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Nov 29

Stop For a Minute

And think back to when it all began for you. Maybe it was 25 years ago, maybe it was two. Maybe it was just last week when you started. Think of the day you decided to start your business, start your own journey, quit your day job, quit your night job, or do whatever it was to ideally be happier and more free. Think of the minute when you realized what your next move had to be, and when you decided you’d finally make it happen. I remember that day in my own life so clearly like it was yesterday.

Can you remember that exact day?

Now try to remember what made you feel that way. Maybe you were miserable working for someone else. Maybe you were miserable working for yourself! You might have been uninspired. Maybe you wanted to work more from home. Maybe you wanted a challenge. Think hard. Maybe you thought it would be fun, or wonderful, or lovely to work in a new field. Perhaps there was something specific about this new route that was enticing to you, something you couldn’t stop dreaming about.

Can you remember why you decided to do what you’re doing?

Let me explain a little with where I’m taking this. And that this comes from a genuine place. I love a damn peony as much as the next person out there. And I’ve used a suitcase or two in my career as a place for my client’s guests to put their cards. I can appreciate lace, soft photography, sparkler send offs and that gorgeous sequin linen that everyone seems to go gaga over. But that’s not what this is about. Not once, have I ever lost sight of the core goals and values behind what I do. My three goals in business? To make beautiful things, to make others happy and to make money doing it all. And for the purpose of discussion and clarification here, we’ll call my life long goal of a Martha Stewart Weddings feature the fourth bonus goal on the big list.

I started the business end of Hey Gorgeous Events as an extension to this blog, when I realized I had a lot to give. I’m not that good at a lot of things (as I learned today when I was near tears sitting with my bookkeeper; it’s namely numbers and my times tables that cause me serious grief :) but I will admit that I’m really good at using my personal experiences to allow my clients an experience they’ll never forget. I can also make things look really lovely. And gorgeous. I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. I was going to start a business and I made a promise to myself to make it work. It could have failed but I’m thankful it didn’t. The instagram followers, blog features, comments, and whatever else people may view as my successes or even a stroke of luck, are great don’t get me wrong, but strip those things away from me, and leave me with my core goals and values, and I’d still be left with my passion for my JOB. And the same amount of excitement I felt when I first purchased my domain name.

Stop for a minute. And think about why you do what you do within this industry. Write it down.

And read it every single day when you start your work day.

I’ve already shared this photo on my business facebook page (which got a little facelift yesterday! I hope you love it), my personal page and my instagram feed so you’ve probably seen it already but to me, it really embraces all of the things I dreamt about for my business, before I even booked my first client. I dreamt of happy moments between people who came into my life as strangers, immediately became clients and simply remained thankful for giving them a sort of happiness like that. That’s what I crave more than the perfect bouquet or the most meticulous timeline. Thanks so very much to my sweet friend Elizabeth in Love who always remembers to snap a few shots for me like this when we work together. It really means so much xoxo

Nov 26

FAQs: Zoe

I was thinking yesterday. It’s been six months and I haven’t properly introduced sweet Zoe to you!

Basically, Zoe is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen on four legs. I’m a little biased of course but those ears get me every time! Earlier this summer, Andrew and I headed off for a Saturday trip to the Holland Farmer’s Market when I asked him to stop at Pet Smart so we could peruse the new puppy section (let it be known that in my head I was fully planning on selecting a pup that day, poor Andrew). Immediately the second they pulled Zoe out of her cage I was smitten. If you remember from my every time that day, she had the cutest little puppy face and floppy little ears. She was clearly overwhelmed with all of the attention she was getting and immediately fell asleep in my arms after I begged the woman to let me hold her. I was a goner.

I feel so embarrassed to say this now, but the morning after our first night with her, I was sure we had made a mistake. Andrew and I both love our sleep and we spent that entire night checking on Zoe, cleaning up accidents in her crate, on the carpet, on the floor, on what felt like everything in our home, and listening to soft whimpers and cries. Andrew asked me what we should do and I thought maybe we weren’t ready for a dog. This was a lot of work! How would we ever have kids? What should we do? But I’d be damned if we ended up being the couple who couldn’t handle the demands of a puppy and I surely wasn’t going to quit on a sweet little pup that was originally found in a box on the side of the road. So with that we figured out a routine and as Zoe got used to us, we began to get used to her. And very quickly we fell head over heels in love with her.

Many of you have asked about Zoe and what kind of dog she is so I thought she’d be the perfect topic for today’s post! We were told from Pet Smart that she has Aussie Cattle Dog or Blue Healer in her, but I’m convinced there’s German Shepard and Australian Shepherd in there too. She has hit a stand still in her growth (she’s currently about 32 lbs) so she’s rather small for a German Shep but she is incredible fast, agile and smart so we’re convinced the Aussie Cattle Dog theory rings true. She loves to herd other pups together and can out run anything but she’s also the sweetest and mot snuggly pup I know. She also loves whipped cream so on Mondays we go through the drive through together at Starbucks so we can both get treats.

Zoe says it’s nice to finally meet you blog readers!

For puppy parents out there, what’s the hardest thing you’ve had to deal with? What kind of dog do you have? xoxo

Nov 21

Published {Southern Weddings Magazine}

So I’m going to preface this blog post with the fact that I’m not from the South. I’m actually from Canada and currently live in Michigan, so really I’m very far from having any southern roots (darn). But you see, I have a secret crush on the South. I seriously pinched myself when I was asked to share why I love all things southern because the truth is there’s a lot of things that this girl living up in the Mid West kind of loves. If you’ve managed to score a copy of this drop dead magazine (seriously, I cannot express how incredibly stunning, well put together and aesthetically pleasing Southern Weddings is!) chances are you came across a section that includes little quotes on what some wedding pros love most about the South. I’m honoured to be included in this fun feature. There I am in the bottom right hand corner with Camille Styles! Well, pick my peas, right?

Also, if you head over to page 60 you’ll see a bouquet I created is featured. Holy bananas. Kelly Sweet did you see?

I’m thankful for opportunities like this. What are you thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving weekend, friends xoxo

Nov 20

Pep-Talk Tuesday {What You Do Is Important}

A couple months ago I was sitting on the couch being a really big baby. After much prodding like usual, I explained to my inquiring husband that I felt my job was a frivolous one. Despite working the hardest I’ve ever worked in my life, while having to learn so much about running my own business, and working on weekends when it feels like everyone is resting, at the end of the day I was feeling guilty and sorry for myself because my job felt unimportant. Honestly guys, here I was sulking to myself because there’s people cooped up in labs fighting cancer and people trenching through floods to get food to hurricane victims, and I’m over here cutting thorns off of roses so the peonies in the latest centerpiece mock up won’t feel so lonely. Oy.

My husband being the incredibly wise and handsome piece of man he is told me, “But babe, you ARE important! You are helping people stay sane and as stressfree as possible on one of the biggest days of their lives. That counts for something, that has to count for a lot, right?” And wham it hit me straight in the face like a healthy dose of gold glitter. I am important to my clients. I’m important to my client’s parents. And I do important work for the people who see the value in what I do. You know what I really love about weddings and being a part of them? It’s a tiny window of opportunity for all involved to feel something so greatly beyond comprehension. I get to seize that small time frame and fancy it up beyond people’s expectations.

This was something that held me back internally when I first started my business. Instead of running forward, eyes focused on the goal at hand, I was running at half-pace, trying to focus on what everyone else was doing, namely my classmates who were finding careers in the field we had all spent the past six years studying and learning about. They were going on to be story-tellers, purveyors of the latest, they were going to SAVE THE WORLD with breaking news and be the first to let everyone know about this, that and the other that was unfolding in our realm, and all at once I felt like this wedding planning stuff was too fluffy. But you know what I realized finally? That some people are made to sit at the anchor desk telling the news, some people are meant to fight cancer and that yes, some people are meant to help aid victims of natural disasters and so much more.

But what I do is important, too. Even if it does means pondering over the perfect shade of ribbon for far too long.

Plus I get to share the excitement with my clients when they get back their gorgeous wedding photos, from photographers who also have very important jobs. That lovely bride and groom would have to be the sweet Claire and Doug who were hitched in Chicago this past September. Hands down Claire and Doug are the kindest people you’ll ever meet and their big day absolutely ran the smoothest of any event I’ve ever done. Working with Geoff and Lisa from The Goodness was such an honor. Can’t wait to share more with you all from their stunning Newberry Library celebration. You’re going to adore it all! xoxo

Nov 19

HGE Needs YOU!

Oh hello! Guess what? Today I need YOUR help, blogettes.

See I have this new brand launching in less than a month (like you didn’t know this already ha!) and with that new brand will come a new blogging schedule and structure. I have in my head what I think sounds pretty darn good but what’s good to me isn’t always good to you and you guys are the ones who make this blog what it is. So what I need today is your help! I want to know what you love seeing here, what entices you to leave comments and encourage discussion, what you love about stopping by HGE, and what you would want to hear about should I decide to bless you with my voice and start putting together some videos. I’m coming up on my four year blogging anniversary and to say this blog is a big part of my brand and identity is an understatement. I want to continue to grow and evolve and I hope you can give me a bit of feedback to help do just that.

All you need to do is leave a comment here with what you like, don’t like, want to see more of, want to hear more of, and even better I’d love to know about YOU! Are you a bride to be who loves wedding related advice and help? Or are you happily married and just as obsessed over finding the perfect shade of gray for your living room walls? Or maybe you’re my Mom and you read by default. Whoever you are let me know! I owe so much of my success to my blog and the people who continually read, comment and share the love I pour into it. I hope someone comments and tells me how much they love balloons like me.

Happy Monday, friends! Is anyone else fasting in preparation for Thursday’s celebration? :) Photo via Kelly Braman.