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May 10

Instalove Friday

Happy Friday, friends!


Fragrant, fluffy, soft pink and white stock. Guys these are the things my dreams are made of. And I’ll keep this short today because these buckets of blooms over here are just dying to be arranged for Mother’s Day, but did I mention I’m way excited for a weekend away from the office and emails? If you missed it, yesterday I dished on my current studio space search (I’d love to hear your thoughts if you haven’t left them yet) and there’s been a whole boat load of fun and spray paint over on Instagram so follow along to catch more sneakies of upcoming events. What is everyone up to this weekend? Whatever it is, give a Mom a hug for all of her hard work :) That could be a bumper sticker quote huh?

Catch all of you beautiful people later! xoxo

May 9

The HGE Studio Part I

Let me tell you a little secret. I’m an extremely decisive person and 99% of the time have my mind made up before I can even believe it myself. I’m not sure if this is a quality I’ve had most of my life but in addition to my decisiveness I’m very good at listening to my gut and making decisions based on intuition. Case in point, about two months ago I really started to feel the effects (both positive and challenging) of a growing business and I decided to start looking into an outside office space and studio. With little knowledge on commercial real estate but a gut feeling that starting this search would be a good idea, I set out and toured what felt like all of Grand Rapids, calling in circles, visiting almost seven potential spaces that fit my needs and price point and then boom I found one! I was ready to sign on the dotted line, get my keys and make magic happen. Here’s that diamond in the rough everyone, myself included, seemed to love.


But something didn’t feel right. And I don’t just mean that iPhone photo above. Ick sorry!

I forgot to mention that sometimes in addition to being very decisive, if I’m on the fence about something (which hardly happens) I tend to lean on others to gauge their opinions and ultimately what they would do if they were Rhi. Such was the case a few weeks ago when almost every single person in my circle had an opinion to share; and let me point out I am so grateful for my smart, wise, courageous and smart friends. I value their opinions and trust their judgement. But then I thought I should call my Dad. You know, the one who started his construction business alone with a young entrepreneurial business loan 25 years ago. The one who worked his tail off over the past 25 years to go from a small business that served small construction needs to an Incorporated business with a fleet of vehicles, 80 plus employees and a roster of business across the country and internationally. And most notably he’s the one that move after move, would make his office work in a spare room or the basement of our home. Here’s a man selling multimillion dollar building contracts from the comfort of his small, cozy, home office, and one who continued to do so until he absolutely had to move to an outside space that could accommodate his needs. Surely my Dad would have advice for me.

The thing I love about my Dad, and my Mom, is they tell me things I don’t want to hear. I used to hate that but as I get older and wiser (ha!) I learn to secretly love learning from and taking their advice and opinions to heart. My Dad’s initial advice on the space, before I could even tell him about those beautiful windows and that yummy light and the cheap rent, was ‘Don’t do it.’ Then this weekend he had a chance to see the studio, the building, the surrounding area, the whole nine yards. And and Sunday before him, my Mom and my Grandpa left he told me, ‘Remember Rhi, increase your revenue, decrease your overhead. And don’t do it.’ Wow. Talk about getting the opposite of what you really wanted.

I have a sweet friend and together we have accountability dates once a week. We talk about our goals, challenges and one thing we did well from the week prior. My one thing I did well from last week was taking my Dad’s advice and more notably my Mom’s points to heart as I continue to sit on the fence with this studio space. In the heat of my excitement I didn’t think about the things I should have like the lack of running water, at all, in the studio. My flowers wouldn’t jive well with that. I didn’t think it would be a big deal that our Michigan winters will absolutely freeze my tail off and probably drive me to crank the heat resulting in a ridiculous heating bill; when a big, grown man who leases the space next to your potential one tells you Michigan winters are miserable in said building, that’s gotta count for something.

These next few weeks will mark the start of my 2013 wedding season. My first wedding this year is my unicorn themed wedding and ironically enough the first event under my new brand. I’m. So. Excited. I’m also trying not to make a decision on a space (which I’ve decided I do absolutely need whether it be separate from my home or a revamped basement space) just because it’s exciting and fun. I want this to be a smart move and something that feels so good in the end because I did it the right way. In the meantime, I’ll be spray painting more cones for the unicorn inspired garlands you’ll see at June 2nd’s event and reviewing some pricing and plans to redo our entire unfinished basement. The smart biz move here would be to review all of my options before making my final move right? Right.

If you’re a business owner with a studio of your own I’d love to hear about your experiences! Obviously there are variables in every business wedding industry related or not (how much you make, how often you meet clients, what your inventory is like, what market you’re in, what your future business plans entail) but I’d still love to hear different perspectives and stories :) Happy Thursday, friends! Soak up that gorgeous sunshine out there xoxo

May 3

Instalove Friday

Happy Friday all of you beautiful people!


I woke up this morning and there was a sweet text on my phone from a friend and colleague that read “Yay for taking risks! Have fun with your intern today!” And instantly I felt like as scary as risks are they are often so worth taking. I’m currently sitting here on my front porch with my new intern Kendra (give her a warm welcome below guys!) and can’t even tell you I’m so excited about having a new person to work with here in the office even if it’s just a couple days a week. Kendra is a senior at a local university here in Grand Rapids, studying hospitality and tourism and I’m only hoping she’s more than thrilled to tackle some unicorn-inspired garlands today (look out for those guys in action on June 2nd!)

In other news, my adorable parents and my Grandpa are visiting Andrew and I for the weekend. I can hardly stand the suspense waiting for them to get here.  Hurry up 5:00 pm! It’s been a year since they were here last and they’ve yet to meet Zoe. Is it lame to call Zoe their grand dog? No? OK cool. We’ll be having a small grill out tonight, enjoying this beautiful spring time weather and hitting up some favorite stops around town over the next couple days! Hopefully you’ll have a marvellous weekend too and if you’re up for it, give a social media free few days a shot. xoxo

May 1

May 2013

Yay for May! It is finally here.


I love May. May just might be my most favorite month of the entire year, guys. For a multitude of reasons. Not only do I celebrate my birthday each year on the 19th but May in the Midwest is truly the changing of seasons. For example, this morning I woke up and boom. The loveliest of natural light was streaming through our windows and the birds were chirping outside in the tress. I think I may have even heard a lawnmower from down the street. And this was all around 7:00 am! Talk about motivation to get out of your bed and start your day! For as nasty as our winters can get and unpredictable as the climate may be here we really do have the loveliest of springs and summers. I could hug a stranger or two today because it’s May and I’m not just saying that because I’m typing this from a patio overlooking the water with a delicious and fruity martini by my side :) Shall we move on to this month’s goals now? Yes please.

Healthier Living This was one of the goals I made back in January (like most of the world I am sure) and I actually did really well with making healthy choices in my life up until I returned home from our vacation to Jamaica last month. I’d like to get back on track with my work outs, eating balanced meals (again, someone please convince me Starbucks isn’t a balanced meal) and just getting up and out there especially now that the weather is nice. Zoe loves going on walks so I’d like to take her on more and I enjoy working on some landscaping so I’m game for kicking it up a notch this month.

Smarter Living With the possibility of signing for this studio space soon, I need to continue to keep on track of my finances and where my money goes. Last month I made it a goal (thanks to the sweet Nancy Ray here) not to spend any money on things I do not need, and with the exception of some Starbucks at meetings, I succeeded. I purchased items from Home Goods for a client without walking through the remainder of the store, I walked by the decorative accent section at Target and left only with some cotton balls and Q-tips, and while it was painful not to buy myself or our home nice new things it was refreshing to stick to my guns. Less stuff equals more money in the bank. For rent. Right?

Happier living I’ve been feeling really good lately just about with everything in my life. Things aren’t perfect but wonderful. I made it a general goal for 2013 to just be purposeful in all I do whether it be with my marriage, my business or my personal life and I finally feel like four months into this year, things are where they should be. I’ve been trying to really live in the present and be content with things as they are and I feel like those efforts are paying off. So in May I’d like to continue feeling that way and continue to build off of this wonderful momentum. Feeling happy and content.

So let’s hear it! Who has some May goals they’d love to share? P.S. Go here and snag yourself a copy xoxo

Apr 26

Instalove Friday

So I woke up this morning and BOOM. The sunshine came out to play. Instant mood lifter huh?


It has been a whirlind of a week here in the HGE office. Tons of client and vendor appointments, tours of potential office spaces, I finally hired an awesome intern (yay!), booked two new clients and glittered my little unicorn-loving-heart away for a rad wedding coming up in about a month. I also recently made some back end changes to Hey Gorgeous (which overlaps a little with my office space search; more soon I promise!) but I’m feeling content about things right now. Like I’m on the other side of this invisible barrier I had build up for myself sometime last year. I met these guys yesterday (what a treat) and Aimee and I were talking about how this year has sort of been a turning point for us in our late twenties. And how we see life a little bit differently even in just being another year old. Or young I suppose. Because I don’t feel old! I just loved being able to talk to someone else who shares the same views on me.

I’m off to a client taste test for the afternoon, and another appointment to view a design and floral studio, then this weekend will be spent in Benton Harbor confirming design plans for next month’s event (you can follow along with me on instagram here). If you’re in the Grand Rapids area and would love to buy someone special some lovely blooms for Mother’s Day check out this post. And with that I will see you all next week! Dish below on your plans this weekend too; if you’re here in the Midwest I can bet it involves anything to do with that glorious sunshine :) xoxo