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Jan 15

Pep Talk Tuesday {Social Media Free Weekends}

I’m obsessed with my phone. My Mom jokes that I probably take it to the washroom with me.


Sad truth: I do.

Late last year, after reading and following Lara’s The Challenge, I decided to tackle a social media free weekend myself. I knew it would be hard and I secretly dreaded being without my phone for two point five whole days. While it’s rather embarrassing to feel so attached to something so trivial, the worst part is I failed miserably at my first attempt on going social media free. I was half of a day into my weekend and somehow found myself that Saturday afternoon refreshing my instragram feed and updating my facebook status while I silently tsk tsk-ed myself. It wasn’t until this year, that I realized I needed to make some serious changes and give social media free weekends another chance in my life. So rewind to last Friday night, when I left my phone in my office at 6:30 pm only to grab it to take the the gym with me (on airplane mode) and I can tell you I did it this time with success. And it was glorious. Here’s what happened:

I got my life back. When you put your phone down you reconnect with life. If you’re like me you probably check your phone when you wake up, when you’re in the car as a passenger with your significant other, when you’re waiting at a doctor’s office, when you’re out for dinner with a friend, when you at the grocery store in the check out line, when you’re holding a wall sit at the gym, when you’re on the couch after work, when you’re eating, when you’re blow drying your hair, when you’re in the bath, when you’re in bed falling asleep and sometimes when you’re in the washroom doing your thing. I’m so embarrassed I just wrote all of that out. Excuse me for a minute while I break up with my phone here.

Putting my phone down to do all of those things with my undivided attention resulted in more in depth conversations with my husband, more conversations where I felt good because I knew I was actually listening, more involvement at an MSU gymnastics competition because my eyes were on the athletes and not my phone, more time in the kitchen cooking and enjoying my food instead of enjoying my social media feeds, and more enjoyment and overall contentment with doing things I used to have no problem doing before I became dependant on my phone. Like sitting on the couch, snuggling in bed when the sun is rising in the morning, working out and knowing your huffing and puffing is from burning calories instead of trying to maneuver an elliptical machine with your instagram filters. You know what I mean, right?

I know once wedding season hits it’s going to be next to impossible to avoid my phone on the weekend but I plan on soaking this up for as long as I can because one of the biggest lessons I learned last year, is that life’s too short to focus on the things that absolutely do not matter. And you should do the same! Have any of your tried, and possibly even failed, at a social media free weekend? I am so here to hold you accountable if you want to try it :)

Photo of me and my phone by Kelly Braman Photography.

29 thoughts on “Pep Talk Tuesday {Social Media Free Weekends}”

  1. Nicole says:

    I am so proud of you! I was praying for you off an on throughout the weekend because I knew you were really taking this challenge seriously. I’m so encouraged by how good your weekend was and I am totally convicted of all the things you said about your phone. I’m checking my phone WAY too much and really need to take a break from it. While social media isn’t BAD, it is distracting. I need to learn some moderation. Maybe I need a social media free weekend just to remind myself what life is like without it…. then we can talk moderation. Thanks for this sweet post, friend. Love your heart.

  2. Eliza says:

    Please do hold me accountable! This is exactly what I needed to hear today. I want to work towards no phone in the evenings, no emails before I’m dressed and ready in the morning, and no social media on the weekends. I’m going to give it a shot this weekend – the last time I tried, a few months ago, I was back on my phone Saturday at lunch. Thanks for the encouragement! xo, eliza

  3. Yes! I have definitely tried a time or two- some attempts have been better than others. It is definitely something I want to try to do more, so I can be fully present with my family and friends when I do get to see them! I hate making my loved ones feel unimportant by having my nose in my iPhone all the time! Here’s to trying harder to focus on WHAT MATTERS in 2013! xo

  4. Liz says:

    I did a social media free TRIP once – when Corey and I went to the Amalfi Coast for his birthday last year!! It was super great, but I also found that for me what I’m looking for is more balance. I am usually a really all or nothing person, but in this case, I felt like NO email, twitter, Insta, etc for 6 whole days was a bit overkill. A weekend would be great, but a week was a long time! I’d like to get better about the day-to-day use, yenno? Like, no phone while I’m cooking. Or eating. Or sitting on the couch watching a movie with Corey (yes, I’m that ADD that I can’t even just sit and watch a movie without my damn phone!!). Anyways, I love this idea and def needed the reminder to let go of the phone and be in the present more often :)

  5. I’ve been on a social media diet since before the holidays- basically nothing but the occasional glance on Facebook. It’s amazing how wonderful it feels after you get used to it! Now totally social media free, even for a weekend . . . I’m not sure I could do it. Kudos to you!

  6. Ana says:

    I did try to do it last weekend and I failed miserably. I’m really inspired to give it another try now!

  7. Kris says:

    This is a great idea! In reading all the previous comments I find myself doing the exact same things! Watching movies, eating, waking up in the am, going to sleep … I’m always looking and on my phone. I would LOVE to try this for a weekend, not sure I could do it though! The husband would have to do the same ; )

  8. Monique says:

    I decided I wanted to give up facebook… I deactivated it about a week + a half ago. Who knows how long I’ll keep it deactivated but I feel like I’ve been so much more creative and have been able to spend my time much better knowing that the temptation to just hop onto facebook and get lost it is no longer there!

    I’m glad you were able to enjoy your social media free weekend! Anything can happen that you put your mind to! ;)

  9. Lori says:

    I have no wifi at the cottage so I have gone lots of weekends free of technology. Although I am not as attached to my phone as you are ~ I have tried to cut down my usage and have been successful except for a little facebook. Good for you for completing the challenge. xo

  10. Allison says:

    You have inspired me to try this as well! I’m ashamed to say I, too, take my phone to places it doesn’t need to go ;)
    My husband and I have a rule: no Instagram or Facebook when a passenger in the car. I’m doing ok with that! Haha!

  11. ashlyn says:

    i have an unhealthy problem with my cell phone too. i feel like i constantly have to have it with m & i probably check it during every single example you listed. SO SAD. my boyfriend always gets mad at me for being on my phone when we are together. i attempt many of times to leave it at home or up in the bedroom when we are spending time together, but it can be so hard to do sometimes — it is like you feel like you are missing out on something! am i right? i have tried to do the technology free weekend but have always failed miserably. one reason it is so hard is because my boyfriend & i are 2.5 hours apart & that is our only form of communication. i am 110% willing to try this technology free weekend in the future & i for sure could use an accountability partner! :]

    hope you got more joy out this weekend then you knew what to do with! x

  12. Nora Rose says:

    I love the challenge from Lara. Hard to do with busy work weeks but I’m planning to catch up this weekend and just relax a bit. You also made the cut when I purged my blog list/internet clutter. Keep only the positive! :)

  13. Julie says:

    it is SUCH a reality check, isn’t it? I’m terrible and actually I laughed out loud when you listed all of the times & places you would check your phone because I’m that bad too!

  14. amy hartman says:

    ugh! i’m with ya 100%. i have two little girls and i’ve thought about making a vow not to touch my phone in the evenings until they go to bed. i realized how pathetic i was when i was looking on instagram while they were next to me watching TV before bed. get a grip lady! i think this is just what i needed to put that vow into action. so thanks! xoxo

  15. Kate says:

    i’m proud of you! i am the same..totally guilty of taking my phone to the bathroom…we always joke about FOMO (fear of missing out..ha). i definitely would benefit from a social media free wkd!

  16. milica says:

    I only want face time from you!! I really have no desire to be reachable 24 hours a day.. business should not be conducted 24 hours a day either.Who ever or what ever you do…

  17. Oh gosh, that paragraph about using your phone, you nailed me on the head with that. I’m so attached to the dumb thing and it’s just so silly. I’d really like to stop using it when I go to bed, and when I wake up, and I definitely need to try a social media free weekend. At least I know I can try it and fail miserably at first. :)

  18. nicole says:

    i’ve been trying to do this more and more. i get so caught up in online world that i miss my life and interactions with others. we typically don’t touch our phones from the time we walk in the door after work to the time we go to bed.

  19. Margaret says:

    I straight up love this idea. I promised myself to be more “present” during 2013 and so far I’ve failed miserably. Maybe starting with just the weekends would help me adjust to being less addicted to my phone. Knowing that other women are doing it too helps so much! My boyfriend always complains about how much I’m on my phone during date nights (pathetic, I know) and I would love to get that time back with him. I’ll join you next weekend!

  20. Amanda Risius says:

    I am SO glad I discovered your blog! I am always on the lookout for a good blog and I happened to find yours on Instagram. It is so refreshing to find a blog with posts that are full of meaning and purpose. I am a lover of fashion, shopping, makeup, marketing and I have been wanting to start my own blog for a few years. You have inspired me to do just that! So thank you! As for a social media free weekend…I think that is fantastic and bold for you to challenge yourself in that way. I just got a smart phone 3 months ago (Yes, I had a flip phone haha). I never wanted to get a smart phone because I was afraid I would spend too much time on it. I finally decided to get one when I was starting a new job and wanted a phone where I could access my e-mail. Now that I have a smart phone I am realizing how much time I waste just browsing my social networks. I am trying to make more conscious efforts and spend less time on my phone and more time interacting with family and friends. I am looking forward to more refreshing posts! I would love to hear your story and how you made your first step as a blogger and created Hey Gorg Events.

  21. Angelique says:

    That was inspiring to read. Maybe I should try it! When I was younger I used to turn off my phone for a week when I went abroad on a holiday, but then I kinda just stopped doing it without thinking about it. But I’m def gonna try to start doing that again because it really makes you enjoy the holiday more.

  22. marlene says:

    This is a great post. Isn’t it sad and ironic that by trying to connect MORE with people on our phones we’re actually isolating ourselves. I saw a study ones that people who spend hours online have higher rates of depression. I don’t know if that’s true or not…but I’ll tell you something: my life got a million times better when I left Facebook. I used to be so dependent on it, so obsessed with refreshing the feeds, I didn’t even realize that Facebook was subconsciously cluttering my mind and depressing me with the wasted energy I spent on reading acquaintances status’s and feeling like my life wasn’t ever as cool as theirs or that I was being left out of something. Stupid for an adult to feel. Two years later, I’m much happier. I do want to try doing away with the phone at night and on weekends though. A cyber existence is a temporarily happy one…almost drug-like in some ways…and the consequence is the slow realization that you feel empty. Thanks for the reminder Rhi.

  23. Kelly Braman says:

    Keep at it, Rhi! I am going to give it another go this weekend! It’s def. worth it and life trumps social media any day! muah!!!!!!

  24. Ashley says:

    I have to admit, I’m not very attached to social media or technology. It’s fairly easy for me to give up social media for periods of time, but that’s probably also due to the fact that I don’t own a smartphone. You’re right about being able to pay better attention to things, and life is far too short to be missing out on all of the great little things!

    Enjoy being away from social media while you can. :)

  25. Christine says:

    I read this when you first posted and that is so totally me. I attempted this weekend for a social media free Sunday and I did it! Felt pretty awesome. Thanks for inspiring/challenging me, Rhi!


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