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Feb 12

Pep Talk Tuesday {Do It}

When’s the last time you did something or rather didn’t do something because you were fearful of what others thought? I up until very recently used to live most of my life this way, trying to cater to a reality that I assumed others would be appreciative and accepting of. I had little to no boundaries with my work and even with new relationships with others, and slowly but surely I started to let other’s opinions and thoughts of me, affect the things I wanted and dreamed of doing. Looking back to just a few months ago leading up to my rebrand, I’m so grateful, I learned just in the nick of time how to just do it and forget what anyone has to say about any of the decisions I ultimately choose to make.

I’ve said it a few times here on the blog already, but 2013 has been such a wonderful year so far. I’ve been working so hard to implement positive changes in my life after a super rocky 2012 and I owe so much of it to the incredible people who have supported, loved and cheered me on. But it’s sometimes still so hard for me to just do things even when I know they are best for me but maybe not what everyone else wants to hear. Maybe you feel your parents aren’t supportive of your ideas and dreams, maybe you think your significant other will deem your business venture a waste of time or maybe you’re holding back on expanding your business or adding a new skill set to it because you’re sure your colleagues will have less than stellar reactions. Think of all the times you’ve felt this way. Eye opening, right?

When I attended Making Things Happen last fall we had to go around the room and let everyone know what fires us up. I think I may have gone first here but the first thing that came out of my mouth before I could even stop myself was ‘Flowers!’ Flowers fire me up! I remember a few people laughed a little and sweet Lara you made me repeat what I said because I too was giggling a little. But how simple is that? That flowers can bring someone like me so much joy. And with that love for blooms, I knew then pretty well and absolutely know very well now, I have an ability and a passion to make my business more inclusive, to incorporate something I love into my work and to make my clients so truly happy. Here I was up until then, for about a year, feeling shy and scared of what others would think if I did just that.

Today I urge you to do something that you know is right for you even if you’re fearful of what others think. Cool?


Cool. Happy Tuesday, bloggies! Get out there and live your life xoxo Photo via the incredible Leah Mullett.

17 thoughts on “Pep Talk Tuesday {Do It}”

  1. Sheila says:

    Beautifully spoken Rhiannon! I read the book Boundaries last year, and it really helped re-shape my thought process too. And one day, one day – I want to attend Making Things Happen with Lara!!

  2. ashlyn says:

    beautiful post + it has me written all over it! seriously, we are the same girl! there are so many dreams i have wanted to pursue & some are becoming reality & others are wrapped up in my little scared brain of mine hoping i get the courage to step out & become who i want to be. i remember when i started my blog, i had just started PA school — people thought i was crazy. & then my blog evolved & i started designing blogs & people were like how can you enjoy medicine + all these other things that have nothing to do with medicine! & the thing is they make me happy + i love it all + i am going to continue doing what makes my little heart happy. it really is such a relief to read your little pep talk + know that i not the only one with big dreams! thank-you rhi! xo

  3. I love that! Such good advice! It’s so easy to get discouraged when you are following your dreams. Good pep talk!

  4. Rachel Moger says:

    Such a nice post. I’m proud of you for going after what you want! For the record, I didn’t giggle at all when you said flowers because I understant and have so many of the same passions as you. I’ve been struggling with this a lot lately in getting my business “running”. I have every single tool I need but I’m still afraid to ask people for help when I need it. I’m working on styling a brand inspiration shoot and I’m so hesitant to ask other vendors to get involved because I’m new and I don’t have a lot of credibility established. But now I’m just going to go for it, because why not!? It’s the only way to really get my work out there. Thanks for letting me talk through that. ;) And thanks for your blog and your sweet heart!

  5. I’ll never forget that exact moment–I remember giggling when “Flowers!” seemed to sort of tumbled out of your mouth before you had the chance to sweep your words together & form something pretty & polished & poised. I giggled because I remember thinking, “She gets it. I’ll have what she’s having!” You made it seem okay to love what you love even if it’s not popular or doesn’t meet the ‘stamp of others’ approval’ guidelines–grateful for that & grateful you love flowers because my Instagram feed has never been so pretty. :)

    Good word! Little ole me needed to hear this today. Love this post! xxoo

  6. Lexann Maldonado says:

    When I read your posts its as if you’re reading my mind! Thank you for yet another inspirational post :)

  7. lisa says:

    so good. so needed. a hundred times thank you.

  8. Nicole says:

    Thanks for this challenge today, Rhi! I really needed the push and the encouragement! Love you, gal!

  9. Peyton says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you, Rhi. I feel like I have so many goals and aspirations for my life and my future, but have been fearful of how people will perceive them or what they will think. I need to just go for them. I love that you share your dreams and goals with your readers – we hear you and can relate. Keep ’em coming! I so enjoy reading and seeing all that you have to share. Xo

  10. Julie says:

    oh, Rhi. you have hit the nail on the head. I’m trying to change this way of thinking in myself. it can be a real drag, can’t it?! so much more fun being your true self!

  11. Victoria says:

    I have really been struggling with how I want to spend the rest of my life so I took a risk and signed up for the Making Things Happen 2 Day… I am so nervous to be around so many incredibly inspirational women but I am SO excited. Hearing your story about your experience encourages me so! :)

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I felt like you were talking directly to me when I read this…..perfect timing. thanks for inspiration, as always.

  13. Amber Veatch says:

    Exactly! Thank you for this. I hate that it is so easy to get caught up on what the industry thinks. Keep doing your thing, I think you’re amazing.

  14. Shalyn says:

    Love this Rhi! I’m so glad you’re in my life muffin. Beautiful bouquet and a beautiful picture by Leah!

  15. Kris says:

    Ha I love that story about the flowers! They make me happy too : )
    Gorgeous bouquet, do u ship to Cali? ; )

  16. Gloria says:

    Just wanted to pop in and say how much I absolutely LOVE your pep talks, Rhi :-)

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