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DIY Painted-Dipped Centerpieces

Happy Wednesday, bloggies! It’s been a crazy week over here in the Mitten, and tomorrow we’re off to NYC for the long weekend (holy excited to meet this chick) so I’ve been a bit behind on the blogging train. But to make up for it all, today’s post is a really good one. That Kelly Braman sure knows how to make anything and everything look beautiful. See what I mean?

Pretty cute if I do say so myself. I originally wanted to DIY painted-dipped terra cotta planters with succulents in them but then I found that someone beat me to it. So this DIY was clearly the next best thing, especially since it involves pretty flowers, something I’ve been doing a lot more of recently. So without further ado, let’s do this. Start those crafting engines, blogettes!

{Step 1} Gather all of your supplies. You’ll need enough flowers to fill your vase or vessel and you’ll want a variation in sizes and textures. I always overshoot on the amount of flowers I will need because flowers can be deceiving in terms of how much space they take up :) You’ll also need flower cutters, Oasis foam, galavanized tins in various sizes (make sure they are small enough to ‘dip’ in your paint source), and outdoor paint to coat the bottoms of your tins with. If you want to make the cute little heart-shaped table number you’ll need to grab one from Hobby Lobby in the wood section :) I used acrylic paint to turn it pink.

{Step 2} Making sure your work space is covered (like really covered), you’ll want to dip the bottoms of your tins in your paint then hang it over the can while excess paint drips off. I used leftover paint from our guest bedroom because the paint can was wide enough for the galvanized tins I bought, but I am sure you could pour bottles of outdoor paint into a plastic dish that’s wide enough to accomodate your vessels you’re wanting to dip. Once the dripping paint subsides, you’ll want to flip over your tin and let it hang upside down for a few minutes to get that dripping look going ‘up’ the sides of the tin.

Once you get a dripping pattern you want you’ll flip the tin back so it’s right side up and you can let it dry. Be aware the paint goes onto the tins pretty thick. It was a good thing I dipped my tins the night before I was set to make these centerpieces as a test to see how long they would dry. To let them dry quicker without having the paint pool around the base of the tin, you can rig a little hanging set up with a rod/stick/golf club (I used a golf club ha!) hanging across two stacks of books or equal sized containers. Just string the tins by their handles onto the stick as they hang over your covered surface and let them set overnight.

{Step 3} Clean your flowers. Remove thorns, yucky guard petals and leaves you won’t see in the arrangement. While your cleaning your flowers, you’ll want to soak your Oasis in cold water, making sure you let it sink completely on its own.

{Step 4} Cut your soaked Oasis to fit your tin and from there you can start creating your arrangement. I like to start by filling in the base of my container where the opening is, and from there continue to add flowers, assessing each placement as I go. Using different sizes and textures of flowers and fillers makes the centerpiece visually interesting and allows the finished product to look a bit more cohesive. But hey these are all just my opinions and not the right or wrong way to do things :)

{Step 5} Drool a little over your peonies.

{Step 6} And start making your second tin.

{Step 7} Paint your table number on your wooden heart. I used acryllic paint for the pink and white.

{Step 8} And then pop your wooden table number into the arrangements, anchoring it with the Oasis and voila! Cute as a bug in a rug! I also happen to enjoy these arrangements without the table number in them; the smallest one looked super cute on the guest room nightstand that my parents enjoyed when they were in town for Mother’s Day! Now that the flowers are long gone, we will be using the small tin to plant herbs in on our kitchen windowsill. What do you guys think of these?

Make your day amazing, everyone xoxo

DIY Body Scrub Favor

Eeeek! I am so excited about today, guys. I have so many fun little pieces of news to share with you but first is this fun DIY that the super sweet Kelly Braman and I collaborated on last week. I’ve been dying to get this easy peasy Body Scrub Favor photographed for months and am so thrilled that Kel was able to be my left-hand girl. As a huge fan of easy to make stuff and an even bigger fan of cute packaging, this scrub (made with things you can find in your kitchen) and the most adorable labels designed by the girls over at the Wedding Chicks (you can download the labels here!) totally go hand in hand.

For your supplies you’ll need some sort of airtight container to store the scrub in. I purchased the metal lid ones you see below at Hobby Lobby for about $3.99 each (that wasn’t the sale price). You’ll also need about 2 1/2 cups of Sugar in the Raw, 3/4 of a cup of white granulated sugar, 4-5 tablespoons of vanilla extract (or coconut, almond, orange, etc) and 1/4 cup of almond oil. You’ll also need those fancy labels you see there and some pretty ribbon, as well as a spoon to mix everything together.

{Step 1} First, make sure your bun is crooked on top of your head (duh). Then mix together your sugars.

Make sure you smile while you’re mixing like I did, too.

{Step 2} Mix in your oil and vanilla extract with the sugar and combine until a scrub like consistency is achieved. While I absolutely love how this scrub made my hands feel extremely soft and smooth thanks to the moisturizers in the oil, I have to admit the scrub itself doesn’t smell like anything wonderful. There was a very natural organic smell to the mixture which I think comes from the almond oil but nevertheless it’s a body scrub and in that regard does just that for your body and hands :)

{Step 3} Scoop the scrub into the container until full. The above measurements made enough scrub to fill one container which was a pretty big batch but you could easily scale it down to make more containers. Seal with lid and fasten with ribbon.

Remember to save a little leftover for yourself. Who knew hand washing was so funny?

{Step 4} Adorn with the cutest Scrub Sweet Scrub label courtesy of the Wedding Chicks. Awe.

Enjoy your day, blogettes and scrub it up :) xoxo

DIY Save the Date Banner

Happy Friday, guys! Today I’m skipping my usual Friday Wrap Up because Style Me Pretty (thank you, ladies!) featured this sweet engagement session I had the pleasure of working on with Jenna in September. One of the things our bride to be, Grace wanted to incorporate into the shoot was some sort of banner with their wedding date. Since they’ll be using the photos for their Save the Dates it made sense to include the wedding date into the photos, and this easy-to-make wood banner was just perfect. It’s a fairly simple craft that requires a ton of hot glue but here’s the step by step photos and instructions just in case!

{Step 1} Decide what you want to spell out and find all of your characters. I was pretty picky about the wood letters I wanted to use. I checked out Michaels, Hobby Lobby and then Joanne’s Fabrics before I found the font style I liked best. I think the letters and numbers individually were $2.99 each. Oh and if you’re looking for the number zero and can’t find it, trying grabbing a letter “O”. I’m pretty sure I searched the entire unfinished wood section for about 10 minutes looking for the zeros before an employee suggested using a letter “O”. Oops. Silly me! Spread out all of your characters on a covered surface.

{Step 2} Remove all of the price tags and stickers on the wood pieces and paint away! I used a soft gray acrylic paint and the same old paint brush I used over here for this project. I used two little bottles of the paint for all of the letters and numbers and that seemed to be more than enough paint to get me through the project. I only painted the sides and fronts of the characters and once the pieces dried, I went back and added a second coat to areas where the wood seemed to peak through.

{Step 3} Flip over and lay down all of your dried characters in the order that they will sit/hang on your banner (be careful that your numbers aren’t backwards!) Find the middle character (ours was the ’9′) and measure out your ribbon or lace or whatever you will be using to hang the banner from that point out. We started with just one skinny piece of ribbon fastened to the ’9′ but quickly found that because of the weight of the wood characters we would need a little more of something for the sign to hang in a photographic way. So we quadrupeled up on ribbon strands because we’re serious like that.

{Step 4} I found it easiest to put a ton of hot glue on the top back of each letter then to place the ribbon over top. Then I repeated this process over and over with each piece of precut ribbon, making sure to go back and put little dabs of hot glue in between where the ribbon may have not been adhered to the wood. It really looks like we used a ton of ribbon but you’d be surprised how heavy all of those letters were! We used two spare pieces of ribbon to anchor down the ribbon on the back of the ’9′ too. This was helpful!

{Step 5} For the ends of all of the pieces of ribbon, I clamped them together with a clothespeg and then tied, knotted and made a bow around all of the pieces to fasten them together. I wanted to make sure Grace and Ryan had a place on the banner to hold the sign by and the little bows seemed like a good marker. However, and this is important, do not tie your ends together until you have glued all of your characters to your ribbon and lace! I did this and ended up having to untie the ends because the ribbon had big bunches in it and wasn’t sitting properly on the characters. Tying your ends together should be the last step you make before cutting off the edges to make both ends equal!

Et voila! A pretty little DIY Save the Date Banner!

And here she is in action during Grace and Ryan’s Love Story shoot! To see more from the session head over to Style Me Pretty today and leave Jenna and I some love. I’ll be sharing more with you all on Monday too. Enjoy your day, bloggies xoxo

DIY The Perfect Mix Favors

I have to say I love me some Christmas time, guys. As much as I hate the cold, the business at the malls once November hits, and the “ohmygoditsallover” that seems to hit me at midnight on December 25th, I seriously live for the holidays and the sweet little traditions that mean so much to me. The other day I broke out the Balsam Pine candles so that our apartment can smell like an entire pine forest and I’ve been doing small happy dances through the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby. All of those ornaments and decorations are enough to give a girl like me heart palapations. So for all of you holiday lovers, and lovers of the coziness and sweetness that Christmas time brings, this craft is for you. By far this is my most fave DIY with Jenna to date. You’ll see why at the end of this picture-infused post. Enjoy your Monday, everyone!

{Step 1} Make sure you have all the supplies needed. Pictured is everything I used like small latch-top, seal proof jars from Hobby Lobby, hot cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, some pink linen fabric, mini candy canes, my hot glue gun, Ghirardelli chocolate peppermint squares, my shiny scissors and the prettiest little labels designed and printed by one of my lovely friends Ashley of Lemon and Lavender. Try to refrain from eating all of the needed chocolate peppermint squares. Seriously.

{Step 2} Scoop equal amounts of cocoa mix into each jar until about halfway full. I used two canisters of cocoa mix to fill the five jars I have so if you need to make these favors on a larger scale I suggest using smaller containers. Once your halfway full, place three chocolate peppermint squares on top of the hot cocoa mix. The chocolate really isn’t needed to make a cup of hot cocoa but man are these things good. And your friends will thank you when they find these little treats hidden inside.

{Step 3} Again, refrain from eating all the mini marshmallows. And use a spoon to scoop marshies until the jars are full.

Like so!

{Step 4} To make the pink linen covers, eye ball and cut out a square piece of fabric that will be large enough to cover the opening of your jars. Cut it out and fold it in half. Draw a semi circle with a pencil or white pencil crayon and cut out to make your circle. Place over the opening of the jar and close the lid and latch to create an air tight seal. See how fun this part is?

The fabric will ruffle slightly once it’s sealed in place which let’s be honest, looks pretty dang cute, no?

{Step 5} Add your “Perfect Mix” labels to the jars. I decided to tape the ones Ashley sent to me, on the sides of the jar over top of where the hot cocoa sat so they would stand out. I was sort of bummed out though because I really wanted to show off the backs of the tags where there are Kate Spade ish type stripes (look how cute these things are, below). I am telling you if you need fun paper products Ashley is your girl. You can check out more of her work here and visit her blog over here too.

Pretty pretty.

{Step 6} To make the candy cane hearts for the tops of the jars, hot glue gun together two small candy canes facing in towards one another. I have seen edible versions of these hearts made with melted chocolate in place of glue but I wanted these just to sit on top of the jars so I was a-ok with gluing my canes together. Then I glued the hearts to the tops of the jars.

I just love how these turned out :) so pink and pretty and soft of course!

But wait. I know you’re all thinking “Rhi, Rhi, Rhi, what is this Perfect Mix you speak of?” And well to be honest it could be the perfect mix of two people falling in love and getting married and having these hot cocoa favors at their wedding celebration. Or it could be the perfect mix of hot cocoa and a dash of a little thing I like to call yummy in a bottle. Aka kahlua. I’ll go with the later.

The Perfect Mix. I hope it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside this year during the holidays! Much love, beauties xoxo

DIY Ribbon Wands

Happy Wednesday blogettes! You know, as an event planner, I am always amazed at the number of churches and venues that don’t allow real rose petals; which often means no rose petal toss and usually a bummed out bride. Thankfully, these easy to make ribbon wands can serve as the perfect substitute that are guaranteed to not only be a load of fun for wedding guests but for the bride and groom themselves. Try using ribbon or trim in your wedding colours for a more streamlined look or strips of fabric and lace for a more vintage, romantic look. And don’t worry, cute Siamese kitty is not needed for this project…

I first took advanatage of this clever craft when as a surprise to one of my couples this past August, I created more than 30 brightly hued ribbon wands for guests to wave once they exited the church. The delight on the bride’s face and the little squeal of happiness she let out was more than enough proof that ribbon wands are such a fabulous way to celebrate those first few moments of being a newly united Mr and Mrs. Here’s the rather obvious step by step instructions with the amazing photos captured by the one and only Jenna McKenzie on how to make your own wands. Happy Crafting everyone!

My snazzy blush pink ring is from Forever 21 in case you’re wondering! Nail polish is my fave gray “Master Plan” by Essie :)

{Step 1} Pick one of your rolls of ribbon, and unravel the entire thing. Match up both ends of the entire piece so that the ribbon is essentially folded in half. Then you’re going to fold the ribbon in half again, matching up both ends and the loop part where the ribbon is ‘folded’ in half. You will continue to fold your ribbon in half until the length of the folded pieces is your desired length (my pieces of ribbon are on average 26 inches in length; anything too long can easily get tangled). Once you have set your desired length, snip the loops at each of the folds so you are instead left with an even amount of ribbon pieces, all the exact same length (usually you can get 8 strips out of a roll).

{Step 2} Continue to unravel, measure and cut all of your rolls of ribbon until you have various piles of measured ribbon strips. Using your glue gun, dap a small amount of glue onto the end of a wood dowel. Place the very end of one strand of ribbon onto the glue dab and press down lightly to spread out the glue. Continue glueing various strands of ribbon onto the end of the dowel, overlapping the already glued on strands if needed. When you are ready to ‘seal’ the strands to the dowel, glue and tightly wrap a piece of ribbon around the dowel, starting at the very end of the dowel (where you have already fastened the ribbon strands to) working your way down until you have a neat and clean enclosure. Secure the end with more glue.

Et voila :) The prettiest ribbon wands I’ve ever seen!

This project is also being featured over on the amazing TWIPS blog today so be sure to check it out there! And if any reader is interested, I am looking to sell all of the ribbon wands I have. The blue ones were made just for the purpose of this project (and are worth $50.00) and the pink and orange ones are in amazing condition and around the same value ($50). I have 12 pinks and 7 blue; interested readers can just email me and we can work out a price and I can ship them off! For some photos of these ribbon wands in action check out Kelli and Brandon’s August wedding here! Enjoy your day everyone xo

P.S. I know this idea has been seen dozens of times and has circulated around the blogosphere for months, if not for well over a year, so I apologize for not knowing where the original inspiration/idea came from. Please let me know below if you have the answer as I believe in giving credit where it is due! Thanks.