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Our Wedding Anniversary

It’s hard to believe that three years have passed already since Andrew and I were married. I remember that day with mixed emoitons still, for such a variety of reasons (none involving the handsome dude I had the pleasure of marrying of course!) But our wedding day was far from perfect and I’m the first to admit I spent more time working than I did celebrating that special day. It was what I like to call ‘imperfectly perfect’ because despite the things we didn’t have, I married the one I love. I’ve wrote so much about this over the past few years and it you have the time and patience to sift through past posts you’ll find some goodies; I even linked to some below. As I get older, as my priorities shift and as I realize how important the small stuff is, any feelings of inadequecy I’ve ever had of not having a good enough wedding begin to wash away. It may be my involvement in the wedding industry, the passion I have for what I do or just a change in my heart, but either way I am grateful. I have everything I need. I feel and am happy. I am beyond blessed.


Andrew, I love you. Thank you for picking me to spend forever with. Here’s to many years more.

If you’re interested, more of our wedding day can be over viewed here and here too. I wrote this post here which I put up in the very early hours of our wedding day. Then there’s this post here about our one year anniversary photo session. Oh! And a little post I put together for our second wedding anniversary is here. Phew! Are you still with me? I can’t wait to look back on all of these posts with my kids one day. Happy Tuesday, friends :) Photo by Amanda Wilcher.

Happy Anniversary, Shawna and Mick!

A year ago today I arrived to a downtown Toronto hotel to check on a bride as she got ready for the biggest day of her life. Surrounded by her sweet friends and adoring Mom, she couldn’t stop smiling and genuinely looked like one of the happiest brides I’ve ever seen. Across the street from the hotel waited a groom, decked out in the most suave of suits, perhaps a little on the nervous side, just waiting for his gorgeos bride to finally arrive and begin their forever together. Shawna and Mick remind me a lot of Andrew and I which could be why I have a soft spot in my heart for them. Shawna is Canadian and Mick is from Australia so if there’s anyone who understand how difficult it is to pack up and gain residency is a new country all in the name of love, it’s me. Shawna and Mick, enjoy your specail day today and always and never lose that love you have for one another. It was a pleasure being a part of your big day and an honor to watch your relationship as it continues to grow. Big hugs xoxo

And the amazing above photo was snapped by the sweet Assaf Friedman. Love him! See more from their day, here :)

Our Wedding Anniversary

Andrew, today I checked over on The Knot and it’s been 731 days since we said I Do. Two full years of things we never imagined. Year two in my opinion, is much harder than the first. Because sometimes the excitement from year one goes away, and unless you can work together as a team marriage can be really kind of hard. But you’ve been such a constant rock for me. You tolerate me, my weaknesses, my bad habits. You encourage me, believe in me, and most of all continually love and nurture me. When I think about it there’s nothing incredibly special about you and I together. Except that I think our love story is the sweetest of them all. Here’s to dozens of more years together eating cake and at our cores, being simply put, happy xoxo

More of our wedding can be over viewed here and here. And our one year anniversary over here. In the meantime I will be trying to juggle half a work day with half a day of anniversary celebration prep so this little lady is off to multitask like never before. Lots more goodness coming you way this week so hold tight my friends and soak up that sunshine. Happy Monday!

Happy Anniversary, Shalini and Arjun!

One of the things I love most about my job is becoming friends with my clients long after their big day has come and gone. From dinner dates with former clients and surprise visits from brides who live local to me, to sweet little comments on my blog posts from time to time, these little perks to me are the small joys that make my job so rewarding. Shalini and Arjun were married a year ago today in Aurora, Ontario and I can hardly believe it’s already been that long. It seems like just yesterday Shal and I were dreaming up little details via Skype to make her and Arjun’s Indian-Canadian wedding not only beautiful but incredibly meaningful and culturally rich. Shal and Arjun, I know how much you two have gone through and I’ve been so blessed to see your relationship evolve into what it is today. It was an absolute honour to be a part of your wedding day celebration. Here’s to many more years together filled with happiness and love! And West Elm capiz chandeliers, Shal :)

For more of Shal and Arjun’s wedding you can go here and here. Photo by Peter McKinnon. Happy Monday, loves xoxo

Happy Anniversary, Kelli and Brandon!

My my my, how a year can fly by. Kelli and Brandon were married on a day in August last year much like how it is today too. It rained like crazy on and off for most of the day, and I remember quite well, dodging rain pellets as I ran from Fountain Street Church post ceremony straight over to where the reception would be at St. Cecelias. The couple’s bright summery wedding was loaded with details honoring Kelli’s job as a school teacher and Brandon’s as a bean farm. I was absolutely honoured to have been a part. Jen Lynne took all of the gorgeous photos more of which can be seen here and here. Happiest of Anniversaries you two! Enjoying celebrating today and forever with your newest family addition, the sweetest little Will :)

Happy Monday everyone! I’ll be back tomorrow with some more awesomely fun things. Promise xoxo