhi.

    I’m most excited to launch my freelance creative career in 2013. This is my year, baby!

  93. Sara B says:

    Liked you on Facebook and so silly I wasn’t already!! Congrats again on everything, love your site and so excited for all the good things coming your way. I am excited to pursue more of my dreams in 2013, can’t wait to see all that includes :)

  94. Annamarie says:

    Ahh I love this!! Right now I’m most excited about continuing to grow and to figure out what direction I take with my career path!

  95. I’m most excited to get married in 2013 :) and I WISH I could afford your amazing services. I’m getting married November 30, 2o13.. and ever since I got engaged last May I’ve followed your blog. Your style is flawless, and everything I could imagine my wedding to be. Too bad you don’t live in Jersey and are within my budget ;) Thanks for inspiring brides everywhere! Keep up the amazing work!

  96. Keri says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful relaunch! I knew it would be fabulous but I didn’t imagine it would be THIS fabulous : )

    In 2013 I am most looking forward to being a family and spending time with my husband. This past year was filled with the stressors of wedding planning as was the year before that since we got engaged in February of 2011 . I am definitely looking forward to some down time!

  97. Melissa O. says:

    I am most excited about getting married in 2013 to the most amazing man in the world. Planning is fun, but I’m ready to be a wife and super excited about that!!

  98. In 2013, I am most excited about rebranding MYSELF. For too long I’ve been really unhappy in my job, and it has completely affected my personal life. In 2013, I hope to switch professional gears to something I am so passionate about, that my everyday life feels wonderfully fulfilling. Reading about your journey over the past year has really inspired me. Congratulations, Rhi!

  99. Sarah S. says:

    I’m getting married! 2013 will be a great year!

  100. Bri Budlovsky says:

    This is amazing! Thanks for coordinating all of this.

    For the coming year, I have so much to look forward to – a trip to somewhere warm, being a maid of honor for the first time, and some great opportunities at work. Mostly, however, I’m excited to be a new wife – to keep being my husbands rock, for our first anniversary… It’s a big year and life is good!

  101. Taylor Adams says:

    Rhi, Congrats on your RELAUNCH!! Everything is BEAUTIFUL and I’m SO excited for you! I follow you on instagram too and always love your beautiful pictures and can just see how much you’ve grown as a person since i’ve started following your blog in 2011! It’s amazing to see!

    I am most excited about the growth in my husband and I’s business in 2013- personal and financial growth as well. I am also excited to watch our daughter grow and see her turn 3! But I am most excited to see all the people we will help! Cheers to 2013! :)

  102. Brittany Claridge says:

    Rhi- I am ready to follow in your ever inspiring footsteps and finally chase my dreams to put together the most stunning and beautiful weddings… I want to dare to be brave and believe in myself in 2013. Thank you for helping me reach that point…

  103. Ashley says:

    I am most excited to have all my children out of diapers ;) congratulations on your relaunch !!

  104. Michelle says:

    Already a fan! Had a wonderful time at the launch party!!

  105. Woohoo, Rhi!!! This is going to be an amazing year for you :-)

  106. Love the bag and all the goodies inside! I am so proud of you! 2013 is going to be an epic year. Hopefully a new job will relocate us to somewhere beautiful. :) xoxo

  107. Leika says:

    I shared on Facebook, too!!

  108. Jessica Manfrin says:

    IN 2013 I am excited for a sunny vacation with my closest friends!

    Congrats on the re-launch!

  109. Rachel Austin says:

    Hey Gorgeous!
    I am most excited about our honeymoon in Aruba! I am so excited to spend a week with my honey in paradise!
    I love your new look. Kelly Braman did our wedding photography and she is such a doll, and SO talented!
    <3 RJA

  110. Mandy H says:

    Congrats on your relaunch!! I’ve been following your blog for a while and I always find your work amazingly beautiful and inspiring!

    I’m excited for new adventures and more travelling in 2013 :)

  111. Jenn P says:

    Congrats on the Relaunch, Rhi! I’ve been following you here, on FB & instragram for about 8 months now (since I found your DIY ribbon wands while planning our wedding) and I’m so excited for you! :) Everything is so lovely!
    What am I most excited about for 2013? That’s a hard question! I have so much to look forward to, but to name a few- our best friends are getting married in August & we are MOH and BM; experiencing all of the fun the first year of marriage brings & building OUR life- I love being a Mrs.! Possibly embarking on new adventures professionally (you’re a big inspiration for me there!) Also, possibly a move & purchasing our first home!
    Best of luck & warm wishes for a great holiday and Fabulous 2013!

  112. Lauren says:

    Hi Rhi :)
    Have been following your blog since I started planning my wedding earlier this year and although I’m still super bummed out that I couldn’t fulfill my dream of having you as my planner, your site is still a go-to for me to find inspiration for my upcoming nuptials!
    In 2013, I’m most excited to be marrying my bff after 2.5 years of engagement! Gleaning ideas/inspiration off of your site has truly made wedding planning for me all the more exciting- I truly cannot wait for June 29, 2013!
    Congrats to you on the new site- I have a feeling 2013 is going to be a very special year for you as well. I already ‘like’/(love) your FB page and will certainly be tweeting about Lemon and Lavender….I just got back the most gorgeous Save the Date proofs from Ashley :)

  113. Haley says:

    Congrats to you and the beautiful makeover of HGE! It all looks amazing! And your video is too cute.. Who wouldn’t want you to plan their ‘oh so fabulous’ wedding?

    I’m most excited for 2013 because its a fresh start! I’m ready to put the happens of 2012 behind me and look ahead with bright eyes ready to take on the new challenges in front of me!

  114. Lisa says:

    Love the new branding, Rhiannon!
    I have been following your page on Facebook for some time now! In 2013, I’m looking forward to continuing to grow my own business so I can someday call it my full time career! Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  115. Your site is beautiful and definitely a place that is inspiring to all who visit.

    I just launched my business this year, and for 2013 I am super excited to just really define my business brand, as well as start blogging seriously. I’ve had creative ideas overflowing my in my mind, and I can’t wait to get those out into the webosphere!! Congrats again!!

  116. Gemma Ronquillo says:

    Congrats on the relaunch! This site is amazing and such gorgeous work :)

    What am I most excited about for 2013? I’m finally getting hitched ^_^ My boyfriend (and best friend) of 6+ years finally popped the question this past July and we’re planning an ‘elegant rustic’ affair in VT. Sooooo excited!!!

  117. Victoria says:

    I’m most excited about being a wife in the new year!!! My wedding is next weekend! :)

  118. Megan says:

    The new site looks beautiful! I’m excited for the 5th anniversary of dating my boyfriend in 2013. I think something big is in the works!

  119. Melissa says:

    Hi Rhi, I’ve been following your work for a while now through facebook and twitter and I have to tell you that I would really love if we could work together on 2013. Love your style and your attention to detail! Congrats on the relaunch of HGE everything looks amazing! Happy Holidays to you and our family!

  120. Loving your new site — it is so beautiful, fresh & clean! I’m a fan on facebook!!!

    I’m most excited about the launch of my new blog! SO excited for 2013!

  121. Mary Alice Franklin says:

    By far I’m most excited to get married in 2013!!

  122. Margaret says:

    I am excited to GET MARRIED April 6th 2013! :)

  123. Rachael Diericks says:

    Congrats on your new brand! It’s charming and perfect. I have already liked your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter and Pinterest! I just can’t get enough of Hey Gorgeous… In 2013, i plan on looking for event planning internships (hire me? hehe, for real though…) and graduating from Truman State University with a Communications degree. Keep on creating and inspiring!

  124. Bella Mosqueda says:

    I’m most excited to finish my third year of school.
    hope i win xx

  125. Anna says:

    I’m so excited for this following year! It will be the fifth anniversary with my boyfriend, and I think something big is coming!

  126. Ashlie says:

    I LOVE your new site Rhiannon; it’s so beautiful! I hope I can be the winner of your goodie bag!!


  127. Ashlyn says:

    I absolutely love and adore your blog + YOU! I am so excited for this giveaway!

    2013 is going to be a big year for me — I will be graduating in May + will officially be a Physician Assistants! I will also be taking the next BIG step in my life and becoming a big girl :) I am super excited but nervous at the same time! here’s to 2013! x

  128. Lori says:

    Already a fan on FB pretty girl ~ what I am looking forward the most next year is my God daughters graduation from university ~ she is my rock star ~ love her to pieces.

  129. Teri says:

    Congrats on the relaunch! I am already a fan on facebook – I so love your ideas for weddings – gorgeous!

    I am most looking forward to the birth of my second child in May 2013!

  130. As a photographer, I am MOST excited about seeing my business grow in 2013, and meeting the fabulous brides I get to work with!

  131. Nicole says:

    Congrats on the new brand! I’ve loved following your blog/Facebook/Twitter accounts and seeing your excitement come to fruition!

    I am most excited for the unknown of 2013. I know that may sound weird but I have learned this year to just live day-to-day and not stress about the future. It has made an incredible difference for me and I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store :)

  132. Allyson says:

    Next year is going to be the most exciting and eventful year yet… not only will I be marrying an incredible gentleman, I will be graduating from Physical Therapy school, moving to a big city, and starting my first grown up job! 2013… let’s do this!

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  133. merium says:

    I am most excited about finishing my makeup artistry classes and getting my diploma!
    Already a f/b fan!

  134. nasseem says:

    Congrats on the big relaunch! I’ve so enjoyed following your adventures. Gorgeous, indeed.

  135. connie lyu says:

    excited for new adventures, meeting new people and enjoying the ones i already know :)

  136. Louisa says:

    Love your new brand Rhi! Gorgeous! I am most excited that my husband and I are building a new home and moving in this spring! 2013 is going to be a great year! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  137. Bailey Jean says:

    You have a new “like” on Facebook and it’s a wonder I hadn’t done it before! Beautiful relaunch, by the way :)

    And as for 2013, I am most excited to graduate from my university in May to start a new chapter of life and to begin an internship with a local wedding planner!

  138. Kelsey Bjelland says:

    Hi Rhi! I have been following your blog for about a year now and am so in love with the relaunch! You’ve done a beautiful job! In 2013, I’m most excited to (hopefully) get engaged and start planning my wedding!!

  139. MJ Moore says:

    I can’t wait for my brother’s wedding in February! I get to be a bridesmaid for the first time ever!

  140. Ro says:

    Your website is gorgeous! Happy holidays, all.

  141. Taylor Martin says:

    Hi Rhi- I have been following your blog for over a year now and I am just thrilled to follow you through this journey of rebranding! I am most excited about marrying my best friend in 2013. This next year holds a college graduation followed by my wedding follows by beginning a new life as a wife and graduate student! I am so excited to see what this rebrand will do for you as well! Incredible tote bag!:) love!

  142. Jacqui Murray says:

    Hi Rhi! I am very excited and blessed to be welcoming our 2nd baby in 2013 :) congratulations on your relaunch- everything looks just beautiful and you inspire me on a daily basis! Jacqui

  143. Amy Stephens says:

    I am so looking forward to 2013! We have a new baby who we’ll be meeting in May:)

  144. I’m so excited for you and this relaunch Rhi! I’m excited for new prospects on the career and hopefully family front in 2013!

  145. Emily Krook says:

    Hi Rhi!!!

    I have been following you for almost a year now and am continuously blown away by your inspiration and stunning works of art. I am currently a senior in college and am finishing my degree this spring,

    I am also in the event coordinating business and am so thrilled to graduate and start inspiring others and bring their visions to life.

    Thank you for cheering me on everyday. It’s so nice to have such a great mentor. Even if we aren’t personally acquainted, you have helped me immensley throughout my journey. Thank you.


  146. Janet says:

    Rhi, Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you and your new brand. It’s absolutely incredible and perfect for you and your company. So excited!!!

    For 2013 I am looking forward to a refreshing new year and a fabulous wedding in Playa del Carmen for my best friend. :)

  147. Rebecca says:

    I woke up this morning on christmasday excited to be marrying the man Nextto me we just moved to London and I am beyond excited for our life ahead! That’s why 2013 excites me! Xoxo

  148. Lexann Maldonado says:

    In 2013, i am most excited about trying to get into the Wedding and Event Planning business! As a newlywed who planned my entire wedding, I finally found my passion and am so anxious to see what the future will bring. Happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year wishes for you :)

  149. Alison says:

    I’m so excited for the fresh start/optimism that a new year brings! And trips to new and exciting places.

  150. Allison says:

    I’m looking forward to all the adventures that this next year is sure to bring. Thanks for inspiring beauty in each day!

  151. Brittany says:

    Your site is absolutely beautiful! I love the relaunch!
    I’ll be looking forward to a lot of possibilities in 2013 (…including a big move…), and, of course, being surrounded by family, friends, and the loving boyfriend. :)
    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!

  152. Brittany says:

    I think I’m most excited to really get my business going next year :) Congrats again Rhi! xo

  153. Cheryl says:

    Love everything about your site! I’m most excited about 2 things: one sister finally getting married after 12 years with the love of her life, and the other sister having a baby! Did I mention the due date is ten days prior to the wedding?? Crazy life but wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

  154. Priscilla says:

    I just recently stumbled on your Instagram and I am so mesmerized by your work. I am an instant fan. Cheers to you and your success.

  155. Jeanine Salinas says:

    I just discovered this website and I love it! It’s perfect for the current place I am in my life. I am 29 and will turn 30 in 2013. I am most looking forward to buying my first home with my boyfriend. We are both becoming an aunt and uncle too and couldn’t be more thrilled!

  156. Monique says:

    I think I can resonate with all the comments above. I really want to do a relaunch in 2013 and take advantage of every opportunity and possibility the new year has to offer. My husband and I are looking to purchase our first home, and I am want to take my photography to a new level. Thank you for your inspiration, it’s stories like yours that keep us going!

  157. Jes VanSickle says:

    Hi! I am a new follower and would like to say your work is amazing! In the new year I look forward to watching our new son (5months old) grow and to further grow my new photography business. Happy new year <3

  158. Heather Jenkins says:

    I follow on Facebook! I am most excited to grow my new business in 2013! I recently opened an online boutique- http://www.shopellamadison.com :)

  159. Sasha Wilmott says:

    RHI! I’m super duper stoked about 2013 because it’s going to be the BEST year of my life (yet!)!! Big Love, Big Happiness, Big Wealth, & Health! Sharing it all with the people who mean the most to me. And, of course I’m excited about what’s next on your blog :)
    All the best to you for 2013! Bring IT!

  160. I LOVEEEE Your site! I am sooo excited for 2013! Mainly because my husband will be joining me as a 2nd shooter in my business! Can’t wait to capture amazing and beautiful weddings together as a team! <3

  161. Whitney says:

    I am excited to become an aunt and to enjoy everyday in 2013!

  162. Brianne Rempel says:

    I have just recently begun following you on fb and instagram but your honesty has inspired me. In 2013 I am most excited to put my family first and pursue my creative interests! As a self confessed workaholic (managing retail) this year I want to put plans for my own business adventure in action and find a balance for my sweet 3yr old boy….perhaps my hubby and I may even make time for a second!
    Wishing you much luck and continued sucess….. amazing!
    Love from Kelowna, BC


  163. Brittney says:

    2013 is definitely going to be my year!! I get to marry my best friend and the love of my life and we’re getting our first house together!! SO many amazing things to look forward to in 2013!

  164. Jamie Lynn Cummings says:

    I am MOST excited about 2013 because I am marrying my best friend on September 28, 2013!! :) This will be the year that we start our journey together. We will be beginning our own family with a wonderful foundation of our love we share.

  165. Kelli says:

    I’m most excited about the changes to my jewelry business that are on the horizon!!

  166. Sarah Bliss says:

    As 2013 quickly approaches I am most excited to watch my baby girl grow.. She was born on our 1st wedding anniversary! (09.10.11&09.10.12!) also… My baby sister is getting married on 10.25.13 so we have lots of planning to do! We love hey gorg and all your advice and ideas!! Thank you for being so darn cute and such an inspiration! xoxo happy new year!

  167. Kristen says:

    For 2013, I am most excited about bettering myself in anyway possible…being a better wife, being healthier, being a better friend, a better daughter. Just being conscientious of others’ feelings and putting them before my own needs :)

  168. Amy says:

    I can’t wait to launch my new website and to finally be a full time wedding photographer!!!!

  169. Abby says:

    I’m so excited for 2013. I’m beginning a photography business and I feel like this is going to be my year to really get my name out there and get my business underway! Love this giveaway and Hey Gorg! Xoxo

  170. Erin says:

    Hi Rhi!

    I think I am the most excited to graduate from college in May! This next season will be totally different with moving home, and leaving a lot of my friends. But in the midst of unknown and a little freaking out about the future, I’m believing and praying good things are yet to come in 2013 :)

  171. Kassandra says:

    I liked your page on facebook! :) I am looking forward to all the new babies being born in the new year! I will have a few new nieces or nephews! Happy New Year!
    <3 Kastles

  172. Jen (jotro) says:

    I am most excited about putting together albums for my parents and in-laws with pictures my August 2012 wedding! After albums, my darling husband and I are looking forward to expanding our family :) I have been following your blog since the Spring and love the pick me up tweets and blog posts. I wish you were on the West Coast as a planner!

  173. Melissa says:

    I am most excited to marry the man of my dreams on June 8, 2013!!!!! 159 days to go!

    Happy 2013 everyone!


  174. Katherine says:

    Oh, what a lovely giveaway! We’re all so, so very happy for you!

    My goal for 2013 is to celebrate those who inspire me the most by taking the time to invest in such sweet friendships – And, really showing my gratitude for even the smallest acts of kindness. :]

  175. Kailee says:

    Congratulations on your relaunch, everything looks beautiful!!! In 2013 I am looking forward to marrying my best friend & love of my life and also starting a family together! I can’t wait for all the exciting things this new year will have in store for us!

  176. Bianca Andrea says:

    2013 I am most excited about just doing what makes me happy, not worrying about other people, not worrying about trying to please someone else, just being me.

  177. Lindsey Kite says:

    A huge congrats on your blog and branding relaunch! As for 2013, I’m most excited to work on projects that will make our apartment a home little by little. My goals are to cook more, whine less, smile brighter, and wake up earlier. I can’t wait to see whats in store for next year on your blog!

  178. Patty L. says:

    Beautiful relaunch! In 2013 I hope for much success in my personal and professional life!

  179. Rachel R. says:

    I’m looking forward to a fresh start and graduating college!

  180. Niki says:

    I am most excited for a new niece or nephew in 2013, and a *hopeful* engagement! :)

  181. Inna McAllister says:

    In 2013, I look the most to be a better me, appreciate the little things and live life to the fullest :)

  182. JennyC says:

    I am most excited about launching myself as a public speaker and business builder!

  183. Alisha says:

    So excited for you, Rhi! Congrats on the relaunch and new branding. :)

    I’m most excited about my new home. B and I are finally moved in and now time to decorate!

  184. Abby Grace says:

    You know what I’m excited for in 2013? I’m stoked to do things the way I WANT to do them, not the way I think I’m SUPPOSED to do them. I’m excited to refine my client experience to make my clients feel loved like crazy, and I’m excited to finally feel like I can step up and be confident in my decisions because I, in and of myself, am qualified, and not because I feel like someone’s given me permission to do so. So there. :)

  185. I am most excited to meet my sweet baby boy. My husband and I are so thrilled for the expected arrival of our son, Zane just a few weeks after our one year anniversary! And we thought 2012 was a great year. Yay for 2013!

  186. I’m so excited about 2013 because I forsee great adventures. travels and meeting my special prince. I know this because my dead grandmother came to me in a dream on 1/31/12 she had a huge grin and reached out to me and clasped my hands together and told me to prepare for great adventures, a new love and unique travels. I woke up doing my happy dance in bed. 2013 bring it on!!!

  187. Most excited about quitting my day (night) job to be a full time photographer. So excited for the blessing and having faith that things will work out.

  188. Liz Maier says:

    I’ve been a fan on Facebook for over a year :). I’m most excited about enjoying life with my hubby in 2013.

  189. I really can’t resist! If there’s any chance of me getting my hands on all this goodness, I’m going for it. You’re the best! And what am I looking forward to this year? Adding a little one to the family if all goes well. ;)

  190. Megan says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I would seriously faint if I won. I’m most looking forward to getting married in 2013! March 30th to be exact! :) :)

  191. I already Facebooked about this giveaway and I’ll be doing it again pretty soon!

  192. And I most absolutely tweeted about this!

  193. Hilary says:

    I love this site! I’m getting married this August, so that is definitely the one thing I am most looking forward to in 2013! I’m having fun planning and coming up with more inspiration, this site is so great for that!

  194. Ashlie says:

    This January marks a year that I started my own wedding planning business. As you know its never easy, but a year later my website is up and my name is out there. I am excited for what 2013 will bring me, hopefully lots of new clients :) I am ready for whatever it will throw at me, it may be a struggle at times but exciting at the same time. Seeing you and others like you keeps me inspired. Keep up the great work Rhi.

  195. Kelli says:

    I’ve been following your FB page for over a year! Love every post, pretty picture or inspiration! Looking forward to 2013 because I feel some big changes coming in my life, looking forward to facing challenges and enjoying moments. I also look forward to seeing all the Hey Gorgeous weddings you post in 2013 too!!!

  196. Natasha B says:

    I am excited about finally putting into motion a business idea I have been sitting on for two years (yes, I have wasted two years thinking about it instead of working on it,) Hint hint: It involves the wedding industry. It’s so easy to sit back and hope things will happen, instead of actually taking action to make them happen. I’ve been inspired by so many wonderful wedding industry professionals and wedding bloggers (especially you Rhiannon) over the last two years.
    2013 will be my start to MAKING THINGS HAPPEN!

  197. Amanda L. says:

    Rhi, you are an inspiration. And this giveaway bag is amaze-balls!

    In 2013, I’m most excited about spending another year with my handsome hubby, making our new house a home, and living with increased passion, dedication, and love.

    Cheers to a happy New Year!

  198. Emilee Walch says:

    Hey Rhi!

    For 2013, I am most excited for some new beginnings and seeing where my career takes me this year.

    And of course, to see what YOU to this year! It’s been incredible watching you build this brand and business from the ground up. I’m glad I’ve been around to see it all from the beginning (Pink Sugar Desserts, anyone?!)

    Happy New Year, beautiful!


  199. I’m excited for the fresh start that comes with a new year, and the ability to apply last year’s lesson to this year. Happy 2013, doll!

  200. I’m a follower of your facebook page. 2013 is exciting for me, because I will be challenged to discover what I’m passionate about and what career I want to pursue.

  201. Priscilla Christine says:

    Hi Rhi,

    I am a huge fan of your work. I randomly found your instagram and I can’t get enough of that and your blog. I hope to one day use you as my wedding planner even though I am all the way in CA. Anyway, I am most excited for my own career growth in 2013. I just recently graduated college and fell into a job I love.

    Thanks for inspiring us all.

  202. I am excited to put HEART first this year and to pursue my heart’s greatest passions as purely as possible:)

  203. Malia says:

    Disregard that last comment please! I was having issues with my browser, I meant to say this:

    2012 was an amazing year and I know this year will be even greater. I set one goal for myself so far and that’s to read 40 books this year. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I’m excited for all the good reads this year.

  204. Cherie B says:

    How lucky would I be to win this?!
    Fingers crossed!

  205. Just liked your facebook page! I am most looking forward to building my nutrition business in the new year!

  206. Jennifer says:

    I am excited to spend quality time with my hubby. He is in the military, and was gone quite a bit last year, so I am looking forward to some much needed quality time together… and maybe work on a baby too. haha! =)

  207. Heather says:

    2012 was an absolute amazing year, but what I am most excited about in 2013 is getting married to my best friend in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Zanzibar is where we got engaged in 2012 and Africa has a very special place in our heart because we both run an international development non-profit that works to create a world beyond poverty by investing in groundbreaking ideas, empowering local leaders, and engaging communities. We want to share the magic and culture of Africa with our closest family and friends.

    I have been following your blog, FB page and twitter for about 6 months now as I am originally from Northern Michigan and we were considering having our wedding there. Even though we decided on Africa, I still greatly respect the business you have built and love your work! Thanks for being an inspiration!

  208. Amanda says:

    Congrats Rhi! My goal for the year is to be more positive and to make those around me as happy as I can. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2013 xox

  209. Missy Black says:

    I’m excited to relax and “let go” of some heavy issues I’ve been carrying around with me in 2012. I’m ready to rise like cream to the top, just like champagne bubbles. More smiles and a lightweight attitude!

  210. Mackenzie says:

    I am most excited for our delayed-but-going-to-be-worth-it Honeymoon!!!

  211. krista says:

    I think I’m most excited about all the adventures I hope to go on and all the great people who I will get to adventure with. Im a recent college grad so I foresee lots of exciting things in the coming year!

  212. Amanda says:

    What I’m most looking forward to in 2013 is not comparing myself to others any longer. It’s no good for me–it gets you nowhere. I’m looking forward to becoming a better version of myself!

  213. Victoria says:

    Rhi, I have never enjoyed reading descriptions of products more than this! You have such a big talent for what you’re doing, and like most of your fans I can tell you love what you do.

    I am most excited for learning how to be “me” again. I lost sight of the things I want most in life, and now that I’ve realized it, I want 2013 to be the year I push myself in school, push my limits finding a new job and most of all not being afraid to have big changes happen in my life.

    Thanks for all the inspiration you provide! Its very much appreciated.

  214. Sara Pensinger says:

    I am SO so very excited to to watch my sweet baby boy, Lennon grow, giggle and explore life in 2013! I also can’t wait to have tons of fun, love and laughter with my hubby <3

  215. Jordan Blakley says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Seriously, I die. In 2013, I am MOST excited to read more HGE blogs! Keep ’em coming!!!

  216. christina says:

    Hello! I am so excited to be entered into the giveaway.I am most excited to get married in 2013!!!!

  217. Ashlyn says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway & included one of the vendors! @loveeashlyn

  218. jerilynn says:

    after 10 years, i am finally pregnant!! my husband and i are so excited for the arrival of the baby in june.

  219. Sam says:

    For 2013, I’m most excited about the aggressive motivating circle my friends and I have agreed to host every week once we’re all back on campus.

    I love that you’re based in the midwest, hopefully one day soon I’ll be contacting you about traveling to work on my wedding ;)

  220. Jess Z says:

    I liked you on Facebook. The hubs and I are most excited about meeting our baby girl this summer. So many changes coming this year, and we can’t wait! :)

  221. Alexandra says:

    I already love you on Facebook and everywhere and I am so excited for saying no to fear and all the things that hold me back. I’m so excited to say yes to the things that matter most and making big dreams happen in 2013. It’s already off to an AMAZING start!! I’m so fired up it’s unreal!! Heart you and all you’re doing, Rhi!! xoxoxo

  222. Holly says:

    I am most excited for 2013 because I will be welcoming a baby girl!!! I love keeping up on your facebook page and and even more excited to see what cute ideas you bring us in 2013!!!

  223. Jacy says:

    I will be finishing my masters in 2013, so, I’m pretty excited about that!! :)

  224. Jenna says:

    I simply adore your Web site and style! Congrats on the re launch! :) Jenna

  225. Savanna says:

    I’m excited to blog more, spend more time with my family, and run more! Your site and brand are stunning- I just learned about it a few weeks ago and have been enamored since! Much love from a fellow Grand Rapidian :)

  226. This might be the best giveaway I’ve ever seen :)

    Im most looking forward to expanding my business…..and seeing my little baby turn 2!

  227. Kate says:

    Great giveaway! I’m excited for my
    Wedding in 2013 :)

  228. Megan says:

    In 2013, I am most looking forward to planning my wedding! I’m newly engaged (last Friday) and am very excited! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  229. Michelle says:

    Definitely most excited about finally getting my degree this year. Everything after that though…pretty intimidating and uncertain.

  230. milica says:

    I have been a fan and following you since May 19th, 1986,You are bedazzling me with your creative ways year after year. p.s. I never win anything. xoxo

  231. Siri Salonen says:

    Your new site is delicious! I am most excited to make some much needed business changes and growth in 2013! I already got some great ideas and found links to some amazing things through your site:)

  232. Ahh what a great giveaway! I’m looking forward to studying abroad in Florence, Italy for this spring semester and all the challenges that will come with it! Thanks for doing this and I hope your year has started off wonderfully!

  233. Lizie says:

    2013 — I am most excited about continuing to love out the dreams God has given me !

  234. Sonya Joy says:

    I’m most excited about embracing change in my life in 2013. For the past few years, I’ve been doing something that I don’t feel passionate about and, even though it would be easier in some ways to just continue doing it, I’m taking control by choosing a different career that will make me more happy. Best wishes to HGE for another successful year – love following this blog!

  235. Laura says:

    In 2013, I’m most excited about becoming a first time homeowner and starting a family with my hubby!

  236. zaara khan says:

    i am excited about being thinner and healthier!

  237. annie says:

    I’m most excited for the likelihood of writing an ebook this year! I never thought I’d write an ebook, but I’ve been turning the idea over for months and I think this year is the year!

  238. Kyla Renn says:

    The thing I look forward to most for 2013 is marrying my best friend.

  239. Kyl says:

    I am most excited to marry my best friend in 2013!

  240. Ambrelle Palmer says:

    I’ve been a fan on facebook for awhile now. In 2013 I am most looking forward to the summer National Park tour my husband and I are planning and a possible move out of state this fall!

  241. Ambrelle Palmer says:

    I’m already a fan on facebook! In 2013 I am most looking forward to the summer National Park tour my husband and I are planning and a possible move out of state this fall!

  242. Ambrelle Palmer says:

    I’m already a fan on facebook! In 2013 I am looking forward to the summer National Park tour my husband and I are planning and a possible move out of state this fall!

  243. JEN says:


  244. Deborah K says:

    In 2013 I’m most excited about getting my house organized, getting my new business launched AND paying off my debt. It’s going to be a GREAT year. ;)

  245. Nicole says:

    I talked about Anastasia Marie Cards and Stationary on Facebook… but I don’t know how to link to that here. :)

  246. Mindy Hiatt says:

    In 2013 I am most excited about my own wedding!!! =)

  247. I can’t believe this giveaway includes ALL of those goodies you posted. I love everything! I’m excited to spend time with my nephew and baby niece in 2013, and hopefully start expanding my own family!

  248. Kirbi Knop says:

    Hi there! I have been a follower and FB fan for a while now, but wanted to leave my comment for a chance to win your AMAZING bag giveaway! I just love your rebrand and everything is to die for!

    I am most looking forward to a FRESH START to Make Things Happen that MATTER MOST! :)


  249. I’m excited for my rebrand & relaunch in 2013 – and hopefully it will help me jumpstart my wedding photography business! Looking forward to a year of peace, joy & love!

  250. Susie Jones says:

    I love the items in the giveaway! I am most excited about the opportunities, experiences and challenges that accompany the start of 2013. I love that I can put the past behind me and start fresh with the hope and promise a new year brings. Best wishes to the start of your year! xo

  251. Paige says:

    I liked Hey Gorgeous Events on facebook :)

  252. Paige says:

    In 2013 I am most excited to get married!

  253. Megan R says:

    Of course I’m excited to get married in 2013, but I am ALSO excited to run my first half marathon! Hopefully my first of many.

  254. Hasti says:

    I love everything in your giveaway, what a stunning prize package! In 2013, I am most looking forward to spending more times with my family and friends, while continuing to work hard to achieve my dreams!!

  255. Nicole says:

    In 2013, I’m excited to continue the amazing progress I made toward my goals in 2012. I’m proud that I carried through on my resolution of teaching myself to bake this year! So now as I set new goals for myself for the new year, I’m excited for the day when I can say that I’ve accomplished those as well!

  256. Sheila says:

    I’m looking forward to growing my photography business in 2013!

  257. Christin Lusj says:

    What a fun idea!!!!
    What I am most excited about for 2013 is a chance for new beginnings; to stay hopeful and positive for the things to come.

  258. Meagan says:

    Most excited for decorate our first home we just purchased!
    What a great give away! Hope I win ;)

  259. Becky says:

    Wowzers!! I’m so excited! This giveaway makes me giddy :) So much FUN!!

    I just made myself a fan on your facebook page, so check that off! :)

    I’m most looking forward in 2013 is spending more times with my family and friends, while continuing to work hard to achieve my dreams.

    Thanks for doing such a FUN Giveaway and making us a part of it!

  260. cat says:

    Eeeee so happy to share your awesome giveaway on FB and Twitter! I love every last item in that bag! The thing I’m most excited about for 2013 is making this the year I finally launch my own business. It will be on the side to start and will hopefully turn into something so fab like HGE is.

  261. Taylor Mann says:

    Hi there! While 2012 was a blast, in 2013 I am looking forward to marrying my prince charming and best friend. :)

  262. lindsay muller says:

    I’m SOO excited about 2013!! I am going to marry quite a man, get our first home together and start planning for our future! I will also (on a lamer/not fun/but incredibly important note) find out my genetic status with Huntingtons Disease and plan how to build our family and plan for the best future we can! I have always loved Vatne Designs and creep on a particular pair of earrings that I am STILL asking some family for, to use for my wedding. :) Love the new site look and love your outfit *with the pink lace skirt!
    xoxo Happy 2013! To growth and love!

  263. Shay Bloomfield says:

    2013 for me means: my best friends wedding, my own wedding, a full time job finally, some serious weightloss, and hopefully by the end of the year….a wee bun in the oven!!! going to be a good year!!!

  264. Lindsey Lankey says:

    I am excited about new opportunities in 2013 with my husband and my job!

  265. Bridgett says:

    This is great! Thank you so much for sharing and I’ve enjoyed following you! For 2013, I am focusing on happiness– doing for those I love and love me back :). And becoming a MRS.!!

  266. ChristinaBakes says:

    Congrats on the gorgeous relaunch! I’m looking forward to having more healthy intentions – emotionally and physically.

  267. Pam says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I look forward to a wonderful 2013 – cherishing the beauty in every day. I have vowed to be thankful in all things. :) Congratulations on the relaunch! :)

  268. Kristy says:

    Fan of FB and I am most excited about my new job!!

  269. Casey Mounday says:

    Hi Rhi! I love your blog and website so much! You are simply amazing! I liked your Facebook Page! What an exciting time for you and your business and I wish you the best of luck!!!

  270. Kristie says:

    Finding your blog was a perfect New Year’s gift to me. I’m planning my wedding for this September and everything about your blog- style, ideas, etc. is so inspirational.

    In 2013, I’m most excited about marrying my best friend after 6 years and 7 months of dating, starting my career as an elementary school teacher and fulfilling some personal dreams I’ve always had, including starting a blog of my own.

  271. Katie Schaeffer says:

    Obviously I’m most excited to plan my wedding with you!!! Cheers to Hey Gorgeous 2013!!!

  272. Jessica says:

    So excited for my summer wedding in Vancouver, BC! :D

  273. Cindy Aiton says:

    Thank you for offering such a generous giveaway. I am most excited for a fresh new year and continuing my education.

    Facebook: Cindy Aiton

  274. Eddie says:

    Entry 1- I am most excited about getting married in 2013! Woot, woot!

  275. Eddie says:

    Shared on Twitter!

  276. Eddie says:

    Entry 3- posted on Facebok

  277. EEE!! I am SO excited for you and to see what amazing thing you will do this year!! I’m also super stoked to be working on my own wedding photography business this year!!

  278. Stephanie Bate says:

    What I am most excited about is finishing my AA in pre nursing, planning my dream wedding and getting married in August, and completing two more Susan G Komen 3 Day walks in San Fran and Seattle!! :)

  279. Ann Hidayat says:

    I have liked Hey Gorgeous Events fb page as Ann Hbez and mostly looking forward to walking down the aisle myself and a new job hopefully:) *fingers crossed*

  280. Your new site is beautiful, and a great representation of you and your business. Congratulations on all of your success as you truly deserve it. :) I am most excited in 2013 about living a more fulfilled life. In 2012, I left a job that was helping pay the bills, but making me absolutely miserable. I am happy to say, that doors opened like I wouldn’t have ever believed, and it was truly one of the best things to ever happen to me. Finding your inspiration as also helped me get my creativity back, and I’ve thankful for that! xo Ashley

  281. Lauren says:

    Another amazing & happy year with my sweet, little family: husband & pup!
    I’m also looking forward to another year of obsessing over everything GORGE from HGE!

  282. Robyn says:

    Hey Rhi,
    I love new beginnings! Every January I get so excited to think up new things to try in the year ahead. I think this year I’m most excited to finish working on my office/girl cave. Everyone needs a place that brings them a little sunshine every day. And I know this will be my place!
    Congratulations on your rebrand and Happy 2013!

  283. Ali says:

    Hi Rhi!
    Even though I am an urban high school teacher, my dream has always been to be a wedding planner, so thank you for letting me live vicariously through your blog! After you helped plan my best friend’s wedding this summer, I fell in love with your energy and style. You made her day and experience so special! In 2013 I am most excited to start doing things for myself that make me happy. My students are so important to me, but I hope that 2013 is a year where I can begin to do things for myself too. Even if it is just a happy pretty pink manicure every now and then :) Congratulations on all your rebranding and best of luck in 2013! xoxo

  284. Laura Barnes says:

    I’m most looking forward to a fresh reorganized start in this new year!

    Happy Holidays to you!

  285. Ashley says:

    The thing that I am most looking forward to in 2013 is working hard to pursue the career I’ve been hoping for. Annnnnnd coming to visit you :) xo

  286. LOVE this!!! So what am I most excited about for 2013?! Hopefully to start our family!!! I simply am SO excited to be a mommy, and to see my hubby be the amazing father I know he will be ;)

  287. I am so very excited for our relaunch of our new business name and website!!! :)

  288. Kayla says:


    I’ve been following you for quite a while now, and I am SO extremely inspired by all of your posts and the beautiful work that you create every day. I am excited for some major changes to come in 2013, of which include a new job (as I have just graduated a semester early from college) in event planning, my true passion, as well as hopefully a move on my own to the big city. All of the items in the giveaway made me jump for joy, and I know that all of them would go to great use in my home. Congratulations on your relaunch (everything is gorgeous as per usual) and best wishes to you and your family in the new year!


  289. Rachel May says:

    I just relaunched my photography business and have my first wedding this March! I’m so excited to start this business with new dreams and goals!

  290. Allison says:

    I love your blog and everything you do! Oh my goodness. :) Most excited about my new design business in 2013… It’s a dream come true. :) It’s small right now but you have to start somewhere, right?

  291. MaryCB says:

    I am so unbelivably excited to help welcome my first nephew into this world at the beginning of February!! A feeling that can’t quite be explained.

  292. Kaylee Alessie says:

    I’m the most excited about in 2013: I hope for me to pass exam, to have a amazing,unforgettable, gorgeous prom with all my friends.
    also I look forward to start my own business in graphic design. I spent many more lovely times with my dearest boyfriend!

    I wish you the best in 2013, with many success, gorgeous and unforgettable days and that all your twishes come true

    love xx kaylee

  293. Stacey VL says:

    I am most excited to take a trip to Europe this summer! It’s been a long time in coming! P.S. your re-brand is amazing! Congratulations!

  294. Rachel Moger says:

    Well, I think you already know what I’m most excited for in 2013. My baby boy!!! :) What a blessing he has been already.

    Also, I just had to enter this giveaway especially after I saw that Plum Pretty Sugar robe that I’ve been eyeing for months now. So sweet, Rhi! :)

  295. Keri-Danielle says:

    I’m most excited to move in with my boyfriend!!!

  296. Sarah says:

    Rhi, your flower arrangements and weddings make me shriek with excitement!
    I look forward to moving to the mountains and spending more time outdoors this year!

  297. Daisy says:

    I am most excited to see what surprises 2013 has in store for me, my family and my little biz! I LOVED every bit of 2012 and think 2013 can only be better.

    Much love!

  298. Deirdre says:

    I like you on FB as Deirdre Uria, and in 2013 I am most excited to lose these last 20 pounds by taking up running. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize, and congrats!

  299. In 2013, I’m most excited about getting more intentional with my business and my life. To be specific, this means setting more boundaries, getting smarter with my finances, and putting more emphasis on marriage, both for my couples and in my own life.

  300. Congratulations Rhi on the most amazing transformation & re launch of Hey Gorgeous!!

    After an amazing trip home to Australia this Christmas, I am so excited about spending more time with family this year and focussing on the ‘small things’ that count. Of the many wonderful days I had in Australia during my holiday, it was the days I spent with mum, helping her with the washing, general house ‘stuff’ that are such wonderful memories for me :)

    Happiest of New Years to you!! xo

  301. Hello!

    I’m a fan on facebook and tweeted out to P.P. Sugar on twitter!

    The thing I am most looking forward to in 2013 is finishing our cottage!

  302. Jen O. says:

    Our baby girl we’re expecting in February! Fabulous giveaway, Rhi!

  303. Janelle says:

    I’m most excited for a fresh start – a new year to tackle brings all kinds of possibilities. From faith and fitness goals, to challenging myself more creatively and making some more time for the things (and people) I love. 2013, watch out, I’m coming for you :)

  304. Cassie N says:

    I’m excited to succeed career-wise and in education, as well as designing paper for the good of everyone! I’m also excited to enjoy the simple life, with everyone that I love.

  305. Courtney says:

    for 2013, i’m mostly looking forward to learning. learning is my FAVORITE thing to do. so i look forward to pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, in the hopes that i will grow as a person and as a creative.

    thanks for the chance to win this awesome bundle Rhi!

  306. Lisa M. says:

    I am most excited about my oldest son living in the same state with me for the first time in over 7 years! What a fabulous giveaway! Thanks.

  307. Lisa M. says:

    I tweeted about it too!

  308. Elyse Rosengren says:

    I am so excited about just a fresh, new year … my first year as a Mrs! I feel inspired by you, Rhi, as I read your blog. I vow to take on each day with a positive outlook and I’m excited to start making goals and accomplishing them!

  309. Peyton says:

    Congratulation on your relaunch, Rhi! Your work is so inspirational. I look forward to seeing what exciting things happen for you and your biz in 2013!

    My twin sister and I recently launched a life and style blog, so I am most looking forward to seeing it grow throughout this year. I can’t wait to see what the year has in store!


  310. Angela Alpaugh says:

    I’m a fan of the Facebook page. I’m most excited about mine and my husband’s wish to start a family this year!

  311. I am most looking forward to spending time with my family, traveling, and simplifying!! Learning how much we all take for granted every day and I plan to live life to the utmost fullest!! Plus, I’ve never won a blog giveaway!! <3

  312. Crystal Gudino says:

    I’m most looking forward to my 365 photo project that I am attempting to do and complete this year to grow and develop my creativity and confidence.
    Best wishes in the new year,


  313. Ro says:

    I’m really looking forward to spending time with the kitten we just adopted.

    Tweeted as Rugby!

  314. Hi Rhi! I have been a huge fan of yours since I discovered HGE in 2011! I interned with Honey Bee Invites and we always looked forward to your posts and inspirations! I am currently planning our wedding and would have been over the moon to have been able to have HGE plan & design our big day (but that old budget thing has inspired me to take the planning on myself)! You have such an amazing talent and your passion inspires me to follow my dreams!

    I have always loved the start of a New Year! What I look forward to most in 2013 is marrying my best friend. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have met such a selfless and caring man. We are moving to a new town and it helps knowing he is so supportive of my ever-changing endeavors!

    There is my sappy post! Thanks again for all the fun and inspiration you share! :)


  315. Julie says:

    Hi Rhi! I have been following your blog for some time now and just love all of your DIY projects and your beautiful home! Your website is absolutely perfect and you have inspired me on more than one occasion. I am most hopeful in 2013 to start working from home (back in school again) so that we can start a family soon. Also hopeful to get back in shape!

  316. Jessica says:

    I am most excited that 2013 is a new year. Another chance to start over. I plan to plant a veggie and herb garden and lose a few pounds ;)

  317. Julia D says:

    I am very excited for a cross-country move in 2013; From Philly to San Fran! I can’t wait to start a new chapter of my life that hopefully involves event planning & design (maybe some wine too!)

    I have been reading your blog for some time. It is quite an inspiration. I started my career in weddings, but, due to the economy, currently focus on corporate planning. Your blog reminds me of the fun, exciting, and creative side of our industry! Keep up the great work!!

  318. brandi says:

    I just can’t even begin to express 1-how happy I am for you and HGE and 2-how amazing it would be to win this amazing giveaway! You are so inspiring and I would love love LOVE to win this amazing tote. Florence, I am most excited for my husband and I to move to Florence Italy. I just can’t believe we are 3 weeks away…


  319. Jae says:

    even if i DON’T win anything, i love everything about HGE and the vendors you’re working with and your relaunch! everything makes me feel squee! but what i’m most excited about this year is my first FULL year in business (we started the business late last year, so we spent the rest of the year building the framing for it, and now it’s GO TIME!) :D congrats on your relaunch and i can’t wait to see what great stuff you have happening in 2013!

  320. McQueen D says:

    In 2013, I’m most amped up to *finally* launch my new baby and kick off my empire with a bang! And after 2012, gurl, I SO need a good year!

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