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Sep 16

A Little Less

There’s been a shift in my heart recently. A beautifully wonderful shift and it feels like I may explode if I don’t write about it here. This year has been a balancing act of sorts. Actually scratch that. My entire life has been a balancing act. From literal balance as a gymnast to figurative balance as a friend, business owner, wife, sister, and woman, it feels like I’ve spent the past 27 years of my life trying to balance it all in one flawlessly executed performance. And I still haven’t figured it out. I’m not sure anyone ever has to be truthful. To achieve balance you’re often saying yes to one thing which means you’re saying no to another. There’s a reason the phrase ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too,’ was coined. When you’re like me and you hate to miss out on opportunities it can be hard to wrap your head around that. I want to say yes to it all. But I can’t. Now more than ever I can’t. The best part though, is I’m ok with that (and incredibly incredibly grateful for this life I’ve been given. I need to make that crystal clear above all else.)

Lately, I want to just say no. Not to opportunities and new things but to busy. I want to punch busy in the throat and tell it to go back where it came from. Busy has taken away time from my devotional and my God every morning. It’s taken time away from the nourishment of my relationships with others, like my friends and my husband and my family. Busy has stolen moments and memories right in front of my own eyes. I want a little less of busy. A little less hustle. I want more time to cook meals at home. I want time to wash my hair, blow dry it and add a little curl in the morning. I want time to slow dance in the living room without guilt because an email has gone unanswered. I want time to sip tea on my front porch with no worry of what that time could be used for work-wise. I don’t even like tea yet I have cravings to sit on my porch and drink it! I want ten cups of tea before I say yes again to busy. Who’s with me here?

I was running on empty up until last week. And I started this post, then stopped and shut down WordPress to live life a little. Blogging could wait. I mean it’s waiting all summer thanks to ‘busy.’ Instead, Andrew and I went out for dinner; three times in one week. That’s a lot. It’s actually more time together than we’ve spent in the last seven weeks. Then I stumbled across this post from the sweet Gina Zeidler and finally read the exact words I needed to read all summer. I needed a refill. In fact, I’ll need a refill again and again in the future. We all do. We all WILL. In our hearts and minds. Let’s try to remind each other of this. A little less of running on empty and more time spent refilling our numerous cups.

I cannot wait for the rest of 2013. Busy is going to a little lonely all by itself don’t you think?


This summer was full of so many amazing events and floral projects; I have so many new goals and business endeavors based around florals for the future and can’t wait to tell you more soon! That beautiful senior above was photographed by the amazing Brad and Sam Vanderson of Bradley James Photography. They gifted their subject with one of my floral crowns and I think it worked perfectly with her bohemian-Anthropologie style. Happy Monday, blogettes xoxo

Aug 12

FAQs: Expanding Your Business

Happy Monday, all you babes! Let’s dive right into today’s FAQ post shall we?

Expanding a small business can be scary and uncomfortable. On so many levels. Some common fears? There’s the risk of investing too much into your business financially, then there’s the fear of potentially failing as a business owner, which comes hand in hand with second guessing decisions and there’s the potential that an expansion may not be one that’s really best for your business; ever. But that’s part of owning a business right? Eventually you learn to make smart decisions based on gathered facts, good old intuition and a little bit of gutsiness (because hey, starting a business in the first place required the same courage it took to jump off the high dive at the pool when you were little.)


Yesterday I sat in a short but informative opening session here at the Cultivate Conference. The incredible Michelle Loretta got all of our wheels turning on finanical, operational and personal goals. One thing we were asked to do is come up with our short and long term goals and I was instantly reminded that in a few years my bsuiness has been through so much. While my brand has remained true to its core values and mission statement, the way I operate has changed as have my goals and the services I offer. Here’s a few things I’ve learned along the way as my services changed from coordination to full service planning to inclusive design with the latest, the addition of floral designs.

Write It Out. If a decision seems too risky when it comes to an expansion, write out the pros and cons of why. Seeing facts and thoughts in front of me that come from my heart and head always feels so much more honest and real than thoughts floating around in my head. For example, a few months ago I was on a mission to find a studio space that would accommodate my growing inventory and need for more space. I also wanted an outside studio because it sounded sweet and would look cool. Really. Fixing up a space and making it mine, gave me a project to focus on for the foreseeable future. But I had to get really honest with myself. Can I do my job from my home? Yes. Does this mean we need to give more thought to finishing the basement and upgrading my workspace to make this job work? Yes. But the good news with an in home studio is that our house value will increase immediately. I’ll get to still work from home which has major perks and I won’t break the bank paying somewhere else per month to basically house my buckets and vases. A simple list of pros and cons, right in front of me opened my eyes to how wrong this studio decision could have been for me. It also showed me that I was absolutely ready to expand, just in a different capacity than anticipated.

Test the waters. As rad as it would be to say I woke up one day and started whipping out bouquets for clients, it’s fairly obvious that’s not what happened. I actually spent over a year and a half playing, experimenting, learning, reading and paying (believe me all of those floral days added up so quickly) for florals, greens, supplies and tools, with my earrings and in my free time, to prepare myself to offer this service professionally to clients. I’ve spent thousands of dollars of my own money to purchase practice flowers. But it was important for me to feel no less than very comfortable in the services I would be offering and selling to clients, and it just happened to take this amount of time to do so with this specific expansion. Testing the waters allowed me to assess what this new workload and added inclusion would encompass so that I could scale back if needed before any clients became affected or invested. Thankfully the testing the water phase turned out to be an incredible asset for me and as a result my expansion of floral design was a hit.

Be A Master Of Your Craft. The wedding industry is becoming a one stop shop across the board. Photographers are becoming videographers, florists are becoming planners, coordinators are becoming designers, and the list goes on. Expanding because you have the potential to better your services and better serve your clientele is different than expanding because it sounds impressive to the rest of the world. When these smart expansions happen usually it exists with the removal of something else to make room (i.e. I added floral design as a service but started doing less coordination as a trade off). I can’t say enough about focusing your efforts into one area that’s as specific as possible. When you do this your chances of success skyrocket because you have something that chances are no one else has. You also have more time to dedicate to that one area you’re most passionate about (or best at). Be a master of one thing rather than jack of all trades and immediately people will trust and respect your business expansions.

How have any of you made business expansions either for the better or worse? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! The photo above is from an HGE wedding with the awesome Bryan and Mae this past June. What an amazing celebration to be a part of (Hi, Elise and Kenny!) Happy Monday, blogettes. Make it a good one xoxo

Aug 7

BHLDN Partnership with Hey Gorgeous Events


Back in April I grouped together with some amazing vendors to put together a little editorial shoot in a partnership with BHLDN. When the powerhouse bridal brand reached out to me last winter to pair together on something creative I nearly fell off my chair; I adore anything BHLDN touches and can relate so well to their aestheitc and style. The goal was to highlight a few of their spring and summer products so we went for this pastel-infused but vintage-eque tablescape complete with fresh berries, a picnic-style lunch buffet and sweet details strewn throughout. J’adore.

We had the pleasure of having this little production featured on Every Last Detail yesterday too. Head over to Lauren’s incredibly educational and inspirational site here to check everything out. So much love and care went into this project and as always, I feel so blessed to work with such gifted vendors who selflessly devote their time and talents and products to these sorts of endeavors. A big thank you goes out to everyone for being a part. Below is a list of who was involved; send everyone some love would ya? Have a great rest of the afternoon, friends, Make it count xoxo

. . . . . . . . .

Florals, design and concept: Hey Gorgeous Events / Photography: Kelly Braman Photography / Cakes: A Piece O’ Cake / Linens, napkins and chair pads: La Tavola / Venue: St. Cecilia’s Music Center, Grand Rapids / Dessert plates, straws, vases, chair banners: BHLDN / Calligraphy and hand lettering: Lindsay Letters / Invitation colloboration: Fig 2 Design / Chairs: Cascade Rental / Cake stands: From BHLDN, rented through Events by I Candy / Flatware: Vintage

Aug 5

Andrew + Rhi


Type, delete, Type, delete. That’s how writing this post first started out. I thought I’d write about life these days, and how despite my best efforts things are still moving a million miles a minute. Then I wanted to write about why things are moving a million miles a minute but that took up too much space and I started to bore even myself, so instead here I am with a boatload of photos of my better half and I. I remember the day Andrew and I had these photos done, my Mom called me to see what I was up to that evening. A Wednesday evening of all days. I told her I was getting ready for this session and she asked me, quite puzzled, what the session was for. I explained to my Ma that life moves fast and as I become older I realize the significance photos hold. If not now, then will we get photos done two, or five or even ten years from now where we’ll be wishing we would have done them earlier? I also jokingly mentioned to her that one day I won’t look the way I do now so I better time freeze my big thick ballerina bun so I can prove I was a babe back in the day to my kids. “Amen to that sister, what a great idea!” she recalled. And with that I present to you, Andrew, myself and my big thick ballerina bun. Proof that this is the good life despite the busyness and endless list of to dos.

We did this impromptu session the week of my 27th birthday with Ben and Mindy of Studio 6.23 here in Grand Rapids. They do some pretty awesome stuff if I do say so myself. And are the kind of people you want to go out and drink margaritas with. Thanks you guys for the enjoyable evening and lovely photos. We’ll treasure them forever and ever.


I promise we didn’t even coordinate our outfits to match the wall. How fun is it that we matched though?


Guys, skip over this part if you don’t wanna hear the mushy stuff but man my husband is a hottie! I just love him.



Happy Monday, blogettes xoxo

Jul 17

Featured {Inspired By This}


Hello blogettes! I’m currently awaiting the arrival of buckets and buckets of blooms for Friday’s event (with more than 80 stems of gorgeous Cafe Au Lait dahlias in this order; can you say excited?) but needed to pop in and share a recent feature. Yesterday the sweet gals over at Be Inspired PR shared my recent Camping Inspired Couples Shower on their blog and it was so rewarding to see an event I planned in only six weeks come together so perfectly. You can check out more of the details here in this post and here in this one. This amazing couple finally gets hitched next month and I’m counting down the days until their big day. It’s going to be a wild ride! Stay cool in this crazy summer heat wave xoxo