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Katie + Bryan {E-Session by Jen and Jonah}


Oh, Katie and Bryan. Bryan and Katie. Two souls truly made for one another. Katie, a sweet, quiet but incredibly loving (and downright stunning) gal. Seriously how lovely is she? And Bryan, a gentlemen and all around happy guy with eyes only for Katie. These two are like most of my couples in the sense that I often feel overwhelmingly appreciative of even just being a witness to their love. To see two people so completely head over heels in love with one another makes me realize how sacred and wonderful a marriage really is. And to be given the gift of helping these couples celebrate their love in such a special, involved and curated fashion is absolutely a blessing I don’t ever dare take for granted.

Katie and Bryan are married already. You may remember some of their wedding photos from my Instagram feed over the holidays. They became husband and wife on New Year’s Eve and rang in 2014 the best way possible. Together with their amazing photographers Jen and Jonah Otchy, we also had the pleasure of seeing their engagement session featured on Style Me Pretty; in the most serendipitous of ways the feature went up just as Katie was preparing the walk down the aisle that day. And since the film scans came back earlier this week from the wedding itself (oh my gosh!) I figured today was as wonderful as a day to share the photos and memories that marked the start of their happily ever after.

Katie and I worked together to style the session with minimal props and outfits that would compliment the feel she was after. The rest is thanks to the talent behind the lens, Jen and Jonah. What a treasure to work with such talent.


The balloon photo was used on their dinner menus as a nod to the new year!


That lovely mint color of Katie’s dress was used throughout the wedding too. Can’t wait to share more!




And this was the photo we used on the couple’s Save the Dates last spring.


Happy Wednesday, friends. Make it a beautiful one xoxo

Claire + Doug {E-Session by The Goodness}

Sometimes simple is best. If there’s one thing I love about my job (I know, I know, ‘But Rhi, it seems you have a LOT of things you love about your job!’) it’s the lessons my clients teach me. And that would be the big one I’ve learned from Claire and Doug time after time. Over the past year and then some I’ve worked with these two (well mostly Claire, really :) to plan a wedding day celebration that is going to be beautiful and meaningful but best of all, simple in the most perfect of ways. Claire and Doug have a sweet story, a remarkable relationship that’s easy to admire the second you encounter them together and a warmness about them both that would make any wedding planner feel as downright lucky as I do to have them as clients.

Their gorgeous and uber rad engagement photos were shot last fall in Santa Monica where they used to live. They actually were able to go back to the spot were Doug proposed to Claire which you can read more about over here, but this past spring they made the move back to Chicago where they can now start their happily ever after together. Lisa and Geoff you captured Claire and Doug so wonderfully. I cannot wait to meet you tomorrow and work together Saturday! And Claire and Doug, I could just squeeze you both. Enjoy the next few days of whirlwinded-happiness (I totally just made up that word) xoxo

I’m fairly confident it isn’t fair to be this gorgeous. Check out Claire’s baby blues :)

Love this little series and that awesome neon green wall too. Just in time for the neon trend to start!

Isn’t this shot fab? I’m diggin’ the vibe of this photo and love that huge tree.

And a few more beautiful photos. I love the romance in these. And if you’re looking for my pick of what photo from Claire and Doug’s engagement session should go on a canvas, this would be it. I’m a big softie for negative space, and if that negative space is pure white I’m all over it. Claire and Doug, canvas this beauty up and hang it in that gorg condo of yours!

At the spot overlooking the water where Doug proposed…

And enjoying a little bit of that gorgeous sun before it disappears past the horizon.

Ok wait this needs to also be blown up canvas style.

And maybe just for kicks this one too.

I love the bright lights in the background. But I especially love the looks on Claire and Doug’s faces. I think I can probably expect to see these same expressions more than a few times this weekend. Thanks a ton for sharing these photos with me, Lisa and Geoff, and happy Thursday, friends. Enjoy the rest of this chilly but sunny fall day. Catch you all tomorrow xoxo

Sarah + Bryan {E-Session by Tec Petaja}

Sarah and Bryan. Le sigh. What a sweet and down to earth couple. Sarah first contacted me at the end of last summer looking for someone to help with the planning and design of her dreamy big day. From the second she started telling me all about her big day visions, I knew we’d be the perfect fit. As we wrap up loose ends for her and Bryan’s September 8th Northern Michigan wedding (lots of navy, payapa, blushes, taupes and the most incredible gown you ever did see!) it seemed perfectly fitting to share their gorgeous engagement images from no other than Tec Petaja himself. Here are some of my faves from the session; isn’t Sarah such a natural beauty? Can’t wait for next weekend guys, and thanks for sharing these gorg photos, Tec!

So sweet and so natural. I love that about Tec’s work. And love that about these two.

The most perfect engagement session tree you ever did see.

This one below is my fave. Wouldn’t this be the sweetest canvas of all time?

Goodness I love Northern Michigan. So often Michigan is scoffed at for not having much to offer but I mean, look how gorgeous it is. Tec is actually (correct me if I am wrong, Tec!) from Northern Michigan himself so I love that he was able to snap these beautiful photos where he hails from. Bryan’s family has a cottage up north too, right on the water where their tented rehearsal dinner will be held. There couldn’t be a more perfect spot to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter for these two. Enjoy this last week of your engagement Sarah and Bryan. It’s been such an adventure being on this journey together.

And happy Friday, bloggies! I am off to Canada again this weekend for a venue visit with another September bride and I’m secretly having a hard time believing summer is almost over. Where does the time go? Enjoy your long weekend and stay well. I’ll see you back here next week with some September Goals and evidence of how fun pinyatas are at weddings xoxo

Jessy + Erik {E-Session by Michael Murphy}

Aside from the obvious that I haven’t blogged in centuries (an entire biz rebrand, full on wedding season, search for an employee and a new pup will do that to a girl, phew!) today I’m fully planning on making it up to everyone. See, below I have some photos to share with you of the fantastically amazing Jessy and Erik. Oh Jessy and Erik! Where do I even start with you guys? You two are one of the most rad couples I know. And I know a LOT of couples so I promise that’s saying a lot here.

Aside from being super awesome people, Jessy and Erik are also two of my clients, getting married this August at Crooked Creek Ranch. Their rustic barn wedding is going to be a jam-packed with coral and peach details, a bit of chevron and a whole lot of personalized cuteness that I am so excited to be able to share with you soon. But for now let’s all soak in the sweetness that is Jessy and Erik through their gorgeous e-session shot earlier this summer. Michael Murphy is also shooting the wedding and I’m so stoked to work with him I could do happy dances around my entire house. Enjoy the eye candy, sweet bloggies!

Oh and if you’re not convinced that these two are just the sweetest, let it be known that Jessy and Erik currently live in Chicago with their adorable bulldog whose made a few cameos during our various skype dates. I totally love how involved Jessy and Erik have both been throughout the process because any groom who gets super excited to show me the tie he’ll be wearing on his big day is my ideal client. And Jessy, well you had me at “individually sewn napkin rings.” Seriously, that’s happening.

And now for two of my personal faves. Good old fashioned black and whites.

Happy Wednesday, all you gorgeous people! xoxo

Ash + Dallas {E-session by Elizabeth in Love}

Alright, alright I know what you’re all thinking, guys. “But Rhi, you have such good looking couples!” And although I’m slightly biased like a mother who claims her kids are the cutest, I have to say I do have some pretty phenomenal clients. Ashley and Dallas, whose good looks are among the hundreds of other qualities that make them so sweet, will be getting married in just a few short months this June. Not only will I get to kick off the start of HGE’s 2012 season with these cuties as the main stars, but I get to work alongside one of my fave photographers and one of my best girlfriends, Beth from Elizabeth in Love. Ash and I have been working together on getting all the special details in line for her big day, and all I can do is try my best to contain my excitement. Wedding gods, you are good to me. Too good to me. Enjoy some of Beth and I’s fave shots from the soon to be’s session last fall. Happy Wednesday, blogettes xo

The cutest little front porch that Ash and Dallas call home. I love. You know what else I love? How Ash and I went to the same high school yet we didn’t even know each other. I also love some sweet little tidbits Ash dished to me about Dallas like how they first met and fell in love. But I’ll save those sweet stories for when I share their wedding photos this summer :)

Ashley, you are gorgeous! You are going to take everyone’s breath away in just a few short months.

Dallas you’re looking pretty handsome yourself. I can hardly wait to meet you soon!

Tell me now, which shot is your absolute fave? I think the first photo with the minty blue wall and Ashley looking off to the right makes my day (and would make a totally cute canvas. Obviously.) Many thanks to Beth for sharing the eye candy!