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Our Wedding Anniversary

Andrew, today I checked over on The Knot and it’s been 731 days since we said I Do. Two full years of things we never imagined. Year two in my opinion, is much harder than the first. Because sometimes the excitement from year one goes away, and unless you can work together as a team marriage can be really kind of hard. But you’ve been such a constant rock for me. You tolerate me, my weaknesses, my bad habits. You encourage me, believe in me, and most of all continually love and nurture me. When I think about it there’s nothing incredibly special about you and I together. Except that I think our love story is the sweetest of them all. Here’s to dozens of more years together eating cake and at our cores, being simply put, happy xoxo

More of our wedding can be over viewed here and here. And our one year anniversary over here. In the meantime I will be trying to juggle half a work day with half a day of anniversary celebration prep so this little lady is off to multitask like never before. Lots more goodness coming you way this week so hold tight my friends and soak up that sunshine. Happy Monday!

The Little Things

Sometimes mean the most.

Join me for another Virtual Coffee Date over here. And call someone today to say “I Love You.” xoxo

Pep Talk Tuesday {Wedding Videography Part II}

Rhi + Andrew | 1-Year Anniversary from Future Focus Media on Vimeo.

Over here I talked about Wedding Videography; a bit of a sore subject for me ever since Apb and I’s not so great experience with our personal wedding footage. And in that post I shared a little interview that we did with the amazing Paul and Vanessa Filan of Future Focus Media. I could write chapters about wedding videography and how for some it’s a service sitting low on their list of must haves but hiring a videographer is a tricky thing, especially when you want one really really bad. Like I may burst into tears if I can’t afford the videographer that’s going to make Steven Spielberg jealous bad. It’s like hiring a wedding planner. For some it’s an investment considered unnecessary until it’s far too late to reconsider. And no one like’s to feel like they made the wrong choice long after their wedding thank yous have been sent out (been there, done that and lemme tell you, it can be a toxic thing for some of us chicks who love everything to be nice and perfecto).

So anyway, in an effort to feel like one day our little babes (our potential little babes let me add) will have something to watch and reflect on from when their parents were young and hip and awesome (“Mom, you were such a babe in your high heels!” or “Dad! You had hair. Lots of it!”) we did an anniversary video merged together with the very best wedding footage we had. And here’s what we have as a result. A nice little video that sits so near and dear to my heart. As my Dad and Mother in Law said over the holidays, this is the kind of thing you need to pull out when your significant other is getting on your nerves and driving you a little crazy. Because as silly as it may seem that we had a camera follow us around Traverse City for an afternoon, this video is such a simple reminder of the best kind of love I’ve been blessed with in my life. Enjoy your Tuesday, my wonderful bloggies! Sending you all super big bear hugs today xoxo

Our Wedding Anniversary

Andrew, last week you told me I was the best thing that ever happened to you. And just when I didn’t think my heart could feel any fuller, it did. I can hardly believe just last year, I was getting ready to become your wife and that now, fast forward 12 months later, we’re getting ready to move into our very own home. You are by far, the most gracious, kind and gentle-natured man I know. You are the best spider-killer, a reacher of things that are too high up for me to get, and cooker of yummy dinners when I am too lazy to do it myself. You have been not only a husband to me, but a confidant, a friend and a support system. They say that the first year of marriage is supposedly the toughest. But in my humble opinion I think it’s the best. I love you.

Happy Friday, bloggies! It feels so good to be back! Please excuse the lack of a traditional Friday Wrap-Up as I wanted to dedicate today to our one year wedding anniversary which is in fact tomorrow on the 24th. Seriously, where does the time go? For the past year I, (along with so many of you and I am so sorry for the overkill) have been glancing at these photos; on my blog, on Pinterest and so many other blogs; that I never really took the chance to remember what it felt like. I never took a chance to remember what it felt like to be a bride, to be Andrew’s fiance and then wife all on the same day, to be surrounded by such an incredible group of people who love and care for us. So this weekend you can bet I’ll be doing a whole bunch of remembering :) To see our Style Me Pretty feature click here. All the beautiful above photos are by Amanda Wilcher.

Our Wedding Details {Part II}
If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I am obsessed with details. Completely and utterly infatuated with the lovely little things that make a wedding or event so special. I became so involved and wrapped up in the creation of the details for our day that on more than one occasion, I ended up placing less importance on other elements to our big day like our menu, officiant, rehearsal dinner and so forth (not that these things weren’t important it’s just that the other crafty items were much more my thing and thus more interesting and exciting. Yeah yeah my priorities weren’t exactly straight). 
A few days after our wedding while I tanning, or rather frying, my poor skin in the Bahamian sun I got to thinking about our wedding details. And I felt like perhaps I hadn’t added enough. There were a few different projects and vintage pieces I had completely forgotten about in the whirlwind, I mean in the days leading up to the wedding and as a result were left behind at home. I kept asking myself “Did everything look alright?” “Did I infuse enough Andrew-and-Rhiannon-are-in-love-ness into our day?” “Were my efforts to make our wedding special evident to our guests?” I wasn’t quite sure then. But now, thankfully I’m sure. Our wedding was uniquely ours and I feel so proud of everything I created.
I love that we bought our vases from the Dollar Store and used two different colours of lace to spruce them up a bit. This was a really easy and fun project for Andrew and I to do together and saved us a ton of money since we didn’t have to rent or buy vases direct from the florist. For those of you who have asked or may have ended up asking eventually the flowers used in our centerpieces were pale purple-pink stock, Belles of Ireland, ivory garden and Vandela roses, and pale pink lisianthus. I think our florist also threw in a few pale yellow roses which wasn’t what was planned but out centerpieces looked beautiful so I’m not complaining. Our table numbers were vellum and thanks to the tea light beneath them, during dinner really cast a beautiful glow throughout the small dining room.
Our cake I discussed in this post and really I can’t say enough great things about it. Luckily for us the chargers, linens and chair covers were included with the caterer who choose. My gray nail polish is an Essie colour and a hue I always wear on my nails. It matched the sash on my gown. The Love mugs from Anthropologie were one of my favourite details since they were the one thing we had as the focal point to our sweetheart table. And I can promise you that when I bought the mugs, it wasn’t an overdone wedding trend yet :) It seems like every wedding recently has their share of Anthropologie monogrammed mugs! 

{The Details}
Our Cake - I Do Wedding Cakes
Cake stand - HomeSense Canada
Love mugs – Anthropologie online
Bride and Groom signs - lilmissi on Etsy
Vellum table numbers - iLUMIEnate on Etsy
Team Bride and Groom Buttons - repchi on Etsy
Cake server and knife - (a gift from my bridal shower) Bowring
He Said She Said cards – designed by me, printed by Papertalk Press
Lace and ribbon and centerpiece vases - Fabricland and the Dollar Store

How did you (or do you plan to) infuse personality and uniqueness into your wedding day?