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Jan 25

Instalove Friday

Happy Friday, blogettes! Did everyone have a lovely week?


Zoe and I sure did. We had our hands full with a fun Valentines Day shoot on Tuesday and endless meetings the rest of the week running through client’s menus, rental choices, venue visits, contract approvals, decor proposals and floral mock ups. People swear up and down that this time of year is slow for us planners but truth be told this is when we get our you know what DONE. Not to mention I pulled the trigger and finally registered for Engage13 this December. Pinch me please! I cannot wait to get my butt to Arizona. So this weekend I’ll be going social media free again, and I’m really looking forward to a non-work couple of days full of stuff like more meal planning, working out, cleaning this house and a little lunch with Andrew’s Grandma on Sunday. If you didn’t try the social media free thing last weekend give it a try this one. I promise you’ll survive and wake up Monday feel like the biggest bad ass ever. So stop reading this and go live your life! I’ll catch you back here next week with some fun 2013 client engagement session photos, some new bouquet designs, and Part II to My Story (you can read Part I here). Oh and I’m looking for part time help with my events this year. So next week you’ll find a whole post here dedicated to that. Stay tuned and make it magical, guys xoxo

3 thoughts on “Instalove Friday”

  1. ashlyn says:

    enjoy your media free weekend sweet girl! & so excited to hear the rest of this story. oh & i totally wish i live in the states that you will be needed some help, so jelly of the girls that will get to work side-by-side with you! catch you monday! x

  2. Tina Griffith says:

    Rhi! I literally began drafting an email to you LAST NIGHT about possible opportunities to learn by working with you this summer. Ahhhh! I cannot wait to here more soon!!

  3. Liesl says:

    The Valentine’s Day shoot sounds like fun, can’t wait to see the pictures! Yay for your trip to Arizona, I am sure it will be a success for you! Might need to try a media-free weekend myself, if I can! :) Have a Wonderful Week, Rhi!!! <3

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