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Instalove Friday

Happy Valentines Day, blogettes!


I hope that whatever you choose to fill your heart with today is made of the good stuff. Andrew and I are celebrating tonight with a little take out, a surprise dessert from yours truly and a quick clean up of the house before we prep for our trip tomorrow. Since we have house sitters watching our place and our pets while we’re gone we decided a clean home would be a nice gesture, not to mention coming back home will be that much easier! Andrew spent most of last week sick, and naturally I caught his cold and spent this week feeling rotten, so decorations and all things fancy have been put on the back burner this year; with the exception of this adorable Lulu and Georgia doormat. The cutest right? You can snag your own here and use the code HEARTDAY20 to save 20% your purchase (valid until Sunday!)

Have a lovely day celebrating what matters. Catch you all at the end of the month xoxo

Instalove Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged an Instalove Friday huh?


Luckily, Zoe and I are here to brighten your day leading into the weekend (even though Zoe doesn’t really look too thrilled; I promise she’s as happy as can be next to some fresh blooms.) We had a full week here at HGE headquarters with appointments and calls in preparation for our last two and very large 2013 events. There were plently of emails, proposals and the such for next year’s weddings too. Can you believe how fast this year is going by? I know I keep saying that as the months fly by but it’s true. I’ll be out this evening with my in laws for dinner at our fave Mexican restaurant. And tomorrow I’ll be taking the long trek up to Northern Michigan to meet with a couple of mine and their parents at a potential wedding venue. Follow along on IG for fun peeks! It’s definitely fall here in the Midwest and I’m excited to hopefully catch some of the changing colors of the leaves during my round trip drive tomorrow. What are all of you babes up to this weekend? Fill me in below and catch you all back here on Tuesday :) xoxo

Instalove Friday

Thank goodness for Friday. There’s a reason someone coined the acronym TGIF right?


If I had to be honest guys, I’d tell you this week was overwhelming. Despite all of the pretty blooms and endless prop building that consumed my days and nights, it was a long one. Case in point: I haven’t even blogged since last Friday. I’ve also been reading a lot about businesses ownership and this blog post here really struck a chord with me. Those Sage Wedding Pro chicks really are some of the wisest and smartest pros in the industry. They ALWAYS have something to learn from. For a while I suffered from the comparison symdrome where it felt like everyone around me had it figured out and I swore I wouldn’t ever be able to have ‘it’ myself. But truth is everyone has business problems behind closed doors. And nothing is ever as it seems. Does it mean everyone is miserable in this industry? Not necessarily, but the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and this article was a sweet reminder of just that. Go read the post now :)

With that I’m off to assemble invitation box mailers for a June client, then I have to tackle some more paper cone garlands and finish up some timelines. Tomorrow we’re hoping to stain the deck and soak up my second to last weekend before wedding season officially begins for HGE. Did I mention it’s my birthday on Sunday too? I have a special little post planned for that so check back later. Happy weekend, beauties. Make it a good one xoxo

Instalove Friday

Happy Friday, friends!


Fragrant, fluffy, soft pink and white stock. Guys these are the things my dreams are made of. And I’ll keep this short today because these buckets of blooms over here are just dying to be arranged for Mother’s Day, but did I mention I’m way excited for a weekend away from the office and emails? If you missed it, yesterday I dished on my current studio space search (I’d love to hear your thoughts if you haven’t left them yet) and there’s been a whole boat load of fun and spray paint over on Instagram so follow along to catch more sneakies of upcoming events. What is everyone up to this weekend? Whatever it is, give a Mom a hug for all of her hard work :) That could be a bumper sticker quote huh?

Catch all of you beautiful people later! xoxo

Instalove Friday

Happy Friday all of you beautiful people!


I woke up this morning and there was a sweet text on my phone from a friend and colleague that read “Yay for taking risks! Have fun with your intern today!” And instantly I felt like as scary as risks are they are often so worth taking. I’m currently sitting here on my front porch with my new intern Kendra (give her a warm welcome below guys!) and can’t even tell you I’m so excited about having a new person to work with here in the office even if it’s just a couple days a week. Kendra is a senior at a local university here in Grand Rapids, studying hospitality and tourism and I’m only hoping she’s more than thrilled to tackle some unicorn-inspired garlands today (look out for those guys in action on June 2nd!)

In other news, my adorable parents and my Grandpa are visiting Andrew and I for the weekend. I can hardly stand the suspense waiting for them to get here.  Hurry up 5:00 pm! It’s been a year since they were here last and they’ve yet to meet Zoe. Is it lame to call Zoe their grand dog? No? OK cool. We’ll be having a small grill out tonight, enjoying this beautiful spring time weather and hitting up some favorite stops around town over the next couple days! Hopefully you’ll have a marvellous weekend too and if you’re up for it, give a social media free few days a shot. xoxo