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The HGE Relaunch Party Details!

I feel so grateful, guys. And lucky. In December I hosted a party here in our home to celebrate the relaunch of Hey Gorgeous Events. About 40 industry and non-industry friends came out to enjoy appetizers and drink mimosas with me and it was the perfect way to end nearly a year’s work of rebranding and preparing for the unveiling. My sweet friend and colleague Leah Mullet came over a little earlier that Monday night to snap some shots of the party details for me, and I’m so happy she was here. She chatted with me while I curled my hair, zipped me up into my dress and even gifted me with the sweetest present ever before things got started; a lovely card and a giant Henri Bendel peony candle I had been lusting after. After deciding at MTH in October that my ideal day started with a lit candle in my office, she decided to get me the biggest size possible. It’s March and already I’ve burned through that entire thing. Oops!

My sweet neighbors, Tara and Joey, kind mother in law, Pat, and handsome hubby were on hand to that night to help with setting up, serving, coat-getting and cleaning. And all of you were there and here to leave the kindest comments via Instagram, twitter, facebook, snail mail and even Ustream where I streamed parts of the party live. I went to bed that night like a little kid on Christmas morning. My heart nearly exploded with contentment and joy. Enjoy some of the party detail shots below! And check out #hgelaunch on instagram to see some photos of the amazing people that made it out that night! I told Leah not to worry about guest shots so she too could mingle and have fun with everyone.


This is me before the party started. I’d like to get those giant balloons permanently blown up in my home.


We all know I have an unhealthy addiction to Starbucks so I thought it would be fitting to have a take home swag ‘cup’ for each guest. They were filled with delicious treats from Nicole at The Caramel Jar, custom HGE pencils, some amazing new branded buttons from Ashli at Big Yellow Dog Designs and handmade peony soap as a nod to one of my favorite blooms. I hand wrote gold ink messages on the side of the cup, like they do at Starbucks when you order a drink and displayed the cups on my mint dresser in the entryway to our home. This was one of my fave details!


In the kitchen we had a fruit mimosa bar and pop, beer and water. Our unfurnished and undecorated front room actually came in handy that day and served as the perfect empty space to set up a little bistro type area for guests who wanted to sit down. Funny enough most people hung out in the kitchen and dining room during the beginning of the night and the bistro area looked lonely. But come 11:00 pm (I thought people would leave by 9:00 at the latest!) there were about 15 of us sitting in the ‘bistro’ area eating Sweet Heather Anne treats and laughing together by candlelight.


I ordered all of the appetizers through The Gilmore Collection. A 2011 bride of mine used them for her wedding food (they are amazing!) and they own close to 15 restaurants in the city here; I couldn’t imagine ordering food through anyone else! They were a pleasure to work with and we’re so helpful in coming out, delivering and setting up the food.


As a memento to the entire rebrand experience I had a shot from a shoot I designed and Cyn Kain photographed blown up and make into a canvas. I asked every guest to sign it with a note of encouragement and it now hangs proudly in my office. My favorite part was when Molly Jacques signed her name in calligraphy (with a Sharpie mind you) on the canvas. Molly created my logo and it was like coming full circle to have her art work on that canvas too.


The desserts were made by Sweet Heather Anne and she’s one of my faves in Michigan for delicious treats. Lucky (or unluckily depending on how you see it) we had a ton of leftovers after the party and Andrew and I ate peppermint dark chocolate cake truffles for breakfast all the way up to Christmas. I’m not even kidding. The treats were a hit and loved by all! Thankfully our IKEA console table and my cake stand collection served as the perfect way to display them all!


And last but not least here I am putting on our bluetooth speaker system for some tunes just before the party started. It was about 6:29 pm here and no one had showed up yet. I honestly thought no one would come! And poor Leah and Andrew had to keep telling me to calm down. Like clockwork, the first guest rang the door bell at about 6:34. I think Rihanna had come on at this point so I Was singing my heart out. Who knows, all I know is I was and am very happy.


Happy Thursday, blogettes. xoxo

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Photography: Leah Mullet Photography / Desserts: Sweet Heather Anne / Dress: Rent the Runway / Catering: The Gilmore Collection / Flowers: Hey Gorgeous Events / Table Rental: Baker Rental / Linens: BBJ / Favor buttons: Big Yellow Dog Designs / Caramels: The Caramel Jar / White console table: IKEA / Mint dresser and blue bar cart: Vintage / Black chairs: Events by I Candy

The New and Improved Hey Gorgeous Events!

I’ve started and restarted this post for months now. It’s so hard to express all I’m feeling in this moment. Could you imagine trying to write a speech to win an Oscar or an Emmy? I mean that’s a little more serious than this I’m sure but either way, I’m just sitting here completely speechless today after all that’s happened throughout this process. The support and encouragement and love from family, friends, followers, strangers, clients both past and present, has been remarkable. I feel like I’ve changed for the better. Hey Gorgeous has changed for the better. And I get to share it all here with you! So let’s start with this:

I have a logo. Oh lawdy it’s a lovely thing to have isn’t it? I owe serious props to the incredible Molly Jacques for drawing up both the hand lettering and Bevy after so many of my picky requests for revisions. I’ve been putting that logo everywhere from cell phone cases to client bags and buttons. It’s so wonderful and gorgeous. And the color palette and selected fonts infused into my brand board were put together (in combination with my gorgeous new collateral which you can read about over here!) by Emily Ley through Making Brands Happen. It’s so truly me. It’s just gorgeous and wonderful and lovely.

How about a little before and after shall we? Here’s my old BluDoman website. Let me mention that this site served its purpose for two years and really was quite functional, user-friendly and affordable when I first started out. But it lacked the little bit of spunk I was looking for and din’t properly portray who I am. And my clients need to know who I am because we spend an impressive amount of time together. So I told Lara and Emily, and of course Cathy Olson of Love Inspired to throw Kate Spade and Jose Villa in a blender and make me a Hey Gorg milkshake. Ha! No really though. That’s what I was craving.

And I got this.

Guys, I shrieked. This is just incredible. I have a place that’s all ME now. My heart, my passions, my quirky side, my genuine side, ALL sides. Isn’t she pretty?

I owe so much to so many people.

To Lara and Emily and Cathy and Molly. You have all been so honest and patient with me. You’ve been encouraging and supportive and have said the right things at the right time. I’ve been inspired and am hopeful and excited for what’s ahead of me and Hey Gorgeous. I read a quote through the Making Things Happen Tumblr last year, you know the one that says, ‘A year from now you will have wished you had started today?’ I never want to regret going after what fire me up in life. Life’s too short to play small. You’ve epitomized this little piece of logic for me. Thank you giving me so many valuable tools to succeed. For being friends. I love you guys.

To everyone who came to the relaunch party last night, I’m such a lucky girl. Your cards and words of encouragement are so special. I loved watching everyone mingle and laugh amongst one another. I loved still having people in my house at 11:45 pm when I was sure everyone would leave at 8:30 pm. I love how many bottles of wine you brought as gifts. No, really. Thank you.

To the friends I have made in the industry and through blogging, who have taken photos of me, my work, my home, my husband and I, to the friends who live in different time zones than me but still take my calls at 6:00 am because I need an opinion on something trivial. To Kelly, Beth, Paul and Vanessa, Leah, Naomi, Shalyn, Michaela, Nicole, Tonya, Kristen, Elise, Alex, Victoria, Cyn oh and the list goes on. I can’t even begin to describe how much you all mean to me. It can get lonely when all of your friends seemingly live so far away. But you’ve all managed to make me feel like you’re close by. I’m thankful for you and all you do for me.

To everyone who reads this blog, who sends me tweets no matter how irrelevant the ones I tweet are, who comments on my facebook posts and photos, who tuned in via Ustream last night and left notes, who have sent letters, emails, texts, presents, and the list goes on. I am so humbled. I’m not sure what I did to deserve this but I feel so lucky. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to let me know you care.

To my sweet Mom, my Mother in Law, Pat, my husband and family. I love you guys so stinkin’ much. Through this I’ve really understood the value of focusing on what truly matters. You guys matter. You don’t care what kind of desserts I served last night, you definitely thought the old website was good enough and you probably are still confused on what this rebrand really entailed. But that’s exactly what I needed from you. I just needed pure love and support of the unknown. Andrew you’ve been such a rock. You’ve been so loving to me regardless of my behaviour. Mom, I miss you so much and wish you could have been here last night. Your sweet emails have kept me going. They’ve kept me feeling proud. Pat, you’re like the energizer bunny. Thank you for driving me around yesterday with oversized mylar balloons stuffed in your SUV, and then cleaning up everything last night while I sat back and put my feet up. I don’t deserve such love from you all.

Have you ever had a happy cry? I totally just had one. Welcome to the new Hey Gorgeous.

Photo by the amazing Kelly Braman. Oh and go watch this little video of yours truly :) xoxo

The Countdown is On!

It’s Sunday night as I type this and the streams of Engage tweets are flowing through my Twitter feed. I made the decision to rebrand my business this year in lieu of attending Engage and I’m so glad I did. This rebrand has been good for my soul. It’s been exhausting, frustrating, eye-opening and surprising. But it’s also been incredibly fulfilling and exactly what I needed. ‘An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is pulling you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.’ I pinned this quote a while ago and absolutely love the analogy behind it. For me, 2012 in all of its entirety felt like one giant lesson or personal metamorphosis and I couldn’t be more grateful for the ups and the downs that have allowed me to be so present in this moment. The bottom line is I’m just so excited to show you everything I’ve been pouring my heart into, guys. So in the meantime, while the coders are coding, and I get last little details in place for Monday’s relaunch party I wanted to leave you with a big old thank you. It’s not much but it’s really all I can possibly say to those of you who have given me a part of your heart. This blog has consistently been a source of unwavering support and love for close to four years now. I can’t wait to share the new and improved HGE with you soon!

Eight more sleeps until it’s all unveiled! Until then get ready for the giveaway of all giveaways including gorgeous gifts from: Plum Pretty Sugar, Palomas Nest, Vatne Designs, Anastasia Marie, Oatmeal Lace Design, Emily Ley, Lemon and Lavender, The Way We Are, Big Yellow Dog Designs and so many more! And all of the gorgeous gifts will be going into that pretty new tote bag displaying my new logo, photographed above by the sweet Kelly Braman. Can I enter to win my own giveaway? This is going to make one reader so truly happy. Enjoy your week, blogettes and next time we chat I’ll have a new look! xoxo

HGE Needs YOU!

Oh hello! Guess what? Today I need YOUR help, blogettes.

See I have this new brand launching in less than a month (like you didn’t know this already ha!) and with that new brand will come a new blogging schedule and structure. I have in my head what I think sounds pretty darn good but what’s good to me isn’t always good to you and you guys are the ones who make this blog what it is. So what I need today is your help! I want to know what you love seeing here, what entices you to leave comments and encourage discussion, what you love about stopping by HGE, and what you would want to hear about should I decide to bless you with my voice and start putting together some videos. I’m coming up on my four year blogging anniversary and to say this blog is a big part of my brand and identity is an understatement. I want to continue to grow and evolve and I hope you can give me a bit of feedback to help do just that.

All you need to do is leave a comment here with what you like, don’t like, want to see more of, want to hear more of, and even better I’d love to know about YOU! Are you a bride to be who loves wedding related advice and help? Or are you happily married and just as obsessed over finding the perfect shade of gray for your living room walls? Or maybe you’re my Mom and you read by default. Whoever you are let me know! I owe so much of my success to my blog and the people who continually read, comment and share the love I pour into it. I hope someone comments and tells me how much they love balloons like me.

Happy Monday, friends! Is anyone else fasting in preparation for Thursday’s celebration? :) Photo via Kelly Braman.

Confessions of a Rebrand

Happy Tuesday, guys! It’s been a while since I blogged a rebrand post but I promise today’s a good one. See, this rebrand has brought so many unexpected and incredible things my way and it’s been such a blessing getting to document it all here. The constant soul searching has been especially beneficial for my confidence and for that I feel nothing but gratitude. When you’re a business owner, regardless of what you’re selling or trying to accomplish, it’s so easy to believe in your own ideas and to essentially and internally believe in what you’re capable of. We all have that inner cheerleader tirelessly rah rah-ing her pompoms in our favor because on the inside there’s nothing holding us back. No one telling us ‘no.’ The issue often ends up being able to convince everyone else that you can do it. And you can do it really well. Throughout this journey I’ve loved not only sitting at the drawing board to create the most perfect representation of me, Hey Gorgeous and everything we’re about, but I’ve loved discovering that missing sense of confidence that I feel is so crucial in helping me make my goals my reality.

I’ve never officially announced this, and for the majority this is old news, but with the relaunch will come an official new offering at HGE. In addition to my current partial and full service planning, and full wedding styling services I’ll be offering in house floral design. Flowers are such an integral part of any event design and including this as an extension to my exsiting levels of services was such a natural and desirable transition to make. Guys, I just typed all of that to you. I’ve been waiting over a year to actually type those words. I’ve been working like a flower obsessed crazy woman, making sure this is IT. And between you and I, let me tell you this, I could not be more excited about 2013. Talking flowers with clients, incorporating blooms into tablescape designs, and using fresh foilage to bring together a vision for a client, makes me so incredibly happy. Life’s too short to be anything but right? Right. Flower design? Yes. Planning? Yes. Decor? Yes. Ice cream? Always.

Five weeks guys. Just five weeks to go until the new Hey Gorgeous goes live. If I can be honest for a second here, which come on, when am I not honest with you all, I’d tell you I could hardly sit still waiting for December 18th to finally roll around. It’s going to be really nice. Really exciting, lovely, special, and nice. ‘Nice’ feels just right. And I cannot wait to share it all with you! In the meantime here’s a little bit of gorgeousness going into the floral gallery on the new website. I loved this bouquet which was a mock up for a client and just adored the way it looked on that blue chair. Leah Mullett took these gorgeous photos and I am so grateful for her talented eye and supportive friendship. Go check out her blog now would you?

In the meantime I’ll be over here building a design proposal based around unicorns. Seriously. Ah-mazing xoxo