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Jan 25

Instalove Friday

Happy Friday, blogettes! Did everyone have a lovely week?


Zoe and I sure did. We had our hands full with a fun Valentines Day shoot on Tuesday and endless meetings the rest of the week running through client’s menus, rental choices, venue visits, contract approvals, decor proposals and floral mock ups. People swear up and down that this time of year is slow for us planners but truth be told this is when we get our you know what DONE. Not to mention I pulled the trigger and finally registered for Engage13 this December. Pinch me please! I cannot wait to get my butt to Arizona. So this weekend I’ll be going social media free again, and I’m really looking forward to a non-work couple of days full of stuff like more meal planning, working out, cleaning this house and a little lunch with Andrew’s Grandma on Sunday. If you didn’t try the social media free thing last weekend give it a try this one. I promise you’ll survive and wake up Monday feel like the biggest bad ass ever. So stop reading this and go live your life! I’ll catch you back here next week with some fun 2013 client engagement session photos, some new bouquet designs, and Part II to My Story (you can read Part I here). Oh and I’m looking for part time help with my events this year. So next week you’ll find a whole post here dedicated to that. Stay tuned and make it magical, guys xoxo

Jan 24

Featured {Style Me Pretty}


Today is a way good today thanks to the team over at Style Me Pretty for featuring Mary Beth and Tom’s Northern Michigan wedding. Working with these two was such a joy thanks to their remarkable personalities and genuine nature. Mary Beth was always game for anything and couldn’t have been more receptive to my ideas. And Tom was always willing to help, take on duties and give suggestions. I love when grooms are as hands on as Tom. Their wedding was a whirlwind day filled with endless amount of detail and some of the most memorable moments I’ll never forget. You can see more of their wedding in its entirety here and catch the post on the Little Black Book blog here. I’m off to a rental appointment this morning before some more client appointments this afternoon! Make it a good day, blogettes xoxo

Jan 23

My Story Part I

Next month will mark my four year blogging anniversary. I can hardly believe it’s been that long. And definitely find it hard to comprehend how much I’ve learned – and changed – since my first post went live in 2009. When Andrew and I both moved to Chicago in early January of that same year, we had both just graduated from University and certainly had high hopes for a new start in a new place together. Andrew had accepted his first full time gig as a sales engineer at an HVAC company and I was determined to find my first job too within the journalism industry. Armed with a boatload of determination, over 50 addressed demo reels headed out to any and every news station, and a heavily loaded resume sparkling with numerous impressive internships, I didn’t think it would be tough to find my groove in the career world. Yet sometimes our plans in life sort of fall through, falling a bit short of our expectations don’t they?

What I never anticipated was how hard and unlikely it would be for a fresh out of college journalism grad to find a job in the second best journalism market in the country; in the middle of an economic crisis. Throw my Canadian citizenship and restrictive Visa status into the mix and I literally felt like I couldn’t catch a break. Slowly but surely I started to blow through my savings account as I tried so hard to be a loving and supportive fiance, who handled the groceries and made home cooked meals just waiting on the table for when Andrew arrived home from work. I tried to make our little one bedroom apartment feel cozy and inviting. But I felt helpless, unmotivated, unencouraged and most of all, sure that this lifestyle would fall through sooner than later. I hated tapping into my savings account to buy things that I thought would give us the life we were supposed to be living, but wanted so badly to have some sort of supposed normalcy.

Before Andrew and I officially moved to Chicago, I had set up a part time internship as a writer at a tiny magazine called College News. You can check it out here. I really thought this would be my big break and if all else failed, would be something to at least fall back on until I landed a job I really wanted. Except when I started to settle into my internship schedule I learned really quickly, this wasn’t the gig for me. Between the long unpaid hours and the ‘newsroom’ that was far too quiet and predictable in contrast to a lively, bustling never-know-what-you’re-going-to-get telvisions newsroom, I found myself absolutely bored out of my mind and uninspired with my daily duties. I remember so clearly having to write a story for the CN blog about the Chris Brown and Rihanna incident when it first broke, and I thought to myself, if this is the kind of work I’m destined to do forever, then I must be selling myself short.

Eventually my lack of fulfillment at my internship, led me to pursue personal interests at home. And all at once in between job searching and emailing news editors until my fingers were blistered, I found myself up to my eyeballs in cookbooks, baking soda and cupcake pans. One day at the internship while writing a story for the College News blog, it dawned on me that I too could have a blog! One that would highlight my favorite recipes, along with a little commentary in my tone of voice and it would hands down be much more fun than writing about celebrity gossip or trivial things that I had no interest in. It would allow me to be creative (bonus), in control (double bonus) and if the blog ended up falling short of my expectations there was the option to quit and move on. With that Pink Sugar Desserts was born. Along with a plan to open a storefront. All at once I had these big ideas and even bigger plans to do something.

I eventually said good bye to the College News internship, and instead stayed home to juggle the ongoing and exhausting job search with the obsessive amount of baking in our tiny little kitchen. I soon after discovered Bakerella and decided I too needed a Canon Rebel to document my kitchen creations so I went out (spent more money) and bought one from a camera retailer who was going out of business. I started to realize that in putting a little effort into my posts (like well thought out images) and a little personality (like a conversational tone of voice) led to very slow but sure increases in traffic. People other than Andrew and my Mom started to read. And at once I was hooked on blogging.

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This was written in January of 2013.

Jan 18

Instalove Friday

Happy Friday, blogettes! And slow down January. This year is going by so fast like I expected it would.


I’m shooting for another social media free weekend starting tonight at 6:30 pm and I’m hoping some of you will join me after reading this post here (seriously though, leave a comment below if you’re trying it this weekend too! A little accountability can go a long way.) A colleague of mine is being honored at a baby shower tomorrow and I can’t wait to be there and celebrate with her and the other women in her life. Then next week is full of client meetings, decor proposal, taste tests and an incredibly fun little production I’m looking forward to sharing with you next month! It involves hopefully a few heart shaped hydrangeas like the one I was lucky enough to find in a recent floral order. I’ve been a bit more open to the idea lately that God gives us signs in life, even if they are as trivial as a flower that’s shaped like a heart. Make your weekend wonderful and I’ll see you back on Monday with some more goodness! xoxo

Jan 15

Pep Talk Tuesday {Social Media Free Weekends}

I’m obsessed with my phone. My Mom jokes that I probably take it to the washroom with me.


Sad truth: I do.

Late last year, after reading and following Lara’s The Challenge, I decided to tackle a social media free weekend myself. I knew it would be hard and I secretly dreaded being without my phone for two point five whole days. While it’s rather embarrassing to feel so attached to something so trivial, the worst part is I failed miserably at my first attempt on going social media free. I was half of a day into my weekend and somehow found myself that Saturday afternoon refreshing my instragram feed and updating my facebook status while I silently tsk tsk-ed myself. It wasn’t until this year, that I realized I needed to make some serious changes and give social media free weekends another chance in my life. So rewind to last Friday night, when I left my phone in my office at 6:30 pm only to grab it to take the the gym with me (on airplane mode) and I can tell you I did it this time with success. And it was glorious. Here’s what happened:

I got my life back. When you put your phone down you reconnect with life. If you’re like me you probably check your phone when you wake up, when you’re in the car as a passenger with your significant other, when you’re waiting at a doctor’s office, when you’re out for dinner with a friend, when you at the grocery store in the check out line, when you’re holding a wall sit at the gym, when you’re on the couch after work, when you’re eating, when you’re blow drying your hair, when you’re in the bath, when you’re in bed falling asleep and sometimes when you’re in the washroom doing your thing. I’m so embarrassed I just wrote all of that out. Excuse me for a minute while I break up with my phone here.

Putting my phone down to do all of those things with my undivided attention resulted in more in depth conversations with my husband, more conversations where I felt good because I knew I was actually listening, more involvement at an MSU gymnastics competition because my eyes were on the athletes and not my phone, more time in the kitchen cooking and enjoying my food instead of enjoying my social media feeds, and more enjoyment and overall contentment with doing things I used to have no problem doing before I became dependant on my phone. Like sitting on the couch, snuggling in bed when the sun is rising in the morning, working out and knowing your huffing and puffing is from burning calories instead of trying to maneuver an elliptical machine with your instagram filters. You know what I mean, right?

I know once wedding season hits it’s going to be next to impossible to avoid my phone on the weekend but I plan on soaking this up for as long as I can because one of the biggest lessons I learned last year, is that life’s too short to focus on the things that absolutely do not matter. And you should do the same! Have any of your tried, and possibly even failed, at a social media free weekend? I am so here to hold you accountable if you want to try it :)

Photo of me and my phone by Kelly Braman Photography.