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Jan 28

FAQs: Engagement Session Style

Once upon a time my handsome better half and I had engagement photos taken. You can see them here. I’ll wait.

And now, thanks to my totally awesome job, I get to help my clients prep for their sessions too. I remember so clearly talking with one of my former brides Nicole (the babe below) about her engagement session with Beth Kaye last summer, and what the benefits would be of going through with one. After Nicole agreed she’d love to take advantage of that prime pre-wedding time with her and Chris in front of the camera, and Beth behind it, I was so excited to see how the photos turned out. Nicole and Chris ended up nailing their engagement session style and as a result inspired me to write a post about how you too can create a look for your e-session that looks effortless and picture perfect.


{Be You} Nicole and Chris are an eclectic, down to earth couple with a distinct and totally rad sort of style (wait until you see their incredible wedding.) Amazingly there’s a cohesive look and feel between their aesthetic style, the furnishings and decor in their home, the style of their wedding and the interests they both share. They love the outdoors and are huge fans of natural and organic elements; tied together with a bit of whimsy. So in the above photo you can see just that. A little bit of whimsy, the great outdoors, and a whole lot of personality that you’d know is a true reflection of Nicole and Chris if you got to know them for just ten seconds. There’s nothing better than just being you in engagement photos. If cowboy boots and seersucker sun dresses are your thing, don’t try to stuff yourself into a LBD and a pair of Jimmy’s because chances are you’ll feel awkward in your photos. And that’s just how they’ll look.


{Coordinate} I have to admit I didn’t give Nicole or Chris any direction in picking out their photo locations, outfits or props (like mentioned above, I gave Nicole more guidance on just having an engagement session to begin with!) But I’m so impressed with how well they coordinated their multiple outfits together. When Nicole added a bit of gold sparkle to her neckline, Chris threw on a tie. When Nicole changed into a plaid button up shirt, Chris switched up his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt a bit. Just like your other half’s personality compliments yours, your significant other’s outfits should work together with yours too. It’s so easy for chicks to find engagement worthy outfits and accessories but don’t forget about your dude either! When you both look and feel your best that’s when your photos will really shine.


{Sweat the Small Stuff} I know I said above to Be You, and perhaps you’re not a Sweat the Small stuff kind of chick, but when it comes to your engagement photos you might want to consider some minor details. Things like how your nails look, what sort of accessories you’ll wear, if your shoes have the price tag stuck to the bottom still, if your treasured ring is going to be cleaned prior to the shoot, if your fiance has scheduled a hair cut for the day before and you both like it best when it’s a bit longer, if you’re getting your highlights redone closer to the date and even if your new pair of skinnies are see through; these are all things to consider. If you’re using your photos for things like Save the Dates, newspaper announcements, canvases or guestbooks, chances are you’ll want your photos to be simply divine.

So let’s hear it! What did you wear in your engagement session? Feel free to share links to your photos, below xoxo

12 thoughts on “FAQs: Engagement Session Style”

  1. Abby Grace says:

    I’ve been meaning to write a post like this for the longest time, but I think I might just share yours instead! I LOVE hearing this from a non-photographer- so glad to hear you think they’re valuable too!

  2. Alexandra says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen your engagement photos until now… Yes, I was one of those people who clicked on the link and made you wait ;) LOVE them!!! And love this post! Rock on, girlie!! xoxo

  3. Love this! and it is all so so true. This is exactly the advice my photographers, Armosa Studios, gave me! I stressed a little TOO much over the small things like, my hair, outfit, skin, weather, etc. But I wanted our photos to be perfect! I kept picking out the most simple (or even BORING) outfits and beating myself up about it! But that’s MY style. Andrew and I are comfortable and casual people. So once I was reminded to be myself, I was happy with my neutral tones and easy outfits. The weather was beautiful (the second time) and we chose a location that fit Andrew and I perfectly… A marina full of sailboats in the town we will be starting our lives in. We are boat fanatics and that is one of our favorite things to do together. I added some sparkle to my outfits and called it a day. I just know that our photos are going to be FABULOUS and US. I only have one little iPhone picture so far because we just took them about a week ago but I cannot wait to get our photos! :)
    Here is a sneak peak:
    Armosa Studios:

  4. Liane says:

    such a great post rhi! i was definitely looking for all this information before our engagement shoot, so i know how helpful this will be for future brides!!
    we ended up with some blues and cable knits and some browns and rust to match the fall country sunset! this was totally the shoot of my dreams, and im so glad i sweated the small stuff (got the ring cleaned and did my nails and took the extra time with my makeup!)

    heres some of our shots!

  5. Oh my gosh, your engagement photos are amazing!! And the one of you in the air? Unbelievable!

    I don’t have a link to my e-session, but I used a few of the pics for my save-the-dates and photo guest book.

  6. Kristen says:

    I wore a cute urban outfitter crochett dress belted at the waist with my favorite steve madden cowboy boots =]


  7. Lauren says:

    Oh my gosh! I LOVE your engagement photos! They are so fun and you guys look gorgeous! xx

  8. Kris says:

    Your engagment session was fabulous! I love the shot where you’re both laying down on the arrows, so cute and fun!

    I remember definitely planning for our shoot, making sure hair was done, outfits coordinated and even thought about props. We ended up using a cute little banner (it was close to Valentine’s Day at the time) that worked out perfectly. I loved how my red shoes popped in the shots, it was a perfect rainy engagment sesh in Laguna Beach!

  9. Cassandra says:


    My fiance and I got to do our engagement session when he was home for christmas (he is in the military). We cor-ordinated burgundy outfits with jeans. It was a winter shoot so we wore our jackets for most of it but some photos were done without. It was perfect and we loved it!

  10. Kate says:

    what adorable engagement pics, i love their style! and how have i never seen you and andrew’s engagement pics? LOVE! that yellow dress is gorg!

  11. Jennifer says:

    I interviewed some pro photographers last year to help brides on this topic exactly!
    aaand my engagements turned out amazing, but it was my fiance who totally saved the day…

  12. Vika Moka says:

    Such great advice, as usual !

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