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Jan 7

Au Revoir 2013

2013. You were lovely. Truly. I loved you so much. See?

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You were the first full year I was able to get used to the new HGE brand. To truly define what the HGE experience is all about. To fall in love with every ounce of my career and business. And that I sure did. You brought a full year of floral design my way, ten incredible events and couples, four amazing editorial shoots, a massive print feature in The Knot, a tough fork in the road between moving the studio outside our home or finally settling on renovating our basement (it’s all insulated as of last weekend!), two speaking engagements, a trip to Florida, a trip to Texas, a trip to Engage in Arizona, and the decision to create a workshop that has completely lit my heart on fire. You were non-stop and full of movement, life and adventure. Let’s walk through it all again together shall we, friend? Fasten those seat belts.


In January my friend Leah and I trekked out in the snow for some bouquet goodness. Just to keep inspired and on top of our game. January was cold, cold, cold and did I mention cold? A lot of time was spent in the office praying for sunshine but also working behind the scenes to get ready for what would be a bustling year. At the end of the month, I teamed up with my amazing gal pal Kelly Braman and a team of other fantastic vendors to make a little feature possible for The Everygirl. It was full of girly Valentines Day goodness more of which you can see here and here.


March was spent making a partnership with BHLDN come to life, again with Kelly. More here and here.


In April, Andrew turned 30. In May I turned 27. We celebrated with dinner at a favorite restaurant downtown. Andrew and I also celebrated with a photo shoot together (naturally). We loved the results from our friends at Studio 623. And no we did not plan our outfits to coordinate so wonderfully with this striped wall. But how fun is it that we actually matched? We’re fun like that. And we’re hoping to get this photo made into a canvas sometime this year for our home.


And then just like that, my official 2013 wedding season began. With the ever so anticipated unicorn inspired wedding. The sweet Janet and Jon finally said I do in front of 80 of their closest friends and family in Western Michigan. It was a freezing cold day here in Michigan despite it being the start of summer and everything still came together so wonderfully. You can see more here on Green Wedding Shoes. It was a pleasure working with Kelly who brought it all to life so wonderfully in her images. This wedding was creatively a turning point with my brand. It taught me so much. It humbled me. It opened up a whole new can of possibility and creativity. I’m so thankful for that.


June also brought the amazing wedding of Elise and Kenny in Grand Haven. Love this Southern Belle like you wouldn’t believe. As she told me in one of our meetings, ‘The bigger the hair, the closer to God!’ From endless phone calls and emails between Michigan and Texas she and I curated the prettiest of blooms and lovelites of details for the big day. She also had one of the biggest bridal parties I’ve ever worked with. 10 maids in a row. Photo by Bryan and Mae.


And we were also out to the East side of the state for a camping themed couple’s shower for Kris and Chris. This one was pretty fun let me tell you! A bonfire, a camping inspired treats table, red gingham everywhere. There’s something to be said about co-ed showers; I’m hoping there’s a shift this year towards these kinds of events. You can check out more here and here over on Inspired By This. The gorgeous photos were actually taken by a former bride of mine, Sarah.


Then in July, my sweet Maggie finally got hitched. It was my final coordination only wedding. And it sure was one heck of a party to end with! I was able to work with one of my favorite photographer friends, the one and only Jen Lynne. We had a blast working together for one of our industry pals (Maggie owns the wonderful Renee Austin Wedding, Grand Rapids premier wedding gown destination). Fun story? Maggie and her husband JF are expecting their first child, a son this summer! I couldn’t be more thrilled for them both and wish them all the best as the enter parenthood.


We headed way up to The Homestead later that month for Leigh and John’s fabulous wedding. These two New Yorkers were such a joy, right Ames? Most notably, we strung foot after foot after foot of ribbon over the ceiling beams of the homestead to create a pretty cool ceiling installation that day. It was fun. And Leigh was such a laid back bride with a fret-free attitude. I mean how fierce are her maids and man of honor below? Exactly.


And before I knew it August was here. I started to realize how nutty things were getting with a full load of weddings. We decided this month to start renovations on our basement so the entire studio could move down to one larger space. I also had the pleasure of finally executing and being a part of a truly special event for Kris and Chris at Meadowbrook Hall. I cannot wait to share more photos from their big day. Months and months of heart and soul went into this lovely celebration! And it was my first event with the amazing Abby Rose Photography to boot. I hope it’s not the last.


And this little shoot happened. You can see more here and here. Bradley James Photography is simply incredible.


Over Labor Day weekend, the biggest event I have ever planned, designed and floralized came to life. Ben and Laura from Harrison Studio were there that weekend to capture it all. I’m so thankful. My team and I literally worked for five days prior to this private residence wedding, to ensure set up went according to plan. It was such a big learning experience executing this sort of event. When you see all of the photos you’ll understand why there was such an intense set up schedule. You’ll also see more in April in the national issue of The Knot where we will have the pleasure of having this endeavor featured. Kate Spade meets Lake Michigan meets classic nautical. Oh my heart. Having it all come together without a hitch so beautifully, may just be one of the highlights of all of 2013. Thank you, Lord.


Then just days after our Lake Michigan wedding, it was back to the East side of the state again for this big day. Rebecca and Dave are some of the most humble people I’ve ever met. It literally rained inches and inches and inches that day leaving Rebecca’s fairytale backyard wedding soaked to the nines. But the show goes on. It always does. And in this case these two finally said I Do after years and years of dating. It was incredibly sweet and beyond a pleasure being a part of their day. I also just loved working with the lovely LinneaLiz Photography for the first time.

View More: http://linnealiz.pass.us/davidrebecca

I nearly fell over when I crossed off a small bucket list item from my list that month too. Two words: Martha Stewart. And HGE! And my girl, Beth who captured it all so beautifully of course. We waited a year for this feature. And it was well worth it. Check out the incredible love between Nicole and Chris and all of the very simple but very sweet details from their day. I want to put these two in my back pocket and keep them there forever that’s how fabulous they are.


In October, it was home to Canada for Alex and Josh’s big day in Hamilton, Ontario. It was a flat out rad celebration of music and love. These two are just so cool, I mean check out this photo below from Mango Studios. Shouldn’t every groom have that look of happiness on his face post-ceremony? I can’t wait to share the rest of this wedding because this big day was really special (and the videographers did the best job with their wedding trailer). More coming soon!


October was here before I knew it. Off I flew to Chapel Hill for my second speaking engagement of the year. It was life changing being a part of the Making Things Happen intensive again but this time as a speaker. I shared my story with close to 100 people, some old faces and some new. I left feeling hopeful and inspired for change, as I always do. I left with some new friendships too. And an invitation to return this spring to do it all over again. The Lord is so good for giving me these moments and experiences to better not only my heart but others who are just as open to change as well. Photo below from Anna Paschal Photography of all us speakers before the first day of the intensive.


And in November, I was back at the airport this time to fly to Austin, Texas for a little thing I like to call a surprise.


More on this soon, I promise! I stayed with my lovely friend Shay. We actually met in 2012 when we sat beside one another at Making Things Happen in Chicago. We’ve become so close since then and my heart is so more than grateful for our friendship. Not only did she host me while I was in town, but she kept me fed and happy (all is takes is a few Pillsbury Cinnamon Buns to be honest). She also took photos of me, I played flowers, I executed a surprise, she captured this below. Oh Sara and Austin! Let me count the ways I so love you two. September 20th is just so close!

View More: http://lovethenelsons.pass.us/sara-and-austin

And once I got home that month, I made this, shot by these guys and then launched this. We sold out in 8 hours. I cried.


That same week Sam, Brad and I made this collaboration between West Elm, Style Me Pretty and some other incredible vendors come to life. It was very Merry and very Bright and it makes me want to throw a party for Christmas next December. You can see more here and here. It was one of my favorite non-wedding features ever. The bow wall was one of my favorite simple installations to date. And who knew our front living room could be such a great and neutral backdrops for fun little projects like this? I’m saying yes to more of these in the future please and thank you.


In December, my friends Ben and Laura came over to shoot my Girl Cave. I love them. More here if you’d like a peak!


And in December we also celebrated Christmas together at home, just the four of us. Andrew and I, and Chenks and Zoe. Imperfectly perfect home of ours included (check out that pet hair on my leggings, oy)! Brad and Sam shot a few photos for our holiday cards, including this one here which we ended up not using, and I’m so thankful for the obsessive amount of photos I have from different points in our live, milestones or not. One day, I’ll sit here and show these to our kids. How special is that? Oh and it looks like Zoe may be smiling in this photo. That makes me quite happy.


At the end of December, I faced my craziest planning roadblock yet. My California floral truck for our NYE event, carrying all my client’s garden roses, anemones, greens and more, was 24 hours behind schedule. After finally getting our product, leaving 12 hours late, driving through the night (thank you Andrew!), cleaning 300 hydrangea stems in an Ohio hotel room until 5:30 am, bringing together an onsite team of six for pre-wedding set up, staying up until 1:00 am the night before the event to make sure every little detail was perfect for Katie and Bryan, we did it. It truly takes a village. We pulled off the perfect end to a jam-packed and very blessed year. Oh! And Style Me Pretty featured the now married couple’s engagement session that same day. Go see how lovely they are. It was a sweet day celebrating two special individual’s love, doing what I love, with the one I love. What could be better? The amazing and ever so sweet Jen and Jonah captured all of the details. We’re all on the edge of my seat waiting for film scans to come back.


2013 I really liked you. I wanted you to be purposeful. And you were. That was actually my word for last year. And it fit well. I feel like so many of my business methods and the things my business stood and still currently stands for were established. I felt less like I owed people an explanation for why I do what I do. And that in and of itself was very liberating. I overcame obstacles, I learned so much more than I could ever fit into a blog post here, and I really had the absolute pleasure and honor of working with amazing clients, their families and vendors. What more could a girl ask for?


Well, for starters, time with her hubby! It hurts my heart to say it, but there wasn’t much time spent dating, enjoying and falling in love all over again with my husband like I so love to do from time to time (ok, scratch that all the time). I’d also love to take more puppy walks, make home cooked meals, visit the gym more frequently to get strong and fit, feel content with more time away from my phone and social media, spend more purposeful time on projects that matter and less time on things that don’t. More road trips home to see my family. More visits to Andrew’s family down the road. More dinner parties just because. More movies, more books, more risk, more balance, more prayer. More thought on starting a family. 2013 wasn’t bad. But 2014 is going to be better. Much much better.

Happy New Year, friends. May it be made up of all the things that matter the most. Sending you ALL so much joy!

Love, Rhi xoxo

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26 thoughts on “Au Revoir 2013”

  1. Melissa says:

    Congratulations on a beautiful year! Love your talent!!

  2. Your year was amazing, Rhi – you should be so proud. I’m so glad I got to meet you, and wish you nothing but the best in 2014! :)

  3. Tracy says:

    I just love this post and this blog! You are so down to earth an such an inspiration as well. This is one of the places I check on a regular basis right after gmail and facebook, and I always love what I see! Thank you for all of the great advice, posts, and eye candy! Everything is always so beautiful!

  4. Justine says:

    Always an inspiration to me. And this year takes the cake when you took a chance on me and let me be a part of your team! I know that wedding only makes up a small fraction of your fantastic and successful year, but for this girl, that experience was everything. It will give me the fuel to keep dreaming! Hope to find a spot in one of your workshops or at a conference some day soon. I’m sure our paths will cross again but until then, all the best to you. Looking forward to following your journey into this new year. =)

  5. Lauren Wiebe says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous year in review! It is such a treat to watch your business grow and I cannot wait every day to see what you’ve posted on instagram or blogged – can’t wait to see even more in 2014! Best of luck!

  6. Katie says:

    I am so proud of you! You inspire us all sister! :)

  7. Theresa says:

    What an amazing year! And a wonderful review, you can really see how awesome the year was when reading this! Congratulations to you! It’s so obvious how hard you work, your passion for what you do really shines through in your work. Can’t wait to follow along in the new year, and see what 2014 brings! Happy New Year!

  8. Oh man, Rhi. I think I could cry! :) That was an incredible year. Two weeks ago, I chose my word for 2014 and it’s ‘purposeful’. I thought it would maybe be a funny word for most people, but it really rang true with my core so I went with it. Now, I read this and my heart is doing a happy dance. I can’t wait to see all the images from this year’s weddings and will definitely be adding to my magazine collection when your issue comes out! Thanks for being such an incredible woman, and I hope I get to meet you someday! Here’s to a purposeful 2014 (I think you made that word lucky).

  9. Congratulations on an amazing year! You are such an inspiration!

  10. You are amazing girlfriend :) Cheers to an amazing year and let 2014 be just as wonderful filled with lots of date nights, puppy love, much success for HGE and TROUVAILLE! Say whaaaaa! Can’t wait to see your pretty face in April! xoxox!!!

  11. I adore this and you! What an incredible, gorgeous year! Loved getting to meet and learn from you this past year and hope it happens again in 2014! Praying for SO MANY good things for you this year lady!!!

    Xoxo – Kelly

  12. And to think: the best is still yet to come. Congrats, my friend, and cheers to bigger & better. xxoo

  13. robyn says:

    such a great post! that kate spade + lake wedding…ahh after my own heart!!! :) i can’t WAIT to see it in the knot!! big congrats on an awesome year!! happy new year and cheers to an even better 2014!! xo

  14. Courtney says:

    You are a constant inspiration! What a great year you had! Absolutely stunning!!!! I can’t wait to see this years projects! :)

  15. Kody says:

    Congratulations on such a beautiful year and the well deserved accomplishment you feel for getting through it! I hope that all your Brides appreciate the hard work and love you put into each and every event that you do!

    Here’s to a wonderful 2014 for you and HGE!

  16. Ashley Bond says:

    What a year! You are so inspirining. I can certainly relate to last notes on spending more time on what matters, I in 2014 – with that as a focus – you will (and so will I). Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  17. Kris says:

    Such a fabulous year girl! I’ve been so lucky to follow along not only here on your beautiful blog but on insta, facebook, and twitter! Can’t wait for another year of prettiness!!! Happy 2014!

    P.S. This year is time to consider babies for the hubby and I as well, pretty exciting! The possibilities are endless <3

  18. Jasmine says:

    So glad I got to meet you at MTH last year, you are the cutest! And might I add, the only MTH girl I could hug without feeling like a dwarf… haha… #yayforpetitegirls

  19. Wow – what a great year for you and all that you accomplished. You always put together the most fabulous events, and I can’t wait to see all of the ones not released yet. Esp the Kate Spade meets nautical themed wedding. I can already tell by your instagrams that it was fabulous!! Gorgeous work as always, and happy 2014!!

  20. Lori says:

    What an amazing year you had Rhi and just think ~ this year will be bigger and better than you could ever imagine ~ I just know it. You have the dedication and the drive ~ just look at how far you have come. Once again I feel like a proud big sister or auntie up here in Canada with my pom poms just shouting out from the sidelines. Love your heart girl ~ you are truly one in a million. xo

  21. Susie Moreno says:

    I love reading year reviews. Looks like you had a beautiful year. Now lets see what the future holds! Maybe it’s time for me to review my year as wel. :)

  22. what a wonderful year you had, dear!! so many gorgeous events packed into 365 days. you are a force to be reckoned with and i am so excited to see how HGE continues to shine in 2014. xoxo

  23. Emily says:

    What a fabuolous year!! I am in awe of all you accomplish. REeading your blog always gives me motivation to dream big!! i can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for you! :)

  24. simone says:

    This was such an AMAZING read Rhi, wow, what a year for you, I’m so happy for you!!! Xx

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