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Janet + Jon {Wedding Teaser by Kelly Braman}

You can bet I’ll have one long winded post to share once I get the chance to blog this wedding in its entirety but for now I’ll tell you this: Janet and Jon are one remarkable, bad ass, out of the box, colorful, unicorn and cowboy loving couple that I’m still pinching myself over. Last week, as some of you know from my instagram feed, they finally made their union officially in front of 90 friends and family members, some travelling from as far as Taiwan to be witness to their love. Their wedding was one for the books and from the couple of photos I’ve seen taken by my gal pal and talented colleague Kelly Braman you can bet they’re all pretty killer. Janet and Jon, I love you guys like whoa.


Oh and isn’t Janet’s gown incredible? After finding her dream dress with a not so desirable price tag on it, I set out to help her recreate the gown for a fraction of the cost. We found the perfect base dress from my sweet friend Maggie’s bridal salon here in Grand Rapids, Renee Austin Wedding. Then Maggie’s incredible seamstress Litsa, build in over 80 yards of ombre tulle into the skirt for a cascading and layered look Janet so loved. It was so pretty and unique from every single angle. And that veil! Gah! I die over that beauty. Head over to facebook to check out Janet’s rainbow inspired bouquet too. Happy Tuesday, blogettes. Back to the whirlwind of a workweek here at HGE xoxo

Sarah + Bryan {Wedding Teaser by Tec Petaja}

I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting to get photos back from the gorgeous wedding of Sarah and Bryan. It was such a classic affair tucked up against the stunning autumn landscape of Traverse City, Michigan. I had the pleasure of designing this event and working closely with the sweet bride and one very talented group of vendors. From the custom made bistro inspired tables to the lovely chalkboard signage by Lily and Val this was such a sweet celebration dripping in charming details. I can’t wait to share more with you all in a full post with photographs by the amazing Tec Petaja. Happy Thursday, blogettes xoxo

Nicole + Chris {Wedding Teaser by Elizabeth in Love}

When you’re in the process of a rebrand, you’re continually looking for things, anything really, that speaks volumes about all you wish to epitomize with the new you. I had ten events in 2012 and just knew my final October 13th wedding would take the cake. From designing and assembling the florals and decor myself to the most incredible, out of the box bride and groom I was smitten with Nicole and Chris and everything about their intimate fall wedding. I also had the chance to end my season with photographer Beth Kaye (who I started the season with here, ironically!) and well, we all know how much I love that chick and her work. That above photo? Oh goodness it’s like everything I want the new and improved HGE to represent and more. How gorgeous is Nicole and her sister in law and sister on her big day? Those gowns, those expressions; I just love my job. xoxo

Mary Beth + Tom {Wedding Teaser by Harrison Studio}

Oh Mary Beth and Tom. I could never eloquently describe how big of an honour it was to have been a part of your incredible wedding day. From the minute I first met you both early last summer, I knew you’d quickly become friends. You were continuously so trusting, co-operative and grateful, entirely grateful to my time, and ideas throughout this entire journey. When you slipped into your gorgeous dress on Saturday, Mary Beth, and I watched from the porch of the bridal suite, I could see your eyes filling with happy tears, your little frame full of jitters as you tried to take in deep breaths and wrap your head and heart around everything that was happening. And I had to turn away because I too was welling with tears just thinking of how much you and Tom deserved such a perfect day. This was finally it! Tom, I still remember seeing you walk out of the barn en route to see your bride for the first time, a little pep in your step, your bow tie perfectly placed around your neck and a smile on your face that probably resembled the one you had on your face that day you first met MB years ago. I adore you guys. Your wedding is the stuff wedding dreams are made out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a part.

I haven’t shared much on the blog about these two here but I had the privilege of planning, designing and coordinating MB and Tom’s wedding at Crooked Creek Ranch this past weekend. I was fortunate to have had such a talented group of vendors behind the scenes making the day everything it was. Ben and Laura Harrison from Harrison Studio were on hand to capture the entire day and were such a pleasure to work with. Knowing what their work looks like (stunning) and just seeing a sample of shots from the day (again, stunning) has my heart doing cartwheels out of pure joy. They are one talented duo. Go see here. And enjoy this little sneak peek above. Happy Wednesday all you gorgeous people! Catch you later this week xoxo