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Jan 29

Pep Talk Tuesday {Moments}

We’ve adapted this new routine around here in the Banda-Bosse household. Since I typically go to bed earlier than Andrew, I’m the first to brush my teeth and snuggle into to bed every night. But lately I’ve been asking him to bring Zoe upstairs so we can all hang out together before I drift off to sleep. Zoe isn’t typically allowed upstairs because she’s a downstairs dog and we want to allow Chenks to have his own safe zone and space, but at night we make exceptions. Andrew and I talk about our days together, about our goals, about one day when we might have kids, about what kind of food we’re craving at that very moment because it’s a given we’re craving something and Chenks sleeps at our feet while Zoe sleeps up by our pillows. Last night we all feel asleep together and Andrew ended up waking at midnight to bring Zoe back down to her crate. And for the first time in a while I felt like our little family was just perfect.


I’m feeling a lot of changes from the beginning of the new year starting to become habit. Do you guys feel it too? One of the things I wanted to change this year was spending more time with my family and I’m so grateful for that. I encourage you to find something to turn into a tradition in your home too. It can be simple, free, easy or whatever but I promise those little moments will mean so much to you and leave you feeling refreshed and best of all, grateful for what you have right in front of you. And this is coming from a girl who vowed to never be that couple who lets the dog snuggle in bed. You win, Zoe. You win. Photo above by the sweet Kelly Braman. She’s the best xoxo

12 thoughts on “Pep Talk Tuesday {Moments}”

  1. Moments like this are so refreshing and perfect reminders of how sweet life can be. I love seeing your happiness. It is encouraging :)

    P.s. I am craving tater tots. All the time.

  2. love this so much! family is always #1. You go girl!

  3. Nora Rose says:

    We love our nightly kitten cuddles before we have to kick them out to sleep.

  4. Kris says:

    I’m sure Zoe is grateful to snuggle in your beautiful bed :)

  5. Kate says:

    This is so sweet! Our Henry is a downstairs dog as well, for the same reason that the cat needs her space / safety! He only comes upstairs for baths, so he’s not a big fan of it. Though I think we’re in a slightly different situation with our giant puppy..he would take up a lot more space than Zoe! I love how pets can make you feel like a little family even before kids :)

  6. Rachel Moger says:

    This is so sweet! I love that photo. It really makes me feel like I know you guys. :) Enjoy your nightly snuggles. It’s the little things!

  7. Nicole says:

    I really really love this. When Ty and I get married I want to make a habit of going to bed at the same time every night. Except we may have some issues since I go to bed earlier than a grandma. :) This post really encouraged me to just do it anyway! Only 38 more days until I sleep next to my guy. :)

  8. Laicie says:

    Ohhh I love this. There’s nothing better than snuggling with your little family, puppy and all… ours is a little dude so he sleeps in the bed every night, and even though sometimes it can be a pain, I love having him close. :)

  9. ashlyn says:

    you really have a way of hitting my heart strings with you write. you are SO good at it :] but i am so happy that you are making small changes in your life to make you smile. & i am the same about letting dogs snuggle in bed & i have kinda sorta given in too! ;) x

  10. Allison says:

    loved this pep talk! such a great reminder :)

  11. Liesl says:

    I have been feeling those vibes of change, too, and in a good way…totally right there with you, Rhi! I am grateful and hopeful all rolled into one! :)

  12. My hubby and I love to sit and up and chat about how our day went right before we go to bed too. It’s so nice. Falling asleep while snuggling is nice too. ;)

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